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round 10 (today-to-midnight's round) + UPDATE (37% upset and 44% sad notice i think, don't get me wrong)

I'm posting 30 attachment images (10 per 3 new posts/replies from me actually) just for today, but midnight i guess.

Although i'm sorry guys, therefore i feeling a bit bad and impatient for January more often.

It seems all of the depression i have in life made me a bit wrong-ish, being too much impatient, impatient all the time waiting for new replies and posts, all my bad too. :'(

I think i think stop bugging around and annoying the forums while i'm logged in every day and every time D:, making it too upset, too disruptive, too irritating and too uncomfortable for everyone around the forums (i'm not retiring, but i'm staying logged off as well) including the admins and moderators on there, and i'm gonna changing my pass for it just to not log in again every day, to be obvious, meaning i'm staying out of the forums for now and start reading them without the need of me being logged in for the year. :-\

I can still wait what anyone on there said to me on each post and PM or anywhere OXC forums related.
And apparently i'm gonna watching Meridian's TWOTS and Area 51 LPs all over again on the afternoon due to impatience (because i'm lousy, lazy and bored depending on RL but non "being on computer" things particularly), also watched all of the only 12 episodes Otto has in his 40K mod LP, still waiting for new ones as far as it goes :),
and i am honestly going to be having an appointment a someone on HIVE (my retired place since 2017-19) or deviantArt (along other sites) about what i'm feeling like while it's this month knowingly. :-[

Also, enjoy the new (LEGO) images i'm posting for today :), thank you for liking my old OXC works (from last year, but 2018 afaik) including my MVII works and others, have a very good midnight while i'm staying logged off in case any new, but important replies on my topics/threads or any mentions or quotes involving my username on your topics/threads needed for this month or the next 1 or 2 months even. :D


Thats great to here, i will let you know once  we are a little closer to that point, this whole adventure of  "lets Add Water" was not on my original plan but i am so glad i started it.

I wish this whole "more and more water textures on the globe" idea being in UFOD94/EU94 could be better at least.

Sorry that i'm a little depressed today and a couple days ago while i was offline with the OXC forums due to impatience waiting for new episodes from Meridian's TWOTS LP and Otto's 40k LP as well, my excuses really. :(

Released Mods / Re: [TFTD] [Expansion] TWoTS+ Release (v.2.22)
« on: January 11, 2019, 07:04:00 am »
No new TWOTS LP Videos today/tonight for me to watch on YT?  :'(

I was feeling 100% too impatient waiting for new episodes of the LP since i was fond of it (along Otto's LP of 40k Mod) last month to this month.

why me?

oh i mean 775, not 51. My bad, my mistakes actually!  :-[

I'm going to be playing some UFOD94/UFO:EU94 with OXCE stuff, well, with OXCE Visuals and some mods including the cover and trailer content, just like TV Tropes said about the whole "Trailers/Covers Always Lie" crap i might be going with, still;
Speaking of which, whenever it's just tactical and turn based tactics strategy stuff XCOM related (including strategizing the geoscape instead of battlescape with scouting with crafts),

Is geoscape craft scouting for UFOs and Enemy (Non-Alien) Crafts (e.g. EXALT Crafts, ADVENT Crafts, etc) exclusive to the 40k mod? ???
Although i recommend pressing the graphs (G key) a lot of times, since i watched 12 episodes of Otto's playthrough of the 40k mod waiting for new episodes by seeing the cool (gunfire from weapons) gameplay stuff from it, also with 40k only material/contents at least. :(
I'm going to trying a little scout for UFOs plan via en route and patrolling (might get difficult chances per difficulty) to see if can get one obviously with the need of my 2 only starting tech crafts (SKYR and INTERC), and without the need of my RS (radar system) facilities getting a UFO contact (radar facilities are truly recommended for this or not needed most)

Screw the scouting, i'm gonna start playing, i'm tired of this skit and better off leaving the crafts (let SKYRs do a little scouting instead of INTERCS) in the base forever, just for wasting its fuel. :-\

i'll keep the images 46% temporarily to keep. :p

round 9 (last round for today/tonight)

Also, i'm not locking the thread just for waiting for replies added from people who are not me-only, i'm not adding more of my own posts to this thread just for today, tonight and everyday.

I'll hold them off (along the "reply" function to the forums in case of adding another post) just to hog the "Fan-Stuff" board (don't get me wrong) until maybe next week or next month or if someone adds a new topic/thread or anything to the Fan-Stuff reasonably.

Thank you! :D

round 8

Oh yeah, it's just the tanks. meh. :-\

I'll probably do more of my physical ones (or either start posting my LDD LEGO pics/creations) later i think, i dunno.

round 7 (today by now) due to obnoxious, time-disrupting oversleeping. >.<

round 6

finally, time take a break from today, and then i'll do more tomorrow or a week or so just to be safe not to spam too much of this.

I'll be good and fine enough to stop for today.

enjoy my LEGO images made from last years. ;)

doing the next 3 rounds (like rounds 7-9) of my LEGO stuff pics today now, i think my oversleeping made me kinda disruptive and obnoxious.
I wanna do something, but the oversleeping made me an idiot. :(

Why you oversleeping, why you? :-\

round 5 of today

1 round left and no more for today, save more til tomorrow after the 2 new replies are done

Hey mate,
 Best of luck on your mod, when you have it complete i promise i will try it.

I have Sonic Weapons in my mod also so i just thought i would tell you what i am planning to do( most likely in 2020), i will be changing my Sonic weapons so they are stronger at close range but have it so the power drops away as it travels. I also want to work out if i can make the sprite for the shot grow larger and fan out as it travels ( in a cone shape).... Not sure if the any of the above is possible yet ( as i have not looked)  however that is what i am hoping for as i need to make sonic weapons a little different to Plasma Weapons as i will have both in game.

I do like your name changes bettre than the original, needle rifle sounds awesome.
Thanks , these are just some plans for that actually, i will complete it unless i have my right tools to draw sprites or maybe if i can obviously save on spritemaking in case something i might need for concepting (if 3D programs are my recommendations for referencing models/renders for the sprite drawing, probably the one thing i wanted for making 3D models. :) ),
although i can still do edits of the originals just like i did at January of 2018 (last year), but it will not happen unless i have everything to make the sprites, concepts and others for the replacers for the two tiers and techs. I got that idea from Dr.Crowley of the forums since i finished reading his USO: Deep Strike mod thread for TFTD practically speaking. :D

Lemme see what i need to do (either on reading stuff or doing stuff on OXC forums or something else?

Hey, I like toys too and remember all those X-Com Legos from way way before!

Thanks for sharing and hope to see more of this.
Oh, hi Valken!

But thanks for the like, LEGO used to my favorite since Alien Conquest (2011, but now discontinued actually) along others (specially sci-fi ones, and modern and ww stuff to be supplements to sci-fi stuff), it was great to have them here now (I'll be adding my LDD stuff tomorrow or later after the stuff).

Anyway, i like your style! ;D
I wish I had the money to setup an awesome Lego X-Com collection.
Yeah i know, it might take years to get LEGO stuff for making X-COM lego mocs (or Alien Conquest mocs since Flickr and others, including dA and more) unless money gets the sets more different or appropriate actually.

My dad's selling some stuff on Ebay jic he needs his money for his things, specially the house/apartment bills.
Some advice, take time to setup you scenes or figures with a better background and use as much SUNLIGHT as possible for the shots. I will tell you my toy pictures looks 4-8x better with sunlight or outside vs an indoor or studio lighting...

Also makes us appreciate it more and helps improve your camera's limitations.
Yeah, makes sense. Problem is i have 1 window in my (family apartment) room. Problem is, i think i should save on using my camera for something else, i use that as a backup cuz i might computer files in them.

But i can use it to take pictures of my LEGOs (or including RL stuff), but i sometimes have less LEGOs in my home (gotta remember what to find, although it might have bags of pieces in them.  ::))

Sometimes getting sunlight could 50% difficult i know correctly. :)

I'll try sunlight just to see it goes.

round 3!!!!  ;D

Also taking a break from the big thread, no need to lock it jic i need more to put in (also quoting will be recommended in case someone very special's replies are available for me to read)

ENJOY!!! ;)

round 2 of uploading/posting the images

(putting them on the original post instead of the second post/reply cuz of 10 file attachment limit just so you know. -.-)

whoops, wrong images.  :o
gotta the right ones on one of my folders actually. hang on! :D

Sorry for the busy-ness going on lately with other, i am about to posting my LEGO stuff on the forums here (if it's okay to put them here), i have some stuff very important to show you since i have retired my HIVE workshop (account and stuff) at least 3 days ago (don't get me wrong. :-\), maybe some stuff i have in mind actually.
(Might include ones i made probably 2016 (iirc) or both 2017-2018 i think. ???)
Here's some stuff (jic the forum's 10 file attachment limits, but i will spam some if it's a yes or no even. :( ):

GS Red Team Vehicle Mods (I gotta which ones i put on actually. ???)

GS Red Team Flyer with Dual Machine Guns (Gotta remember if it might have a magazine attached to it or not. Man i wish i have LDD, LDraw,, SPORE (I need for this crap like rendering the sets i have, don't have and wanted IRL years ago so i can know. ??? Or get multiple things of the sets i have actually. Why me? :'( ), or some different kinds of 3D modeling, rendering and creativity app/programs including Blender and others

GS Red Team Trooper armed with a Laser Lance

GS Red Team Trooper armed with a Laser Blaster

GS Orange Team Guy (I don't want to call him a robot JIC it's LEGO lore. XD) armed with a Four Barreled Heavy Autocannon

GS Alien (Mosquitoid or whatever they called since i might've got in 2013 when i was 16 before 17. :-\) armed with a Sonic Lance

GS Scene - Fighting Over the Green Psi Mineral (Oh yeah, i remember this! I missed this scene! :-*)

Left Gun GS Mech Robot (MOC/Mod with 70704 Vermin Vaporizer parts and other parts), if dunno what that is. :p (also no drool emoticon for SMF or OXC forums. Sorry. :( )

Beam Laser Quad Gun Robot (MOC/Mod with 70704 Vermin Vaporizer parts and other parts)

LEGO Sci-Fi Rifles MOC (2 GS RT Troopers armed with Light Bluish Gray Sci-Fi Rifles tbh. :) )

LEGO Sci-Fi Carbine and Heavy Rifle MOC (1 GS Blue Team Trooper armed with a Light Bluish Gray Sci-Fi Carbine, and 1 GS Blue Team Trooper armed with a Light Bluish Gray Sci-Fi Heavy Rifle)

LEGO 70707/70708 CLS-89 Eradicator Mech MOC/Mod Images 1-7 (Modified with a Heavy Railgun on the left side just in case i'm curious with it, iirc, i will. ;D)

His/her pose (Also, vehicles sometimes get genderless if i'm correct while it's RL or fiction perhaps. ;) )

The Mech's Heavy Railgun fire shooting the alien bug (aka. probably Abductoid i think)

Galaxy Squad Sand Battlefield Diorama MOC Images 1-20 (Requested by a good (but important) friend of mine on HIVE Battleborn (iirc) on 2017 before my retirement on HIVE)

no minifigs and fx version:

GS 70704-70709 Artillery Robot MOC/MOD (Robotic Mech-thing armed with Dual Cannons. Used 70709's Dual Cannon Turret as an attachment for the 70704 Vermin Vaporizer Mech's legs base)

Galaxy Squad 70704-70709 Tank MOC/MOD Images 1-3 (Modified 70704 Vermin Vaporizer as an artillery tank with 70709's Dual Cannon Turret as it's vehicle armament)

Galaxy Squad 70704-70708 Railgun Walker Mech MOC/MOD Front, Rear and Side Images (Walker Mech armed with Railgun which is the Hero Speedster from 70708 (Hive Crawler set)'s as it's AT armament. :D)

Galaxy Squad 70704-70709 Idunnowatchacallit Tank MOC/MOD Images 1-6 (I dunno what name of this is. But it uses the mech torso part from set 70705 as it pilot/driver controlled turret with autocannons. Don't remember what that is. ???)

Galaxy Squad 70704-70708 Railgun Tank MOC/MOD Images 1-8 (Vermin Vaporizer (70704) being converted into a Railgun Tank with 70708 set's separate vehicle) (V-Large Version of the Tank Coming Up Today! Please stand by for it's orders. 8) )

Galaxy Squad 70708-70709 V-Large Railgun Tank MOC/MOD Images 1-12 (The V-Large Version of the Railgun Tank just when you know if it's a tank. :D )

GS 70705 and 70709 Without Attachments MOC/MOD (Read the white texts on the images please. :) )

LEGO Sci-Fi Weapons MOC (MP-TL Flak Cannon and Special Scoped Rifle. 1 GS Orange Team Trooper armed with 1 LBG and DBG Man Portable Twin Linked Flak Cannon (For Anti-Air Attacks), and 1 GS Green Team Trooper armed with 1 Special Scoped Attack Rifle with Grenade Launcher Attachment)

Left: Orange Team Trooper carrying the TL-Flak Gun
Right: Green Team Trooper carrying the Rifle
UFO97 MOC - Twirling Invader Images 1-5 (A physical and real-life made LEGO UFO97/UFO1997 Themed MOC i've did last year or last 2017 using the parts of the 6900/6999 Cyber Saucer set i have, afaik i have some or a little bit of missing pieces from it since my family got it for me in either 2014 or 2015 i think. ???)

Top View of the Twirling Invader

Bottom View of the Twirling Invader (Last Image of the Twirling Invader UFO)

Galaxy Squad 70707-70709 Mech/Robot Walker MOC/MOD Images 1-10 (A mockup of the two Galaxy Squad sets i have, 70707 70707 CLS-89 Eradicator Mech and 70709 Galactic Titan. Now with a walker robot-mech thing with two cannons as artillery! ^_^) fixed 1 error i saw while i'm logged out of the forums, why me? 😥

LEGO AC 7065 Alien Mothership Images 1-6 (Ah yes, my beloved, but old LEGO Alien Conquest Mothership Set i got in 2012 for Christmas, what a miracle! ;D Time to keep these on the the post now!)

Top View of the Alien (Conquest) Mothership (Set 7065)

Bottom View of the Alien (Conquest) Mothership (Set 7065)

Galaxy Squad 70704-70709 Mech Tank MOC/MOD Images 1-20 (Mockup of my two owned GS sets 70704 and 70709. I gotta remember what is, but can be a little 75% anti-everything killing machine or not since it might've remembered it on HIVE back in January of last year probably. ???)

I'll probably clean this topic of mine up (probably my posts on there) or delete/nuke all of my topics and posts (on this) if i like according to me waiting for PMs or PM replies (probably prioritized ones according to my plans for living) apparently.
I will be improving my English whilst my living life deteriorating from a deviantArt account and a tumblr account i am losing 1-2 years ago importantly (these two as my wills to live), nevertheless; i have 1 life left on OXCF (due to the whole "News: Due to spam, new accounts need to be admin approved. If you can't login, please contact us with your username and e-mail so we can fix it." crap for my future RL living to have here. :( ) while this can't be undone apparently speaking.

To be fair; i have a very important poll that can help me clean up (well perhaps maybe the LEGO images on there used by attachments stupidly); i dunno what image hosting sites that can let me do this, like ones that might be good or bad; legal or illegal to use in my opinions just to be an totally stupid idiot in life and on the internet perhaps.  :-\

any help, plans or suggestions maybe (PM me or reply to any of my PMs please, not this topic/thread for now).

count (+ spammy messages - exclude the first for my needs): 11 of my posts iirc.

waiting for clean up

LEGO Themes i have (iirc) :D:
  • Alien Conquest (Oh yeah, this stuff. haha! ;D
  • Galaxy Squad
  • City (Useful for sci-fi LEGOs taking place in the modern age or 90s or other years only available fitting for AC or other.  8)
  • Ninjago (1 Set)
  • More editing on the list will be later i presume speaking. :) = i forgot to edit my list; well, i can't do that while i'm retired or quitted or cleaning up stuff to my RL reasons. :-\

side note:
I liked to do either Imgur, or (aka. postimages or something else), or something else rather than, but idk what to do them (in case i have accounts on there), i'll try image/file attachments and see how it goes. :)

WIP: Locking this while work, also reply here after i'm done doing round 3 on this, i'll other rounds of this thread maybe later or tomorrow jic i unlock the thread again, okay? :) Let me work

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