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Let see if i can answer them all ;)

1) The error on win loose is probably due to a damaged original file. My bet would be:
Code: [Select]
UFO/UFOINTRO/UFOINT.FLI    If i'm correct it happens when trying to initialize a new game, thereby loading the cinematic. You could try if it also
    happens when starting up the game without disabling the opening animation (assuming you've turned it off).

I believe I've found the "culprit" here:

If I change that to slideshow, there are no more crashes. Which is odd, because (a) I never changed that before, and (b), in fact, I actually don't even remember that option even being there months ago. And furthermore, (c) I do have, supposedly, all required files to play TFTD animated cutscenes (found in ANIMS & FLOP_INT folders).

(I also found it curious that Video Format options are found under Audio. Space constraints, I guess?)

But at least crash is averted now.

2) I assume you mean interceptor not skyranger. What happens here is that the game unloads aircraft armament
   and sell them as well. You can check by first unequiping the craft before selling (and compare the space when
   selling the correct armament and ammo).

Correct, Interceptor. Well, I don't believe this is a new feature, is it? I just must have somehow never realized it in all my playthroughs before! Makes me feel a bit silly :P I only found out just now when trying to sell/sack my 2nd Barracuda and discovering the sell/sack button disappeared (cuz base didn't have enough storage space to unload Barracuda's armament).

3) I believe the order is based on occurence in the ruleset. The first one encountered when loading is on top, last
   one on bottom. I'm not aware of any listorder parameter (but i'm not that initmate with this part of the
   code/modding so perhaps it exist) meaning a lot of deleting originals and redefining them in your desired order.

Order based on occurrence doesn't seems to apply here, and listOrder has no effect either, so I'm still looking for a solution to this.

4) Ugly underline. I'm quite ccertain oyu've found a bug here. The Missiontype for the T'Leth missions consist of 2
   lines (all others are single). This is not rendered correctly. What happens is that the second line is shadowed
   by the next entry. If Mission 1 line 2 contains a word on the same position where Mission 2 line 1 contains a
  space, some residual texts is visible (due to interline distance of -1) .

Hope my answers help (and are clear enough)

Minor aesthetic issue of course, but still hope that gets fixed.

Thanks, R1dO!

Hey peeps, been a while! :)

So before I took a break from modding/playing X-Com back in July, I was having this CTD which occurred upon losing/winning the game, when hitting OK on the "you have failed" report. I thought it was something with my mod, but it's still happening now, on latest nightly (2016-11-15) and without any mods:

This suggests something to do with a mod, but I made triple sure there are no mods installed, just plain old vanilla. Any idea how to fix this?

Next, also testing on vanilla, getting rid of SkyrangerInterceptor/Barracuda somehow increases storage space by 5.1 and 4.7, respectively. So if it exceeds your storage capacity, you can't sell/sack them! WTF is up with this? I honestly do not recall this ever happening before, did I just find out?! At quick glance, I find nothing wrong in the rulesets, so I'm at a loss.

Lastly, not a bug per se, but, how can I change listOrder of UFOs/missions listed under New Battle mode's drop-down menu? Cuz new stuff appears at the very bottom by default. Also, bonus points: how do I fix the ugly _underline_ extending left and right of the final T'leth mission? Looks just bad, baaaaad.

Thanks for the help, as always <3

PS: If Modding/Experiments is a better place for this topic, don't hesitate to move it!

Released Mods / Re: [FULL MOD] UFO & TFTD Rework (latest update: July 31)
« on: September 16, 2016, 11:09:55 pm »
    Hi, I've been playing this mod in the past few days. I really like it.

    Hey, sorry for super late reply. I'm extremely busy with life right now, but I'm glad you like it :)

    However I have a problem. The game crashes on 21st September around 23:00 right after I finished a Colony Assault and started MC training four aquanauts, and says "OpenXcom has crashed: Segmentation fault. This usually indicates something missing in a mod. [...]"

    If I had to guess, I'd say some research is causing the crash at 23:00. Do you happen to have the savefile, if it's not too late? Perhaps we can find the bug or get a quick-fix, at least.

    I should add that I also experienced a crash a couple weeks ago when losing the game. This occurs when the ending "cutscene" sequence is triggered. Does not happen in my UFO mod and I'm 100% certain it wasn't happening before in TFTD either (as I deliberately drove myself to losing games previously and experienced no crashes). So there's currently 3 reported crashes that need to be addresseed right now:

    • SIMON's Aquatoid Medic research crash (which I couldn't duplicate)
    • Jokerke12's crash after Colony Assault @ 23:00 hrs (possibly research related too)
    • Orz' ending "cutscene" crash (losing the game crashes game)

    All of these crashes are likely due to recent changes in nightlies. Last stable version of UFO/TFTD Rework was done and tested with nightlies from mid July, if I remember correctly. And, furthermore, I successfully played 3 or 4 TFTD campaigns without any crashes whatsoever.

    However, like I said, I'm extremely busy right now and it's unlikely I'll be able to invest any serious time on bug-fixing for a while.

    No I didn't make any changes to the research.rul file and here are the mods that I'm using.

    I started a new game yesterday (without the listed mods) and played till I was able to research an Aquatoid Medic, and I was unable to duplicate the crash. I obviously want this mod to be 100% bug-free, but I unfortunately cannot pinpoint the source of the problem here :-\

    I noticed on the ufopedia the entries for the Cephalid and its autopsy don't have images of the alien in question, is this still to be updated?

    Yes, as stated earlier in the updates, these and Diving Suit's pedia images are currently missing.

    My current game seems to be crashing again, perhaps in relation to earlier issue I reported. I can work around it at the minute by not completing the research on the Aquatoid Medic but I thought I would report it. My game continues on as normal beyond midnight if I pause/stop the research but crashes otherwise.

    I'm looking into it. So far I haven't been able to find out what's causing it. Starting a new game with Aquatoid Medic in stores for research works as intended, like any other Medic rank. Have you made any changes to the file yourself? Might also need to look into the other mods for compatibility issues or something out of place or missing in there.

    « on: August 06, 2016, 12:06:16 am »


    Someone reported on another thread that your new TFTD aliens can be researched over and over once they're captured. The reason for ths is that you need to add destroyItem: true to the research entries of those aliens, this is something that was recently added on the nightlies, you can just check the TFTD's research.rul to see what I mean.

    Thanks again, Hobbes :)

    Hotfixes attached for new aliens/ranks in UFO & TFTD Rework; first research.rul is for UFO, second one is for TFTD + Calcinite's Protoform:

    Currently I have started a game of TFTD with v1.3e of your rework mod and I'm finding it has made TFTD a good bit harder, not that TFTD was ever easy, but I've noticed something of a minor glitch(graphic wise). I thought all alien colonies had to be located in water but per attached no:2 appears to be located on land? You can still assault it normally but I thought I would bring it to your attention. A really good update for TFTD IMHO.

    TFTD Rework may be a tiny bit harder than vanilla, but not that much. In fact, some aspects of it were made slightly less overwhelming/tedious (e.g. Alien Colonies having up to 40+ aliens per part or practically every alien race being resistant to Gauss to some degree—both of these issues were "corrected" in Rework). So although slightly more challenging overall, it should also be (hopefully) more enjoyable.

    The graphic "glitch" you described is not due to this mod as I haven't fiddled with any aspects of the Geoscape, UFO trajectories or spawning locations. It's certainly odd, but it may be vanilla programming. Never had it happen before.

    Not looking forward to meeting the squidface aliens, triscene's take a bucket load of stuff to go down, totally agree with removing the Gillman commander's psi skill as he was always a bit crap at it anyway and the Hallucinoid having a ranged weapon is good as I had done a stand alone mod for that before. But when I'm mentioning about secondary weapons would it be possible to consider the dye weapon for Xarquids as mentioned in this article: I also tweaked 1 or 2 things to better suit my style of play particulary the large and phospher torpedoes as working it out proportionally for its weight compared to the small torpedo the large should be 120 damage and 105 for the phospher.
    Looking forward to any future updates.

    Triscenes had their under armor increased from 8 to 60 and their HE resistance slightly increased as well (bear in mind HE damage hits large units x 4, which made Triscenes die extremely easily to explosions before), but their backsides were made somewhat weaker in turn and their Gauss resistance was dropped a little too. They are basically the same as vanilla otherwise, just not so easy to kill by blowing them up.

    As for Xarquid's dye weapon, it had actually been implemented back in February but subsequently removed on the next update as stated in previous changelogs. Reason being: it made Xarquids far less deadly/threatening.

    (a) If I make the ability too cheap (TUs), they'll snap with it over their regular sonic attack.

    (b) If I make it more expensive, they won't have TUs left for 2-3 consecutive sonic attacks (as in vanilla).

    And dropping range to just 5 or less doesn't make much of a difference either: once close to your aquanauts, Xarquids will just resolve to spurting ink and then swim around in the dye *without* attacking (tested several times, actually; it seems the AI is incapable of realizing dye is actually harmless, so it thinks it is actually attacking when it's just spurting ink!). This means you could approach them without worry, swim among them and kill them without *ever* taking any damage.

    Hope you enjoy the Cephalids! :P

    How clumsy of me! Thanks, Hobbes :P

    New UFO & TFTD Rework versions now available for download on first post.

    UFO Rework v1.4 & TFTD Rework v1.3e Changelog
    >> Made Terror/Battleship & Battleship/Dreadnought 60x60 maps.
    >> Reviewed weight for couple weapons, making them a tiny little bit heavier (particularly Heavies).
    >> Reduced Ethereal's Laser & Plasma resistances (or they started to look like TFTD's Lobsters).
    >> Also gave all Ethereal ranks psionics (higher strength by rank). Reasoning: all ranks in vanilla were psi-apt. Leaving only Leaders and Commanders capable removed Ethereal's former threat.
    >> Fixed oversight concerning Gazer's appearance ratios in Harvest (which didn't have any Snakemen in vanilla).
    >> Removed Anthropod from alien races, back to original 5 (except Float replaced by Wasp and Snake by Gazer, of course).
    >> Reduced alien's Soldier rank psi-strength so that they are easier to control.
    >> Added melee animations for Muton, Stun Rod and Chryssalid/Zombie, as well as Triscene, Lobsterman, Thermal Tazer and Tentaculat/Zombie (TFTD still needs better melee hit sounds).
    >> Also for Trsicene, added better melee attack sound.
    >> Better looking Battlescape UI for TFTD (by Civilian).
    >> Strange empty room in Alien Colony pt.1 made accessible; adds doors and lifts (also by Civilian).
    >> Cruise Ship improvements: added doors to small dead-end room in the southeast and removed some explosive barrels from the starting area (again, by Civilian).
    >> Reduced accuracy of AC/HDJ to 60 (now it spreads out more) and Heavy Laser/Gauss & Plasma/Sonic to 30 and 45, respectively (this to encourage heavies be used up-close while remaining extremely deadly).
    >> Reduced recovery pts to 1 for all UFO components with previous value of 2. Also switched up corpse recovery pts so that terrors are 5 and alien races are 3. And also redid pts for weapons (Pistol 3 to 1, Rifle 4 to 2, Sml Launcher 4 to 2, Heavy 5 to 3, Blaster Launcher 5 to 4; everything else left as vanilla: 1 pt -- and dropped Rrenade and Clip pts to 0). Reason: slightly less easy to get incredibly high scores.
    >> Also Reduced Power Source/Ion-Beam Accels recovery pts to 10.
    >> Heavy Cannon & Auto-Cannon bibOb slight aesthetic restyle. Same goes for Heavy Cannon's handOb and floorOb (looked too "underwhelming" compared to AC before; now looks a bit more "badass").
    >> Pasma Rifle & Heavy got slightly more "unique" UFOpedia text (previously merely reiterated what Plasma Pistol said).
    >> Paired up Chryssalid with other terror units more often, as well as mixed races.
    >> Upped some alien ranks for Cydonia's Assault (Surface).
    >> Changed Ethereal Ascendant's sprite from white/negative to purple.
    >> Optimized unlocking of Alien Containment (now requires either primary 4 alien races corpses or either Food/Reproduction for UFO and either Cloning/Cryogenics for TFTD).
    >> Same goes for Pis/MC-Lab (where the latter requires *both* Learning Arrays and Implanter and the former *either* Entertainment or Surgery).
    >> Made Blaster Bomb floorOb match actual handOb (had a blue undegrlow previously).
    >> Gave Lobster Commander darker/red spritesheet. Made Lobster Tomb Guard a more "ghostly/radiated" blueish-green instead.
    >> Wasp, Gazer & Gill, Tasoth Commanders no longer unlock final mission.
    >> Reviewed alien sell costs by rank and race.
    >> Removed Pistol/Grenade dependencies from Small/Shokl Launcher, so now it's just Medic.
    >> Psi-Amp/Disruptor may be unlocked only by psionic aliens only now *or* any Medic rank.
    >> Gave Heavy/Gas Cannon arcing shot, but after playtesting and upon second consideration, decided to revert them to vanilla (arcing shot is too OP).
    >> And... FINALLY!! Added a 5th end-game alien race for TFTD: the Squidface.

    EDIT (forgot to add):
    >> Added Lab Ship to UFO/EU & Predator (renamed Blank's Battlestar) to TFTD. These craft show up at the end of Alien Abductions & Alien Resource Raids, respectively. These missions also have an extra wave now (previously had the lowest compared to other regular missions).

    Also included "Add-On" packs (mods adapted and made compatible with Rework):

    >> Extra UFO/USOs Add-On (80+ vanilla variants for UFO/EU & 50+ for TFTD)
    >> Extra Facilities Add-On (Lrg Stores & Lrg Quarters + 2 Corridor variants)
    >> Hobbe's Terrain Pack Add-On adapted for UFO Rework

    What's sorely missing:
      • Diving Suit pedia image
      • Cephalid's pedia image
      • Cephalid's bigOb redone

    So if anyone wants to lend a hand with that, much appreciated! ;)

    So... after a 3 month hiatus (and a couple weeks off to play Captain Blood and System Shock 1) I felt it was time to get back to UFO & TFTD Rework! As for the cherry on the cake: I finally decided to give TFTD its long-awaited 5th alien race (affectionately dubbed "Squidface") :)

    What's done: spritesheet, floorOb & bigOb (although bigOb could use some polishing; I'm not 100% satisfied with it). For the spritesheet, I used Dioxine's "Church Priest" as a general guideline, then drew a big, bulbous, squid-like head pixel by pixel (I even added a "wobbling" effect when it walks!) and adjusted height and some minor details afterwards.

    What's missing: UFOpedia images (currently using proxy; I'd like to know how to properly convert a regular Google picture into TFTD's pedia, I'm just getting errors—perhaps the image needs to be edited into a different format or TFTD-friendly palette?).

    However, before releasing this latest version, I'm having a little issue I'd like some help with: When researching the new alien, I experience a CTD. I've been trying to figure it out all day, I just can't seem to put my finger on it! Below is an example. This is essentially no different than what I have set up for Aquatoid, Gillman, Tasoth and Lobsterman Soldiers (which are not causing any crashes as I just recently tested to be sure). Everything else (items, units, armor, races, missions, extra sprites, strings, sounds, ufopedia entries) is working fine. CTD happens after completion of research on any rank of the Squidface race:

    Code: [Select]
        listOrder: 9410
        cost: 192
        points: 50
        lookup: STR_SQUIDFACE
        needItem: true
          - STR_SONIC_PULSER
          - STR_SURVEY_SHIP
          - STR_ESCORT
          - STR_CRUISER

    Code: [Select]
      - id: STR_SQUIDFACE
        listOrder: 9460
        type_id: 10
        section: STR_ALIEN_LIFE_FORMS
          - STR_SQUIDFACE
        listOrder: 9470
        type_id: 10
        section: STR_ALIEN_LIFE_FORMS

    Code: [Select]
        singleImage: true
        width: 320
        height: 200
          0: Resources/Squidface/PROXY_PEDIA.png
        singleImage: true
        width: 320
        height: 200
          0: Resources/Squidface/PROXY_PEDIA.png

    And yes, UFOpedia (imageless) entries are displaying just fine when in debug mode, so that can't be it. Something's not allowing (or otherwise interfering with) research to look up "STR_SQUIDFACE". Hope it's something really stupid :P

    Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated! :D

    Currently, Squidface has been renamed Cephalid in-game. Was also considering something in the vein of "Tasoth" and call them the "Ur'lok" or something along those lines. I'm open to suggestions/feedback. Attached is a treat:

    "In our father's image."

    Coming soon...

    Try adding: objectivesRequired amd set ot to 16.

    That seems to have done the trick, thanks! :D

    Edit: Checking previous save file, objectivesNeeded was set at 17, probably due to lack of objectivesRequired having been defined in alienDeploiyment? Whatevs, as long as it works now!

    Thanks for the prompt replies! Unfortunately, I don't believe this has anything to do with alienDeployment as I also attempted to "fix" it that way already (just copied/pasted vanilla's exact deployment). And just now I tried this hotfix. Must be something else or... else!

    For a moment, I thought maybe some other maptiles could be marked as the "control center" so destroying the pink tables alone wouldn't do it? I don't know, I tried Blaster Bombing practically everything in the base, but nothing would bring up the damned "CONTROL CENTER DESTROYED" pop-up! >:(

    I know this mod is a little outdated, but I got back to playing after some lengthy break and I was assaulting a Muton base and getting my @ss kicked really bad, but I was spawned right next to the command center, so I figure I'd destroy it (blow up the 4 pink tables on 2nd floor) and ditch. Was taking couple prisoners with me too, so it was good. And I got only 2 soldiers left! But I digress...

    So there I was, dumbfounded...

    I subsequently made sure to remove all mods but this one just to double-check. Same thing. And yes, I end the turn too just to be sure. Nothing. So what's not triggering the "CONTROL CENTER DESTROYED" pop-up?

    (Vanilla works fine, also tested, so the problem's got something to do with this mod alone.)

    No rush, thanks :)

    Released Mods / Re: [TFTD]Extended Facilities (Pedia Pics)
    « on: May 30, 2016, 01:49:52 am »
    Hey Blank, looks absolutely gorgeous! Seriously thinking of implementing this. Upon testing, however, I couldn't fail to notice game crashes when attempting to view UFOpedia articles for the new facilities. Reason being TFTD doesn't draw pedia images from respective strings (item, facility, whatever) as does UFO/EU: TFTD pedia entries actually requires their own custom-made images.

    So I thought I'd offer a hand! Alas, can't manage to have images work. And there's nothing... Nevermind, figured it out!

    Reason why there's no matching background is because I have no way of extracting new facility's image in any TFTD-friendly format. If I take a snapshot from a Base Defense mission and then edit the pic into the UFOpedia entry (already tried) the image will be messed up in-game later. And converting it to TFTD palette using Falco's tool won't cut it either. So I had to use the "closest" approximation: Living Quarters, General Stores and Air-Lock.

    Should prevent UFOpedia crashes from trying to access these pedia articles (while also making them actually readable now), at least! :P

    Corridors were given a single pedia article as I felt two separate pages were unnecessary. Text was added to indicate there's 2 types of Corridors, however. If anyone wants separate entries, should be easy enough to do.

    I'm attaching fix below, Blank. Do with it as you like!

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