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Hi, and thanks! I enjoy Unexcom it a lot.
Is there any further background music/sound recommendation apart from the submod/soundtrack?

Hey there! Glad you are enjoying the mod. Unfortunately, just the 'Nam themed soundtrack.

How about an item categories for prisoners and corpses? Or preferable two separate categories.
No big work, I already did that for myself so I could post a patch, open a pull-request or similar.

Open a pull request at the WIP UNEXCOM GitHub repo
We are currently working on a balance pass here, feel free to contribute!

IDT Modding Hub / Re: [OXCE][WIP][DLC] UNEXCOM: Bureau 11
« on: January 23, 2024, 05:32:25 am »
Hi! I have some questions regarding this mod and the prequel, the Directorate 17: Are the two finished, do they have an ending, and how long do they last gameplay time wise?
Bureau 11 is finished according to you, but I dunno if it has an ending screen or if... It just ends.
Dunno with the Directorate 17 one, if it has a proper ending or not, I skimmed a little and I wasn't sure if it has one.
Also, how do you get money in either mod? Relying on the end of the month bonus? It seems to be the case.
Thanks for the mods!


It seems there IS an ending in both mods, sort of, but the Directorate 17 is very abrupt. Question answered by myself.

Yeah, the ending of D17 may seem abrupt because it is meant to tie the very first mission of B11. I may recommend playing both mods, one right after the other to continue the immersion.
haha i know those sequel hooks are kinda dumb, but hey! it's the best i could imagine. There's always room for improvement, of course!

Greetings! Thanks for playing and specially for the continued feedback. Sorry if i may take a bit longer than expected to reply here, i peak

I got a three problem with version 1.1.

The female sprites in Resources/SoldiersSprites/00-Body use a palette index != 0 for the background. The latest OXCE has a problem with that, for me at least, it disregards the alpha channel thus there is no transparency at all.

The following files also use a wrong index for the background, or a wrong palette, or at least most of them, I forgot:
(SoldiersSprites/NPCs/ ... Inventories)

Both can be fixed automatically, but I suppose a pull request will not be seen.

A zero bytes file:

I appreciate the warnings! I'll fix those issues, i most likely didn't noticed them.

Version 0.8 uses stationary ufos to represent Martian Outpost, e.g. STR_MARTIAN_CAMP, with point defense weapons. Or so I assume.
An interception window opens if approached by an craft, something not possible with alien bases.

The problem with this is that all of them spawn at the same few locations within a region. This seems unrealistic and kills my fun every time.

Is that a bug? Something that should change? A feature?

Not exactly a bug, it's just the vanilla regionZones. I'll consider adding more spots.

And yes, those static UFOs are indeed meant to be attacked and bombed. So far, you cannot attack a real alien base, so the only way i could add bombers (and give them a reason to be) was by making them stand still, unmoved.

According to the screenshots of version 1.0 the ground of the buildings does not adjust to the terrain selected by the base position on the globe.
It is always dirt/mud.

This could be fixed by using the decoration type of the vertical-levels feature, instead of using a mapname for the base facilities.
The facility maps should then have no ground outside the buildings and the terrain from the globe should supply it.

Is there interest in having this?
I could do this, but I probably wont find time for this in the near future. Maybe I could do a sample such that somebody else could adapt it for the other facilities and terrains.

If you want, go ahead. Personally i'm not totally interested in tweaking the base terrain (it was a pain to rework it on the surface to begin with hahaha).

Anyway, I love the new content added! Thanks!

Hope you are having a good time! If you want to, I usually dwell the IDT Discord server. Here's an invitation link! I reply back in some hours at most, as opposed to some days here haha

Work In Progress / Re: [WIP][TOTAL CONVERSION] UFO: Alien Takeover
« on: January 18, 2024, 12:39:28 pm »
Hey! Congrats for the new release! I remember playing your mod years ago, it gave me a Falling Skies vibe.

I wish you great success!

This sounds really cool, ngl. Some years ago I thought about something like it, tied to the much anticipated "hangar types" feature.

I'd love to have the option to sacrifice my craft in a glorious kamikaze attack.

Or perhaps, a missile base (a small base with just a hangar) could work to farm an alien base. Which... Is already possible! But shooting it with missiles sounds fun!

Resources / Re: Xenonaut's Weapons
« on: January 08, 2024, 06:55:46 am »
Great sprites, my dude!

Playthroughs / Re: Disastrous base defense
« on: January 08, 2024, 05:02:47 am »
Fear is such a powerful tool, innit? XD

Greetings, fellow Trench Raiders! To coincide with the historical Christmas Truce in 1914, we have launcher a major update! With the help of the newest dev of the team, Kiro Xei, we have finished enough changes to release this as version 1.0!  ;D Work continues, of course. But now we can consider it different to vanilla and stable enough.

A new update is ready.

The Great War of the Worlds v1.0 Mk. V Attrition is alive now!

What's new in this update?

Code: [Select]
25-December-2023: 1.0 "Attrition"
Changes made:
* Updated to latest OXCE v7.10.
* Added most of the missing codes. By Kiro Xei.
* Added most of the missing War Codex content (Ufopedia). By Kiro Xei.
* Added missing research requirements. By Kiro Xei.
* Fixing Strings from language yml file. By Kiro Xei.
* Rebalance Heat-Ray (Laser) weapon requirements by changing to all difficults. It requires Heat Ray Weapon analysis and Improved metalurgic techniques. By efrenespartano.
* Added new facilities: Guard Tower; Tower Fortress; Trench line N-S + W- E; Concrete Fortification; Machine Gun Nest. By efrenespartano.
* Changed facility name for the following: General Stores > Supply Depot, Living Quarters > Barracks. By efrenespartano.
* Introducing base defense terrain, players can allow to move troops to unbuilt terrain as it please. By efrenespartano.
* Barracks can now train up to 10 soldiers including all soldier types. Soldiers training cap is added.
* Fixed Berdan II ufopedia by recorrecting the appropiate research info.
* Phlogiston weapon events reorgnazied. By efrenespartano.
* All items, inventorys, and weapons are reduced to realistic scaled divided by 10. Which helps to fill more items in few supply depots.
* Changed Overlords living weapon to false, due to missing image issue. Now they can wield weapons.
* Revised starting conditions by adding missing armor: Italian Gasmask, Russian Gasmask, L'inmortale Heavy Armor, and Totemkopf Mechanized Armor for the Red Weed environment.
* Adding Energy shield script from The World of Terrifying Silence Mod to Totemkopf Mechanized Armor for field testing. Adding visibilityatday to 30; visibilityatdark to 18 to Totemkopf Mechanized Armor.
* Adding Maxviewdistance to 40. No soldiers can go blind shooting. This applies to units, allies, and enemies.
* Fixing Russian Tier 2 equipment selection.
* Fixing Hague Convention weapons and ammo by recorrecting the requirements.
* Replacing missing alien race snakes man to Martians elite platoon.
* Laboratory spaces reduces to 30; while Advance Laboratory was added to 60 to match the description.
* Changed HWP Tank requirements.
* General Bugfixing. By Kiro Xei.

IDT Modding Hub / Re: [TC][OXCE][SMALL MOD] Reach: The Fall, a Halo mod
« on: December 17, 2023, 06:20:53 am »
Greetings, fellow Bloodgulch dwellers!

Some months ago, a new update of the Halo mod was published
but i kinda forgot the forums, so I'm just announcing it :P

A new dev is working alongside us to improve and expand the mod, this time more weapons from Halo: Reach are in! New things are coming. Big, big things.


Code: [Select]
23-Oct-2023 v0.3
Changes made:
* Updated to OXCE v7.9.8
* Added UNSC weapons, by Kretus & efrenespartano
- SPARTAN/ODST: M6/V Spartan Laser, M247H Machine Gun, MA5K Carbine
- Marine Corps: M45 Tactical Shotgun, M41 SPNKr Rocket Launcher
- Army: M90 CAWS Shotgun, M319 Grenade Launcher, H-165 Target Locator
* UNSC weapons now have a faster hitAnimation, instead of not having any
* Balanced enemy number of enemies in Ship Assaults, added doors to UNSC spawn points
* Reduced cost of SPARTAN-IIIs, from 5,000,000 to 1,000,000, slightly buffed HPs

Since there's not a lot of discussion about this mod I figured that I would post a little bit to help newbies learn more about the mod since this is an enjoyable play.  It also feels pretty close to the lore in gameplay, and as a long time Halo fan I found this mod to be pretty fun and I think it would be great for it to get more attention and support.

This is an extremely well done review, thanks for taking the time to write it an play our stuff! Most of your review feedback was solved and your good points remain, as well.

I agree with GrooveCrusader, a nice mod!
And, the same as for Unexcom:
Is there any further background music/sound recommendation apart from the submod/soundtrack?

Unfortunately, none so far. I was working on a small soundtrack submod using Hearts of Iron tracks, but it was lost on the time.

Good morning. I would like to ask for your assistance. I came across an error while playing the latest version of The Great War of the Worlds. I have attached my save file and a picture of the error. Hoping for your swift response. THank you.

Sorry for the delay, i was away from the forums. I usually reply on Discord, tho.
The issue is being worked on with the help of a new dev, Kiro Xei. Hopefully it will be solved next update, which will be released soon!

Released Mods / Re: [TFTD][OXCE][Major] TFTD: Vanilla Plus
« on: December 17, 2023, 06:04:49 am »

Currently working on new update, was trying to wait out and see if merdian would implement a feature i requested soon, but it seems it will take longer than i though.

Many features in the new update, a few being a completely revamped (and longer) research tree, that will require many more labs/scientists to complete. Visual Reworks for weapons, new "Combat Reports" for aliens, so you can see their armor/resistances. More USOpadia entries, and more!

Hell yeah, bosmang! Cannot wait to put my hands on it

Released Mods / Re: [OXCE][BETA][MAJOR] Vigilo Confido
« on: December 17, 2023, 06:01:41 am »
Greetings, fellow XCOM rookies! I've been helping memmaker with new update, patching the reported issues to work with the latest OXCE version plus a lot of new goodies as well. A major visual overhaul and balance pass will make this mod closer to the XCOM 2012 and XCOM 2 experience!

Go get it on

Code: [Select]
=== Changelog ===

=== Changes in v.0.9.9 ===
- Armors now recover Battle Focus (No armor gets 3 points, all the rest 2 points per turn)
- Delayed missionScripts for alien bases to 12 and 16 months (solving the July game breaking issue)
- Increased Blademaster flat damage from 20 to 30
- Decreased TU cost for T1, T2 and T3 Swords, Machine Guns and Pistols
- Decreased Battle Focus cost for Slash (from 6 to 4)
- Increased damage from 10 to 15 on T1 shotgun shells, added 15% spread
- Enabled layered paperdolls (code by b1ackwolf, sprites by XCom Files devs)
- Replaced vanilla Personal Armor sprites with custom Kevlar Vest (sprites by XOps)
- Replaced Tier 1 sprites and sounds with XOps sprites
- Replaced Sword, Fusion Blade, vanilla Plasmas sprite with Hans Woofington sprite
- Replaced vanilla (alien) laser weapons with sprites by Drages
- Added XROSS overhaul mod, modified and expanded by efrenespartano
- Replaced vanilla interceptor sprites with EU2012 ones (Raven by MickTheMage, Firestom by Tyran_Nick)
- Reworked Skyranger craft-less deployments and research topics with custom Skyrangers (maps by Aldorn), removed needItem dependency
- Improved Thin Man assets, sprites by efrenespartano, The Martian and NeoWorm
- Improved Sectoid assets, sprites by efrenespartano, b1ackwolf and NeoWorm
- Added XCOM Base Security NPCs to Base Defense

Released Mods / Re: [TFTD][OXCE][Major] TFTD: Vanilla Plus
« on: December 10, 2023, 07:02:17 am »
The ugly yellow-globe and restriction to coastal-cities and islands as land-missions was my major pet-peeve with TFTD.
So seeing how you fixed that with the hybrid-globe definitely makes me want to try it out.

Hell yeah, the reason why i didn't really liked TFTD was the ugly yellow!
Also the palette doesn't fully convinces me, tho haha

Daev be praised! This mod is extremely cool, helped me becoming interested in TFTD again. :D

Released Mods / Re: [TFTD] TFTD: Vanilla Plus
« on: November 20, 2023, 12:43:40 am »
Congrats on your new release, mate!

I've enjoying your previous TFTD mods, I'm glad to see them all together! :D

Released Mods / Re: [OXCE][BETA][MAJOR] Vigilo Confido
« on: August 24, 2023, 09:55:11 am »
The mod is impossible to play on the most recent OXCE build, so I made a quick update. Added a couple of new things, like the latest CMP release and a slightly Mechtoid sprite I tweaked for my mods (closer to the nuCom dude)


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