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Hi, I've ripped the sound effects from the PSX version of Terror from the Deep, in order to make a mod that replaces the vanilla sounds (like the already existing one for UFO).

However, i've noticed that the PSX sounds are very different from the original and thus very hard to match unless you're very familiar with the PSX version, which i'm not.

If someone is up to the challenge of creating a ruleset that replaces the original sounds, i'm uploading the sound files I ripped:

PSX TFTD sound effects:

PSX TFTD ambient effects:

PC Original sounds:

The only sound i've been able to map so far is #120 (popup) for GEOSEQ_00010.

And this is some info I could find in vars.rul:

Code: [Select]
soundDefs: #done: double check explosions.
  - type: GEO.CAT
    file: SAMPLE.CAT
    # UI sounds: press and popup
      - 120
      - 98
    # ufo hit interceptor/ufo crash/interceptor crash, ufo explode, interceptor hit ufo, ufo fire
      - 27
      - 28
      - 31
      - 37
    # craft weapon sounds: ajax, dup, cannon, pwt, gauss, plasma
      - 14
      - 15
      - 33
      - 97
      - 37
      - 18
    # base defenses: torpedo, gauss, sonic, pwt
      - 13
      - 14
      - 15
      - 24
  - type: BATTLE.CAT
    file: SAMPLE.CAT
      - [49, 96]
      - [99, 117]
    sounds: [122]
  - type: BATTLE2.CAT
    file: SAMPLE.CAT
      - [0, 47]
      - [99, 117]
    sounds: [48]

PS: I might complete this one day, but i'm releasing the sound files in case someone finds this easier to make.

Suggestions / Add abortCutscene to alienDeployments ruleset
« on: August 14, 2015, 04:55:03 am »
As you might know, the PlayStation version of UFO plays some FMVs that weren't present on the PC version. They are triggered during following events:

- ending
- game over
- trip to cydonia
- mission is won
- mission is lost
- mission is aborted

Right now, I can map each event by modding the appropriate rulesets except for "mission is aborted" event.

I'd be great if this was supported inside the alienDeployments ruleset, the same way winCutscene and loseCutscene are. That way, mapping the PSX videos could be possible in a mod (aside from some encoding issues).

Suggestions / Re: Set an Avi/Mp4 intro by ruleset
« on: August 14, 2015, 04:48:50 am »
mostly it depends what SDL supports i'd say. you can always convert it to flv, it may be outdated but it still exists.

What software is recommended to convert videos to FLC with audio (like the ones from TFTD, i'm guessing FLX)?

I tried using RAD Video Tools but it only converts to FLC without audio, and when tested ingame the frame rate is about 2x faster than the source. When I play the FLC through QuickTime, the video plays with the proper frame rate. I think the same happened on this thread:,3639.0.html

I also tried converting to FLC/FLX through Autodesk Animator Studio and Ulead Video Studio on a legacy virtual machine, but apparently they encode the chunks in a way that isn't recognized by the video player, because the videos are skipped as soon as they are loaded. I believe the original videos were recorded using EGI.

As for the intro, right now it seems that only FLI is supported, because you need to rename your file exactly to UFOINT.FLI if you want to override it (if you specify another video in the ruleset, it is played after the original intro because it only adds it to the video array), and if you just rename the extension of a FLC file the game crashes.

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