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Released Mods / [FMP] Difficulty Mod-mods
« on: August 20, 2018, 05:52:53 pm »
Been playing my way through the popular mods on these boards the past few months.. the vanilla flavor of FMP best suits my tastes for x-com nostalgia so far -- but 20+ years after first playing, being an adult now and (slightly) wiser than I was as a 10 year old, and now with more toys to choose from, the game has lost a little bit of its challenge.

Took a peak under the OXC(E+) hood.. & must acknowledge the time and commitment of the various devs and mod authors that have shared their content here.. amazing!

Anyway, as I've played, I've slapped together a few mod mods intended to work with FMP, to either draw out research a little more, make valuable gear a little more costly in some way, or activate some of the OXCE+ features that truly fill-out the vanilla experience.

Posting here, hoping others might have done the same & reciprocate.

Most/all of this is still being tested as I play -- w/ the exception of the research tree changes, though, I don't imagine anything has the potential to be game-breaking.  I'll try to fix any issues I discover

GravMod: extracting grav mod costs more corpses (they were all shot to shit, right?), and repairing damaged jump/anti-grav armor restores the grav module, rather than the armor
HK: quick attempt at making the hunter-killer UFOs in OXCE+ work, as answer to a question I always wondered as a kid ie why do the aliens bother feeding x-com all these small, useless UFOs... all small UFOs have a chance to become HK, and base might generate a HK mission if you're nearby
Item Limits: the 80 item/skyranger limit is applied, adjusted proportionally for larger/smaller craft.  The 80/skyranger ratio (roughly 6 items per soldier) seems a perfect balance to bring back the vanilla x-com constraint, w/o being too restrictive.  Expect to spend a lot more time at equip craft screen.
Research Stages: an attempt to prevent research on key weapons arriving all at once (eg gauss/laser/rail) -- I havent tested all scenarios yet to ensure research tree doesnt break in exceptional cases, but so far so good.
SniperSpotter: applies OXCE+ sniper ai to most FMP enemies
SynthRep: synthmuscles cost more corpses, and the suit itself can be repaired like other armors
pyramid base: early but working attempt at making 2-stage alien base missions.. will be updated further.  w/ item limits, above, base assault is much harder so far
active alien base: alien base generates more missions than just supply, and more often (once every ~5 days instead of once every ~20)

OpenXcom Extended / [Question] alien base & geoscape
« on: August 09, 2018, 02:43:26 am »
Can an alien base somehow reference what geoscape terrain its in?

I've mocked up a 2-stage alien base assault mission and it seems to work... only with the surface either always mars, or w/e override i give it..

OpenXcom Extended / [QUESTION] door opening ability toggle?
« on: August 08, 2018, 05:19:55 pm »
Is it possible to block a unit's ability to open doors (ie make it so dogs can't)?

is it possible to control how many and/or the chance of a civilian type spawning?  I've seen some vague references to these in terrains and mission rulesets, but not so specific. guessing its a no go for now.

really i was thinking of limiting a civilian type to just a single unit max (but w/ units of other civilian types too), ideally on a very low % spawn chance, to have unique neutral NPCs that show up occasionally in terror cities etc.. maybe for xcom-eu-style "soldier reward" missions, rare items, or just for variety. w/ some other OXCE+ options I've caught like soldier mfg/projects and civilian recovery, could be some other interesting options.  any chance this might workable? alien races & ranks already seems to work similarly, afaik

Released Mods / [MUSIC] X-Files Soundtrack
« on: August 01, 2018, 09:44:28 pm »
As much as I love the stock x-com soundtrack, the game is hundreds of hours long, and it gets tiring after a while.  Tried a few of the alternatives posted on here, but eventually wanted some more choice.  Here's my contribuion  :D

Merged some tracks from the X-Files TV-show soundtrack (ie the old show -- not necessarily related to the mod on these forums, though it should work fine w/ it).  Fits in well enough w/ spirit of vanilla x-com!CyhnhBRb!EHbThNQsKnr5HC_kcUa3Vn1ICl0ifGR0dkAhRUz6Lvs

OpenXcom Extended / [Question] [Solved] How to turn off Bughunt mode?
« on: July 10, 2018, 05:22:51 pm »
Is there any option to turn off 'bughunt mode' when using OXCE+?


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