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I encountered a bug where all of the items in my craft were missing from the ground during the first terror mission. Then, when the mission was over, it said all those items were gone and that I didn't have enough items to re-equip my squad.

Did an explosion occur in or on your Skyranger? Explosions that are too close to the item pile have a tendency to destroy everything; although I dislike savescumming, its one of the few times I'm willing to do it. If a bug caused it, I don't think much can be done about it considering the mostly-abandoned state of the mod.

Is it fully playable now?
Because I wanna test :)

Sadly I think the mod has been abandoned - hopefully temporarily - as the author is now, well, an author, and runs this YouTube account.

I'm hoping some day he comes back to finish the rest of the mod, as in my opinion I think it is the best XCom mod ever made, or at least has the potential to be. To answer your question though, it is fully playable, but balancing and research times are all over the place, some UFOpedia articles aren't finished, and late-game content is sparse. It's still an amazing experience imo.

This is easily my favourite mod out of them all for XCOM, and it's pretty sad to see it in a stagnant state. I would love at least a peep from the developer too confirm he is at least alive, you know? Obviously his life takes first priority over the mod, but a word of acknowledgement would be wonderful.

Hey, this mod is amazing, I got it to work a while back. Problem is though, I can't find where I can activate the TFTD manufacturing rules. Can somebody please help?

This mod is wonderful, but I have one problem with it. Melee is bugged: Everytime anything does a melee attack, the game crashes no matter what. So I can't get past any floater terror missions, nor have a good chance of capturing live aliens early game. It means I can never get past the early game, which is really shiet. Can someone help me out?

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