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Released Mods / PS1 Assets: X-Com UFO Defence
« on: July 03, 2022, 09:06:43 pm »
These mods already existed, but they were in the old database, so I reuploaded them and fixed the cutscene mod to properly play the mission abort cinematic. Now all they need is a good upscaling, but my little laptop isn't really up to that task.

Troubleshooting / Some Small Spelling Errors
« on: September 28, 2019, 01:16:55 pm »
I found two tiny little errors in the game script.

en-GB's STR_ARMOR_ strings for UFO and TFTD say "ARMOR" when it should be
(if this isn't true in OXC, it's an OXCE problem, but it probably is, honestly)

and in OXCE, the soldier appearance selection menu in UFO uses the feminine "blonde" for the male appearance, when it should really be:
STR_AVATAR_NAME_1: "#01 Male, Blond"

Wait, should this be in Suggestions? I've seen bug reports here, and this is kind of like a bug report...

Released Mods / Self Medkit Heal [OXCE]
« on: July 16, 2019, 04:03:01 pm »
It is as it says. This mod allows the vanilla medkit in both UFO and TFTD to use the allowSelfHeal feature of OXCE. It's a simple enough change that nobody's thought to make an actual downloadable for it I guess, but here it is anyway.

OXCE Bugs FIXED / [FIXED] A problem with switching to OpenGL? [OXC]
« on: October 22, 2017, 06:55:46 pm »
So, after a while of playing this beautiful little program (yes, I am using the v2017-10-10 Windows version of OpenXcomExtended+ v3.9c on Windows 7 Ultimate, aka the latest one unless the stickied OP is lying - so this should be the right topic, as this may not apply to the vanilla OpenXcom - which I have no interest in because this one's better :P) on my absolute junker of a laptop with an embedded GPU which can't handle OpenGL well at all, I decided to switch to my desktop computer, which - while old - is quite capable for it's time. (some of the filters in this game make it puke, but most still clock a smooth 60fps)

But therein lies my problem. I wanted to up the resolution to the maximum my monitor can handle (1280 x 1024) and use hardware rendering (just the Raw filter, otherwise known as no filter) but while it works just fine (at least with the original Geoscape and Battlescape scaling, it runs at ~90% GPU at 60 FPS) the game keeps trying to boot me to the horrible xBRZ software renderer. In fact, once I switch to Raw and go back to the Options menu, the game is thumbing its nose at me by showing xBRZ as the renderer. This is despite the fact that OpenGL rendering is enabled in the raw YAML settings file and xBRZ is disabled. In fact, the string in the settings for the currently used shader is being deleted automatically by the game, and this is being interpreted as xBRZ mode. To clarify, my game and settings are all on the desktop in a self-contained folder for portability, and nothing is read-only. (My first boot was via cmd to make sure of this)

This snippet from the verbose log stuck out to me.
Code: [Select]
22-10-2017_16-25-04] [INFO] requested file not found:
[22-10-2017_16-25-06] [ERROR] OpenGL shader link failed "Link called without any attached shader objects."

[22-10-2017_16-25-06] [INFO] requested file not found:
[22-10-2017_16-25-06] [ERROR] OpenGL shader link failed "Link called without any attached shader objects."
I know the filters are there, and I know that they work. I didn't change the shader folder at all, and when I turn it on (Raw), the GPU usage spikes (to ~90% as previously stated) whereas the software renderer (Disabled) provides the expected result of running entirely via the CPU.  This is annoying, because while the software renderer lets me play the game, doing any screen capturing stuff is out of the question. (even if I would potentially have to lower my resolution/FPS for OBS to work decently)

I was hoping for my first post to be a little different, a warm greeting after my first modern playthrough where I (hopefully) kick some grey backside, but alas, technical support called first. Hopefully it's not something stupid like "oh hey you made FLAC versions of those WAV files in the PS1 SFX pack so you can see if FLAC is properly implemented and you can save a little space but you didn't get around to actually making a new mod yet so imma mess up your OpenGL kthxbaiiii!"

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