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XPiratez / Re: Sell me on better weapons & better strategies!
« on: September 30, 2017, 09:27:01 pm »
Siberia Base with 9 hands and shadowbat. Whelp you really asked for a big challenge there :D

Hey, I'm on my first playthrough and had no idea what to expect.  I saved before I left for the mission, though - I'm going to try again with 13 Gals (and even more explosives) in the Fortuna.

Edit:  And they still owned my punk ass in 3 rounds.   :-[

XPiratez / Re: Sell me on better weapons & better strategies!
« on: September 30, 2017, 09:19:23 pm »
Edit: I don't know if anything was changed for ShadowBat in last few version. But I do  see that some players here likes that craft. Can someone elaborate about ShadowBat?
I played before those missions with tokens came in and I found Jellyfish craft to be outstanding. Good for Hover armors usage. Nice in-build beam with auto targeting and good damage for nasty opponents.

Would really like to try new versions but have no much time for gaming.

I had to choose between the Snake, Jellyfish, and Shadowbat.  The Shadowbat has the biggest crew complement, which was really what I needed at the time - before that I was using the initial airbus.  The Jellyfish's beam sounds cool, but the description makes it sound like a Gal (which at the time, didn't have great stats) needs to be permanently assigned to the craft, which didn't strike me as a great deal.  Now, in-game, I have a good number of high-skilled Gals, so sacrificing one to the Jellyfish might make more sense.

The Shadowbat's ability to let you deploy quickly to high ground is it's greatest strength and weakness.  It makes beasthunting/zombie/werewolf missions an absolute snap, as well as the more routine (crackhouse, hitman, etc.) trophy missions, since you can bring a lot of firepower to bear in almost any direction very quickly. 

It's also a weakness - I just tried the Siberia Base mission and got absolutely housed.  There's very little cover up on the Shadowbat's wings, which means if you're facing large numbers of well-armed, straight-shooting foes, your Gals get cut down VERY quickly!

XPiratez / Re: Sell me on better weapons & better strategies!
« on: September 29, 2017, 02:22:43 am »
I also have an advance team, but they're armed with Riot Shields and Electro-whips/Zappers or a Bardiche, or Arena Flak Cannons depending on their specialty. Most are wearing Tac Armor(H).

Why the bardiche?  I've built some and experimented with them, but I find they seem to hit less reliably.  Do you find the extra damage worth it? 

Raiders are tough, but not really any tougher than your Gals.  Dark ones don't seem to have any special armor, though the Imp's attack is REALLY annoying.
But right now, the handle is king.  I'm pretty much going for captives every mission.  I use the handle alot, but will go at them with Fisticuffs too, if I have the opportunity.

Why the handle?  I tend to have a cattle prod as a backup for my sword gals.  I guess the handle could do more damage if wielded by a gal with really high stats, but it's way cheaper in TUs to use, I guess. 

@Marza & sinisteragent: Shh!  You'll wake the rest of the Gals!

XPiratez / Sell me on better weapons & better strategies!
« on: September 27, 2017, 10:28:50 pm »
As someone who played the original X-Com as a kid, I'm totally loving X-Piratez!  It's quirky and fun, and the variability it brings to the table makes the 25+ year old game engine feel fresh & new again.  In original X-Com, I'd invariably end up with a Skyranger full of soldiers in Powered Armor, with Heavy Plasma, except for a few who had Psi-Amps or Blaster Launchers.  I'd scout the enemy, mind control the baddies, use them to find more baddies, mind control them, then march the whole lot out somewhere and shoot them with a blaster bomb.  Not in this mod!

Right now, in Sept 2602, I'm using a Shadowbat for most of my ground missions.  I typically have a mix of gals in Camp Paint/Guerrilla Gear, with Hunting/Auto/Battle/Las/Dragoon rifles up on the wings of the bat, along with Rogues with hunting bows and fire arrows, while my scouting is Barbarian/Amazon gals with Barbaric swords.  I've been using this basic approach for almost a year in-game and it works pretty well.  I GTFO immediately if I'm up against lots of Marsec/Megapol/Mercs, unless there's several near the Shadowbat I can get to with my sword Gals, but otherwise this approach works pretty well.  I relied on grenades a lot in my earlier days, and I still keep some on board, along with shotguns, but I don't use grenades or shotguns much anymore, unless it's a really close-quarters mission, like an Archeological Dig.  I've yet to really use the heavy weapons or explosives much; though I did use a grenade launcher against a Megapol landed ship to mixed results. 

On underwater missions, I'm using my "B" team I keep for defense purposes at a manufacturing base, and my typical approach is to have them swim up to level 4 or 5, and slowly patrol.  They're high enough so that they have clear lines of sight every direction and can't be easily surprised.  They all have X-bows, which works fairly well - I've noticed the baddies I meet often take 5-6 X-bow shots to take down, but hey, low-risk ranged weapon training! 

I managed to find a single space suit in a warehouse raid, so I typically have that on someone, armed with a heavy laser, during space missions.  Those pods are terrible.

Any advice?  What do you do differently? 

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