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There is a cap - it's set in the statCaps tag of the ruleset (in Vanilla OXC, it's 100 for Psi Skill).

Oh, nevermind then. I'm just dumb and misremembered how that works!

I thought that was an original-version-only thing, but OpenXcom has the hard limits on Psi Skill.

Regardless of whether OpenXcom has a cap (never bothered to test it), you can't define one in the ruleset. The max psi-skill only determines the amount you get from your first lab training (you get 50 to 150% of the value), that's why the default soldier has it set at 16.

Released Mods / Re: [SOLDIERS] Reaver's Soldier Classes
« on: August 04, 2016, 05:18:32 pm »
Yes. On second thought, I believe I will allow a limited psi-strength and -skill to remain for the non-psi soldiers as well. If you have done any testing, or calculations, to find out how much is enough, I'd be delighted for some input. I'm thinking maybe Psi-strength of [0-64] and Psi-skill of [0-48] would do well for ordinary troops. Psi-strength is a more defensive attribute, from what I understand, because it is used in determening the likelihood of successful enemy psi-attacks. That is, unless I've got that completely wrong...?

I'm thinking Psi-soldiers would do well with Psi-strength [64-96] and -skill [16-120]. With the Psi-Armour that would increse to max 120 (strength) and 144 (skill).

Keep in mind the max for psi-skill in the rul is not actually the maximum you can get. It's used to control the amount of skill you gain from lab training. There isn't actually a cap on psi-skill, as far as I know.

Released Mods / Re: [SOLDIERS] Reaver's Soldier Classes
« on: July 21, 2016, 10:51:00 pm »
And to Emong
Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_MIND_PROBE
        - STR_PSIONIC
...make the Mind Probe useable by Psionic soldiers only? Or does the rulesets not work like that for items?
Would be nice if it did.

Kjotleik   8)

Unfortunately not, currently you can only restrict armors based on soldier type (otherwise I'd have been all over making a Canine Soldiers mod). You could, potentially, set the "max" psiSkill to 0 for non-Psionic soldier types which should keep them from gaining psi-skill from lab training, but that's about it.

Released Mods / Re: [SOLDIERS] Reaver's Soldier Classes
« on: July 21, 2016, 01:11:07 pm »
I'd love to, but both their appearance and psionic powers are functions of their armor. If I let them put normal armor they just turn into normal guys with different stats.

I don't think it's a huge deal either way, since it's not like my mod is hugely popular or anything. I mostly wanted to bring it up because if someone does run into it it'll look like a problem with your mod even though it's really just a function of the way armor limitations work.

Released Mods / Re: [SOLDIERS] Reaver's Soldier Classes
« on: July 21, 2016, 04:03:51 am »
I haven't tested this mod at all, so I hope it works.
I wonder if I could simply add a section in Psionics giving them technology requirements.

Yep, you can just put
Code: [Select]

In the soldier definition to make them not show up until a certain research is done, that's how my mod does it.

Speaking of, these mods are currently not compatible with mine (I had to limit the basic armors to standard soldiers only to keep hybrids from using them, so your new soldier types won't have access to armor if my mod is installed) if you added something like:

Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_NONE_UC
      - STR_RANGER
      - STR_SNIPER
      - STR_HEAVY
      - STR_ELITE
      - STR_RANGER
      - STR_SNIPER
      - STR_HEAVY
      - STR_ELITE
      - STR_RANGER
      - STR_SNIPER
      - STR_HEAVY
      - STR_ELITE
      - STR_RANGER
      - STR_SNIPER
      - STR_HEAVY
      - STR_ELITE

to your mod, it would fix that incompatibility.

With an unprecedented triple post, here's another update.

Most importantly I've added a new pseudo-power suit for hybrids (its defense is exactly average between personal armor and power suits) using modified sprites from this thread. I've PMed both shadics and Zane for permission, but neither have yet gotten back to me. I'll pull the mod down if either of them show up and say they don't want me to use their sprites, I just needed to get this uploaded somewhere before I forget about it.

Beyond that there were some spelling corrections in the GB strings and I bumped up the minimum psi-strength of hybrids to 65.

This will likely be the last update to this mod unless something comes up. I'm pretty satisfied with it, and I'm slowly moving out of the XCOM phase of my game playing cycle.

I hope you all enjoy the mod!

I've just put up another update to the mod.

Mostly a clean-up this time, since I've finally managed to play through a campaign far enough to unlock them. I've bumped up their minimum starting firing accuracy to 40 (since that's about the low end of me being able to deal with it) and lowered their max strength to 60 (honestly just because it felt better to me).

I also set a list order for everything that would need a list order, cleaned up and edited the text a bit, renamed their armor from "Alien Hybrid Armor" to "Hybrid Alloy Armor" and gave them an additional death scream (either Snakeman or Sectoid now instead of just Snakeman).

Finally, I added "Agent" and "Operative" to their list of "first names" and expanded their "last names" to include the entire Greek alphabet, the numbers 1-30 and 6 random letters from the Phoenician alphabet to round it out. That brings the total number of unique hybrid names up to 300.

Well it's not like that was going to be the thing that stopped me :V

Graphics quibble: Going by Apoc they look a bit too alien. If I remember right the Hybrids were made for infiltration, right? So once someone revamps them artistically then they should look human-ish - from nearly human to alien-ish but disguiseable.

Of course, maybe those are the alien hybrids, and the X-COM are made deliberatelly alien to prevent... problems.

I did originally envision them as being closer to Apocalypse's hybrids, but I've grown attached to how visually distinct they are in the Battlescape. Part of the reason I bothered to get their helmets off was to keep that going. Hopefully if someone is nice enough to graphics these guys up, they'll keep some of the spirit of that.

Besides, these guys are meant to be human-bred in secret labs across the world and more or less leased to X-COM to fight off the alien threat. I think it's acceptable if they don't look like they'd fit in.

Hey, just perceived another possible bonus: Night Sight Range!

Sadly (unless I've overlooked something) I don't think it's possible to mod sight ranges without going to OpenXcom Extended or something like that. I don't feel like it's worth requiring that for such a small mod.

Double post, but I've updated the attachment to the post with a new version. It finally occurred to me that copy and paste exists, so now hybrids don't wear helmets when they have armor on (except when they're a corpse, CTRL+X only takes you so far).

I also made the hybrid breeding program slightly less time-consuming to research and, perhaps most importantly of all, corrected the spelling of "armour" in the en-GB strings.

Just look at all these hybrids hanging out in a Lightning, looking like some kind of artist drew them.

Released Mods / Re: [SOLDIERS] Alien Hybrid Soldiers
« on: June 13, 2016, 08:02:18 pm »
Nice work! Cool stuff :D
Fantastic mod!


Now with your example, I should try to mod brutes into XPiratez!  8)

You could probably do some much more interesting stuff in XPiratez thanks to the fork it's built off of, too. I was initially going to try to make attack dogs as a proper soldier type, but it doesn't look like there's a way to add a player-usable built in melee weapon right now (or a way to restrict them from using guns for that matter). They'd also be eligible for promotions, which I think would be a little weird.

Do the hybrids come together with the normal soldiers you recruit or are they recruited/made differently?

They show up in the Purchase/Recruit screen as a separate (slightly more expensive) option than normal soldiers. It'd be nice if there were some kind of pop-up when a new soldier type becomes available, but this whole feature is still pretty raw yet.

I'd love to, but I don't really have the art chops to make the battlescape sprites for it. I almost went mad messing with IrfanView to splice those sprites together to make that.

This is an ultimately fairly simple mod that lets X-COM research how to create Alien-Human hybrids and then recruit them for use as soldiers. In order to get them you'll need to research Psi-Labs, Alien Reproduction (which means you'll need a mod that makes that obtainable), and a Sectoid Corpse (mostly for flavor).

Hybrids have slightly lower stats in most ways (lower starting stats and lower caps), but have much higher psionic potential and come with a built in psi-panic attack, the same way mind controlled aliens do. They also have a custom set of names, so they'll show up being called things like "Subject Delta" or "Experiment 003". Once you've unlocked them you'll also be able to research and manufacture a personal armor equivalent for them, and a slightly worse version of power armor for them.

I made this mod mostly for myself, but I decided to release it partially because Solarius Scorch asked if I would and partially because I don't think there are any other mods that add new soldier types quite like this available and if nothing else it shows how it's done pretty clearly.

Credit goes to Solarius Scorch for the Hybrid sprites I used for unarmored hybrids, and XOps's Xeno Operations mod for the sprites I used for armored ones, shadics for the sprites for motorized armor, and Zane for the motorized armor inventory sprite.


I think I've mangled Xeno Operations sprites enough now. That helmet wouldn't even fit!

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