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Suggestions / Re: Extended debriefing screen - soldier stats progression
« on: September 23, 2011, 06:49:21 pm »
What about a "roll of the dead" showing:

Soldier Name
Recruitment Date
Death Date
Killed by [Alien] using [Weapon]

A lot of people on the net like to play "LetsPlay!" semi role playing games in which they use the names of forumgoers (or suggestions from said forumgoers), for XCOM operatives; and the death count can get pretty grim at times.

Work In Progress / Re: Some thoughts for after version 1.0
« on: September 21, 2011, 04:11:37 pm »
a) Claymore type of device (small circular blast-range. triggered by movement on that tile)

Claymores are directional, not omni; with the majority of the blast going in the direction it's set up in; though it's not healthy to be behind a claymore when it fires.

Suggestions / Re: realistic fires
« on: May 29, 2011, 09:53:07 pm »
True. A much more realistic implementation of fires as an option would be useful. It would make inciendary rounds even more useful, because you could then burn down a building with only a few shots; or flush the aliens out of it from the smoke and fire.

Suggestions / Re: variable bullet speed
« on: May 20, 2011, 12:35:38 pm »
Options, Options! Make it an option to be configured, so people can choose stock UFO behavior or this.

Fan-Stuff / What can non-programmers do to help?
« on: April 18, 2011, 11:17:53 pm »
Besides contributing soldier names? I want to contribute to OpenXCOM, but my programming knowledge begins and ends at:

Code: [Select]
10 GOTO 20
20 GOTO 10


One idea I had now, was to get out my old X-COM Game Guide and start typing everything out into a sort of Pseudo XHTML:

Code: [Select]
<WeaponName>Blaster Launcher</WeaponName>
<WeaponWeight>TOO MUCH</WeaponWeight>

to assist in the externalizations, because there's a lot of raw data that needs to be externalized at some point in easily readable files.

Fan-Stuff / Re: Soldier names
« on: April 03, 2011, 02:18:03 am »
Since you plan to have independent lists for each nationality, would there be some way to incorporate this into the game itself? E.g. you would be able to see maybe a little flag symbol showing their nationality; so that you can have a North American base manned with 90% Americans and so on?

Suggestions / Re: The weapon upgrade idea.
« on: March 19, 2011, 03:57:41 am »
Since we're in the 'lets change significant gameplay parts', why not rework the Heavy X's in the game?

Right now, Heavy Lasers are pretty much useless; and the Heavy Plasma is UberGod, and there's the amusing image of sectoids carrying a Heavy Plasma that's half their height!

Some rough ideas I had to fix this in random order:

1.) Rework the Strength stats.

Currently they are:

Base Strength Stat Range (Median)

X-COM Rookies: 20-40 (30)
Sectoids: 30-32 (31)
Floater: 40-51 (46)
Snakeman: 47-50 (49)
Muton: 70-75 (73)
Ethereal: 48-52 (50)

Some of it makes sense, like the Mutons. Others don't make sense.

Why should Sectoids, who are little weak skinny midgets; have a minimum strength of 30, when X-COM rookies have a minimum strength of 20?

The weakest X-COM rookie should be able to pick up a sectoid and drop kick them into the next state without too much trouble.

I would suggest shaving the stats downward for all the alien races by about 10~ points; with sectoids being between 14-20 and lowering the STRENGTH cap for humans to about maybe 57 or so.

Humans should never be able to come close to matching mutons in Strength, no matter how much you exercise them.

2A.) Set minimum strength requirements to equip weapons. Use this to 'price' certain things out of the reach of various X-COM personnel or aliens unless they meet strength standards. You won't see sectoids with heavy plasmas; and you will see some variation in the other races; with most aliens having plasma rifles, and the outliers having heavy plasmas. Of course, Mutons would be 100% heavy plasma. That's what makes them so deadly.

2B). Increase the armor of cyberdiscs and sectopods, along with the human HWPs so that you need a heavy weapon like rocket launcher, heavy laser, heavy plasma, etc to reliably damage them. It gives you a reason to develop the heavy weapons or to have someone lugging them around. Yes, you can eventually kill a cyberdisk/sectopod/HWP with a plasma rifle or laser rifle; but it will take many many hits. A heavy weapon can kill it much easier.

Suggestions / Re: The weapon upgrade idea.
« on: March 18, 2011, 05:25:03 am »
Rework the Rocket Launcher -- the UFOPedia says:

The rocket launcher is a laser guided system which can fire three different sizes of missile.

Use the code for the blaster launcher with the rocket launcher with some modifications and the following limitations:

* You get only two waypoints.
* The waypoints must be within the soldier's line of sight.
* Passing through smoke makes the rocket go 'dumb' and nose to the ground.
* You cannot make sudden and sharp vector changes with the waypoints (90 degree turn in one square).

With this, the Aliens still retain the upper hand. They have a 200~ damage weapon that can fire through smoke; go up stairs, attack targets from beyond the soldier's LOS, and with unlimited waypoints.

Suggestions / Re: The weapon upgrade idea.
« on: March 18, 2011, 05:10:44 am »

Another idea I had just now was to give humanity a ranged stun weapon.

It was kind of dumb that all we had was a cattle prod literally starting out; and we had to reverse engineer SMALL LAUNCHER to get the capability to stun from a distance.

BZ Gas --In small doses, this makes you stupid, literally. You take your clothes off and mumble incoherently. At higher doses, you get knocked unconscious.

Kolokol-1 Agent -- Kolokol-1 takes effect within one to three seconds, rendering the subject unconscious for two to six hours. Kills a certain amount of people anyway.

So how about this for human ranged stun weapons:

* Proximity Gas Grenade. (there were actually special VX Nerve Gas landmines made in the Cold War and stockpiled).

* Gas Grenade.

* Heavy Cannon -- Reworked to to be conceptually like a 40mm grenade launcher. Very inaccurate, due to the need for low recoil as it's hand held. But since it's now a 40mm grenade launcher, you could have it fire a whole range of payload grenades:

--Explosive Grenades
--Proximity Grenades
--Gas Grenades
--Bean Bag Rounds (Ow, what just hit me????)
--Conventional Flare Grenade (a lot more light than electro flare, but can set something on fire)
--Electro-Flare Grenade (less light than electroflare, but won't set an area on fire)

The gas weapons that humanity has at the start of the game are a mix of BZ and Kolokol-1 in effects.

Aliens have about say 15-20% chance of being affected by it during each game turn. Humans, 90%.

You roll to see if the unit is affected, then proceed to the random choice table:

*Unit becomes disoriented. They walk off into a random nonsensical direction. They drop their equipment at random.

*Unit takes stun damage.

*Unit takes health damage.

So basically, the aliens still retain a solid advantage with their Small Launchers, as they inflict massive stun damage in one turn; and are 100% safe.

Human ranged stun (at least in the early game) should be unreliable and dangerous.

Mutons could be totally unaffected by early human gas grenades.

You could find an Ethereal commander and try to stun him with a gas grenade, only to find that he had an adverse reaction to the BZ/Kolokol-1 and died. Likewise, you could toss a gas grenade into a convience store to knock out some sectoids, and instead end up killing a bunch of civilians.


Suggestions / Re: The weapon upgrade idea.
« on: March 18, 2011, 04:47:15 am »
I always found that the conventional weapons (pistol, grenade, rifle, auto-cannon, heavy cannon, rocket launcher, stun rod, grenade, proximity grenade) became obsolete too fast in the game. It just feels more rewarding to me to kill an alien with my own technology rather than theirs.

You're not the only one!

How about this fairly basic upgrade idea:


--->Improved Pistol/Rifle/HC/AC/Rocket Launcher
--->Improved Pistol/Rifle/HC/AC armor piercing ammo
--->Improved Skyranger
--->Improved Interceptor
--->Improved HWPs

Basically, humanity uses alien alloys to upgrade it's starting fleet.

WEAPONS: They get a little bit lighter, and have better accuracy and lower TU cost due to them being lighter and easier to handle.

AIRCRAFT: A bit more durable and longer ranged; due to the alien alloys allowing for dry weight reduction, increasing the fuel fraction, and the alien alloys are a bit more durable than aluminum.

HWPs: Bit more durable, due to alien alloys.

Improved Armor Piercing Ammo: Due to alien alloys being better; you can have improved bullets that punch harder.

Also, make autopsying and capturing aliens for research a bit more important.

There are five primary alien races (Sectoid/Floater/Snakemen/Muton/Etheral) in the game, plus their terrorist units, for 10 aliens in the game.

When you've autopsied about maybe 30% of the aliens in the game, you get access to improved hollowpoint ammunition that's brought about by research from firing countless bullets into alien corpses.

40% of live aliens researched let you get specialized chemical weapons that harm only aliens -- you can use recolored smoke particles for this. Useful for terror sites.

Likewise, you could also tie alien research (dead and live) into other areas, like the poor motion detector and proximity grenade.

Motion Detector/Prox Grenade Mk I: As we have them in XCOM now. Unable to differentate between civilians/aliens. Blow up anyone who passes nearby.

Motion Detector/Prox Grenade Mk II: We've videotaped and analyzed the motion, gait, IR signature, etc of aliens that we have captured; so we now offer you this new model. It can tell you if that's a human or alien. Likewise, the prox grenade shouldn't blow up a human. Most of the time....(error rate of 50% or so).

Motion Detector/Prox Grenade Mk III: Accuracy has improved, and we can now tell what type of alien we detected. Grenades can be set to a specific species of alien, so you can have prox grenades target chyssalids only.

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