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Released Mods / Re: The Endless war, A total conversion for Openxcom.
« on: July 19, 2018, 11:18:49 pm »
I have already found the reason for so many mistakes. When creating the latest version of the mod, I accidentally deleted a necessary folder to make it work. I include it here This should solve the errors that occur in the Ufopedia. You just have to unzip it in the UFO folder. Again, I apologize for these unpleasant failures.

Released Mods / Re: The Endless war, A total conversion for Openxcom.
« on: July 19, 2018, 10:41:12 pm »
No insult, dear friend, certainly not. It is more, I am the one who feels disappointed with myself, and my work, for not having reviewed my work better, to avoid these frustrating mistakes.  :'( I apologize for that. If someone can help me identify the errors that occur, to be repaired and launch a new version as soon as everything is in order, would be helpful.

Welcome and congratulations for your project. As far as I'm concerned, use all the resources you need from my mod without restrictions.

I'm glad that the mod is being well received. Soon I will make a new update. The vehicles I took from Command and Conquer, by chance, looking for sprites to create new models. I saw that one fit well, and from there, to the rest. Perhaps, the animation of the helicopter is a little strange, flying with the blades stopped  ;D. If someone knows how to create the appropriate effect, go ahead.

Released Mods / Re: The Endless war, A total conversion for Openxcom.
« on: April 21, 2018, 08:44:27 am »
New version of mod. I have removed some "sensitive" files from the OpenXcom folder. I have left the essentials for it to work. I have also introduced a list of changes made, as promised, since the last update.
Changelog v.115:
- New units:
   - Mass Driver Tank
   - XCOM Martian Drone
   - XCOM Combat Drone
   - M1 Abrams
   - Type-90
   - Chieftain
   - M-113
   - M-60
   - MVRL
   - T-64
   - T-14 Armata
   - T-57 Flak Tank
   -  Black Wolf Sht
   - Black Wolf SHT
   - FV214 Conqueror Heavy Tank
   - ZSU-23-4 Shilka
   - 1097 Avenger LH
   - Excalibur RGT
   - T-90
   - Ordos Sonic Tank
   - Stryker SAM
   - Antimatter Tank
New enemies:
   - Martian Drone
   - Martian Mech
   - Metanoid
   - Area Leade
   - Killer Android
   - Ederly Guide
   - Ophidian Champion
   - Ophidian
   - Paramilitary
   - Camouflaged Agent
   - High Councilor
   - Industrial Bot
   - American Union Soldier
   - Free Republic of California Soldier
   - Chemical Assault Trooper
   - UA571 BASS
   - Atzlan Soldier
   - Enclave Soldier
   - Sentinel Combat Bot
   - Free Cyborg
   - Plecton
   - Agency Counsellor
   - Cudgel
   - Devourer
   - Nuke Adict
   - Bear
   - Steam Fortress
   - Electrifier
   - Half-Track
   - Masticator
   - Cult of Sirius Exalted
   - Partisan Tank
   - Patrol Drone
   - Terror Alien Mech
   - AH-1 Cobra
   - Ferret Armored Car
   - MCV-100 Atlas Armored Car
   - RPM Soldier
   - Biomass Cultist
   - 122 mm SP Artillery
   - Charlemagne Battle Tank
   - New Europe Soldier
   - Cannon
   - IS Heavy Tank
   - LMR
   - Renegade Cyborg
   - Roller Tank
   - Gaussoid
   - Wild Reticulan
   - Tracker
   - Merkava MediuM Tank
   - Cultist Adept
   - Cultist Leader
   - Heavy Mortar Tank
   - Bunker
   - Military Socut Car
   - Obyekt 300 Fortress Tank
   - Rhino Heavy Destroyer Tank
   - Military Robot
   - T-72 Medium Tank
   - Explorer Buggy
   - Enclave Centurion
   - FV 102 Striker Recon Vehicle
   - TBM
   - BTR-80
   - Bionic Cyborg
   - Rocket Launcher Adapted ar
   - Industrial Mech
   - Patriot SAM Turret
   - T-34 Medium Tank
   - Machine Gun Team
   - Dragon Tank
   - Pilgrim of the Zone
   - Heavy Crusher
New Missions:
   - Ice Crusade
   - Desert Wars
   - Martian Wars
   - Raiding Crime Tower
   - Assault in Cultist Enclave
New Weapons:
   - Kora 919
   - SVDM-2
   - FT-200M
   - Ripper Shotgun
   - RPG-29 Vampir
   - Cultist Blade
   - AKM-742U
   - TRs 301
   - IL 86
   - M-240 Machine Gun
   - Saiga-12
   - Storming Obokan
   - Mac-10
   - Colt Model 653
   - FRL
   - PAE
   - ZVI Falcon Op 96
   - Steyr Aug
   - Derringer
   - HK942A
   - Muzzelite MZ-14
   - Cyborg Chaingun
   - Carl Gustav M-2
   - Valmet M-78
   - Armalite AR-18
   - MM1 Grenade Launcher
   - Auto 9 Automatic Pistol
   - HC1 Assault Pistol
   - A-295 Plasma Gun
   - DM51 Hand Grenade
   - Gunblade
   - Colt Commando CAR-15 Carbine
   - M100 Smart Gun
   - Ceremonial Knife
   - Heckler&Koch SP89
   - M41 PLR
   - Nato Battle Rifle
   - Fusion Battle Destroyer
   - Assault Gamma Eliminator
   - AKEW Disintegrator
   - Electromagnetic Pistol
   - CPBL
   - GHL
   - BRM2HB
   - Westinghouse M95A1 PPR
   - RSB-80
   - Smith&Wesson 29 Pistol
   - FIM-43 Red Eye
   - M203 PI GLH
   - Armalite AR-18

Suggestions / Re: Defective weapons
« on: April 05, 2018, 06:10:00 pm »
All right. Thank you very much for the reply. I'll prove it to see that.  :D

Suggestions / Defective weapons
« on: April 05, 2018, 12:35:02 pm »
Is it possible to simulate, defective weapons, that are jammed, or even explode, randomly, or assigning a percentage, or something like that?

Released Mods / Re: The Endless war, A total conversion for Openxcom.
« on: March 19, 2018, 12:39:28 pm »
Thank you for your advices. You are right. The research is a bit chaotic, although I tried to create a mod, where this aspect was complicated. I did not intend to mess it up so much, but I've been ircorporating things, because of my desire to include everything that has occurred to me.
When I created the mod, from the first one I did, the one from Mig-27, I wanted to create everything in a single file, but I had errors, I was learning, and I opted for this folder solution. Now, it's a bit difficult for me to change my work mode.
The executable files have been a mistake of mine. I was trying different executables as they came out, and it happened to me to remove them. The saved games are proofs, effectively. Another mistake of mine.
If I have included some material that I should not, I apologize and I will withdraw it, of course. If it is for the maps, it is due to my null ability to create them. Dioxine gave me his permission. If this is not the case, with other authors, I will acknowledge your work or withdraw that material. The issue is that the different mods are so interrelated that you would surely have to remove the entire mod.
The Ufopedia is chaotic, I know, but I think that as you investigate things, the order of appearance is not relevant. The writing is poor. I do not master English well, right. I thought about writing the mod in Spanish, but I preferred to take a risk, and do it that way, so that more people can play it, although some grammatical expressions are really horrible.
I have not analyzed that question of options, although I suppose that they can be used without problems. In the mod there is no restriction in this respect as far as options are concerned.
Currently, the mod is playable. In fact, someone has managed to complete it, I think in half a year, and that has seemed good. He was kind enough to narrate his experience in the forum.
Right now, I create the folders of new mods, by hobby, at the rate of two-three a day. I try them, and I see that they are going well, I move on to the next one, when I feel like resuming it. In fact, The Endless War, it can be finished, but I'm still including things. I think what started as an experiment has turned into something huge. I have a tendency, it may be a bad habit, to mix different issues, and themes, from games, movies, anything, and have it included in the mod or inspired by it, with different luck. The chaotic nature of The Endless War, is due to this. I have much more content, but for the moment, I will not upload another version until I debug it well.
In fact, this mod, could be compared, humbly, and saving the distances, of course, with a very old man, who is building a cathedral in Mejorada del Campo, in Madrid, for more than fifty years, with his hands, and that is not over yet. The example I think is valid, to give an idea of what The Endless War really represents.

OpenXcom Extended / Re: Random Production
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:58:54 am »
Agree. Thanks for the clarification.

OpenXcom Extended / [Suggestion] Random Production
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:47:06 pm »
Hello everyone:
This has occurred to me, I do not know if it has been raised before. As a hypothetical example:

    category: STR_EXTRACTION
    space: 30
    time: 1000
    cost: 12000
    totalItemtoproduce: 1
      Electronic components: 2
      Plasma Accelerator: 4
      Focusing Crystals: 2

The idea would be, that when something is manufactured, produce an item, randomly, from the list of three objects, presumably random, in the amount specified in totalitetoproduce. The utility, which I see, is to give a little more variety to the collection of treasures, objects, booties, etc.

Released Mods / Re: The Endless war, A total conversion for Openxcom.
« on: February 08, 2018, 10:22:53 pm »
Agree. I promise to include a list of the changes in the next version. My apologies for not having done it before.

Released Mods / Re: The Endless war, A total conversion for Openxcom.
« on: January 01, 2018, 06:10:33 pm »
New version available.
Happy New Year to all.

Released Mods / Re: The Endless war, A total conversion for Openxcom.
« on: December 11, 2017, 12:47:02 am »

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