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Troubleshooting / Re: Latest Nightly Not Playing FLAC?
« on: April 16, 2016, 05:09:33 pm »
Alright, deleted everything and re-installed and UFO/EU became accessible once again; however, music was still not playing. So I decided to bring back the original MIDI files (cuz I only kept Sycraft's remastered OST in FLAC under the SOUND folder) and music begun to play. Figured it's something to do with FLAC format because I'm also using a remastered OST (by Thomas Hawco) for TFTD in OGG and I had no issues on that end.

So I downloaded Sycraft's OST once again but in OGG format and it worked.

My guess is something in the latest nightlies is conflicting with FLAC?

Troubleshooting / Re: Latest Nightly Not Playing FLAC?
« on: April 16, 2016, 05:28:17 am »
So I come back after 2 weeks (of being busy/not playing) to install latest nightly and I get some crashes. The thing is, I made no changes between then and now. First, UFO/EU had no music. So I switch to TFTD and everything's fine on that end. I do quickly notice, however, that under audio options TFTD only has "Music Format", whereas UFO/EU has that too plus "SFX Format" Was SFX an option before? I don't remember it. And if so, why doesn't TFTD also have it? Confused.

But anyway, I decide to switch back to UFO/EU and I get (pic is actually from different nightly, cuz I tried a couple different ones just to be sure):

So I go check, and SAMPLE.CAT is right where it always was (SOUND folder).

Alright, I decide to revert to a much older nightly to see if that's the problem, and (starting again from TFTD) what I immediately discover when trying to go into UFO/EU is this:

I then update back to the latest nightly and keep getting the same (above pic) crash. Notice there's also just 2 mods listed under UFO/EU, strangely enough (they haven't been deleted from the "standard" OXC folder under which they are listed, so they are clearly right where they should be).

Anyway, I figured if this was a known issue it would have already been addressed here, but it's just me by the looks of it. I honestly have no idea WTF is going on!

Should I just uninstall?

Hoping there'd be an easier/more stupid solution :P

No rush, I'm busy and won't be playing for a while, so I'll just leave this here for now.

PS: Already tried disabling all mods. Although I don't see how that'd be a problem since none of them affect MUSIC. Also, if curious, the following options (in options.cfg) are set to default:
Code: [Select]
  preferredMusic: 0
  preferredSound: 0
  preferredVideo: 0

The ideal would be to represent what you got on the base, but this is not possible.... YET.

Makes little difference to me, just like in UFO/EU where crafts simply disappear from hangars during Base Defense. I wouldn't mind either way, though!

You mean like this?

Yeah, I already tried that. But no, I'm feeling it's gotta be all white/silver. (When I referred to maybe adding hints of blue, I meant on the battlescape sprites rather than inventory image.)

What? Never seen that.

From UFOpedia regarding the Heavy Cruiser: "Contrary to the UFOpaedia description, these craft are found on Alien Interdiction missions"

TFTD is almost an exact carbon copy of UFO/EU, and sub waves in alien missions are no exception except for Heavy Cruiser (Harvester) being swapped for Hunter (Abductor) in their respective missions. So I simply switched them back as vanilla intended. (?)

Here some files, a black/shaded helmet, a silver armor, a greener protoform all with all files required (floor, big, inv) and some screenies

I'm kinda liking the white/silver combo. It'd be nice if the gloves/boots were that same shade of grey/silver just to offer some contrast to the pic (I know the all-white bigOb just looks bland and one-dimensional in game).

The greener Protoform also seems nice. I just wanted a more "aquatic/liquid" vibe to it, so I went with blueish.

Good work with the spawning animation, btw!  :)

Glad it worked :P

white mag ion armor from XenoWiper, which you maybe could consider adding, too?

Yes, white does look great on Ion Armor. Thing is, I really like it yellow as vanilla! I'm only trying to change Plastic Armor to more easily/visually differentiate from Diving Suit (like Coveralls VS Personal Armor in UFO/EU). And for consistency's sake, Plastic Armor can't be black (TFTD's style is very bright and colorful like a bubblegum water party!), so I think white would be the best/more consistent way to go?

I found two typos/bugs in the protoform research:

Thanks! I hardly came against Calcinites in my recent playthroughs, so didn't get to test it properly. Fixed for next update. Meanwhile, file attached for quick patch:

Nice work here! One thing I experimented a bit with was the black helmet: Instead of making it entirely black I simply swapped the pallete to make it gradually black/grey which looks even better inmho, you should try that and see how you like it.

Apologies for late reply, didn't wanna bump this thread till I had the next update (links on main/first post and changelog here). I'm assuming you're referring to the black helmet in Plastic Armor for battlescape sprites? I'll have to look at that (got pics?). I really would love to just make them all snow-white (with some hints of light blue and/or silver here and there maybe). Problem is inventory pic doesn't look particularly great in white.

Anyway, been playtesting this thing a couple dozen times (almost) and thought maybe a brief GAMEFLOW OVERVIEW could be of (little) interest here in terms of pacing and how these mods play out:

(You should never run outta research topics unless you have maybe over 200 scientists at work or something insane like that—100 or so should keep everything running smoothly & fresh.)

PHASE 1: Laser/Gauss Tech, Personal/Plastic Armor, UFO Construction
You should be getting Laser/Gauss Pistol by Feb, followed by Laser/Gauss Rifle by March at the earliest (if you neglect to research your first alien corpses and/or UFO components), with Heavy Laser/Gauss maybe by April/May, if not later. This should allow you to play with starting/conventional weapons and diversify your tactics a bit more early on. You should also be unlocking Personal/Plastic Armor by April/May at the latest and start making some money out of the earliest manufacture options that become immediately available (e.g. Alloys/Plastics, Laser/Gauss Weapons, and even Mind Probe/MC Reader once unlocked).

PHASE 2: Laser/Gauss Cannon, Decoder/Resolver, New Fighter/Transport Craft
By May/June you should have at least established a secondary, well-supplied, well-defended base and have unlocked Laser/Gauss Cannon (which should give you a real advantage when it comes to air combat) as well as Hyperwave Decoder/Transmission Resolver, alongside your first *NEW* X-Com fighter/transport crafts. You should also really begin making up some serious money from your manufacturing business by now (hint: Mind Probe/MC Reader should prove *extremely* profitable if you can spare exotic materials).

PHASE 3: Alien Containment, Power/Ion Armor, Psi/MC-Lab, Alien Base Assaults
By July/Aug you should be unlocking Alien Containment (*), closely followed by Psi/MC-Lab. You should also have unlocked (or be closing in to) Power/Ion Armor around this time and begin raiding the first alien bases and expanding into your third (and/or fourth?) base as well. This phase is marked by increased UFO activity (with mixed races now coming into the picture), manufacturing of new X-Com crafts to replace old (leased) fighters/transporters, X-Com's base expansion across the globe, and the discovery (and subsequent raiding) of alien bases.

(*Note that in TFTD this may come in a bit later, as neither Cryogenics nor Cloning are carried by any UFO "below" Supply Cruiser, whereas Alien Food may be obtained from Harvesters in UFO/EU, usually leading to an earlier unlocking of Alien Containment.)

PHASE 4: Llive Alien Capture + Alien Weaponry
By Sept/Oct you should have taken down couple alien bases and start interrogating your first live aliens to begin unlocking alien tech/weapons (if you haven't done so earlier already). Capturing various ranks is absolutely necessary here, as all ranks contribute to the unlocking of all tech tiers (plus intel on alien missions & UFOs). This will lead you to Plasma Beam/Sonic Oscillator as well as AVENGER/LEVIATHAN (whichever comes first) to really begin counteracting the alien menace in the skies. Also, the discovery of Hovertanks/Displacers will in turn lead to Flying/Mag-Ion Armor, which should give you a serious advantage in battle.

PHASE 5: Endgame (Final Cydonia/T'leth Mission)
Endgame may occur as early as Nov/Dec or as late as Mar/April of next year, depending on how soon you capture an Alien Commander and whether or not you want to invest on researching your way into top-tier alien tech (i.e. Blaster/DPL) and/or spend some more time training your Psi/MC-operatives.

Work In Progress / Re: Empty Sub-Pen (TFTD)?
« on: April 01, 2016, 01:30:45 am »
About ten mins in mapview would get the result you want.

Edit: Just done it for you...

No more tritons in TFTD base defence missions  8) there is another way of doing it but that's rather long winded.

Fantastic! I haven't even got myself into mapview/edit and all that fancy stuff yet. Looks so much better now, thanks :)

Let me guess:
You defined:
Code: [Select]
on the submersible shotgun?

 I have to stand corrected on this one. Those variables do NOT clash with underwater drawing of shutgun pellets. In fact it works completely fine by default when using
Code: [Select]

Really? I was just testing it on Hyrdojet Cannon (AP ammo, of course), just to get an idea how it'd look like. I didn't play with it again since. And no, I didn't touch vapors. I'll have to look at it again.

Thanks, though!

Work In Progress / Empty Sub-Pen (TFTD)?
« on: March 31, 2016, 06:27:25 pm »
Always kinda bothered me that no matter what type of sub/craft you have at your base (if any at all), Sub Pen will show TRITON regardless:

Any (relatively quick n' easy) way to just make them empty like in UFO/EU during Base Defense?

For reference. hitAnimation should always point to the first above water sprite. The game corrects for underwater explosions.


Now the question remains .. what was your problem with the shotgun, are the paths not drawn, or the impacts?

"shotgunPellets" make it work like a shotgun alright, just not underwater. When we go swimmin' it simply operates like a regular weapon (i.e. one single AP shot, path drawn as normal). It's nothing urgent anyway.

I might have found the somewhat hidden logic.
Does attached file work?

That did it, thanks! I just had to correct Dye Grenade's hitAnimation: 188 to 108, but your logic got across :) How did you figure it out anyway? Was it because of the double row of sprites? I wouldn't have guessed unless it was pointed out!

Work In Progress / Re: TFTD's Underwater Sprites & Sounds?
« on: March 30, 2016, 10:33:49 pm »
According to ufopaedia entry on hitAnimation:
Your values are quite far of from 0, so that might be the problem here.

Another thing i noted is that the .rul file is in an unexpected place (under Resources, not in archive root or Ruleset). But i don't think that contributes to the error.

That was my bad, I put that together really quick (since I wasn't making a separate mod out of it, rather integrated on my TFTD Rework). Just re-uploaded with ruleset in correct folder. Still, though, that couldn't be the issue since I can define custom hitAnimation in UFO/EU as I like and it works fine. And here too, they work, just not underwater. And that's the issue.

I'd definitely want this too in OXC, especially having separate costs for Panic & MC (I always wanted to use Panic but had not reason to against MC). And yes, maxRange is also another nice feature. Even better: unlimited range with dropoff accuracy by distance.

I'd also maybe add the option to make aliens use psi only as long as they spot you on their turn (like it works for X-Com player), but that'll probably be too much handicap on the poor aliens maybe?

OXCE Suggestions DONE / Re: [SUGGESTION/REQUEST] UFO Tracker Window
« on: March 30, 2016, 09:58:19 pm »
OK, the feature is ready.
Hotkey "T" .

Left click opens ufo/site/base detail, right-click centers on target.

In English, everything fits just barely.... if this should ever get to master, I would remove the "Heading" column, as it is quite useless in such a table.

Fantastic job. Yes, "Heading" is the least important and could easily be done away with. Hope it gets added into master (it doesn't affect vanilla gameplay at all). Or do I have to move to Extended? :P

Work In Progress / Re: TFTD's Underwater Sprites & Sounds?
« on: March 30, 2016, 09:53:20 pm »
Yes, palettes are not the problem here. They look fine (on land). They just crash the game underwater.

Anyone willing to take a look at this? I'm pretty sure I'm doing something stupid with the ruleset. Attached:

TFTD requires separate "underwater" strings for sprites and sounds, so my question is: how does one go about implementing this, exactly? Last night I was experimenting with extra/alternate explosion colors to visually differentiate between smoke/dye, HE and stun/freeze. They work on land just fine; however, the game keeps crashing underwater. I'm obviously missing something.

(I tried a much darker smoke/dye, but it just didn't look good. These aren't final, will continue experimenting.)

I believe I got sounds figured out, like so:

Code: [Select]
  - type: BATTLE.CAT
      90: Resources/Sounds/GaussPistol.ogg
  - type: BATTLE2.CAT
      90: Resources/Sounds/GaussPistolUW.ogg

So I'm assuming something similar applies for sprites? Example:

Code: [Select]
  - type: X1.PCK
    width: 1024
    height: 128
    subX: 128
    subY: 64
      80: Resources/Extra_Explosions/X1_Stun.png
      100: Resources/Extra_Explosions/X1_Smoke.png
      120: Resources/Extra_Explosions/X1_HE.png
    hitAnimation: 100
  - type: STR_GC_HE_AMMO
    hitAnimation: 120
    hitAnimation: 80

As always, help much appreciated :)

PS: Somewhat related also: shotgun-style weapon do not work underwater either (it won't crash the game, but shotgunPellets only work on land. It's nothing urgent as of now, but Warboy may wanna patch that up that later?

Released Mods / Re: [TFTD] [CRAFT] Enhanced Reskin of T.f.t.D. Craft
« on: March 24, 2016, 08:58:05 pm »
SIMON, Orz and all the others who reported problems: most of them are fixed now.

Thanks, those MCD patches & hacks really make a difference. Worth the wait :)

PS: Orz believes they've found little oversight...

Code: [Select]
  - type: LEVIA_3

Should be LEVIA_2.

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