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The X-Com Files / Campaign Report
« on: June 22, 2024, 12:07:13 pm »
Hey all!

Started a new campaign the other day. Things are going decently but I've hit about the limit of what I know for progression and could use some advice on where to proceed.

Here's my current Geoscape, mid-March '98

We've got 2 manors known, Red Dawn and EXALT. Wouldn't be surprised if there are more lurking. I've avoided taking them on thusfar due to bad memories from campaigns I played sometime last year.

I've got two bases, NA and Japan

I've got both an Osprey and a Dragonfly at HQ, but can't crew both. I need the Dragonfly for the extended range. I still have a private car but plan to phase it out at some point. Right now it's useful for scouting and tagging small mission I don't want to bother with. I need to figure out what to put in Hanger 2 at Kiryu base. Right now it's there to house my Osprey for when I take on Black Lotus. Plan is to transfer it, crew, guns, and all to Kiryu, then transfer back once the operation is done.

Progression-wise, I've finished promo II, have black ops gear on all units, using armored vests on most everybody except the private car guys - they get Anzugs. I beat Durathread factory, have gotten spawn prompts for Root of All Evil but haven't been in a position to take it on, have completed all the Cult Operations research projects, have captured an EXALT Master and a Red Dawn Coordinator, so those HQs are within reach. I've also started doing some Cyberweb stuff, and have dealt with a few Cult of Apoc events. In January I got my first military UFO mission and successfully took it down. I have access to bio-enhancement but haven't used it much.

What I'm trying to figure out:
- Out of EXALT and Red Dawn, which is the better cult to take down first? In previous playthroughs the only cult HQ I took down was Dagon, who are proving decently elusive this run. I'd ideally like to take on the easier mission first.
- Do I need another base, if so, where and for what purposes? Storage space is limited at HQ, so a storage base sounds like the most logical plan, but I don't know what else is good to have.
- Research-wise: What do I need to beeline? What's the next major step weapons and armor wise? What things do I need before the aliens show up?
- How much should I bother with Cyberweb and Osiron respectively. I've skipped out on Osiron missions entirely so far (only had one spawn), and only done a couple Cyberweb missions, albeit with a large quantity of Technomad captures.
- For the into the dark Promo III requirement, is there anything I can do on my end to speed things up? Right now it seems like I'm just waiting for missions where I might be able to capture a Shambler and/or a Spider.
- How important is it to bio-enhance my units at the current stage?

Any and all advice is welcome. If you have questions about the campaign or things that need to be filled in, let me know and I'll do my best to respond.



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