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Jesus christ, that sounds terrifying  :-[

Especially because pistols and shotguns LITERALLY BOUHNCE OFF IT!!! Seriously, is there a single way to kill a silacoid that early in?...maybe magnums, but besides that, I dont see a way.

This reminds me : Can we get demolition equipment like in piratez? I always did like having a sledge hammer for wall breaking, or as a very, VERY last ditch effort to break open armor. Perhaps even with research behind it, justifying the purchases as "renovation equipment" for the base....

OK, OK... I'm releasing the biggest update ever, and all I get are complaints about OP Silacoid... :P

I'll have a better look at it, but I didn't want it to stall the entire update. It's already weaker, so we have progress, right?
Sorry solairus, but it was a pretty damn traumatic experience. I did plenty of shots on them with a drone shotgun tank, agents with black ops shotguns, blackops rifles and assault rifles, and a couple TNT bundles, and NOTHING killed it. It seemed like there was literally nothing I could do, which would of been ok if it didn't incinerate me from across the map. Silacoids were always tanky as fuck, but it was tolerable since you could literally just play keep away till they cracked.

Sorry, but I think that with the change, they didn't even feel like silacoids.

What is the current TU cost in this update anyway?

With the silacoid, its not just the TU cost...its the range, the explosive radius, and the TU's. I'd consider reducing the flames down to flaregun size, and cutting the range by maybe 4 tiles too.

Silacoids were never supposed to be a ranged combatant, and its just plain unfun trying to snipe something with that much arrmor, when it floods the entire area you are in full of flame at the slightest provocation, when you need a crap ton of shots just to kill one ANYWAY. It might be doable with lasers or plasma, but with kinetic weapons, it just feels mind numbingly stupid to fight them, as even a couple TNT blasts don't seem to phase them. This said, if you made the TU cost something like 70 or 80%, it should be fine, but whatever it was before (30%?) it made it seem like it was more of a dragon than a lump of graceless mucus. I dont think such a slow, clumbsy creature could spit fire anywhere near that effectively : Perhaps with a big cost, crappy accuracy, and less range, but I imagine the silacoid, if it ever had this ability, would be more a wonky attempt to squirt its juices somewhere with questionable effectiveness, than spitting fire on you like a lama from hell.

I got an entire team (in a dragonfly) wiped by JUST them, and their crazy fire attack.

Also, possibly limit how many shots they have? Is this doable?

As for the wages, I think the numbers are very reasonable : A top brass person gets 4 x what a rookie used to get, compared to piratez where a top ranked person took an insanely hefty chunk out of your income.

Holy crap, gotta say I think the silacoids are a bit overpowered!!! They can get 3 shots of flame off in 1 turn, and its pretty much impossible to deal with them early on... I think maybe they should have the TU cost for the flame attack significantly higher.

As for commendations, yeah : They are sorely missed right now

hey, is there a reason commendations aren't availible in this like in final mod pack???  I just noticed they are missing, and this is a big bummer for me...are they unlocked later, or just not added yet??

The X-Com Files / Re: Dossiers wanted!
« on: March 06, 2017, 08:13:42 pm »


Name : Alfred Wittaker

Role : Farmer

Affiliation : Self employed

Details : Owner or green shire farm company, he has been troubled with a few issues with cattle mutilations and crop circles. However, he used his knowledge of engineering and explosives from his career in the military to make IED's for aliens after a few too many times harassing his farm. He was successful in killing several, but this resistance may end up attracting more alien attacks to the area, particularly when he puts aliens heads on pikes... But he might be a useful soldier?

Status : Wanted for hire


Name : Lady Lucy

Role : Performer

Affiliation : Alien hybrid

Details : A world class performer reigning from Hollywood, she has been the star of the spotlight for the last decade. But evidence suggests she is actually a hybrid, using her position to subtly sway and control her audiences mind using alien tech and abilities, and even used her power to arrange aliens to operate in areas as part of her "entourage". Conveniently, she "died" from a drug overdose shortly after we found dirt on her, but no body was ever uncovered, and attitudes in Hollywood make it difficult to uncover much.

Status : Unknown


Name : James Barton

Role : Ex US navy Captain

Affiliation : Alien hybrid

Details : A 20 year veteran in the navy, it turns out after a small leak over forms being filled out for a medical examination he never attended, that he never infact had ANY medical exam of any sort. As questions mounted, he got increasingly hostile, before killing several staff members with an exotic looking firearm which melted through the ships hull. He eventually took off in a minisub, and was never seen again. Blood spatters examined from the few hits he took in the firefight show non-human DNA

Status : Fugitive

The X-Com Files / Re: Field reports
« on: March 06, 2017, 07:25:32 pm »
Yeah, you know well how to pleasure a man! :)


You really could of phrased that better lol

The X-Com Files / Re: Dossiers wanted!
« on: March 05, 2017, 08:33:08 pm »
I suppose, maybe inform local emergency response units??

Just someone who can know its a risk due to the area, and is prepared for the fallout... I would say CDC,  but interpol can communicate with all countries involved, so even if POLICE forces aren't applicable, interpol could inform ALL emergency response units in said areas.

As for the businessman, I was thinking perhaps this was the aftermath OF the investigation, like you interrogate so and so, get info on the guy to get the dosier, they knock on his door, and he blows his head Interpol notified, just kinda an open and shut case.

The X-Com Files / Re: Dossiers wanted!
« on: March 05, 2017, 08:06:47 pm »
More, because well, we need more.


Name : Swamp gas spores

Role : Alien phenomena

Affiliation : Swamp / jungle

Details : Large bubbles of gas do occasionally erupt from swamps, but not all are as benign as people think. Occasionally some will erupt, spewing spores of the parasitic larva into the air, and infecting anyone within 5 miles, or even more downwind. "swamp people", humanoids with fish like features are usually spotted nearby if these occurrences are seen.

Status : Interpol notified


Name : Thomas Erickson

Role : Sea Captain

Affiliation : Church of Dagon

Details : Captain of the fishing boat Reef Ranger, he in recent year seems to have become infatuated with the church of dagon. Rumors seems to indicate most crew of his ship either fall to pressure of joining him in his faith, or meet a grisly death falling overboard, falling into running equipment, or being crushed by falling debris. He attributes this to "the wrath of Dagon", and seemingly anybody who survives working with him becomes a member of the church.

Status : Interpol notified


Name : Ding Quadong

Role : Business mogul

Affiliation : Alien associate

Details : A business mogul from china, has been proven to be connected with alien activity, abductions, and alien surveillance, in exchange for alien tech for his factory production, bringing in billions of dollars. Was both using his pull to allow aliens unmonitered areas to work / survey local humans, and storage / bases in some of his property. Committed suicide upon questioning, and had shards of an electronic device in what was left of his head.

Status : Deceased

Actually, I think maybe MIB should be around with alien landings before 1999, kinda like all landings are meeting with them, or at least would also enable more gathering of MIB info, potentially...though I only got 1 ufo in those first 2 years, because chasing a UFO in a van is kinda retarded  :P

The X-Com Files / Re: Field reports
« on: March 05, 2017, 04:19:06 am »
Dawww... No gomba stomping intentionally? Thats dumb, this should be modded in, somehow, hehe

The X-Com Files / Re: Field reports
« on: March 05, 2017, 02:50:08 am »
Wait, falling on an enemy hurts them?...interesting.....Can you do this with hover suits to gomba stimp them???

The X-Com Files / Re: Field reports
« on: March 05, 2017, 02:17:16 am »
(Might as well repost here ....)

Field Report of Raid on Red Dawn Outpost.

Our van of 4 agents, equipped with tommy guns arrived at 15:20 hours. Gunfire errupted shortly after exiting the vehicle. Ranjit Sharma and Camila Rodrigues Took cover Behind the van, While Donald Stodard and Tatsuo Kikuchi Took cover behind a small hill. Gunfire blew out the right side of the engine compartment of the van, as detailed in the insurance claim report. Donald Returned fire from atop the hill with a burst of gunfire, which impacted a row of fuel barrels outside the residence, causing an explosion which knocked out the wall, and another bullet must of struck a very high explosive inside the residence, because afterwards, the entire house seemed to evaporate, killing everyone in the area, and damn near deafening the troops.  Only 1 hostile was left after that.

The X-Com Files / Re: Bugs, crashes, typos & bad taste
« on: March 05, 2017, 01:10:08 am »
not really a bug, but the sound of the magnum pistol rounds hitting is very delayed, by like a half second...its kinda jarring to hit with it, because of this.

The X-Com Files / Re: Dossiers wanted!
« on: March 05, 2017, 12:45:05 am »
nice! Though the use of "AN world class" in the 2nd one might need removing. Improper grammar.

Besides that, looks cool  :)

Few more, just because


Name :  Drako Aldramier

Role : mental warfare agent

Affiliation : Church of Dagon

Details : An absolute progeny of psychological study, he was reluctantly fired from his job of being too aggressive and controlling, using his knowledge to boss around and manipulate colleges, patients, investigators, and others. Church or dagon hired him as an expert brainwasher, and gifted him with psi abilities. Because of this he is extremely dangerous, pairing psychological knowledge, with psi abilities.

Status : Interpol notified.


Name : Chad

Role : Rogue Robot

Affiliation : Unknown

Details : Right around the time of the Kiryu Kai defeat, a robot in an experimental plant was tampered with by aliens, altering it with an alien processor and logic core. It ranted about how humans were "misguided" and its normal shutdown protocols didn't function. It dismembered the staff at the facility, and left after a few self modifications. Its said to be more intelligent than any man on earth, and much larger than original, due to modifications it has given itself over the years.

Status : Unknown


Name : Henry Garrison

Role : Mad Scientist

Affiliation : Unknown

Details : A man in the American south whom took it upon himself to experiment upon the zombie species. Was involved with capturing people, zombifying them, to keep the population up in his lab to study. When investigating, there was a violent skirmish at the lab, killing him and 5 agents. Witness accounts attest zombies did not attack henry, and seemed to obey him. Lab notes speak of a revelation of how to control such beings, but the details on how seem to be gibberish.

Status : Deceased.

Its in piratez, in "fence", it shows how much weight you have, and how much you will get after selling things. Great for seeing what the bigger weight items are, and allowing deeper meta.

No idea how he did it, but damn its useful...

By the way, black ops sniper has +25% armor instead of minus, essentially meaning the rifle, while greatly machined, fires normal lead slugs which disintegrate on armor, hehe.

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