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First I wanted to thank all the modders and Efren for all their amazing work.

As a seasoned Xcom player I wanted to introduce my GF to Xcom but also spice things up for me.

I found this mod's theme, time and features to be the exact right mix for both introducing new players to the Xcom formula while also making it more interesting for veteran players such as myself.

Now to the important feedback part:

The mod needs to work on balancing a few things:

- Interceptor planes' fuel is WAY WAY WAY too low. Looking at the files I found them to be around 120-220 for the most part and it was making the game a chore to play. On out first 40 min run we only managed to down 1 (one) single small scout UFO with two bases!

- I suggest at least doubling each of the planes' current fuel capacity.

You see, UNEXCOM being a whole WORLD initiative it is only fair so that all UNEXCOM crafts to refuel on any airport of any supporting country. Since it would be a mess to simulate this you could just increase fuel capacity.

The hard way of doing these would be:

- Increase fuel consumption when crafts are flying over hostile countries while reduce fuel consumption when flying over NATO/RUS countries.


The fuel tank increase addon that you can buy only gives 50 additional fuel capacity which is nothing and barely even noticeable. It should give at least 150 or more fuel capacity specially considering it takes one weapon slot. Right now there is no logical reason to get one over a weapon.

Everything else seems quite balanced but I will be posting more feedback as we play more.

Thanks and keep this UP! Can't wait for version 0.2

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