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OXCE Support Y-scripts / [Solved] Const name already used
« on: November 29, 2018, 06:18:41 pm »
Hello there!

I'm testing one new ruleset and I got some weird crash, I haven't seen this before.

Code: [Select]
[29-11-2018_10-15-10] [INFO] Loading rulesets...
[29-11-2018_10-15-10] [ERROR] Const name 'RuleList.MartianInfantry' already used

What could be the reason of this? How to solve it?

I'm using the latest OXCE and a fresh installation. I'm attaching the crashed mod.

Thanks in advance.

Rejection reason: this is difficult to implement, and would very likely kill the game performance

Hello there! I have a suggestion for a feature I want to add in my mod, The Great War of the Worlds. I would like to add the Royal Navy and their ships as a playable craft in Geoscape. For land use, we have the Landships, basically super battleships with caterpillars. But for the sea, I want to restrict the movement to certain regions, so the player only could use battleships and ironclads (The Thunderchild!) on water regions.

I think this could be accomplished using a variable in crafts.rul

Code: [Select]
     limiteMovementToRegion: [STR_ATLANTIC_OCEAN, STR_NORTH_PACIFIC]

This, of course, could be very useful even with other mods, per example: an attempt to mix UFO and TFTD, because you could only use the flying subs on the sea. I hope they could be doable.

Thanks in advance!

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Help / [SOLVED] How to change color of the Smoke
« on: November 05, 2018, 06:43:51 am »
 Hi, everyone!

I want to recolor the classic Smoke to Black and green for a new damage types I'm working on. How to do it? What files I need to recolor and how to apply them on a ruleset?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: At April, 1st 2019, I had a question about how to add smoke to a weapon hit. I've found the correct option:
Code: [Select]
      SmokeThreshold: 1

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Help / [SOLVED] Setting a mission in a specific city.
« on: October 28, 2018, 04:27:39 pm »
Hello there!

 I would like to make a specific mission of a city. I know that I can place missions in particular regions using "regionWeights", but I would like to assign missions to cities. I have planned to do rescue missions of important characters in Vladivostok and to recreate the rocket launching bases of Cape Canaveral and Baikonur for some space missions. Thanks in advance!

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OXCE Support / [Solved] How to view tech-tree?
« on: October 24, 2018, 03:31:31 am »
Hello there!

Just a dumb question: I'm watching Meridian's TWoTS Let's Play and I see that he can see the tech tree and the subsecuent researches for various reserach projects. I would like to know, how to do it? Is there any list of OXCE shortcuts?

Thanks in advance! :D

The Great War of the Worlds 1914

The Great War of the Worlds 1914 v0.8 Slavyanka is now released!

A bit of history about this mod (actually the first post, now outdated)
Hello everyone! Alinare and I are proud to show you the project we have been working on these months.

This mod is inspired by the science fiction classic, The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells as well as the great tabletop miniatures wargame All Quiet on the Martian Front, with some references of this post.

We have many resources in which we work constantly, although at the moment we do not have a definitive version ready.

The story goes like this:

In 1896, an unexpected invasion of Mars destroys England, one of the most powerful nations on the planet.
The United States and France support the reconstruction of the country, forging especially strong ties with the USA. The Entente Cordiale was created in 1904, composed of these 3 countries.

In 1908, with the Tungunska event, alien ships fall in different parts of Siberia and in the next 2 years they fall all over the world, silent and far away from everyone. Beginning in 1911 they begin their large-scale attack simultaneously and much of the world is occupied. They corrupt every land they pass by, turning it in a purple wasteland devoid of life. After a hard war of attrition and bitter human defeats, the Martian advance begins to decline by the end of 1913 and finally in September 1914 it stops.

Humanity unites and the survivors create the Coalition of Nations, also called the Eighth Coalition. The Coalition creates a special multinational team to support the joint global effort in the War to End All Wars. This group is formed in the image and likeness of the veteran British Expeditionary Force and is called International Expeditionary Force.
You will be in charge of different types of tanks and airplanes of the time and you will use small arms that a rifleman in 1914 would equip.

Alinare is working on creating new images for the mod (the cover of the mod is his own), as well as new tanks, missions, German and French soldiers and Tier II Tesla weapons. I'm in charge of designing the Geoscape, new modified terrains, planes, Tier I weapons and the British and Americans. We are adapting some resources to create the iconic tripods, albeit on a small scale.

Likewise, I have almost ready a compilation of music for the soundtrack that will be great.

The images that you can see is just a very small sample of what this project is. Includes the British basic uniform, the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield MkIII service rifle and your transport, the Conqueror APC (many thanks to bulletdesigner and ohartenstein23 for allowing us to use it), some MkIV Tanks  and a couple of modified terrains. Special thanks to Solarius Scorch and Dioxine, for their brand new Village terrain and Tekamthi, for his modified Alien habitat terrain. Also Hobbes for his invaluable help with my questions about Geoscape editing.

An alternate history Total Conversion by the Inventorum Development Team
*efrenespartano: sprite & ruleset designer
*Hans Woofington: Sprite creator
*Luke83: map specialist
*Noah183: main debugging
*The Reaver of Darkness: support debugging, lore creator
*The Martian: sprite creator
*Thunder_andr: sprite creator
*wolwerin: sprite creator
*Fegelein: main debugging
*Ikhanad: lore creator

Special colaborators

*BlackStaff: Main French translator & support debugging
*Dauntless1942 Sprite creator
*Rclipse support ruleset
*Nathan Sprite creator, lore creator

Set in an alternate timeline where the Martians of the H.G. Wells masterpiece invaded Earth in 1896.
Swept by bacteria, the invasion came to an end just a couple of weeks after it started.
Humanity united and rebuilt and prepared for the worst. 12 years later, the mankind's worst nightmares came true. In 1908 the Martians launched a second invasion, this time more deadly.
Since they crash landed in Tungunska, their progress has been almost unstoppable.
From the Siberian tundra to the African jungle and the American Midwest, half of the world belongs to the Sons of Ares
What remains of the humanity united under the banner of the Coalition of Nations and have gone on the offensive.
Your unit is one of elite, formed with the best that the armies of the world have, the International Expeditionary Force.
The year is 1914.
This is the War to End All Wars.

Special Thanks to (in no particular order):

*Hobbes, his help is invaluable and always solves my questions about Geoscape & ruleset editing.
*bulletdesigner, for making the original Chimera map (now called Conqueror).
*Solarius Scorch and Dioxine, for their Village terrain, also kind words, inspiration and ruleset reference from their projects, The X-Com Files and X-Piratez.
*Meridian & Yankes, for making the wonderful OXCE and answering our many many questions.
*Tekamthi, for his modified Alien habitat terrain (modified and further expanded by Luke83).
*ohartenstein23, for his awesome tips, cool codes and constant help.
*ivandogovich, Anon011, TarzanCZ, davide, chaosshade, BlackStaff, SG_Barton, Hashirama015 & SquirrelofNukes for their kind comments and support.
*stosstruppen1918, sturmsoldat_des_kaisers & m_ww1_memes, ino_bartula, __robo__, scgex, mighty_mega_max, daniel_gautreaux and the one hundred followers for their huge support on social media
*130° División Blindada [130_L] efrenespartano's World of Tanks Blitz clan, for being our first beta testers.


*alinare: Artwork, Mutant Crusher, ideas & ruleset editing.
*Andr: Craft sprites plus ideas
*Anon: feedback support
*b1ackwolf: Modified Paperdoll human bodies (further modified from Solarius Scorch work), lore ideas
*BlackStaff: French translation, plus ideas & historic reference help
*Bootchicken48: New Sountrack plus feedback support
*Brain_322: Martian Slugthrower round sprite
*b__0: tiles for IDT_VILLAGE and IDT_FOREST terrains
*Civilian: Heat Ray weapons (modified)
*cubik2k: feedback support
*Cupon4uk: Template for Russian Weapons, feedback support and ideas
*Dauntless1942: new logo for the project
*drages: Bullet sprites
*efrenespartano: General artwork, spanish translation, vehicle, weapon and soldier sprites & ruleset editing
*Finnik: Whistle and Martian Launcher stats modifier script
*Fegelein: feedback support
*GoldenDragon: feedback support
*Hans Woofington: Template for all human uniforms and armors, British, French, American and German uniforms, Heat-Ray ammo sprites, art help and support
*Harald_Gray: Mechtoids (modified, used as template for Martian Powered Armors)
*HelloMiko: feedback support
*Hobbes: Tech-Comm reference plus help on the forums.
*Ikhanad: feedback support, Phlogiston plot, and ideas
*Luke83: All of the Martian Tripods, Martian Fleet, infested maps, Forest Rail, Trenches mapsets plus ideas & ruleset editing
*Nathan: Phlogiston plot, Phlogiston weapon sprites
*Noah183: Support debugging plus ideas
*Nord: craftWeapon Bombs fire sound
*MajorDerp16: feedback support
*memmaker: WEAPON_TYPE & Classes scripting
*ohartenstein23: Hand-to-hand combat, craft shields & crewed Turrets
*Rclipse: Martian Factions ruleset, plus feedback support
*Ryzenator: feedback support
*RusArtistSergo: feedback support plus ideas
*SideQuests: Triffids and Heay Ray bullet sprite
*Solarius Scorch: Celebrate Diversity, Ravager sprites, Cavalry Sabre, Recolored Alien Compilation, original Trenchcoat spritesheet (french uniform) & boxes
*Stosstruppen1918: general Historic reference and guide.
*StormRangerX: feedback support
*SupSuper: Original GeoIcons GlobeMarkers
*Tal'Raziid: feedback support, fix to Turrets' issues
*The Reaver of Darkness: Heat Ray weapons stats, Phlogiston plot, plus help with general balance.
*The Martian: Gun turret sprites mounted on Mech Walkers
*tollworkout: DeepAliens UFOs (selenite UFOs)
*Warboy: main debugging support
*wolwerin: Tea Flask, Bandages, Rifle Grenade, Martian Skirmirshers, Silacoid, Heat-Ray Batteries, Coilgun sprites plus ideas
How do I install this mod?


- Open your "user" folder
- Copy the entire TGWotW zip file to the "/mods" folder. You can choose to unzip it or just move the zipped file.
- Enable the mod from the Mods option on the main menu.
(Instructions by Luke83)

- Open your "openxcom" folder inside the root of your Android device,
- Copy the entire TGWotW zip file to the "/mods" folder, You can choose to unzip it or just move the zipped file.
- Enable the mod from the Mods option on the main menu.

Feel free to comment and make suggestions!  All help/feedback/kind words are always welcome.

Kameraden in arms

@stosstruppen1918 on Instagram!

Join us in our social media!

Visit the TGWotW Channel on the IDT Server!
Check the official wiki made by Noblebright!

Help / [GRAPHICS] How to change the color of the Control Bar in Geoscape
« on: October 05, 2018, 02:08:05 am »
Hello there!

I want to change a little the colors (both letters and background) of the General Control Bar (including the clock, the globe and time controls) in some yellow or purple instead of blue, but I'm not sure how to do it. It is required some ruleset editing or just something defined in extraSprites.rul? Thanks in advance!

Help / How to add new damage types.
« on: September 15, 2018, 05:17:20 am »
Hello there! This is a simple question, I don't know if anyone else has make it earlier.

I would like to add a few new damage types to a project I'm working on with alinare.

How to do it? I suppose that this new damage types will need to be added to armors too, how to do it?

Thanks in advance!

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Help / OpenXcom on iOS
« on: August 13, 2018, 08:23:25 am »
Hello, everybody!

After a catastrophic error that resulted in a bootloop on my Android (which I could not recover even with Recovery mode), my father gave me his old iPhone 5 with iOS 10. I know that APKs can not be installed  on iOS, but does anyone know any way to play OXC and install mods on this platform? My phone will return from Technical Support in a month or more. :(

OXCE Suggestions Archive / [Suggestion] New craft behaviors
« on: August 05, 2018, 10:55:33 pm »
For some weeks an idea has been round my mind. Would it be possible to add new behaviors for the crafts? I was thinking of a characteristic "canRefuel: yes", that allows to refuel the crafts that escort it, using the characteristics that were already implemented with the HKs. This would be useful to increase the combat range of crafts with little fuel.

Another idea: would it be possible to make a kamikaze plane? I'm thinking about a craft having run out of ammunition, then ram directly into the UFO in the hope of impacting it and destroying it or at least causing it harm.

It has already been mentioned above about the types of hangars. Large hangars for large aircraft, small hangars for small aircraft. If at some point you were to take into consideration its implementation, Meridian, I have planned to make a "hangar for cruise missiles", a 1x1 installation in which only can be stored "cruise missiles", very fast aircraft with the variable isKamikaze: yes but with little range to serve to shoot the largest UFOs. I have always imagined that Tomahawk missiles should be useful for attacking very large ships.

I hope you find some of my suggestions useful and feasible, thanks in advance!

P.S. I know it's in your low-priority list, but I would also like custom names for operations! I hope you include them soon!

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Help / UFOs weapons and shields.
« on: July 22, 2018, 09:11:53 pm »
 Hello everyone!

I have a couple of questions about UFOs.

1.- Is there a way to modify the fire rate of the UFO weapon?

2.- Is there a way to modify the accuracy of the UFO weapon?

This, because I want to make a UFO that has something similar to a point-defense gun, a short-range weapon with little precision and little damage, but a lot of fire rate. It's possible?

3.- Is it possible to add shields to UFOs? I think there was an .exe that did it, but I do not know if OXCE + is already included. Thanks in advance!

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Join United Nations Extraterrestrial Combat Command! v0.11.0 Echoes and Whispers available for download

To install, you need first need to download and install OpenXcom Extended Then, just drop UNEXCOM folder inside your OpenXcom mods folder. Because I'm an Android player, one main goal of this mod is to be entirely playable on Android.

Please, follow the United Nations Extraterrestrial Combat Command on social media!

UNEXCOM on Instagram!

Join the UNEXCOM channel on the IDT Server at Discord!

A Cold War themed by the Inventorum Development Team
Andr: sprite creator & main military history advisor
Badfella: sprite designer
DarkDust: support debugging
Dauntless1942: sprite creator
Dr Hans Woofington: lead sprite creator
efrenespartano: lead designer, sprite & ruleset creator
Filip H: ruleset creator
Ikhanad: support debugging & military history support
Luke83: map specialist
Noah183: support debugging
pedroterzero: code support
Tingcat: sprite creator
The Reaver of Darkness: balance specialist
wolwerin: sprite creator

First of all, Hello there! This is my first public released mod and i'm excited to announce it!
This compilation was inspired by several sources. One of the main ones, as well as my reference source is the work of Hobbes in Area 51 and even more in Tech-Com, where I copied several codes. It's my favorite mod of one of my favorite movies. Back in 2015, I played a modified version made by myself of the Equal Terms mod in which XCOM troops used United Nations equipment. Unfortunately, that mod was lost, as my old PC.

I was recently watching the movie The Siege of Jadotville and another source of inspiration emerged of this project, a force of the Blue Helmets fighting against aliens in the Cold War. Xenonauts is also inspiration of this compilation, for some concepts and part of its graphics, although it is not an attempt to copy that game.


This mod is located chronologically right in the middle of the Cold War, almost at the end of the Vietnam War. There will be many pages of UFOpedia explaining the background of the story, as well as the course of the war.

This mod is a compilation, not all the work is mine, as is obvious. I would call it a "franken-mod", because it is made of many different mods, united with glue, love and some things that I have done myself. This compilation is completely playable from beginning to end, but there are still many of my ideas to be implemented.


Air combat is a very important thing now, inspired by Air Combat Rebalanced and Tech-Comm. Hangars can now host 2 crafts. There is a wide variety of aircraft and craft weapons of the time (and will come more, as well as a redesigned tech tree) It implements the HK features, a great addition made by Meridian. So expect to face UFOs actively trying to intercept your aircraft. You probably lose a lot of aircraft soon, that's why they will be somewhat cheaper. Also, you now can forget the ground radars. They are obsolete, actually I remove Large Radar and set the radarChance of the Small to 5%, just to mark the average combat range of your starting planes. Now you can (and you should) launch satellites to search for enemy UFOs and Bases. Be careful, they are reaaaally slow and HKs ate them for lunch.


Hatred just a tool the aggressors to control
Into the jungle's depth, into the desert storm
Caught between legions of hate
Caught beneath malefic eyes of fate

Ground combat is another important part. You will use realistic weapons of the time, such as rifles M16, AKM, LMG like M60 and Bren, snipers like XM21 and Dragunov among others. Each major power of the Cold War will supply you with unique tanks, weapons and equipment, you can choose to stick to the reliable Soviet guns or try the advanced NATO weaponry.

Forget the outdated HWP, now you will be in charge of an M551 Sheridan, a BMD-1 IFV or a FV701 Ferret SC, light tanks that can really be transported on an airplane.
Of course, an indispensable mod in any game, UNEXCOM includes Terrain Pack, so you can fight in different and beautiful terrains.
There are new races (made by Solarius Scorch) and their weapons are now much more alien (drawn by XOPs), so the combat is more enjoyable.


*To Marina, the woman who is always by my side supporting me.
*To Hobbes, practically thanks to him is that I ventured into the world of modding when he allowed me to collaborate with his great mod Tech-Com, as well as Terrain Mod, an indispensable mod.
*To KingMob4313 and Ickschuss, for his mod Equal Terms, one of my favorite mods of all times, of all games.
*To the OpenXcom developers! They gave new life to a fantastic game. Without you, this couldn't be possible.
*To Yankes & Meridian, for their amazing OXCE, for Meridian's Hunter-Killers and for answering my countless questions in the forum.
*To Solarius Scorch, for the mods that I have added in this compilation and for the project The X-Com Files, my main source to get the sprites of Tier I weapons.
*To bulletdesigner, Warboy1982, ohartenstein23 and davide, for your help in the forums!
*To my clan of World of Tanks Blitz, the glorious 130th Armored Division (among them Alnoaht, Xzoria, KYIV94, Armisael, Gato Loco, Zayas) who were the first to try the mod. Thank you, Alnoaht! Basically he hunted most of the bugs before the release of v0.1.
*To Biggieboy, for his compilation of buildings and for helping me with a request I asked him for. In the next updates I will add his buildings.
*To Istrebitel, for his awesome mod Air Combat Rebalanced, from where I took various stats for the craft weapons and weapons itself.
*To alinare, for his incredible source of codes and sprites in his mod The Endless War.
*To Nord, for his recomendation about Android apps to mod OpenXcom, they are very useful!
*To Yataka Shimaoka, Mitra Lightbringer, Valmont and his girlfriend, SIMON and everyone who play provide useful feedback.
*To IgnisAbentorn, danielpembrink, garretrgang and all the kind players at
*To Wikipedia. Yes, much of the info about tanks and guns comes from here.
*And finally, but not at least, to the OpenXcom community, for all the mods, the resources and all the available help.

All of the names, images, and other material used in this mod belong to their respective owners.
Images found from the internet.
2.- CombatUniformArmors by Fox105iwsp
3.- RecycledAlienCollection by Solarius Scorch
4.- Alien Armory Expanded by Solarius Scorch
5.- Equal Terms Mod by KingMob4313 & Ickschuss
6.- XCOM 2012 Music by xover88
7.- XCOM 2 Music Pack by boodman123726
8.- Celebrate Diversity by Solarius Scorch
9.- Skystriker by hellrazor (C-130 Hercules placeholder)
10.- HQ Sounds
11.- Sprites from 40k mod, by bulletdesigner.
12.- Sprites from XenoOperations, by XOps
13.- Codes from Air Combat Rebalanced, by Istrebitel
14.- HK Codes by Meridian and Hobbes
15.- COPTER map from The X-Com Files (Huey placeholder)
16.- Many weapons from X-Piratez, by Dioxine and The X-Com Files, by Solarius Scorch.
17.- HWPs from The Endless War, by alinare.
18.- Improved nations Mod by MKSheppard



1-May-2023: v0.11.0 Echoes and Whispers
Changes made:
*Updated to OXCE v7.9
*Improved and expanded Russian translation, by wolwerin
*Reworked Plasma tech tree, existing Human Plasma guns are deleted and new Plasma weapons are now available to Faction selection. Alien Plasma Weapons research project now includes Armored Engineers too
*Added new Plasma weapons, by Filip-H, The Reaver of Darkness, BlondeKnight and efrenespartano
# UN
- XP-3 Peacebringer Hybrid Plasma
- XM-590 Plasma Battle Rifle
- X-80 Plasma Stormgun
- FGM-77 Dragon Guided Munitions Launcher
- MAS-73 E1 Plasma Carbine
- Enfield APEX Plasma Pistol
- Walther L/Pl-SG 200 Sniper Plasma
- APVCh Plasma Assault Rifle
- PShAB Plasma PDW
- PPCh Plasma MG
*Added new Specialized Weapons to On Our Own path, sprites by wolwerin & Brain_322
- Burya EMR
- Hurrikan Egewehr
*Changed all definitions of STR_CYDONIA_DEP to STR_COMMANDER_PLUS, to avoid softlocking on the final mission
*Added more lore reports, written by Filip-H
*Bear Riot Armor now requires it's own wreck to fix, not XM-72 wreck, by Fegelein
*Delta EOD's MG3 now has LMG fire modes, suggested by eclecticbibliophile
*Hyperwave Encoder now appears in Alien Fort Underground stage
*Added Troop Lander and Large Scout to Allied Operations
*Alloy Autocannon now grants LMG and Artillery commendations, suggested by eclecticbibliophile

30-Dec-2020: v0.8.6 Burning Skies
Changes made:
*Falcon missile now available from the start, no longer restricted to USA path
*Adjusted Categories
*Fixed some alien navigators not unlocking alien communications
*Fixed segmentation fault caused by poor mapscripts, causing crashes when starting missions on certain terrains ,by Filip H and Pedroterzero, reported by Brother^2
*Fixed CAS research being available too early, reported by Ikhanad
*Reduced speed of small UFOs
*Increased Refuel and Repair rates of T2-4 craft
*Reorganized Ufopaedia
*Fixed Flanker using the wrong Ufopaedia picture
*Fixed alloy shotgun name and added missing string to alloy pistol
*Reduced Fusion weapon damage by half
*Increased the damage of plasma pistols. LMGs and SMGs
*Fixed US Laser LMG and plasma LMG firing costs and gave plasma LMG sprayWaypoints
*Removed hitAnimations from weapons with high firerates to speed up animation times
*Fixed missing and wrong weapon sounds
*Fixed certain bulletsprites being assigned to wrong weapons
*Fixed Bastion not being able to have weapons, reported by ohartenstein23
*Removed Damagebonus from certain weapons, as it wasn't being applied
*Increased the effectiveness of incendiary weapons against armour
*Fixed alien interception mission trying to spawn 10000 UFOs, reported by ohartenstein23
*Medical Bags and Tunnans no longer can be sold at a higher price than they're bought
*Corrected name of Tu-22M (previosuly Tu-25M), reported by Cupon4uk
*NATO engineers no longer wield a machete

v0.1 (27-May-18 09:57 AM)

1.- Terrain Mod by Hobbes
2.- CombatUniformArmors by Fox105iwsp
3.- RecycledAlienCollection by Solarius Scorch
4.- Alien Armory Expanded by Solarius Scorch
5.- Equal Terms Mod by KingMob4313 and Ickschuss.
6.- XCOM 2012 Music by xover88
7.- Celebrate Diversity by Solarius Scorch
8.- XCOM 2 Music Pack by boodman123726
VARS edited

V0.1b (15-Jun-18)
1.- Skystriker by hellrazor (C-130 Hercules placeholder)
2.- HQ Sounds
3.- COPTER Map from The X-Com Files (UH-1 Huey placeholder)
Starting to add Tier I crafts, original codes Tech-Comm mod by Hobbes
  15-Jun-18: 10:00 PM # Strings of F-4, F-105, C-130, UH-1, Sparrow, Sidewinder, Vulcan added
  15-Jun-18: 11:25 PM # Corrected in knots the speed of the aircraft
  16-Jun-18: 12:04 AM # Beginning to add extraSprites for airplanes

V0.1c (17-Jun-18)
Added basic UNEXCOM crafts (Phantom, Thunderchief, Hercules, Huey)
Added basic craft weapons (Sidewinder, Sparrow, Vulcan)
Added cool Menu music (very Vietnam war-ish, Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival)
18-Jun-18: 09:47 AM # Added custom Main Menu and Space backgrounds
18-Jun-18: 08:12 PM # Added field uniforms for UNEXCOM troopers (reemplace NONE_UC)

1.- Pilots graphics from 40k mod by bulletdesigner
 18-Jun-18: 11:30 PM # Starting to add Tier I american weapons.
 22-Jun-18: 12:27 AM # Finished add Tier I american weapons. Check for errors. HandObs missing.
 22-Jun-18: 11:51 AM # Added pilots, corrected HandOb of M14
 22-Jun-18: 12.39 PM # Added items StartingBase
1.- Grenade Launcher by Ryskeliini
2.- FourthState ruleset form Equal Terms, by KingMob4313
3.- Alien Plasma Weapons by XOps
 25-Jun-18: 09:34 PM # Added M551 tank Sheridan with ammunition, added listOrder
 25-Jun-18: 11:21 PM # Fixed fatal bug with pilot armor
 26-Jun-18: 08:37 PM # Recolored armor NONE_UC, now it's blue like in real life
 27-Jun-18: 09:28 PM # Added ruleset plasma weapons to ET mod, alien weapons added.
 29-Jun-18: 08:44 PM # Aircraft sprites corrected
 29-Jun-18: 09:23 PM # MEDIUM SCOUT and LARGE SCOUT now have a 50% chance of being Hunter Killers. Speed of SMALL SCOUT (now 1500), MEDIUM SCOUT (now 2000) and LARGE SCOUT (now 2500) reduced.
1.- RecycledAlienCollection by Solarius Scorch
2.- Tech-Comm HKs codes by Hobbes
 30-Jun-18: 11:50 PM # Added first pages of UFOpedia, added most Tier I aircraft sprites
 01-Jul-18: 10:41 AM # Added strings en-US, starting to add strings es-ES
 03-Jul-18: 05:30 PM # Corrected flight distances of aircraft. Added double hangar. Fixed bug with M16 Clip.
 04-Jul-18: 10:08 AM # Added Sentry and Fighter HKs in the campaign. Added RecycledAlienCollection in the campaign.
05-Jul-18: 05:18 PM # Added Linna Satellite, long range recon satellite.

1.- Many weapon sprites from X-Piratez, by Dioxine and The X-Com Files, Solarius Scorch
2.- JustRussia weapons by ThatDude
3.- Underbarrel shotgun/grenade launcher codes by Hyper2Snyper
4.- Weapons codes from The X-Com Files, by Solarius Scorch
5.- HMG codes by Dioxine, moddified by BlackLibrary
6.- Shotgun firing sound by Warboy1982
7.- BMD-1 & Laser Tank sprites by alinare
8.- SCOUTCAR by Arpia, from The X-Com Files
19-Jul-18: 12:18 PM # Added NATO Tier I weapons: FN FAL, H&K MP5, H&K PSG-1, Bren, 30. Cal MG.
20-Jul-18: 10:26 AM # Added USSR Tier I weapons: AK-47, SKS, Dragunov, Makarov, RPG-7.
20-Jul-18: 12:31 PM # Corrected laser and plasma weapons palette.
27-Jul-18: 09:03 AM # Corrected Tier I HandObs. Added some made by efrenespartano: Shotgun, XM21, M16. Modified AK47, original by ThatDude
27-Jun-18: 01:32 PM # Corrected weapons damage
29-Jul-18: 08:30 AM # Initial Test of Capital Class UFOs, renamed Teror Ship to Troop Transport, has speedMax: 380, armor: 120, power 12, range: 20, reload: 15. Battleship has speedMax: 200, armor: 200, power: 15, range: 20, reload: 20
30-Jul-18: 07:44 PM # Added Tier I tanks with guns: BMD-1, Ferret Scout Car. Added Tier II Tank: XM22
31-Jul-18: 06:24 PM # Corrected listOrders, added Laser Tank tech tree with topics.
1-Ago-18: 07:19 AM # Fixed yaml-cpp error with extraStrings. Fixed new research topics, now Navigators & Engineers give UFO Classes info. (UFO classes, new UFO Types). Modified Scout class UFOS.

1.- Legionnaire tank sprite by Solarius Scorch
2.- Angry Wife clip from Piratez, by Dioxine
3.- Delta armor modified from Zane's Power Suit
4.- Shield codes from Xeno-Shield from The X-Com Files
03-Ago-18: 07:15 PM # Corrected Legionnaire tank sprite. Falcon now has 500 damage (280 before), fixed craftWeapons available in store before researching NATO/USSR, Improved Craft Armor/Accuracy techs.
04-Ago-18: 08:27 AM # Now allied countries can come back to UNEXCOM after canceling an alien pact, after destroying the alien base inside the traitor country.
04-Ago-18: 05:42 PM # Added all Tier I weapons fire and reload sounds. Added sprayWaypoint behaviour to SMG and LGM. Various weapons/crafts prices fixed by Alnoaht.
07-Ago-18: 07:20 AM # Added Riot Armor w/ Angry Wife, custom sounds and research.
11-Ago-18: 06:18 PM # Added Delta Armor w/ MG3, custom sounds and research.
14-Ago-18: 11:39 PM # Fixed error with Falcon missile, Targeting pod and Alloy Craft Alloy Armor, added missiing extraStrings
15-Ago-18: 03:22 AM # Corrected M551 Sheridan & BMD-1 tank sprites. Modified tank armor. Modified startingBase to Defensive, added M203 grenades to startingBase.

1.- Improved Nations mod codes by MKSheppard
2.- Updated to OXCE v5.1
10-Oct-18: 05:25 PM # Reduced shields of Capital class UFOs to half (Battleship now has 50 and Troop Transport now has 30)
13-Oct-18: 07:48 PM # Fixed bugs found by IgnisAbentorn, renamed AK-47 to AKM, reemplaced Makarov for Stechkin Automatic Pistol, fixed stats and fire sound. Changed FN FAL & M16 M203 alt fire mode from confSnap to confAimed, to avoid reaction fire with underbarrel addons.
13-Oct-18: 08:48 PM # MG3 now has fixed 60 rounds, removed MG3 belt from store. Fixed fatal bug that made unavailable NATO/USSR stuff (Guns, armor, missiles)
14-Oct-18: 11:35 AM # Allied NPC units now use Human weapons, vanilla weapon no longer used. 11 new countries, original codes by MKSheppard (Norway, Benelux, Denmark, Greece, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Ukraine, Peru, Colombia, Poland)
14-oct-18: 05:30 PM # Updated operationType: 6 to Alien Interception missions, now Hunter Killers take off and land on their bases.

If I missed someone, do not hesitate to let me know and I will credit you immediately.  ;D

If you liked any of my craft sprites, weapons or UFOpedia images for your mod, feel free to use them! Just credit me.  ;D

Help / [GRAPHICS] How to change the space background
« on: June 18, 2018, 03:42:39 pm »
Hello everyone!

I have a question about how to edit the Earth's space background in the Geoscape. I would like to replace it with something more realistic than a purple nebula. I tried to change it, but it looks terrible. I used the Geoscape palette, I'm attaching the original image and the paletted image. Thanks in advance!

Help / Questions about Cydonia
« on: May 21, 2018, 07:08:26 am »
Hello there!
I was wondering some things about the mission in Cydonia.

*Is it possible to modify it to be a day mission?

*Is it possible to make it a 3 part mission? (Something like "Landing near Cydonia", "Assault to the Underground Entrance" and "The Final Assault")

*Is it possible to modify the map to add, for example, a landed Avenger? (One different from ours, just pure decoration)

Thanks in advance! ;D

Help / UFOpedia text
« on: May 02, 2018, 08:46:52 pm »
Hi everyone!

I just have some questions. I'm working on some UFOpedia entries and I don't understand some things.

What are  type_id and text_width?

I imagine "type_id" it's the "type" of UFOpedia it's displayed, like "crafts entries", "weapons entries", "base buildings entries" etc. But I'm not sure what number represents each page. And in regards to a "text_width" how to know what number to assign? Does it represent any particular position in the entry? Is there any guide for, for example, not to put the text over my image?

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