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XPiratez / X-Piratez Utility
« on: January 17, 2018, 09:17:52 pm »
Getting fed up with maintaining complex Excel workbooks, I started automating my information gathering. Currently the utility only has a research tree in it, but there'll be more once (or if ;)) I get around to implementing the features.
Please note that while the tool is tested against the latest X-Piratez mod release, it should be version and mod agnostic.

1. Start the program. Marvel at the one fast start you'll see.
2. Switch to settings tab.
3. Add configuration folders in load order. Usually this will mean the original rules followed by the original language files, then X-Piratez and then any child mods you use.
4. Restart the program.

If you add a valid save game file, the research tree will be filtered to exclude already discovered techs. While this is strongly recommended, adding a save file is optional and the filtering can be turned off if you want to marvel at your accomplishments.
The reload button in the settings also resets research progress while the one in the tree only adds new discoveries.
You can change graph modes on the fly by clicking on the little tree icon. MDS (good for complex trees) and Sugiyama (good for the last mile) can also be set as defaults in the settings. If enough people find the other layouts actually usually, I might expose them too.

Red = Requirement
Blue = Get Free From
Green = Unlocked By

Add items
Add production options; finalize research and items
Add facilities
Add bases; finalize production options and facilities
Add weapons, craft weapons, flight plans, tractor beam numbers (not necessarily in that order)

Fix: Another issue with lookups causing duplicate dependencies fixed.

Fix: Added alternative, weaker speed optimization for the research screen reload button.
Fix: Researched technologies are now saved in order instead of chronologically. Removed speed optimization for the research screen reload button.
Fix: Caught null-reference exception when removing deleted techs (tech never existed or was deleted multiple times).

Warning: You will have to delete the hideTechnologyUnlocks & hideTechnologyGetFreeFrom nodes from your config.ini after getting the newest version!
It's now possible to configure thresholds for hiding technology unlocks and freebies.
Added config.ini option to set start size.  (Requires saving the config once if it already exists)
Reorganized the settings screen. It was getting crowded.

Display an error if config.ini can't be written.
Lookups now behave like dependencies.
Reworked reloading behavior to exit early when known technologies are hit.
Unlocks and freebies can now be hidden.

Settings tab now has docked controls too.
Warning about missing tech is now only displayed once.

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