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« on: January 23, 2018, 12:24:44 am »
Heres the list (Unless i edit the reply for me to add it to the lists) (All i have to do is find download links and attachments over the forums soon enough):

From The Forums:
X-Piratez by Dioxine
Final Mod Pack by HumanCthulu and Solarius Scorch
OpenXCOM Extended by Yankes (Added Version 310a to the mod collection folder. DOWNLOAD LINK OR ATTACHMENTS SOON)
OXCE+ by Meridian (Added version v3.9c to the mod collection folder. (DOWNLOAD LINK OR ATTACHMENTS SOON)
Hardmode Expansion by hellrazor (DOWNLOAD LINK OR ATTACHMENTS SOON)
Awesome Guns (Everything including its sub mods) by CanadianBeaver  (DOWNLOAD LINK OR ATTACHMENTS SOON)
Reaver's Faithful Megamod by The Reaver of Darkness (DOWNLOAD LINK OR ATTACHMENTS SOON)
TFTD Aqua Weapons Starter Pak by ave369 (DOWNLOAD LINK OR ATTACHMENTS SOON)
TFTD Expansion: The World of Terrifying Silence by Nord (Getting it now until i wait for Nord to reply) (DOWNLOAD LINK OR ATTACHMENTS SOON)
Deep Aliens Mod by tollworkout (Probably deleted or not) (DOWNLOAD LINK OR ATTACHMENTS SOON)
Ask me what mods to add from the forums to the list

Okay, let me get this planned out.

I have made folders (J-Kuns OpenXCOM Mod Collection and J-Kuns XCOM Sprite-Image Collection) 15 hours ago.

I'm going to downloading, adding and collecting a lot of mods and sprites including WIPs, new/updated versions and old/outdated versions (And modding tools too) to my folders from the forums including the mod portal (with Wayback Machine) because SupSuper said "Don't Use the Mod Portal" because it's down for a no good reason to me.

What am i going to do is;
1: collect palettes and pixel colors from XCOM sprites and its pixels with's color picker tool (I know's from the bad list).
2: Maybe try out some mods on Battle and New Game.
3: Practice some vanilla OXC without some mods with battle mode first, then campaign mode (Use cover and use safer places for soldiers. Use tips and tricks like "Smoke and Mines". Use smoke as cover for soldiers. Do deaths, do losses. Make loadouts for soldiers (by taking screenshots and upload them to what image site i use or don't use). I dunno, i'm running out of practice plans in my head).
4: Try out 1 or 3 mods.
5: Have some shenanigans on like making pistols with stocks. Learn how to draw a hair trigger, a clip/magazine, a nozzle and other. Maybe change colors of vanilla weapons after collecting all of the sprite and pixel colors from the vanilla images (Maybe a regular rifle with the colors of the TFTD Gauss Mag Rifle? :3 ). NOTE: Paint.Net Created Sprites and Images are no good for OpenXCOM games. sad face.
6: Learn Map Nodes from all vanilla maps and all user made maps by pinpointing the weak spots with Notepad.
5: I think i'm running out of plans.

Unfortunately. I might want to read some forums every hour or so, but the one thing is, i have to get some mods from any site that involves OpenXCOM related content like mods, maps, images and sprites so that i can download them and add them to my collection.

Ask me what mods to add to the list, including old and outdated ones and WIPs by using the poll.

Let me know what mods (including all of them) you want me to add to my collection by voting one of polls. :)


EDIT: Please rename your reply subjects to "Re: [FOLDERS/PLANS] Getting Some Mods to Add for My "Collection" Folders on my PCs" instead of "[FOLDERS/PLANS] FORUM MODS LIST" and "[FOLDERS/PLANS] MOD PORTAL MODS LIST (While Waiting for the MP to come back)".

Work In Progress / Re: [WEAPON] Hyper's Attachments
« on: January 22, 2018, 10:54:07 pm »
I like the ideas.
But the attachments were the problem.
 You see for every attachment I had to code a manufacture project and the nodded weapon.
 Then if I wanted two attachments on a weapon I would have to mod a whole new manufacture project with another nodded weapon and its corresponding sprites.
Which means doing large amounts of attachments would make me have to code in every possible combination of attachments for a single weapon.
Rifle, Scope
Rifle, Scope,Under Barrel Shotgun
Rifle, Scope, Hair Trigger
I see. :)

I'll be trying it out later at 5:00.
In OXCE it nearly possible to do currently without creating multiple weapons, right now you can have 4 ammo items in one weapon but nobody prevent loading items that arent ammo. This addition slots could work as attachment (e.g. you can add scope OR bayonet).
Right now I plan adding functionality that will allow for this ammo to affect stats of weapon (like accuracy, damage is already possible).
Ooh.... I forgot about bayonets on my future "Weapon Upgrades, Weapon Mods and Weapon Attachments"  ideas list. Thank you Yankes for asking Hyper2Snyper about this, bayonets are really an interesting part for weapon attachments.

I'll start reading the "[WEAPON] Hyper's Attachments" thread 10 or 20 times later i suppose.

Also, i'll doing 1 thread about a poll where i can add whatever mods to add in one of my folders named "J-Kun's OpenXCOM Mod Collection" maybe at 5:00 I suppose (EDIT: Maybe i should add OXCE and OXCE+ to my collection folder, i think OXCE+ is better than OXCV, because newer mods require that one).

Released Mods / Re: [ARMOUR] Hazmat Armour 1.3
« on: January 22, 2018, 07:39:20 am »
Would it be possible to make a flamethrower which creates a line of explosions in front of the soldier? I'm thinking similar to the Inferno spell from Diablo 1, another isometric game:

Just pondering possibilities.
Ah yes! Diablo 1996, one of my favorite titles made and released in 1996.

Thank you for adding this, Reaver. ^^

Maybe i should play Diablo 1 until i have a good enough Windows 10 PC (Probably a desktop) that will let me play the Diablo 1 HD mod.

Work In Progress / Re: [WEAPON] Hyper's Attachments
« on: January 22, 2018, 06:49:43 am »
The mods goal was to add weapon attachments to the game witch allowed under barrel shotguns and grenade launchers and a number of sights that increase accuracy of weapons, but the number of combinations possible with only a few attachments would take forever.
Seems doable. I can start reading your topic probably 10 or 20 times.

I would like to make "Weapon Upgrades, Weapon Mods and Weapon Attachments" for my future plans for OXC and XCOM game modding (I like to draw bigob sprites after collecting palettes from different sprites).
And now your idea of under barrel shotguns and grenade launchers proven to be useful to your own arsenal of weapons than mine.
I'd never have and played XCOM 2+DLC+WotC game because my dad, my siblings and i can't get it because it's expensive to get on Steam (Because XCOM 2 has Mod Support, Weapon Upgrades and Magnetic Weapons. Also, i can't do Steam or Steam Account without Credit Card, Debit Card and more than 5, 10 or 20 dollars to have a Steam Account and its features).
I prefer:
1: Hair Triggers.
2: Stocks.
3: Scopes (Regular,, Tactical, Precision, Long, Sniper, Enhanced, Elerium-based, etc.)
4: Auto-Loaders (I don't think it will work on OXC).
5: Expanded Magazines.
6: Repeaters/Suppressors.
7: Silencers.
8: Additional Nozzles (Anything to increase or decrease anything).
9: Targeters like Vital Point Targeters or any other targeter for Aimed Shots (Unlike E-102 Gamma from Sonic Adventure 1+DX)
10: Micro Missile Launcher on Sides, Bottom or Top (Just like Doom 2016)
11: Laser Sights.
12: Bomb Launchers (Stun, Explosive, etc.)
13: Lock-on systems (Anything like cannons, launchers, or other)
14: Maybe a Siege Mode attachments for other weapons (That will be a lot unrealistic depends on what other idea anyone might make up)
15: Gatling Barrel Attachments for Rifles, Cannons, Autos, etc (Just like Fallout 4 Mods)
16: Possibly a Mobile Turret Upgrade/Mod Just Like DOOM 2016 (Maybe Tri-Linked Rifle Turrets, or MACT (Mobile Auto Cannon Turret), or any other "Mobile Turret" like things)
17: Long Nozzles.
18: Micro Rocket Launchers on Bottom Parts.
19: And i think that's it for now on (I don't think i have any more weapon attachment, mods or upgrade ideas for anyone to read and hear about. :( )

Maybe i'll try your mod until i have OpenXCOM installed my laptop and until i have a folder called "J-Kun's OpenXCOM Mod collection" so that i can add what mods including version to add to the folder.

What do ya think?

Released Mods / Re: The mods?
« on: January 22, 2018, 12:01:14 am »
What happened to the mod page? Is there a different one now, or is it coming back, or what?
Hi, Marrik. Sorry to come by.

I tried Wayback Machine to look at the mod site/page, and it shows old history from it meaning it's probably 85% working (Only shows possibly the 17th of September of Last Year (2017) ).
Copy the link by clicking the select (Or if select doesn't work, try copying it to your clipboard).
Code: [Select]*/
And there, wham! Go try it out.  :)

I don't think the downloads for the mods might work or not with Wayback Machine. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Oh yeah, downloading on Wayback Machine does not work. SORRY. :(

Tools / Re: [POLL] Which Version of Adobe Photoshop You're Using
« on: January 09, 2018, 06:08:32 am »
Photoshop? That's a bit overkill for spritework - you'll find that most of use some free program that offers easier tools for working within the X-Com palette.  Personally I use GIMP because I'm familiar with it, and again, it's free.
It's okay, ohartenstein23. It was on the good list of the "image editors / graphics programs" thread. I'm not very good at Photoshop editing or making sprites (Well the brush for it seems so nuts to use, it might draw a 2 rectangle square pixel draw on top, bottom or side).

I never tried some art programs for making XCOM sprites and collecting XCOM sprite palettes like GIMP, Aseprite (It might require money), IcoFX (30 day trial and 29$ dollar single license), mtPaint and others that people use.

I try and use's color picker tool for finding pixel colors, it was pretty fun for me to find what pixels and its colors i can find on there. ^^

I better start reading threads and posts on HIVE and OpenXCOM forums every day and every year.

Tools / [POLL] Which Version of Adobe Photoshop You're Using
« on: January 09, 2018, 05:26:25 am »
I remember something... my version of Adobe Photoshop Elements cannot open GIF files, which makes it frustrating for me to do OXC Sprites (And collecting palettes from other XCOM related sprites).

I want to save or open GIFs, but i can't due to Elements won't let me.

I remember that i have a Bamboo Drawing Tablet which included a CD that installs Photoshop Elements 7.

Besides, i want to draw and practice sprites (Well handles and parts of weapons for hair triggers, stocks, expanded magazines and others) with Photoshop after i'm done collecting palettes (What the best color of black pixels).

Feel free to vote here.

Okay. I would like to ask OpenXCOM or anyone on the internet about Paint.NET download being illegal.

I searched on Google about "is illegal", it gave me some results, i went to the forums saying "Is it legal or not ?" meaning if the free version of the program's legal or illegal.

I'm not using it right now, but there's a Windows Store version of it saying "Price: Paid" which may be okay for me or not (It can kill me for using that downloaded program).

I was wanting to learn pixel colors for sprites because ms paint messes up the pixels and colors for the vanilla x-com sprites.

Here's the info about it from the forums:
Bicyclefanatic said: "Hi friends. I would like to know if its legal to sell pics i made with on the internet, and also if it is legal to sell them if i used downloadable plugins." which can be a death trap for anyone to use.

RHoward said: "I think is your work afterall." meaning if he or she is right.

Boude said: "I wouldn't know how it would be illegal, but I'm not a lawyer, so I'm not sure..

Bicyclefanatic said: "thats my problem, i dont know it too. :D I think that its my work so i can sell it, but im not sure if a plugin developer or even the team could say that it´s for non commercial use only" which can be true to be illegal.

oma said: "viewtopic.php?f=12&t=30876 this has been discussed several times ... here is one of the most recent links.".

Bicyclefanatic said: "thx to everyone. so just for understanding, is it even legal to sell pics if i used plugins ?" meaning will be very true not to use it.

And BoltBait said: "Yes, you just can't sell or plugins written by others." which i think he's right.

And that's it.

I'll might save Paint.Net until you guys vote for this poll so that you'll let me know if the free version is illegal.

I am trying to learn UFO and TFTD palettes and pixels with paint (Well, ms paint is no good because it messes up the pixels. Paint.NET is better) on there like the colors of the Rifle, Pistol and others.

And now it messes up everything. That's why i'm trying to use this program for learning colors and pixels for XCOM so that i might learn what it's has to be done.

Make sure you vote for option 1, or 2 or 3 to see if the free version of Paint.Net is illegal.

If so, let me know about it.

~J-Kun FeruEnzeru

Help / Re: Universe World
« on: January 03, 2018, 05:51:20 am »
I think i like that idea of a world to look like a galaxy. Making the water transparent, i agree with you. *thumbs up*

NOTE: I wish OpenXcom forums will have their own rep system like Hive.

But i can still read threads and posts on OpenXcom Forums every day.

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