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Troubleshooting / [OXCE] Farm map tiles are broken
« on: March 29, 2024, 07:26:20 pm »
I have played OXC 1.0 for long time and just started OXCE (ver. 7.12).

It works fairly well but there are much glitches in farm map. Buildings and walls are not showed properly.
I had no problem with OXC 1.0, so I think there is no fault on original x-com files. How can I fix it?

I have attached screenshot of the broken walls (and buildings, the black areas)

How do you think about making OpenXcom with high resolution graphic resources?

When you install OpenXcom, the installer just copy original graphic resources to OpenXcom folder and use them as is. They were exellent graphic in 1995, but are not in 2015 at all. If OpenXcom don't use the resources as is, but make another graphic resources of its own by doubling (or tripling, or quadrupling) the original resources when installing, we can enjoy high resolution classic X-com by moding and replacing the resources to high resolution ones.

This has two advantages.

The first is that it preserves the original graphics but anyone who wants to improve the graphics of the game can do it by creating a high-resolution graphics mode. The people who want to keep just the original graphics, can do because OpenXcom provides the graphic just as original. The people who want to create and enjoy high-resolution graphic, can make it by themselves or download high-resolution graphics mod made by others.

The second is that high-resolution graphics makes oriental language translation easier. Korean or Japanese requires 10x10 pixel graphic fonts in minimum and 15x15 to Chinese. Because the smallest font size of the original graphic resource is 5 pixels, you need to multiply original graphic fonts twice or thrice ​​to express oriental languages.

In My Opinion, multiplying original graphic resources and supporting high-resolution graphic can make OpenXcom more exiting game.

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