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Open Feedback / Re:
« on: August 11, 2015, 12:27:00 am »
The "needItem: true" means exactly that, you need the item to be able to do the research.

Then does 'needItem: true' become the single determining factor to gain access to certain research topics? In other words, does it work with dependencies or other variables or not?

For example, Vibro Blade has Calcinite Corpse as dependency. Does that mean I do not need to have Vibro Blade (the item in question) in order to unlock the research?

Code: [Select]
    cost: 300
    points: 10

What if I add 'needItem: true' to it? What happens then?

As for the nullifying of dependencies or requirements without using "" or []
If you need to specifically erase a field, for example to clear requirements for something (like making an item or research available from the start of the game), you can use "" for an empty string, [] for an empty list and {} for an empty map.

Say, you wanted to remove Deep One Corpse dependency from Aqua Plastics (thereby making Aqua Plastics available for research upon acquisition).

Code: [Select]
    cost: 400
    points: 30
    needItem: true

How would you go about it?

And does Deep One Corpse's 'unlock' need to be removed as well?

Code: [Select]
    cost: 180
    points: 50
    needItem: true

To rephrase it differently: if Aqua Plastics no longer has Deep One Corpse dependency, can Deep One Corpse still unlock it just because it has 'unlocks: - STR_AQUA_PLASTICS'? Or does negating one negate the other?

Open Feedback / Re:
« on: August 10, 2015, 11:18:03 pm »
the missing S in the research was fixed days ago, make sure you're using the up-to-date ruleset.

Wonderful. Will do.

Now I got some mOrz questions! :P

If I wanted to remove Deep One's dependencies from Aqua Plastics, would this do the trick? (I know I could simply edit it out of the base rulset, but I'd like to understand how modular rulsets are applied to the base ruleset here—and more specifically, how to use "" and [])

Code: [Select]
    dependencies: ""

Would that nullify STR_DEEP_ONE_CORPSE?

Next question (getting more complicated). If I wanted to remove a list of dependencies instead of just one, whilst adding my own dependencies, how would I do that? Let's take TFTD Alien Origin's, for example. This is how it appears:

Code: [Select]

If I just wanted to remove all of that and just add the 4 non-Terrorist races instead, would this work?

Code: [Select]
dependencies: []

Last question (for now). This is a silly question perhaps, but just to be completely clear: when I list any dependencies on my own modular ruleset without removing any from the base ruleset, does it nullify the original dependencies or does it add to them?

For example, let's say this is what I want to modify:

Code: [Select]
- name: STR_NEW_ITEM

If I do:

Code: [Select]
- name: STR_NEW_ITEM

Does it already override the base ruleset's dependencies or does it add ITEM_C to the list?

Bonus question:

If I want to completely delete something entirely, would this work?

Code: [Select]
- facilities:

Bonus question #2

Does 'needItem: true' just means you must have item in storage first, so that even if dependencies are already met (or even if some other item 'unlocks' this one), you must have the item regardless?

Open Feedback / Re: AP, HE & Incendiary/Phosphorous
« on: August 10, 2015, 03:35:56 am »
HE is area damage that is strongest at ground zero then gets weaker towards the edges

Got it, but how strong is that at ground zero? Is it the full HE value applied (as if it were AP), minus whatever damage modifiers may apply due to armor?

Incendiary is small initial damage then damage every turn to anything sitting in fire or is on fire. Incendiary can set tiles and units on fire .

Got it, but how much is that small initial damage and how much is the subsequent damage every turn?

Incendiary damage mechanics are not fully understood and are being re-investigated by Zombie.

Incendiary rounds do very little direct damage -- between 0 and 10 points per hit -- but continue to do damage every turn that a unit is in fire or on fire.

Additionally, it seems Incendiary blast radius is only dependent upon the weapon, rather than its Incendiary damage output?

    Auto-Cannon incendiary rounds have a blast diameter of 5 tiles.
    Heavy Cannon incendiary rounds have a blast diameter of 7 tiles.
    Incendiary rockets have a blast diameter of 9 tiles.

So, basically, if I made a weapon capable of inflicting 200 points of Incendiary damage, it'd only be good for illumining a big patch of ground at night?

What's the point of having different types of Incendiary ammo (with different power/damage values attached to them) then?

Looking forward to replies :)

Open Feedback / AP, HE & Incendiary/Phosphorous
« on: August 10, 2015, 02:38:33 am »
What's the actual difference, damage-wise, between Armor Piercing, High Explosive and Incendiary (or Phosphorous, in TFTD)? Does a weapon with an AP power value of 60 do the same flat damage as another weapon with either an HE or I value of 60 as well? (I do understand armors have various different modifiers that come into effect, but when it comes to raw damage values, do all weapons do the same damage regardless of their ammo type?)

I am aware HE has an AOE damage, but does it hit the same way as AP at ground zero (ie. hitting the target directly in the face)?

And what about Incendiary/Phosphorous, does it work like HE but with a "lingering" fire effect afterwards or is the direct-hit damage actually less than stated?

Lastly, is there a reason why in UFO/EU Incendiary ammo seems to pack the highest punch...

Code: [Select]
Heavy Cannon (AP) 56
Heavy Cannon (HE) 52
Heavy Cannon (I) 60

Auto-Cannon (AP) 42
Auto-Cannon (HE) 44
Auto-Cannon (I) 48

...but in TDFT the highest damage value is always carried by HE, with AP and Phosphorous being typically on exactly the same level?

Code: [Select]
Gas Cannon (AP) 60
Gas Cannon (HE) 65
Gas Cannon (P) 60

Hydro-Jet Cannon (AP) 40
Hydro-Jet Cannon (HE) 50
Hydro-Jet Cannon (P) 40

Is this merely a design choice or there an underlying reason behind this change?

Open Feedback / Re: Research & Facilities
« on: August 09, 2015, 09:00:02 pm »
That's why, if you have a project with a requirement, you should only put corpses, items and interrogations as dependencies, since you can do those however many time you want.

Ah, that's extremely good to know!

You also answered another question I had in mind: I was thinking dependencies fulfilled prior to the requirement would still count towards unlocking said project/topic, but you are basically saying that's not the case (ie. dependencies must be researched—again, if necessary—after the requirement is met). Gotta keep that in mind.

That looks like a good catch! I haven't played OpenTftD enough to find if indeed the defenses don't show up, but strictly from this, they should indeed not come up as the research/requires don't match.

That's what I thought. I haven't gotten into OpenTFTD quite yet either (I was/am already in the middle of playing TFTDextender when it was released). Would be nice if somebody could verify this (ie. Gauss/Sonic/PWT Defenses research strings not matching those of facilities).

It should but the pop-ups sometimes don't appear when they should.

Is there any particular reason for that? I also noticed this while playing TFTDextender, I just thought it was some glitch in the coding or something (and I've reloaded a couple times on the same research to test it, but it seems to be totally random).

Just for reference
This explains most of the rules files.

Yes, I'm drawing from it extensively!

Open Feedback / Re: Research & Facilities
« on: August 09, 2015, 04:35:20 pm »
Yes, I was just figuring that out last night... requirements could perhaps be more easily understood as pre-requisites, so that regardless of how many dependencies are met (or even single "unlocking" factors, for that matter), until the pre-requisite is fulfilled, nothing will be unlocked.

So following my earlier Sonic Pistol example, I could have this:

Code: [Select]

In this case, even if I captured and interrogated all 4 live aliens from each race (or even if I made any one of them independently 'unlock' STR_SONIC_PISTOL), I would still not get Sonic Pistol until I researched Aqua Plastics.

Now, on to Facilities!

If I wanted to make Alien Containment require Alien Cryogenics and Alien Cloning (rather than being immediately available from the beginning), would this be enough?

Code: [Select]

Would that prompt a "now we can build Alien Containment" pop-up alongside it's UFOpedia entry? Or do I need to do something else?

Also, I'm not sure if there's a little typo in the code below. I was going through Gauss Defenses as a guideline for the above example, and I came across this:

Code: [Select]

However, when I tried to look up STR_GAUSS_DEFENSES in research.rul, I didn't find it. Instead, I found this:
Code: [Select]
    cost: 510
    points: 15

In other words, shouldn't Gauss Defenses require STR_GAUSS_DEFENSE (without the S at the end, as it appears in research.rul) rather than STR_GAUSS_DEFENSES (with an S at the end)? Or am I totally off?

Same applies to STR_PWT_DEFENSES and STR_SONIC_DEFENSES as well. Just want to be sure.

Thanks for all the help, everyone  :)

Open Feedback / Re: Research: Dependencies & Requirements
« on: August 09, 2015, 05:10:46 am »
Always unlocks one. Usage of 'getOneFree' also has a side effect which is that the research topic will always be available for research, even with dependencies.

You mean a 'getOneFree' from an Aquatoid Medic, for example, would randomly unlock some alien autopsy, completely overriding the need to properly research the corresponding corpse and therefore making the research topic immediately available?

No. STR_AQUATOID is used to designate a speciific /alienRace entry, while STR-AQUATOID_MEDIC is an entry on /units (along with all the other ranks).

So if I list the following under Sonic Pistol (to keep using the same example):

Code: [Select]

Doesn't that mean any rank of any of the aforementioned alien races would qualify? Or do I have to indicate STR_AQUATOID_SOLDIER, STR_AQUATOID_SQUAD_LEADER, STR_AQUATOID_MEDIC, etc. for each race (assuming I wanted all ranks to qualify as dependencies)?

PS: Does DEEP_ONE_TERRORIST under Ion Armor's dependencies mean you must have a live Deep One in storage/containment? In other words, it's not a Deep One's Autopsy, correct?

Code: [Select]

So if I wanted it to be an autopsy or corpse requirement I'd have to change that to STR_DEEP_ONE_AUTOPSY or STR_DEEP_ONE_CORPSE, respectively?

And just to be sure, AUTOPSY means the UFOpedia entry has been unlocked and CORPSE means that, well, you have a dead Deep One in storage.

I should stop with the questions for now :P

Open Feedback / Re: Research: Dependencies & Requirements
« on: August 09, 2015, 03:39:26 am »
So I wouldn't need Gauss Pistol to be listed under Sonic Pistol's dependencies then, just as long as Gauss Pistol has:

Code: [Select]

Therefore if I wanted to make something require multiple topics of research I should make nothing 'unlock' it, so the only way to make it available would be by fulfilling all of its dependency items.

Next question: does 'getOneFree' always unlock one of the bonuses listed or is that random (ie. maybe you get a bonus, maybe not)?

I believe that's all the questions I have for now, but I'm pretty sure I'll be back for more later.

Thanks for the clarifications, Hobbes.

PS: Just to be sure, would STR_AQUATOID mean any Aquatoid, regardless of rank (as opposed to STR_AQUATOID_MEDIC, for example, which would be rank-specific)?

Open Feedback / Re: Research: Dependencies & Requirements
« on: August 09, 2015, 03:11:00 am »
Thanks, Hobbes.

I'd still like to know the actual difference between requirements and dependencies, though. Requirements are only used twice in research, both of which are associated with unlocking the final mission.

Code: [Select]
    cost: 0

Wouldn't having Alien Origins as a dependency have the same effect as a requirement here? I would just like to understand the logic behind it. Same with the second example below.

Code: [Select]
    cost: 0
    points: 0

My following question is: I understand "unlock" basically overrides the need to fulfill multiple dependencies, correct? To follow up on my original example then, Sonic Pistol could have all 4 alien races listed under dependencies and I could make each one of those races "unlock" Sonic Pistol, thus overriding the need to research the 4 of them.

Now... could I have any other item (say, Gauss Pistol) "unlock" Sonic Pistol even if it's not listed under Sonic Pistol's dependencies (as the 4 alien races are) or does it have to be included under Sonic Pistol's dependencies too in order to be able to unlock it?

All these examples are experimental, I'm just trying to learn how it all works!

Thanks :)

Open Feedback / Ruleset Editing Questions (& Some m'Orz Qestions)
« on: August 09, 2015, 01:33:05 am »
List of research projects that can unlock access to this one. If the full list is researched, or if one of the projects on the list "unlocks" this one, it becomes available.

Let's say I list the following dependencies for all Sonic weapons (Pistol, Blasta Rifle & Cannon):

Code: [Select]

Does this mean each weapon will require 4 live aliens of every race? Or does fulfilling dependencies for one item apply to all others which list the same dependencies? In other words, would all Sonic weapons become unlocked after I research a live Aquatoid, Gillman, Tasoth and Lobsterman, or would I need to research these 4 alien races again for each weapon separately? (I hope that's a clear question.)

Or would the latter apply if I list the 4 alien races as requirements instead?

List of research projects unilaterally required before this project can be unlocked (for example, "the martian solution" will not even be considered for unlocking until AFTER "alien origins" is completed).

Let's take The Martian Solution as an example then. How does having Alien Origins as a requirement differ from having Alien Origins as a dependency?

Apologies if it's a silly question :P

edit: changed topic's title

Suggestions / Various Suggestions
« on: August 06, 2015, 09:47:44 pm »
Hello extremely! I hope you like to *play*.
Some *campers* are not so good for *games*.
Is it time for *playing* yet?

Alright, so I have some questions & suggestions. I know some of these have already been brought up, so I apologize if any of this has already been discussed and resolved:

— UFOpedia access from:
(a) Battlescape's inventory/equip screen
(b) Base's item lists (e.g. stores, craft's equipment screen, buy/sell lists, etc)
I don't know how hard it would be to implement this (if it was easy enough, wouldn't it have been done already?), but it would be great to be able to access each item's UFOpedia file by the right click of the mouse. This would be mostly to check out a weapon's damage and TU-cost/accuracy.

— Related to the above: how about inclusion of item's weight and whether it's one- or two-handed in UFOpedia entry as well? It's a minor addition, but adds up to content and some usefulness anyway. (I didn't even know about the 20% accuracy penalty until later!)

- Tied to the above: when dragging items in inventory/equip screen, it would be nice to display cost of move to particular inventory slot, like from the ground to the hand, or between slots. Again, a minor addition and not too important, but still nice and useful.

— Also: custom equip saves (not the same as the already awesome copy n' paste function). I believe this has been already kind of developed before? Not totally sure, but basically: allow you to save maybe 5-10 slots of custom equipment. For example, prep up a typical grenadier role and save it for easy loading on another soldier/aquanaut.

— Skyranger with side-doors (right next to the cockpit). A minor improvement which could sometimes work against you, but makes for easier/faster/better troop deployment. I'm sure this has been done already in a couple different ways, but I haven't yet found an actual ruleset for it (maybe someone can point me in the right direction?).

— Decrease TU-cost of Mind Probe and Motion Scanner to make them more viable. This may not be much of a suggestion since even I myself can make a quick and easy change on a ruleset for it (and in fact there is one mod out there which changes Motion Scanner's cost value to 5 I believe).

— Change Psi-Amp's Panic and Mind Control TU cost separately (like, say.. make Panic cost 25% and Mind Control 60% or something like that). I know the TU cost itself can be easily modified (even make it percentage-based or flat-cost). As far as I know, however, I don't believe it is possible to "split" the cost into Panic and Mind Control separately, but I'd love it if it was doable. Any thoughts on this?

— Now, this one may be a little harder: make Psi-skill decrease with range. This would be similar to Ranged-Based Accuracy for weapons. I don't know if this would be possible with psionic abilities, but full-battlescape range is a little OP (for both aliens and human players) and LOS-based psionics is a little underpowered. So how about something in the middle? Say, normal accuracy over 20 tiles with a percentile decrease every 1-2 tiles further? This would still make it (somewhat) possible to Mind Control someone at a distance (without requiring LOS) but it would be harder the further the target is.

— Make all aliens psionic. That's right—not every alien rank, but every alien race. I'd love to see psionic Mutons, for example. Same thing goes for TFTD's Lobstermen. I really like Mutons and Lobstermen, but they seem to be inferior to other aliens due to their lack of psionic proficiency.

— Perhaps Psi-Lab/MC-Lab training should be limited to 30 days only for each soldier/aquanaut (if you want to put someone in the lab again, a message could pop up saying: "this soldier/aquanaut has already been trained" or something along those lines). Any further improvements should be gained by actual psionic/MC practice & experience on the field. To make up for such low (and slow-growing) psi/MC skill, lab training could perhaps yield higher values than 16-24.

— Change kneeling and standing to 3 and 6 TUs (or maybe less?), respectively. I personally like to use kneeling, but I don't see it used very much on "Let's Play" videos. Probably because it's too costly. I also haven't looked too much into the ruleset to make these changes since I'm just barely getting familiar with all of this.

— Fix reversed hands between unit inventory/equip screen and battlescape sprite's handobs. Again, minor detail. Or maybe I'm seeing things here! But it seems item/weapon held in each hand is reversed on the field (e.g Med-kit equipped to right hand will appear on the left in the battlescape).

— Show unit status on the field. I know there's been some discussion about this one but nothing too solid, as far as I'm aware. Basically, have some sort of symbol above the unit's head to display unit's condition (particularly fatal wounds—not even the number, just the fact that unit is wounded).

— Reduce sickbay time by 1/3rd? I'm not totally sure about this one yet. I like the fact that my soldiers/aquanauts can receive such serious injuries that they require some time off in the recovery room, but isn't 30+ days (although probably realistic) a little too much? Again, not sure about this one.

— Mission Log/Journal. Just like Soldier Diaries. This one would keep track of all your missions. Nothing too fancy, but it could maybe display date, type of UFO craft, number of alien & soldiers/aquanauts involved, casualties, aliens killed, etc, etc. Kind of like the basic rundown you get after clearing each mission, just perhaps a bit more detailed.

— Research Tree screen. This one's a big one, no doubt. How about implementing a Research Tree tab? This way you'd be able to see what leads to what once you unlock various topics and branches. It should be all be completely hidden at the start, of course. Since this would be pretty large to fit into a single screen alone, perhaps it could be broken down into different tabs. Some research lines are pretty stand-alone and have no connection to others, so maybe those could be separate. Needless to say, this will require a lot of thought to properly implement in a nice and organized fashion.

— Make Power & Flying Suit manufacture more costly. Not in terms of money, but in terms of alien items required. As an example, in TFTDextender, additionally to Aqua Plastics & Zrbite cost, each Ion or Magnetic-Ion Armor requires 2 Lobstermen corpses (personally, I would have added Ion-Beam Accelerators and Magnetic Navigation to the list of requirements as well! Both of which could be manufactured at your own workshop anyway, but it makes the attainment of such powerful armors more costly overall in terms of time and resources).

— While we are on the topic of manufacturing, maybe some items (especially alien ones) could require much more than just 1 or 2 Alien Alloys/Aqua Plastics & Elerium/Zrbite. It's too easy to manufacture Plasma and Sonic weapons, respectively. Same goes for many other items. UFO components should play a bigger role in manufacturing. And as noted in the above point: make some corpses more usable rather than just for making easy money.

— Fix the Laser Cannon (or TFTD's Gauss Cannon) "cash cow." This has been discussed before. I'm not saying you shouldn't make money out of your own mass-production manufacturing (it's part of the charm!), but simply decrease selling price of Laser Cannon (and other similar items) to a more reasonable figure so that it doesn't become so easy to abuse (where's the fun/challenge in that?).

— Rainy weather! Just a minor cosmetic addition. Don't know if this is possible, but it would be nice to be able to make it randomly rain (light rain, nothing heavy) from mission to mission, just to add some variation to each battle. This doesn't have to affect visibility or mobility penalties or anything (though it could, like maybe reducing visibility by 2 tiles or something minor like that), just mostly a cosmetic add-on.

And some suggestions pertaining to TFDT's balancing (which will now be possible with the incorporation of TFTD into OpenXcom):

— Improve Gauss weapons. Either/and/or:
(a) Make aliens less resistant to Gauss damage (Guass is underpowered as it is and gives little reason to research it instead of stepping right ahead into Sonic weaponry—which is what I did in my first play, since I had already acquired and researched most alien tech earlier and just kept going down that line only to later find out Gauss was pretty weak in comparison).
(b) Maybe remove clip research completely and make it immediately available alongside each newly researched Gauss weapon (e.g. once Gauss Pistol is unlocked, so is its ammo).
(c) And how about maybe increasing clip size to make Gauss more viable? Gauss tech does not even compare to Laser in UFO/EU. It's unfortunately pretty pathetic in comparison, and I would really like Gauss weapons to be more useable.
(d) Additionally, and considering acquiring Sonic weapons is so easy, perhaps live alien research requirement could be implemented here.

— Make Drills capable of perforating UFO hulls (kinda like OpenXcom's Torch mod) and destroying inanimate objects just like regular weapons.

Anyway, that was quite a mouthful! I'm sure there's more I don't even remember and haven't even thought-up yet, but I've already made things pretty lengthy as it is. I apologize if it's too much of a long and heavy read. I'll try to revise for typos and sentence structure later for an easier read.

Just take your time, and thank you for your consideration.

Edit: removed some text to shorten post's length.

Open Feedback / Re: Any word on openTFTD's progress?
« on: August 02, 2015, 08:37:28 am »

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