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Hello Richard!

I have been listening to your Let's Play for the past few months while I am at work. It's nice to have on in the background while I am doing the more menial tasks that are part of a desk job. :) Plus if something crazy happens I typically alt-tab and rewind.

Congratulations on getting married! I am also getting married in three weeks! I mentioned to my fiance that I was listening to another LP (since I went through Meridian's twice now), and she said, "MORE X-com?" Uhh, yes. MORE X-COM!

I had quite a good laugh at around 24 minutes into EP03 of your LP when WarBoy accidentally shot a rocket basically at his own feet and killed himself and three others.  LOL! The poor bastards!

If you are still recruiting, I'd love to join the ranks. If I may make requests, I would like a sniper, and if I somehow make it to the late game, I would like to wield a Plasma Blaster or a Scatter Laser. Those things are hot shit! My name is Long Boarder, and it can also be spelled "long6oarder" with a 6 instead of a 'b'.

I hope you are enjoying your new house and new marriage. Tell Socks and Apollo I said "Hi!".

Sorry for the late reply. Great to hear you are also getting married. Remember happy wife, happy life!

I told my cats you said hello, they looked and meowed as per standard so I think thats message understood. The recordings are into mid game now, so you will be joining the ranks in a while. Will see what i can do regarding a sniper position coming up :-)

Its been a while. Sorry about that, but EP51 is now up!

[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP51] - Small ones can be a bi^ch -

Playthroughs / Re: Cerazor's Veteran LP
« on: May 26, 2017, 05:02:03 pm »
Ah the only other suggestion I would give for a new series is to play the selected mod for a week or two. Get some idea on how it works, what is new, what is removed etc against the original game.

I can't imagine a worse feeling than starting a new series for a mod and then after a few hours thinking, this mod is crap .....

Playthroughs / Re: Cerazor's Veteran LP
« on: May 26, 2017, 04:59:12 pm »
I would do whatever makes you happy mate.

If continuing this series makes you happy, crack on. If not then Megaman X1 sounds quite interesting?

Morning All,

Its nearly 30 days until my wedding, followed by a number of weeks in the sun afterwards. As a result I'm going to be putting this LP on hold until around the start of June. I already have a number of episodes recorded, but not edited up with intros and the like so I should be able to hit the ground running again in the summer :-)

Thanks all for your patience on this matter! In the meantime if anyone else wants to sign up for a solider, you got some time to do so haha :-)

Offtopic / Re: Where did go?
« on: March 09, 2017, 11:50:01 pm »
Not enough coffee yesterday to link with the modsite portal. Thanks all

Offtopic / Where did go?
« on: March 09, 2017, 12:09:04 am »
Website seems offline. Anyone else noticed? Anyone know why?

Can't think of anything at the minute. If that changes, I will be letting you know. So far its pretty damn spot on :-)

Upvote for OBS :-) Thats what I use. Excellent piece of software.

It works now.

Original link or new link?

If original great, if new then I need to update the main list.

Just checked, doesn't work for me either.

Damn, sorry lads. No idea why that is the case.

Try this link:

In the meantime, I will reloaded it again and see if that works.

No, doesn't work that way either, just loading for a long time, eventually error (attached).
How long is it supposed to be? 23:53?

Yep, try a different browser. Uploaded it the same as every other video. Really strange.

Doesn't work for me... anyone else having problems?

Just tried it again, and it seemed to work fine. What happens if you load the playlist and then goto that episode, does it work that way?

Another one is up :-) [LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP50] - Winter is indeed coming -

Next episode is up :-)

[LP]Hardmode Expansion [EP49] - Harsh times -

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