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Suggestions / Re: Grenade Extensions? Submunitions?
« on: October 18, 2016, 03:49:56 am »
So essentially in its own way, the extended version has almost what I would want, or at least enough of it to do some interesting stuff? Like even if there aren't submunitions coded, there is the possibility to make an explosion of any damage type? Meaning I could just use AP as the damage type of an alternate grenade and use that to simulate shrapnel?

Resources / Re: The_Funktasm's Hugh-Jazz Sprite Pile
« on: October 17, 2016, 11:24:17 pm »
It's an  interesting collection, but most objects are the wrong size. ;) Bigob size is 32x48, and many of your guns are bigger. It's already something, but they would have to be resized to be useful. And of the ones that do fit, many seem just too big visually, for example an ordinary assault rifle which fills the entire window looks unnatural. So, scaling is needed.

Also, your weapons look rather flat, since they are mostly shaded with a gradient. It works well for Doom, where it's expected to scale with distance, but in X-Com the graphics are static, so they beg for a more realistic detail. I don't mean anything elaborate, but more shading would be nice.

But it's a very interesting starting collection, it shows promise! I might steal a thing or two from it.

I figured it'd be easiest to go light on detail until I've shrunken my sprites down to around the size I need. I can kind of see what you mean as far as the scaling too. It's a shame we can't scale graphics down in-game since actually scaling them down will mean I'll have to make sacrifices of specific recognizable details. I think the AKs and SPAS I scaled are a good example of how that can go. While they look ok, they aren't quite as recognizable.

Here, if you use GIMP, this is a template for creating the BIGOBS sprites for the inventory images.  It should have the correct Battlescape palette attached, and there's a layer for the grid for inventory item sizes.  I've also attached a sample weapon sprite that I've been working on - I export as a .png (.gif also works) file with only the top layer visible, and that creates the proper file for use in OXC.

Thanks for the templates and resources.

I've been looking around and acquiring some of the various editors I'll need. I'm planning on making an initially simple mod to broaden the weaponry choices for not only Soldiers, but also Crafts, Bases and Aliens.

An important element will be greater choice among purchasable weaponry, though often one of economy or utility versus raw quality. Say for example AK pattern weapons bought for cheap from a country that was getting rid of them anyway, or more expensive made to order weapons. Stuff that when taken into account can lead to a cheapskate game where a second base being built the first month is actually practical, or alternatively can lead to the entire budget being spent in the first month in an attempt to cover any possible situation with almost too good of equipment for barely trained infantry.

I also would like to revamp and expand the HWPs to fit more realistic and obvious roles than they do in vanilla. I'm willing to wait on graphics for the HWPs since I know it'll be a bit involved. Same thing with craft weapons, because I have to actually extract some of the proper resources to tweak before I can much with them.
Mainly I want them to have more clearly labeled weapons. In real life the "cannon" would probably be around 20mm considering it's not the size of a full tank. As cool as a 20mm cannon is though, it's explosive so there would need to be yet more variants to cover the requirements for a non-explosive weapon platform.
Since it's a tank, and pretty heavy weapons fit better, I guess .50 BMG would be a good fit for one, with good accuracy and damage, but costly burst. Similarly, I think a machinegun HWP would be a fair idea. An inaccurate, rather dangerous, quasi-shotgun of a machine gun with somewhat weak bullets but a long suppressive fire burst.

As far as the other explosive HWPs I would make a heavier "Rocket" HWP with medium aircraft scale rockets, and a lighter "Missile" HWP with small, soldier scale waypoint rockets.

I have to wonder though if there might be some way to have a HWP use clips, like with an inventory somehow, so that the same HWP could fire IC, HE, or AP ammo at will like a lot of real autocannon systems?

Open Feedback / Re: Vertical Proximity Grenades?
« on: October 17, 2016, 09:49:08 am »
It's tough to decide whether it's a bug or feature. The best way to figure this is if the AI can take advantage somehow. If not, I suppose it's more a lack of a feature rather than an AI exploit.

Open Feedback / Re: How Often do You Use the Heavy Cannon?
« on: October 17, 2016, 09:47:15 am »
I don't use it much in vanilla as balancing makes it a bit cumbersome to saddle an unfortunate unit with. However when modded to function better, or with more utility I tend to have at least one unit use it until it's impractical compared to other weapons.

Open Feedback / Re: Just learned about a new mechanic
« on: October 17, 2016, 09:44:41 am »
In the first Deus Ex, when jumping down an elevator shaft I accidentally stomped a cat  :-[

I seem to recall getting that to be fatal to a soldier, though it's rare that it works.

Suggestions / Re: Reload one bullet
« on: October 17, 2016, 06:38:22 am »
This might be a nice idea for linked belt-fed weapons in particular. Say you have your Auto-cannon unit load another belt of ammo into their current ammo pool, or as was said before, shotgun shells offered in boxes and loaded one by one into a weapon. I think priority should go more into this working for utility of individual ammo sources more than variety of types in a single magazine. Maybe it's just me, but I see the primary value of a feature like this, being shotgun shells in various ammo counts being used to fill a wide variety of weapons in different maximum capacities.

Just my two cents.

Perhaps the best example I can give is you have three ammo types or sizes, and four guns that share those three as common ammo, yet they have individual ammo counts. So a Sawn-off Shotgun with two round capacity, and an Assault Shotgun with 12 round capacity can reload with the same ammo source. A 9mm ammo source could reload both a 12 round Glock and a 30 round MP5. Could be nice, depending.

« on: October 17, 2016, 06:28:11 am »
My mod is going well at the moment. Now I have to get some research stuff squared away. Aside from that and figuring out the order of my various new items I've gotten to a smoother and less irritating spot in development. It was damn hard at first...

Suggestions / Grenade Extensions? Submunitions?
« on: October 17, 2016, 06:22:54 am »
I dunno if I'm getting ahead of myself here, making engine level suggestions this early in my membership here, but I had a thought.

Grenades, or explosions having a shotgun spread in 360 degrees with a definable number of shots, and damage for those shots. Grenades in XCOM are great, but I've been a bit spoiled on games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. where they actually send out shrapnel for damage separate from the explosion itself. I'm also curious as to whether there might ever be a split of the grenade priming state, and the proximity grenade priming state so that both can be placed on the same grenade. Maybe so that the alien grenade has an early advantage for being used early. I dunno exactly what you guys can add though, since I'm more used to zdoom. They have fairly frequent code extensions and I don't know that that's really your focus.

I guess to clarify since I get a bit rambly: Some ability to define a sub-projectile, a count, and a few other extra variables for explosive projectiles or weapons. This could allow for cluster weapons, grenades with low damage AP shrapnel, alien grenades with plasma bolts, and other more complicated sub-munition behavior for weapons. I will freely admit I don't know the engine limitations that would cause trouble with this.

Hi Funktasm,

I used an isometric blend file that I googled (think it is in the tools section) that rigs the camera at the right angle :) the script is supposed to generate the files but I ended up moving the camera manually to the 8 orientations tbh.

If you google falkos openxcom tools he has some good stuff on making stuff into useable formats for the game :)

I'm enjoying experimenting more than playing the game at the moment lol!

I know that feeling. Sometimes playing the game isn't as interesting as rigging the game to work by your own rules. Thanks for the info, too.

Released Mods / Re: [FULL MOD] Awesome Guns (updated 5th September 2016)
« on: October 17, 2016, 04:15:51 am »
Man... I like this mod, I do, but I have to play a modified custom version, because I'm just that anal about realistic magazine sizes. Otherwise it's just about perfect. I just get weird about things like that, personally. That and the amount of pellets per shot-shell. That kind of irks me too, but still.

I understand that balance is the overriding concern here and not fine realism. Perfectly understandable. Vanilla XCOM really doesn't have enough options for the soldiers they give us. Not enough choices that work with everyone's strengths or weaknesses. This mod solves that, at least partially.

I should note I play on lower difficulties at the moment, and that I'm only as picky as I am with weapons because I know a lot about them. Otherwise the mod is great. It covers a few oversights in the game. My only real problem is the handling of plasma weapons, as far as real stuff. Humankind, or at least the U.S. have had plasma weapons projects since even before the 90's. Not that that'd be enough to use against aliens, of course, but I would assume you could really soup up your own examples of the same technology by having a "proper" example like an alien weapon to reverse engineer to see all the "proper" or "textbook" cases and situations for these weapons to function properly. Maybe you should have a few more steps involved technology-wise to bridge the gap. Like say, a "miniturization" tech tree to cover shrinkage of existing developmental technologies on earth like high-power lasers and railguns, or in the case of alien tech, circumventing what we can't understand with smaller versions of our own technology.

It is our only edge in that fight, to be honest.
In XCOM aliens have the edge in pre-developed tech.
We however are a species that has repurposed things since day one.
If that's our edge, I don't see why alien tech would be quite as off-limits as it is. I would however agree with it being hard to acquire with longer research times that maybe force players to create R&D focused bases to compensate for said long research times.
That said I kind of agree with the human-driven variants of plasma weapons. I will say though that they may not deserve quite the nerf they've been given, raw-power wise. I think if anything, the human plasma weapons should be inaccurate more than weak. If they fire using mental functions, that seems more like an accuracy driven function than a power one.

I dunno, just a few thoughts.

Also some things seem to weigh too much compared to a human corpse. Magazines, stuff like that.

Also on a separate note, I think HWPs would be worth reworking. Namely, the logic that if you're going to the trouble of making one, it'd probably be in either a higher caliber, rate of fire, or armor quality that a soldier armed with the same.  I notice they start in "cannon" but realistically, with their small size, they'd be either 5.56 like soldiers, .50 cal for cheapness, 20mm for power, higher for the power of a similarly sized tank, or some similar scheme. All those have bigger magazines and variable power. I dunno. Sometimes attention to detail makes it hard to enjoy games. (or make them enjoyable in my case.)

Work In Progress / Re: Unused Sprites from XCOM
« on: October 17, 2016, 04:09:22 am »
I can see a good few based on references. I love that there's Robocop just obviously there.

I can see him, the Terminator, The Predator, ET, possibly the Evolver, and The Xenomorph from Aliens on page 1, a Lemming from the game of the same name on page 2, and what looks like Lobo from DC comics on the third one. If only these were full sprite sets. Even just as a set of base resources to make others, that'd be a lot to work with. Especially some of those aliens...

Is there some template or anything for using models in this way? I have some models I did for a ZDoom mod with mechs that would be interesting to try converting into even decorations for XCOM...

I was making sprites out of them, but it was a different perspective and detail level. I used a blender plugin for batch rendering of sprites at multiple angles. Just curious.

As far as the topic, ED-209 is awesome and always has been, and is definitely worth giving new life indiscriminately blasting aliens. The only criticism I can really think of that applies to this point in making him, is that he seems a little bigger than he was in the movie.

Resources / The_Funktasm's Crap-U-Copia: Alpha on page 3 - 1/1/17
« on: October 17, 2016, 03:02:45 am »
Feel free to use these sprites as long as you use credit where it's due and aren't an overt jerk to me.

I am pretty familiar with XCOM, and to a lesser extent modding it. (When I was little there were these programs that were installed on the computer for editing various things, with strange MS-Paint level graphics for splash screens and a frame around the program. I recall a super simple few weapon and equipment editors, and a full blown base/storage/soldier editor with a GUI showing various parts of your base, but I digress, just curious if anyone had the same programs...)

But graphically I'm completely unfamiliar with modding XCOM, though I'm pretty good at spriting in general and do it for Zdoom projects.

To start with, here's a sheet in progress of a bunch of weapons that I have in various levels of scale. I'm pretty sure I'll need to use rotsprite to get them looking better and at a more proper scale, to say nothing of palette.

I'm aware it's messy, but I'm kind of working on it as I go along.
If anyone could spare any links or resources for getting graphics game-ready, I have a mod I'd like to do using some of these, at least in a modified form.

Also, first post. Hoping this will be a better community for me than some others I've tried.

If you look and squint, you can see an (IMI: Uzi Family[Micro, Mini, Stock], Desert Eagle) (H&K: MP5, MP5K, MP5SD, G3, HK53,PSG1, G11 Caseless AR, and single shot GL) (Steyr: AUG, TMP/silenced) (Colt: 1911, M16, M4, Carbine, Python) (FN: FAL[partial]) (Russian/Ismash?: SVD, AKS-74u, AK-74, PM, PMM) (One-Offs: Scorpion Machine Pistol, Ingram M10/silenced, Glock 17/18, Ruger LCP, S&W .38 +P Snubnose, FABARM, Franchi SPAS-12, Pancor Jackhammer, Pulse Rifle from Aliens, USAS-12, Sawn-Off Shotgun, Short Pump Shotgun [Winc. 1300 or Rem. 870], Armsel/Protecta Assault Shotgun, African GL from MGS4, Dan Wesson PPC, Remington 700? Sniper Rifle, More) Also see my Xcom Advanced Caseless Bullpup series, and my two attempts at laser weapons.

Edit: Added small sheet of scaled sprites. Added link to Rotsprite Tool.  Also it took me ages on my crappy 56k connection to get registered and everything.
EDIT 2&1/2: Added my attempt at a classic style rifle/shotgun/carbine/smg/more tree, the start of a broader laser family, some rocket/grenade launchers, and a few equipment pieces.

EDIT 3&1/2: Updated a lot of shit... again.

Current Full Sheet, now with names:

New Alien (sting/manta)Ray guns.

TFTD-esque energy weapon family:

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