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Of to a good ride i hope :)

Btw do not underestimante the Tank/Canon early on! It is very versatile especially in the first two months.
You have a free one in the base as standard equipment.

EDIT: I added the grey smoke explosion towards the scout drone mod, so it goes more inline with the rest of the animation and you have consistency, just use the version attached here.

EDIT2: I also recommend too take a look at the "Alternate Movement Methods" which allows running and strafing, i do not play without it. Scatter Lasers and Power Suits offer you "Run & Gun" with alternate Movement Methods ^^

Thats some wise words, thanks mate. I will likely take a look at both :-) Managed to leave the scout outside of the smoke in the next episode and it got one shotted so maybe Tank/Cannon needs to come out and play :-)

So first video is done and up, first UFO handled easily. Was part way through the second episode when my lady returned home and asked me why I was talking to my PC. oops.

Here is the playlist link.

Comments welcome. Next video in the next few days.

Ivan Dogovich reporting for duty!  Please put me first on the ramp in every deployment.  My goal is to have the highest clone count in the series! :)
Preferred weapons whenever appropriate: Pistols and Grenades (smoke and whatever else). :)

No problems. You have been signed up. I have seen you die many times in Meridian's LP's so whats one more eh?

Thanks all for the signups.

First episode and maybe the second episode will be created and uploaded later tonight. So if you want to be signed up, please let me know. Also if there is a particular way that your name should be pronounced, you may wanna mention that as well, or just don't be offended when I get it wrong haha.

Also I will be naming one of the soldiers as myself, and one as my Fiancee. That should be fun! See how that pans out. I may even have to shout at myself sometimes for missing targets etc :-)

I am looking forward for the first episodes.
You make one of my wishe come realtiy, someone is making a LP of my mod!!!!

Thanks for that in advance.

You are very welcome. You have put a lot of work into this mod, time to see it in its full glory :-)

Well mate, bitten the bullet. Gonna do an LP for this excellent addon. I will do some updating so I can get the drones involved. Recording starts in the next week or so :-)

Good Afternoon All,

I'm going to have a crack at doing an LP for Hellrazor's excellent addon Hardmode Expansion. Not done an LP before, but have played the addon for around a month or two so far. Some basic information about this LP:

- Addons used : Hardmode Expansion -
- High Quality Sounds
- Difficulty Level - Superman & Ironman

Rules of engagement:
- Nothing is to dirty. If a solider has to kick an alien in the nuts to win, so be it.
- No save scrumming (Ironman anyway!)

Update Frequency:
- It should be about once a week, depending on having a job, keeping the missus happy and doing some DIY around the house.

There is an extremely high chance that I will fail within 6 months, but its hardmode for a reason. So let me know if you want a solider named, just tell me what name you want :-)

Playlist link:

Episode Links and title:

[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP01] - And so it begins ......
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP02] - Stun the live one! ......
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP03] - Point Rocket Launcher the correct way!  ......
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP04] - How dare you build a base  -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP05] - Take a big UFO, roll the dice on destiny  -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP06] - Small in size, not in nature -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP07] - Terrorism sucks -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP08] - Its a massive bug hunt -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP09] - Time to tidy up -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP10] - Could it be a clean sweep? -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP11] - Medibay is empty for once! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP12] - Use the force! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP13] - Easter Island Demolition Crew Arriving .....
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP14] - Labship for a lobotomy? -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP15] - How many days in Feb again? -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP16] - Is all the drama done, nope! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP17] - As Yet Untitled -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP18] - Boosh the America dream -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP19] - Thailand Thunder -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP20] - Decisions to be made -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP21] - We March Onwards -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP22] - Cant think of a title -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP23] - Bring it on! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP24] - Lets turn this around -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP25] - Action Stations -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP26] - Born in the USA -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP27] - Who is the commander -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP28] - Smack that base again -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP29] - Team Two Goes in, what comes out? -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP30] - Time to decode that Data Slate! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP31] - Into the darkness -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP32] - USA Team on top! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP33] - Average deaths per mission is -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP34] - Green Wall time soon yes? -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP35] - USA Flyby! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP36] - Playing in the dark forest! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP37] - Polar Explorer! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP38] - Plane Graveyard Action -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP39] - Another labship to my collection -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP40] - Bring on the artic circle fun! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP41] - Fun -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP42] - Muton for breakie! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP43] - Gotta catch them all -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP44] - Rob the supply line! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP45] - Tidying up -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP46] - Operation Smackdown -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP47] - Smash the greenies from distance! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP48] - Supply Ships are easy right? -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP49] - Harsh times -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP50] - Winter is indeed coming -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP51] - Small ones can be a bi^ch -

Check the Craft Tree. It is there.

Aye found it, thanks. Must have been blind on that day!

Any HyperWave Decoder? Checked the tech tree and I don't see it?

Awesome, thanks for the fast response. Will carry on in that case. Again, awesome set of mods. You really have put a lot of work into making this an excellent experience, and I thank you for it.

I have an issue with a new saved game, wonder if you can help.

New Game. Alien base appeared. I managed to knock it down on the 19th of Feb. However I didn't recover a data slate from it?
Nightly Build : 2016-07-22
Mod Version : 99.2b

Saved Game file attached for review. Is this a bug or was I too keen?

You didn't tell me that the aliens throw grenades at you!!!!!! :(

I don't mind one or two, but the moment you step out of the skyranger seems a bit harsh. Is it possible to have the AI only throw them after say turn 2 or 3?

So based on the current development work on this mod, when is the best time to jump into a good play test?

Should I hang around for a few weeks for any major changes, or get straight in this evening?

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