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Work In Progress / Adding countries to Open-XCOM
« on: August 21, 2012, 04:08:39 am »
So I did a very crude hackjob and possibly added Poland. Of course, it broke a lot of things due to my inexperience so far in OXCOM editing, but it would be nice to start adding in other countries, so that Africa is not dominated by the super states of Nigeria and South Africa.  :P

Suggestions / Original Alien Screams.
« on: April 29, 2012, 10:29:49 pm »
I just imaged my original 1.44MB floppies for X-COM, and I was wondering if there was plans at some point to incorporate dual loading; like having a folder in the OpenXCOM directory labelled ORIGINAL_SCREAMS; and the option to toggle between it and the later versions which some people say are not as good.

Fan-Stuff / YAML based Savegames = Win.
« on: October 11, 2011, 02:25:07 am »
It was remarkably easy to create my favorite X-COM character; which I had previously done via UGE editing of original XCOM files way back when.  ;D

Yes, it was fun to create super soldiers with game editors and try to win the game with just two quasi-terminators killing all they met.  :o

Work In Progress / Modded Weapon Ideas/Concepts
« on: September 26, 2011, 04:29:29 am »
General thread for hacking together new weapons from the original images:

(image blown up 400 percent with pixel resize in PSP for clarity at modern web resolutions)

Essentially, take the heavy cannon, and turn it into something more like a 40mm to 50mm grenade launcher (aka M79 Bloop Gun) but with a semi automatic capability.

Quick and dirty stats:

Weight: 10
Snap: 30% TU (Acc 60%)
Aimed: 80% TU (Acc 90%)

Ammo Weight: 4 or 5?
Ammo Damage: 50~
Ammo Count: 4

The AP round is changed over to a knockout gas round that provides 35~ stun.

Taking away the AP capability of this weapon slot gives players more reasons to use the Auto Cannon / Rocket Launcher to deal with Mutons early on, and it also gives X-COM a ranged stun attack from the beginning of the game, but is clearly inferior to the alien Small Launcher.

[Perhaps eventually a survivability factor could be coded in for stun weapons it so that different aliens have different reactions to each weapon. For example, all the races in the game have a 95% chance of survival if stunned by a Small Launcher; while Sectoids are 90% likely to survive being stunned by human knockout gas, and Etherals only have a 5% chance of survial. This makes acquiring the Small Launcher even more useful.]

Right now there's no real reason to pick the heavy cannon, unless you know before hand you're going up against Mutons without plasma weaponry; relegating the weapon to a very niche role.

The Grenade Rifle replacement, in addition to filling a hole in X-COM's human inventory (ranged stun), would provide a relatively lightweight explosive/inciendary weapon to your troopers that would complement the heavier autocannon and rocket launcher.

You'd be able to hand it to your generic troopers, instead of having to search for those squaddies with beefcake stats who can handle Rokkits or AutoCannons to provide hanging back covering fire.

Fan-Stuff / What can non-programmers do to help?
« on: April 18, 2011, 11:17:53 pm »
Besides contributing soldier names? I want to contribute to OpenXCOM, but my programming knowledge begins and ends at:

Code: [Select]
10 GOTO 20
20 GOTO 10


One idea I had now, was to get out my old X-COM Game Guide and start typing everything out into a sort of Pseudo XHTML:

Code: [Select]
<WeaponName>Blaster Launcher</WeaponName>
<WeaponWeight>TOO MUCH</WeaponWeight>

to assist in the externalizations, because there's a lot of raw data that needs to be externalized at some point in easily readable files.

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