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Released Mods / Re: [TFTD] [Expansion] TWoTS+ Release (v.2.0)
« on: July 11, 2017, 12:07:51 pm »
I tried testing the battle got a crash Mutants not identified alien race

Released Mods / Re: Lightning replacement (Lightning 97 series)
« on: July 11, 2017, 11:52:09 am »
I also made Lightning and Firestorm replacement mod a while ago. In my mod I made both ships hybrid transport-interceptors but  Lightning is slower more durable but can carry HWP and more soldiers while  Firestorm is way faster less durable and carries less soldiers and no HWP. The idea was to alternate using them as dual transport for various targets. Smaller or faster targets Firestorm and slower bigger targets Lightning.  Was fun to play that way .

XPiratez / Re: [Aux] OCP mod (Update May, 6th)
« on: May 07, 2016, 05:18:48 am »
nice! looks great :) and yes anyone can use any of my sprites for anything don't worry. you don't need to ask for permission :D

I think it looks great. I like OpenXCom paper doll look.

And sorry about the sermon above. I got too much into it. I really like Dune if you haven't already noticed :p

erm... one small thing... IX is 9, not 10

hahaha . you're correct :D 

sorry i meant 9

Dioxine . Very thoughtful and observant remarks. Here is a few more ideas to help chisel out what you said about mentants and tleilaxu

Now as you have said most Mentats are male however what is less known is that Bene Gesserit are in fact  female Mentat nuns. The female mentant nun order went much farther than males and became so powerful that they created their own house and have a lot of power and influence over the Universe and the Empire.  So as you see there are female Mentants.  Generally Mentants (males) are used anywhere fast thinking is required while female Mentants or should I say Benne Gesserit only show up in matters of utmost importance. Benne Gesserit have become so powerful because their faith is based on eugenics. Their power is thousand of years of breeding the right people with the right skills and a lot of discipline and training.

Their only weakness is that the Empire is passed down via males and since they are all females they can never ever hope to be emperors. This is where Paul Atreides came in. He was originally thought to be a step in creation of the Kwisaz Hederach or the male Benne Gesserit who they will use to claim the throne. He was not meant to be the male benne gesserit but rather was supposed to one of his descendents. But he was born to soon and nobody paid attention to him until it was too late. They lost control of him and lost power to the Empire.

Tleilaxu (also called Bene Tleilax)  have a much more direct approach. They simply genetically alter or create anything  they need.Although they are well respected by rules of various houses   for their efficiency in dealing with problems, they are considered "loathsome" by all others.   They are very secretive, isolationist, totalitarian and theocratic (Heretics of Dune) society. It appears their genetic engineering practices are dominated by religious ideology and dogma.

Both of these houses derive from a post AI ban future Catholic faith. Both of these houses or groups are based on religious dogma and ideology but interpreted differently.
Edit: The House of IX on the other hand is pretty much the most sensible continuation of the present day world. IX is capitalist , scientific, pragmatic, technologic. They live underground where they have vast laboratories in multiple levels where they spend all their time producing technological marvels.  Their ideology is pretty much a very advanced western capitalist democratic society.  IX literarily means 10 from the roman numeral 10. The roman empire connection with the present day society is clear sign that this house is western world in year 25,000.

Sorry I forgot to say this.

While the ban is on thinking machines ONLY, as time passes all humans will develop an irrational fear towards all machines. This love hate relationship with machines is everywhere in the 3 main books.

The house of IX which develop machines and have very advanced technology are sometimes seen as sorcerers or witches something to be both feared and respected. They are the only one to develop any type of machines  meaning they have the sole machine monopoly in the universe. This is the only thing that keeps them alive. All type of machines from Orithopter, harvesters, Oil Lens bionoculars and anything like that is all Ixian.

The opposite of IX is house of Tleilaxlu which use genetic engineering to develop very advanced bio machines (mentats, fighters, etc). They seem to be very popular and respected in the empire and often antagonous of Ixians.

In the book Harkonen employ Tleilaxlu often while Atreites seem to favour Ix. Although IX does not favour any specific house and will produce any type of machine for any house.

After Paul Atreides's child Leto II becomes the emperor of the universe , the fear of machines becomes lessened and AI is slowly allowed in subservient limited roles. This is the end of the Space Guild and the universe of Dune as we know it.

Dune is set about 20,000+ years into the future from present time.

To give you an idea the time when Paul Atreides is born in 10,175 AG. The roman empire is founded in ~16400 BG (27 BC) and falls ~16000 BG (476 AD). Sine you're counting backwards to 0 AG then 2016 would be 16000 BG (476 AD) - (2016 AD - 476 AD)  = 14460 BG. Which means Paul Atreides is born in year 24,635 AD (give or take ~100 years)

Now what you guys are talking about is the Butlerian Jihad that lasted from 200 BG to 108 BG in which thinking machines (AI) revolted  against their creators (humans) leading to the banning of thinking machines (AI) but not computers or electronics. A book called the Orange Catholic Bible or OCB is written (an extended version of the Catholic Bible) in which thinking machines are prohibited and Mentats start being trained as replacement for computers.

"Thou shalt not make computers in the likeness of the human mind"  OCB

Essentially this means all advancements in AI are halted for the next tens of thousands of years.

But there are some people for example house of IX that continued developing cybertechnology to such an extend that they are able to replace any body part with a cybernetic counterpart. They probably have the ability to create a fully AI lifeform. They probably don't do it or only do it privately in fear of the Emperor.

The greatest milestone in  this future timeline is the establishment of the Space Guild , CHOAM and the Emperor of the Universe throne (Lion Throne). These 3 bodies will define the next thousands of years so much so that this moment is referred to 0 AG (after guild) and all events previous to this are considered BG (before guild).

See timeline here

Suggestions / Re: show total item count in UFOPEDIA right under item name
« on: January 09, 2016, 08:22:11 am »
ufopaedia seems most logical cause you see item statistics, names and total count.
is not the best but is the simplest way to add it into the game.

ideally you would want something like base stores but outside the base menu in the main menu

Suggestions / Re: show total item count in UFOPEDIA right under item name
« on: January 02, 2016, 07:18:23 am »
What would it be used for? Can't think of a use case...

well the idea is to show the total item count  from all sources . so anything loaded in ships or in stores in various bases   like total grenades, total alloys, total whatever all under one total number for each item. off the bat is useful to quickly see if you have enough of one type of item.

Tools / Re: Aid for players
« on: November 23, 2015, 08:32:41 am »
guys you can all open ODT files using google docs / google drive. simply  place your odt file in drive if you use it or if not type google docs and OPEN/UPLOAD the document and is as easy as using ms office

Released Mods / Re: [STAT TRACKING] Soldier Diaries 1.0
« on: November 23, 2015, 08:29:13 am »
I am working on merging Soldier Diaries into the main OpenXcom branch, so once that's done it should make its way to OXCE eventually. :)

The Commendations will still be a standalone download though.


Released Mods / Re: [STAT TRACKING] Soldier Diaries 1.0
« on: November 22, 2015, 05:53:22 pm »
shoes, for anything that gets too complicated simply don't award anything.

like figuring out how the unit dies by what weapon  etc place it in a try catch type code block. ie check for sucess or failure then if any of the functions fail to give any meaningful bock back simply break/return and award nothing . ie easy way out. this would avoid any issues like fire, explosives, PSI damage that can't be taken in consideration by your checking routines.

one funny thing is what happend when you PSI an enemy unit then make it kill itself. who gets that kill? in that case it should be the person that used PSI on that unit. you would check this by first checking if the unit is being controlled then skip the regular check routine and award a medal.

there should be a PSI control suicide kill medal .


i HIGHLY doubt this will ever be part of openxcom.

this visual "error" is not really an error but is a side effect of openxcom being an abstraction of reality as chessboard tile based system with it's own set of physics. using same math yields this visual artefact inconsistent with sprite's ability to be diagonal.

here's another odd one. why can't the character attack above and below (lets say flying suit) with a melee weapon but can do so with range 1 weapon.

only solution is adaptive math that is special for range 0 and range 1 and is normal for > 1

but this may in fact open a whole new can of worms.

im okay with vanilla style

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