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Offtopic / Where did go?
« on: March 09, 2017, 12:09:04 am »
Website seems offline. Anyone else noticed? Anyone know why?

XPiratez / Struggling with morale?
« on: February 02, 2017, 10:05:05 pm »
Great mod. Watched some of Ivan's LP and figured I would have a crack with the mod and see how enjoyable it is.

Played some missions, started to get the hang of it but then started to really struggle with morale. I had one battle where I didn't lose any gals but their morale was at 60 and they started panicking. What am I doing wrong, is there other things in this game that impact morale?

The saved game folder appears to be empty. A few quick details.

I have a few installs of OpenXcom. An original v1.0 install and then a particularly nightly install.

The nightly is dated 2016-09-04 22:23 and I believe was recommended by hellrazor.
I have his Hardmode Expansion mod installed and running 0.99.2d beta.

Its installed into : C:\Program Files\OpenXcom-Nightly however the user / xcom1 folder is empty, as well as the xcom2.

How else can I identify where my saved game is located?

Good Afternoon All,

I'm going to have a crack at doing an LP for Hellrazor's excellent addon Hardmode Expansion. Not done an LP before, but have played the addon for around a month or two so far. Some basic information about this LP:

- Addons used : Hardmode Expansion -
- High Quality Sounds
- Difficulty Level - Superman & Ironman

Rules of engagement:
- Nothing is to dirty. If a solider has to kick an alien in the nuts to win, so be it.
- No save scrumming (Ironman anyway!)

Update Frequency:
- It should be about once a week, depending on having a job, keeping the missus happy and doing some DIY around the house.

There is an extremely high chance that I will fail within 6 months, but its hardmode for a reason. So let me know if you want a solider named, just tell me what name you want :-)

Playlist link:

Episode Links and title:

[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP01] - And so it begins ......
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP02] - Stun the live one! ......
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP03] - Point Rocket Launcher the correct way!  ......
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP04] - How dare you build a base  -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP05] - Take a big UFO, roll the dice on destiny  -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP06] - Small in size, not in nature -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP07] - Terrorism sucks -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP08] - Its a massive bug hunt -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP09] - Time to tidy up -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP10] - Could it be a clean sweep? -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP11] - Medibay is empty for once! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP12] - Use the force! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP13] - Easter Island Demolition Crew Arriving .....
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP14] - Labship for a lobotomy? -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP15] - How many days in Feb again? -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP16] - Is all the drama done, nope! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP17] - As Yet Untitled -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP18] - Boosh the America dream -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP19] - Thailand Thunder -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP20] - Decisions to be made -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP21] - We March Onwards -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP22] - Cant think of a title -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP23] - Bring it on! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP24] - Lets turn this around -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP25] - Action Stations -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP26] - Born in the USA -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP27] - Who is the commander -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP28] - Smack that base again -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP29] - Team Two Goes in, what comes out? -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP30] - Time to decode that Data Slate! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP31] - Into the darkness -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP32] - USA Team on top! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP33] - Average deaths per mission is -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP34] - Green Wall time soon yes? -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP35] - USA Flyby! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP36] - Playing in the dark forest! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP37] - Polar Explorer! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP38] - Plane Graveyard Action -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP39] - Another labship to my collection -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP40] - Bring on the artic circle fun! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP41] - Fun -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP42] - Muton for breakie! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP43] - Gotta catch them all -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP44] - Rob the supply line! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP45] - Tidying up -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP46] - Operation Smackdown -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP47] - Smash the greenies from distance! -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP48] - Supply Ships are easy right? -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP49] - Harsh times -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP50] - Winter is indeed coming -
[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP51] - Small ones can be a bi^ch -

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