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Thank you for your quick reply.

I agree that is almost impossible to generate flawless maps when you have a random map generator and map blocks with unpassable terrain.

I'm really enjoying this mod. It takes Xcom to a whole new (and insane :o) level.

I will keep reporting any minor stuff that might not be working right as I play the campaign.

I noticed another difference between the game's tech tree and the tech tree's chart. I have available for research "alien launcher weapons" before researching "Elerium Rocket". I do have Alien Data Slate.

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I forgot the save


I just got a map where the UFO can't be reached. Maybe the map generator should not produce such maps.

Anyway, I will just reload the map so I can actually play it.

I attach the save.

Here is the save

I think there might be a bug in the research tree. I researched Improved skyranger and I don't have available Alloy HWPs for research. I'm using last version of the mod


I am just starting a campaign (still on january) on this mod and I have a question. At which turn aliens start cheating?
I just raided a battleship (yes, a a battleship in January!) and it seems to me that aliens learn your positions quite early. I had no problems ambushing and killing aliens left and right with no casualties on my side until turn 11-12 when suddenly aliens started picking my men all over the place. I still completed the mission but lose 6 good soldiers.

I know that the mod description says that aliens gain earlier awareness of your presence but it would be nice to know when so we can plan ahead.

Great mod by the way, enjoying a lot so far.

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