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Work In Progress / Re: [WIP][EXPANSION]UFO: Alien Takeover
« on: January 20, 2019, 11:32:35 pm »
Wow, this topic actually have several new posts, would never have thought so two years later.

About the crashes Yataka mentioned:
It was probably due to incompatibility with the nightly version. When I worked on the mod I always made sure to fix the most severe bugs.

And about the mod: Due to a computer crash, and the Media Fire download not working for a long time, the mod is most probably lost :( It's sad as I spent hundreds of hours working on it, and it got at least 80% completed. A friend of me also created music for the mod that was very, very good and fit x-com perfectly. At least there are still pictures!  :-\

But please feel free to copy any ideas from the mod: UFO designs, gameplay ideas, item names, graphics, anything.
And if someone have any other questions about the mod I'd love to answer.  :D
Welcome back, Cooper. 8)
I salute you! :)

40k / Re: New very large chaos vessel
« on: January 20, 2019, 12:23:05 pm »
I think it is called dashivas MapView. i have posted a link somewhere in thread nearby
Oh i see, dashiva MV :-\, Cool. I sometimes or always use good-but-working Mapview versions that are easy to use last year 2018, so as kevL's MVII stuff. :)

Go ahead and use it then.

40k / Re: New very large chaos vessel
« on: January 20, 2019, 11:53:46 am »
Hmmm... looks unique, but cool. :)

Also, i wish i want to read all of the 40k child board threads so bad instead cuz of Otto's LP. 😩
Which MV version are you using.
MapView Orignal, MVII or something else; i always stick MVII being better than just non-working versions of MapView for maps and tilesets. bleh.  :P


noice :D, i wonder if an alien planet other than a xeno-terraformed Earth in OXCE mods would be nice with these.
specially your mcd for it. :)+50

I took up the habit of changing my soldiers' last names when I retire them. The surviving members of a veteran crew would receive one collective family title, and then they would be shipped off to a remote base for guard duty, and I'd bring in some fresh rookies to step into the grinder and replace them.
That's very, very, very reasonable for me to handle. I used to go with deaths for Soldiers instead of no deaths since last year 2018. 😕
Still quite fun for me to do and play. :D

Playthroughs / Re: Let's Play: WH40k
« on: January 18, 2019, 07:58:51 pm »
^ That was from the training mission, silly. They got a lot of attribute improvements because they all got to make a lot of attacks against the unmoving targets.
Yeah, i know. That got me shocked while watching it 2 days ago. XD

That was so damn cool for me to see. :)

let's wait for Otto to do more episodes or maybe make some nice or mean replies on this thread (if he's good and busy); you heard what i mean. :-\


--- if you insist; posts merged - Solarius Scorch ---
@Solarius Scorch. Thanks! I was needing that to excite Otto for me watching his coolies! ;)
You're the man, Otto! ;)

keep it up while i watch EP 18 and more, keep it up! :) +100

speaking of which, don't Commissars specialize with pistols and swords (e.g chainswords?) or something else instead of these?  ???

just to be honest

I only rename a soldier once they have proved themselves in battle, with the high turnover of rookies, it takes up to much time otherwise.
Yep, you're absolutely damn right. It does, correct! :)

Last evening or last night (probably after Dinner or stuff with someone online i'm friends with), do you guys sometimes or always name your soldiers to different names instead of keeping your soldier's original names ???; e.g: Anton Miller or Grace Kelly or Anton Karas or some soldiers the OG only has iirc.

I used get fond of naming my soldiers into cool, or silly, or bad (or profane-to-explicit if get/go crazy on. :o), or obnoxious or any kind of names i've been giving them while i'm playing my OXCE campaign (also re-doing the 5 game-diff. challenge on no-imm to yes-imm after no-imm again), specially cannon fodder/poodoo ones to draw fire from the aliens (i recommend XCOM with deaths instead of no deaths, don't get me wrong).

Sometimes naming soldiers instead of keeping original names from OG or .nam files could obviously be good use of crazy and fun stuff.
Although naming soldiers while in-game takes too long to rename them, unless you're using SG (saved game) editing apps (e.g: Notepad++, also VS-Code does have an extension for editing .sav files for OXC to OXCE saves. :( ) for easy renaming actually. 8)

NOTE: I'm not gonna be attaching or uploading or posting screenshots of my saved UFO94/EU:94 games on this new topic whenever/whatever it might contain some (or a lot of) explicit and profane names (especially cuss wordings inside of the name of soldiers i have in my save) of my guys/gals (on the soldiers screen in-game on XCOM bases) if i'm right about this i have naming to make it crazy and nuts, including cannon fodder/poodoo ones of rookies. don't ask nor tell me please, i dare ya. :-[

Finally got my Ruined Urban set up and running, i think i need a few more road segments but at least now its playable :)

It looks like an xenoformed version of the UFO94 Terror Mission sites. :D
Nice one, Luke! ;D +20

Playthroughs / Re: Let's Play: WH40k
« on: January 15, 2019, 10:08:58 pm »
Brave Reaver will go to whichever post she is assigned, and do her duty without question.

Finally episode came out today!  ;D Maybe after this, i'm gonna be getting a long shower will quick to help me stay up, and start doing something really important for me to play more of my own game (well), some vanilla with OG elements and 8 mods i might be using instead along OXCE+ Visuals; maybe OXCE+V optional or not, who cares. :-\
@Otto/ohartenstein23 (don't ignore this post please. 🤤)
Otto..... otto.....
while i was watching the new episode of the LP, i'm at 1:23 minutes away from the end of it.
I was so shocked about this. :o

That was pretty epic huh?  :D

OpenXcom Extended / Re: [Suggestion] required stats
« on: January 15, 2019, 08:51:25 am »
Hmmm.... :) i think that's a good idea for "stat restrictions" for heavy equipment and others.
Probably similar to Diablo or any other RPG or any kind of styled games i should say. :D
e.g: Hunter's Bow, requires 50-70 firing accuracy (maybe a fantasy kind of hunting bow i should say. :) )

Let's see if @Meridan, Otto @ohartenstein23 and @Yankes would like it. +50

Proximity grenades detonate when they sense movement in a horizontally adjacent space. They don't detect movement above or below them. I don't know if OXCE can change this, maybe it can.
Reaver, it's okay, i already finished the mission last night or last early morning.

Also, i'll be continuing my game later if i'm not 70% tired from staying up waiting for someone online not from OXCF, 8) my eyes are feeling densely blind from all the sleep and staying up i have going on, just the game maybe. :-\

Playthroughs / Re: Let's Play: WH40k
« on: January 14, 2019, 07:18:02 pm »
With the end of February in the campaign, my second base is almost up and running! Now it just needs equipment, a craft, and live bodies to staff it. If you're interested in splitting off from the main crew to man strike team number two, let me know!
Okay, boss! :)
I'll watch EP 13 of it later if i'm not tired for today, i know the guardies like. 8)

edit (just for a like):
Speaking of which, when first watched (but finished watching) the new episode today instead of later.
Do Ogryns get fond of using lasguns in training in the 40k mod? Not the tabletop or/along video games, movies, TVS and other versions of 40k. ???
As far as 40k and their lore goes, their big guys right? ???

Though the training (excercise) mission kinda reminds of 6 year old game Planetside 2's VR Training Facility map too :D, and oh yeah; i'm not gonna be forgetting Planetside 2 videos again anymore since i mentioned it. ;D

btw, i liked the Heavy Stubber in this mod since it was my first time seeing the gunfire of it in the mod instead of the VG or other things. :)

I get fond of non-ballistic/conventional MGs and Miniguns/Chainguns (including Cannons) a lot, specially Gauss ones too. ^_^

When i was playing my game, well also, updated my OXCE apparently on going to do,
Do proxy grenade/mines explode work on roofs (while primed) after the enemy moves above the roof (also higher levels needed). ???

I tried to do that, and it did not work nor exploded. :(

dunno why, i need help on doing that.

also on the farm terrain, along a primed mine on the roof.
save and image are attached and shared for the proxy mine please, no need for my openxcom.log file, stand by :)
but please end turn (also press the backspace or delete keyboard buttons) to see what happens.  :-\

my regards,

round 12, and then enough for today/midnight! VoV

also going to be stopping this for now on, time to log out after editing.

Also i gotta edit the original post in the morning about what LEGO themes (AC, GS, NJ and City are already added. :) ) i have available in my apartment/room actually.

See ya! ;)

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