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Thanks for the reply. I'll try to doctor the save. Or is there a way to open some kind of debug mode? What program do I need to open the save? If that won't work I'll just withdraw.

Self enforced ironman...unfortunately I am to weakwilled to do that, if one of my favourites dies I'd be too tempted to reload. :D

Hi, I am one of those that started playing because of Boltguns AAR. And I have to say it is great, I am having a lot of fun, I like the humor and the world building. (among other things)

Now I ran into a problem: I startet a new Iron Man game in the current version, and in a Terror Mission the game just closes during the 1st enemy turn. I tried moving my gals differently, even left the ship on the 1st turn. But the 2nd or 3rd enemy seems to cause the crash.

I attached the save and the log file, hope it helps.

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