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Playthroughs / Re: Global News Network - Second Alien War News Updates
« on: August 21, 2018, 07:17:02 pm »
1 March, 2040

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

Africa Corp's CEO Jane Masego earlier today reported that X-COM had successfully managed to stop an alien attack on Seychelles Island, with local authorities already beginning reconstruction efforts and corporate funds being diverted to repair the damage. However, she has expressed concern for a dip on investors similar to one of the Egyptian Cartel's member companies two months ago, with analysts expressing fears of a global economic recession similar to the one suffered during the First Alien War and its immediate aftermath. However, she has reassured investors that Africa Corp will "protect the company's assets and employees in any way possible".

In other news, tensions that were beginning to flare between the breakaway People's Republic of Alaska and the US two years ago have continued to calm as the Second Alien War enters its third month. Troops on both sides of the border have already been assigned to major coastal cities to defend them against alien underwater incursions alongside X-COM forces. Stay tuned for further updates!


*sighs* Here we go again with me waiting for filler content. :(

Playthroughs / Re: Global News Network - First Alien War News Updates
« on: August 21, 2018, 06:34:56 pm »
Thank you for this journey! Short it may have been, but there is a sequel hook. :)

Yes, and it has already begun!

*laughs evilly*,6533.0.html

Playthroughs / Re: Global News Network - First Alien War News Updates
« on: August 21, 2018, 06:33:57 pm »
Hi, Ace009.
And welcome to the OXC forums since your 6 days of joining the forums.

I kinda like your "Global News Network - First Alien War News Updates" thread about First Alien War news updates written by you since i was middle of reading it (I was at Reply #7 which my progress of reading it is going good).

I cannot do Discord since i'm a bit heartbroken about the things inside of Discord like its terms of use and service (i'm kinda bit shy about something about its voice chat thing), but that's okay for your life to live with.

I would like to start reviewing your posts along with Arek_PL's posts on thread via quote after i finish reading your thread since i've read the beginning post of the thread.

I hope you'll have a very very good day unless you can have a chance to reply my message post to your thread.

Thank you for posting this on the "Playthroughs" board and thank you for joining the OpenXCOM forums. Cheers to your life as an XCommer! :D

~J-Kun FeruEnzeru, that is all. ;)

Thank you for the big welcome! :P I really hope to enjoy all this. In fact, I already started reports on the Second Alien War as we speak. :P

Playthroughs / Global News Network - Second Alien War News Updates
« on: August 21, 2018, 05:30:23 pm »
23 January, 2040

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

Following a recent attack on Accra by previously unidentified alien forces, Chairman Qasim Botros Amjad praised rapid response by X-COM forces in a recent meeting of the Egyptian Council, in what he has deemed as "acceptable civilian losses". Regardless, he has pointed out that corporate profits for Pretorius Industries, one of the members of the Cartel, has taken a dip as a result of investor panic following the attack. With another alien war have just begun 40 years after the end of the First Alien War, only time will tell whether X-COM forces will triumph once again.

In other news, a chapter of the Cult of Sirius has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Shanghai last week, proclaiming that "our alien friends have returned, and we will answer their call!". Local authorities in Free China have reportedly already initiated crackdowns on known and suspected Cult of Sirius members as reports of alien activity in the South China Sea begin to skyrocket. Stay tuned for further updates!


Alright, so...last time, I was unable to see any non-alien related news content or filler before the end of the First Alien War. I am at least expecting some more than in my X-COM: UFO Defense playthrough, but it would be nice if others could help as well.

Anyway, enjoy and welcome to X-COM: Terror from the Deep!

*laughs evilly*

Playthroughs / Re: Global News Network - First Alien War News Updates
« on: August 21, 2018, 05:21:43 am »
2 April, 2000

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has just declared victory over the alien menace, proclaiming: "Earth, as a single planet, as a united world, has stood against the dying of the light. Humanity, now stands together, and despite the hardships, struggles, and setbacks, humanity, through blood, sweat and tears has triumphed over an enemy from the stars. Today, has shown the Universe that Earth is a strong and united planet, and now, they will never forget that fact." With this announcement, the world now stands victorious over the alien threat. The fate of the nations that have surrendered to the aliens remains to be seen, but the Alien War is finally over.

In other news, various government agencies have begun to declassify key files to the public, in regards to the unknown special forces, which are now identified as the Extraterrestrial Combat Unit or "X-COM" for short. With these files in the process of being declassified, humanity has begun to learn more of their activities against the alien menace. Stay tuned for further updates!


And so, with the war over, humanity now stands triumphant and the aliens, beaten and unable to regain the initiative, have finally been forced off the planet. The world celebrates as the menace is finally least for now.....

*laughs evilly*

Playthroughs / Re: Global News Network - First Alien War News Updates
« on: August 21, 2018, 04:37:36 am »
19 March, 2000

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

Scientists in Antarctica have seen reports of seismic activity in the continent, which some suspect could be signs of an alien base on the continent. As the fight against the aliens continues, speculation begins to abound as to the nature of these earthquakes in Antarctica.

In other news, anti-government insurgents in South Africa have continued their efforts to fight back against the alien-controlled government, following Nelson Mandela's staged trial, where he was condemned to death. Heavy fighting has already been reported in major cities across the nation. Stay tuned for further updates!


1 April, 2000

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

Western Australian insurgents and the Australian government have just reached a compromise in recent negotiations, despite reports of alien involvement in the negotiations. Prime Minister John Howard was reportedly unable to attend due to "failing health", though some reports coming out of the nation suspect that he was killed by alien infiltrators. Either way, violent clashes have already erupted in major cities in the rest of Australia, demanding that the government be transparent in regards to whether aliens were involved or not.

In other news, Secretary General Kofi Annan is scheduled to make a speech to the UN General Assembly tomorrow morning. As the world stands by to watch his announcement, many speculate that this could be either a sign of surrender to the aliens or perhaps a breakthrough may have been achieved in the Alien War. Stay tuned for further updates!


Well, gentlemen. It is almost time. The final battle is approaching, and soon, the fate of humanity will be decided. Even though there is no filler content (yet), I am expecting to see more, even after I cease to post on the playthrough. Regardless, thank you for your support!


This is it, then. Mankind on this day will either triumph against all odds or die trying. Vigilo Confido.

Playthroughs / Re: Global News Network - First Alien War News Updates
« on: August 20, 2018, 06:59:11 pm »
1 March, 2000

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

Following last week's coup in Brazil, the new Brazilian government under General Gleuber Vieira announced that negotiations would "begin in earnest with the aliens", even as protesters clashed with the military on the streets on Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro, despite the inhabitants of Brasilia still having bitter memories of the Battle of Brasilia six months ago. Rioting has been reported all over the nation, and analysts fear that the nation, like South Africa, on the verge of civil war.

In other news, Nelson Mandela has been reportedly arrested by local police after a series of criticisms regarding ANC collusion with the aliens resulted in the creation of the newly formed African Democratic Union as an opposition party to the ANC. The ADU is banned in South Africa, alongside other political parties as the South African government continues to descend once again into an authoritarian state, this time aided by the aliens. Riots were reported across the nation as a result, after peaceful protesters were fired upon by local police and South African military forces. Stay tuned for further updates!


Still waiting.

Playthroughs / Re: Global News Network - First Alien War News Updates
« on: August 20, 2018, 06:28:11 pm »
18 February, 2000

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

Authorities have reported an alien spacecraft reportedly landing in Hainan Island, where eyewitnesses reported to have entered some kind of underground complex. Energy weapons and missiles were reportedly fired upon at the alien spacecraft, indicating that this could be a military base. Although Chinese state media has denied the involvement of the unknown special forces that have been operating for the past year across the world, they can confirm that an attack on a major military base has been repelled. Chinese President Jiang Zemin congratulated the "heroic actions of our brave forces from around the world on this recent victory", claiming that "the tide has turned against the aliens".

In other news,  another terrorist attack was reported in France, this time in Marseilles. The insurgent group calling itself "Freedom Without Borders" (LSF in the French acronym) has once again claimed responsibility for the attack, proclaiming that "we will drive the aliens from our native soil and our planet!" Stay tuned for further updates!


Is anyone besides Aro doing non-alien related news content and/or filler? I am still waiting. :(

Playthroughs / Re: Global News Network - First Alien War News Updates
« on: August 20, 2018, 03:28:04 am »
2 October, 1999

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

Another suspected alien base was reportedly destroyed in Mozambique earlier today, just a day after neighbouring South Africa had negotiated with the aliens, with local authorities still baffled at the eyewitness reports of unidentified aircraft landing and destroying the suspected base. With the situation across Africa already in peril, the international community continues its hunt for similar bases across the globe, as well as suspected infiltrators.

In other news, Western Australian insurgents launched another major offensive into the ruins of Perth earlier today, as the Australian government continues to struggle to maintain control over the state. Australian Army troops were deployed almost immediately, equipped with the latest energy weapons available to the Australian military. Stay tuned for further updates!


Still waiting (again).... :(

Playthroughs / Re: Global News Network - First Alien War News Updates
« on: August 19, 2018, 08:24:00 pm »
1 October, 1999

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

South African President Thabo Mbeki has recently announced that he would be begin “preliminary negotiations” with the aliens, as the South African economy continues to see declining growth during the recession that has been raging for months since the start of the Alien War. Despite negotiations having yet to see any formal conclusion, violent protests have already erupted in Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg in opposition to any diplomatic efforts towards the aliens, similar to the ones in Britain and France. As a result, former President Nelson Mandela has come out to criticise  President Mbeki, calling the negotiations a “betrayal of everything the ANC has stood for”.

In other news, the President Bill Clinton has just signed the Energy Weapons Accountability and Safety Act (EWASA) into law, effectively establishing the first set of regulations in American history in regards to the energy weapons market, after months of debate and having narrowly passed in the US Senate and the US House of Representatives. Stay tuned for further updates!


Still waiting..... :(

Playthroughs / Re: Global News Network - First Alien War News Updates
« on: August 19, 2018, 03:31:49 am »
18 September, 1999

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!
An explosion was reported earlier today near Edinbourgh, as another suspected alien base is destroyed by unknown special forces, despite being repeatedly intercepted by RAF Tornado ADVs according to eyewitnesses. Despite these reports, the British government has denied allegations of cooperating with the aliens, though recent protest violence continues to escalate in the UK. With the UK struggling to maintain its international relations, analysts fear that it is only a matter of time until Britain is too isolated, especially as the Commonwealth continues to crumble around it.

In other news, President Marco Marciel has placed Brasilia under a state of emergency as riots continue to escalate, similar to the ones seen in Perth before the city was abandoned. Though reports are currently sketchy at this time, it has been reported that Brasilia has been locked down. Stay tuned for further updates!


Well, what is taking so long? :/ I need that non-alien related news/filler.

Playthroughs / Re: Global News Network - First Alien War News Updates
« on: August 18, 2018, 04:50:24 am »
5 September, 1999

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

With the aftermath of the recent attack on Brasilia, Brazilian news outlets have reported that President Fernando Henrique Cardoso was killed in the latest attack, despite the best efforts of unknown special forces in the city reported to be using what appears to be newly developed body armour, in addition to their recent use of alien-derived weaponry. With the Brazilian government now reportedly in turmoil, Vice President Marco Marciel is expected to ascend into office as the 35th President of Brazil. Humanitarian aid organisations have so far attempted to provide aid to the ravaged city.

In other news, a series of bombings have begun to rock the city of Lyons as police stations and hospitals are bombed in what has been described as "the worst domestic terrorist attacks in French history". Police are investigating reports of stolen alien weaponry used at the site of the attacks. Stay tuned for further updates!


Well, here we go....hope some more filler or non-alien related content comes in this time.

Playthroughs / Re: Global News Network - First Alien War News Updates
« on: August 18, 2018, 02:43:30 am »
1 September, 1999.

Attention, this is GNN with the latest news update!

With alien activity becoming increasingly more problematic, French President Jacques Chirac has decided to “open France to diplomacy with the aliens”, especially following a scandal that recently involved the disappearance of French funds from the treasury into what has been described as a “black project”. As the situation in the UK continues to deteriorate, it is starting to appear that France may be joining in the UK’s footsteps, especially as the rioting and lynching of suspected alien infiltrators by vigilante groups has begun to skyrocket in recent days.

With the 5th French Republic in jeopardy and the UK in the midst of its largest political crisis in centuries, analysts speculate that this streak of events could signal the beginning of the end of NATO.

In other news, Uyghur insurgents armed with laser weapons have successfully managed to beat back PLA forces converging on a mountain village, despite the reports being denied by Chinese state owned media. Stay tuned for further updates!


Still waiting on more filler or non-alien related news content. :/

Playthroughs / Global News Network - First Alien War News Updates
« on: August 15, 2018, 08:57:48 pm »
As you can see, this page is for an X-COM playthrough I am doing, and.....I thought it would be nice to take a different approach. Instead of telling the story through the perspective of X-COM, I think it would be rather apt to take this from the perspective of GNN (Global News Network), which is a stand-in for the mainstream media.

So, yes, these are basically news reports describing the playthrough, which are also on the Discord.


31 January, 1999.

This is GNN with some breaking news!

.....As the storm clears in Delhi, it is becoming clear that the city remains devastated despite seeing what local officials call “acceptable losses”. As a result, Prime Minister Atal Birahi Vajpayee has called upon the international community to respond to the alien menace that has continually threatened humanity over the past month. In other news, reports from Europe continue to rise about unknown aircraft in the skies, with special forces bearing the mark of no known entity. Similar reports originated from the recent engagement in Delhi earlier today, of unknown special forces responding to the attack similar to the ones witnessed in Europe. We will update you live as the situation unfolds.


24 March, 1999.

This is GNN with some breaking news!

We are receiving reports from Perth of unknown special forces having reportedly stopped an alien attack on the city today, with eyewitnesses reporting the use of some type of directed energy weapons by these unknown special forces. Prime Minister John Howard has already announced an immediate evacuation for the city, despite the support of these unknown special forces and few civilian losses.

In other news, German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has been confirmed to have returned to the city of Berlin two weeks following the attacks by alien forces earlier this month, and has recently called for “a united front against the alien threat that must be swift and resilient.”

Stay tuned for further updates!


26 April, 1999.

This is GNN with some breaking news!

Following another attack in Perth earlier today, Prime Minister Howard has effectively declared a state of emergency in Western Australia, as riot police and Australian Army forces have been stationed over the pockets of the city that are still intact. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has referred to the situation in the city and in Western Australia as a “humanitarian crisis”.

As the aliens continue their rampage across the world, one thing is becoming increasingly clear at this point: the world is at war. Stay tuned for further updates.


3 June, 1999.

Attention! This is GNN with some breaking news!

After a month of reduced activity across the world, Lagos has become the latest target in a streak of alien attacks that have been reported around the world. In the latest attack, eyewitnesses report the appearance of so-called “zombies” being spawned by one of the alien creatures reported in this engagement. As this unknown special forces unit continues to respond to alien attacks around the world, Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo has praised local authorities for a “rapid response” to the alien attacks, and has joined an increasingly vocal group of nations that have reported similar attacks over the past year in their calls for “an international defence force capable of protecting humanity from the alien attacks”.

In other news, last month’s food riots continue in Perth, as local police and army units stationed there attempt to maintain order in the face of a slow response from the Australian government. Stay tuned for further updates!


15 June, 1999,

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

Following a series of explosions that were reported just outside of León in Spain, possibly indicating a shift the aliens’ tactics as their invasion continues to progress. Across the world, various incidents have been reported with unknown special forces continuing to battle the alien threat at every turn.

In other news, rumours have begun to abound of alien infiltrators within the German and British governments, as reports of ever larger alien spacecraft are seen in the night skies above both nations, especially as the UN Security Council prepares to meet in New York City for an emergency session later this week. Stay turned for further updates!


1 July, 1999

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

Gridlock at the UN Security Council has begun to be shown, as the UK has decided to veto a UN resolution that would have resulted in the creation of a global defence force, with Prime Minister Tony Blair stating that “the very nature of this organisation would threaten the national sovereignty of the UK and all Commonwealth nations.” With the international community stunned by the inaction of the UN Security Council, fears have abounded that alien infiltrators may have taken control of the British government.

As a result, thousands of protesters all over the UK have taken to the streets, calling for Prime Minister Blair’s resignation. Riot police have already been deployed to various major cities across Britain, with investor panic already crippling the nation.

In other news, the Hungarian government has declared martial law following the Budapest attack by alien forces just a few days ago. With the recent wave of panic and fear of infiltrators in the UK, it is suspected that governments around the world may be launching investigations to root out possible infiltrators. Stay tuned for further updates!


6 July, 1999.

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

An explosion similar to the one in León earlier last month was reported near the Russo-Kazakh border earlier today, with reports that infiltration attempts similar to the one executed in the UK becoming more commonplace. Russian President Boris Yeltsin has been unable to comment so far, though local authorities are already investigating the source of the explosion.

In other news, the protests in the UK have effectively devolved into violent clashes over the past week, with rioting being reported in Manchester, London and Edinburgh, with British Army divisions having reportedly opened fire on the protesters. Stay tuned for further updates as the situation unfolds!


1 August, 1999.

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

As the dust clears on Novosibirsk, President Boris Yeltsin has already ordered a complete lockdown of the city following another alien terror attack, which was successfully repelled by unknown special forces. Eyewitnesses report special forces operatives turning on themselves, likely suffering from some kind of hallucinatory trauma, or as some speculate, some type of mind control. As a result, the entire city is under martial law, and curfews have been implemented to hunt down anyone that appears to have been mind-controlled by the aliens.

In other news, Western Australian insurgents in the ruins of Perth have recently ambushed an Australian Army convoy carrying medical supplies and humanitarian aid meant to be sent towards the surviving pockets of civilians in the city, alongside what was reported to be a cache of laser weapons. Stay tuned for further updates!


16 August, 1999.

Attention, this is GNN with some breaking news!

An explosion in Xinjiang Province was reported by Chinese state-owned media earlier today as an industrial accident, though eyewitnesses report explosions deep underground, similar to those found in Spain and Russia. Chinese President Jiang Zemin commented that “an investigation is ongoing at the explosion site” and has reported suspicions of “Uyghur terrorists, likely supported by the aliens”. A result, local authorities have already started rounding up suspected alien infiltrators and sympathisers, though many of them claim to have been wrongly accused of being as such.

In other news, the Nigerian government has joined many former Commonwealth nations in protesting Britain’s surrender to the aliens, effectively withdrawing from the organisation. Analysts are beginning to fear that the Commonwealth has begun to disintegrate, exacerbated by continued violence back in Britain. Stay tuned for further updates!


Sorry about the sheer amount of news reports on this first post. Turns out I should have posted this earlier. Oh well. Too late now. Anyway, enjoy these news reports and feel free to join in and maybe help out with the news reports! I will put in any news updates regarding the aliens, especially major events and the rest of you can post non-alien related news content from this time period.

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