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Also finally, I haven't been able to get anymore episodes up for a while. Busy work schedule, a number of overnight trips away around the UK, some illness, now my fiancee is ill and I have a lot of wedding related stuff coming up soon, followed by the actual wedding and stuff.
Might be another few days before I can get some more episodes up.

On the plus side I'm off work all of next week, so should have time to process and upload some good ones. Thanks all for being patient :-)

No base visit yet, which is nice.

I have seen some UFO's doing what appears to be a search of my base, but so far they haven't found it or attacked it. I say they were doing a search, but as I don't have a HyperWave Decoder, they could have just been out for a slow sunday afternoon drive.

I don't know if it makes much difference but I don't actively attack UFO's and shoot them down, infact in my LP I haven't shot down a single UFO. I let them land naturally and take them from there. Perhaps my tactics are reducing the chance of retaliation.


Do you need new soldiers? You can add me. If I get to choose, a shotgun would be nice.

Yep no worries. I have already recorded a few more episodes, so it might be a while before you join the active ranks of my soldiers.

Next episode is up :

[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP48] - Supply Ships are easy right? -

Next episode is up :-)

[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP47] - Smash the greenies from distance! -

XPiratez / Re: Struggling with morale?
« on: February 03, 2017, 12:01:00 am »
Nice one, thanks all :-)

XPiratez / Struggling with morale?
« on: February 02, 2017, 10:05:05 pm »
Great mod. Watched some of Ivan's LP and figured I would have a crack with the mod and see how enjoyable it is.

Played some missions, started to get the hang of it but then started to really struggle with morale. I had one battle where I didn't lose any gals but their morale was at 60 and they started panicking. What am I doing wrong, is there other things in this game that impact morale?

Next episode is up :

[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP46] - Operation Smackdown -

Hope you all enjoy :-)

No more new episodes?

Aye sorry mate. What a slacker. Been enjoying playing them game too much and forgetting to process and then upload them. Essh.
Episode 45 is uploading, episode 46 is processing. Should have links in about 3 maybe 4 hours time :-)

EDIT: shame on you to let me die so pointlessly! I wanna die taking enemies with me in a glorious and big explosion!

Ha, aye. I was as disappointed as you when that happened. I'm always sad when I lose a man, but in that situation it was extra harsh.

EDIT2: No dustoffs anymore! You are missing the beauty of being mangled by Muton Berserkers!! Also you need Celatid corpses!

Maybe its a bit of an anti-climax but you have to admit. Even with lasers, that would have been painful! I have to think of the full war not just trying to win every possible battle.

Some small Tip, if you click on a Alien base, then on the Name of the Alien Base, you can rename it. Thats a OpenXcom feature, so you can better remind what race is in the alien base, it is always the same race as you encounter on supply ships.

Awesome, thanks mate :-)

I'm here to enlist, Commander!

Rookie Testbox360 here, I will use any weapon, but I won't wear armor unless needed.

Great stuff. You will be enlisted soon, but I have already recorded upto about episode 58 ... just late on my publishing!

Next 2 episodes are out :-)

[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP44] - Rob the supply line! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP45] - Tidying up -

Fixed episode is up :-)

[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP43] - Gotta catch them all -

Damn you aren't wrong. Correct into, but didn't put the right files in. Damn.

Will remove and fix it :-)

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