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Work In Progress / Re: [ALPHA][WIP] Rise of the New Order
« on: February 14, 2016, 06:21:13 am »
Well guys, I haven't done much for this mod in the past month. I got kinda busy will college and all. I'm gonna have to put a hold onto this project for now. I'm not sure when or if I'll come back and do more for this mod. I'm interested in creating this mod for OpenXCOM, but I don't have a lot of time right now.

I'm currently helping the XCOM 2 community with modding, and making a mod for XCOM 2 as well.

Looks like a node problem, check if it still happens in
You'll have to go back to before a Battlescape mission.

It works now, thanks for fixing that problem.

Okay, I'm not sure if it is related to the crashes above, but now I can't go to any battlescape map without the game crashing. I'm using the same nightly, with a vanilla copy of the game. The only mods that I have on are Aliens pick up weapons and StrategyCore Swap Small USOs.

This is the error is inside of the openxcom.log:
Code: [Select]
[12-01-2016 09:23:19] [ERROR] Error in RMP file: ROUTES/TRITON.RMP Node #2 is outside map boundaries at X:10 Y:9 Z:1
I didn't do anything to the TRITON.RMP file. I replaced it with a working copy from my Steam installation, but it still gives me that error.
The log is attached below.

EDIT: I submitted a report in the bug tracker.

Today I was on the second part of the Alien Artefact site, and after ending the first turn, the game CTDs, and give me a dialog box, saying that its a runtime error. I turned on debug mode and took a screenshot when the crash occurred.

I'm using the latest nightly: 2016-01-12 00:24. I'm not sure if its me or an actual bug. Save file is attached below.

How to reproduce this bug: End the turn without doing anything.

Work In Progress / Re: [ALPHA][WIP] Rise of the New Order
« on: January 02, 2016, 11:00:51 pm »
I've made great strides in implementing units, ufopaedia entries, and others. There nothing to show right now, since the changes are minimal.

However, I spent some time changing the colors of the OXC interface. Screenshots attached below.

Work In Progress / Re: [ALPHA][WIP] Rise of the New Order
« on: December 31, 2015, 11:16:58 pm »
I modified the rocket launcher from UFO2000, and turned into a remote controlled missile launcher. I'm not sure if I did it correctly, since I've never drew pixel art before in photoshop. I converted the image to the battlescape palette, and tried to cleanup the rocket launcher as much as I could. It was inspired by the Nikita from MGS.

It's a start, I guess.

Work In Progress / Re: [ALPHA][WIP] Rise of the New Order
« on: December 28, 2015, 08:37:11 pm »
With multimap missions you'll still have to take the same decisions I mentioned before regarding where to place everything for a single mission. The best example to visualize this is the Alien Base terrain, where you have a 20x20 map block for the alien command center and 2 10x10 map blocks where your units start (and can abort the mission), and all are placed randomly.

You don't actually need to give this information to the player, I just mentioned it because it is useful to understand how the AI works when designing missions. In fact it can be better not to reveal this because the player can think that the AI is 'smarter' than it really is when he/she encounters all the aliens rushing towards its soldiers. ;)
I'll keep this in mind when designing the mission maps. I'll look at some tutorials to get started on map making.

Work In Progress / Re: [ALPHA][WIP] Rise of the New Order
« on: December 28, 2015, 07:12:07 am »
You can lock them out by research; a research that disables previous mission(s) and enables new ones - naturally, with new enemies instead of old. To make sure a player researches something as soon as he completes a milestone mission, make it an item (might be hidden/indestructible) with 0 research cost. Well, a player may always sell the item... It's a free country :)

Thanks for the advice, I'll look into that.

Research is all about dependencies - topics A and B are both required to unlock topic C, etc. Topic A can be the secondary leader, and you can set topic C (base's coordinates) can be used to trigger a mission for the base raid. Topic B can either be interrogation techniques, or capturing a pilot, or recovering an item from a mission.
Yeah, I'll need to sort that out, and probably expand upon this.

You actually have several ways to design the base, depending on the position of the generators. You can either place all the generators together on a 20x20 map block, or split them up on 4 10x10 blocks. Then you can either set the reactor map(s) on fixed, random or semi-random positions, and that all also depend on whether you're using craft or entry/exit areas.

You also need to consider this on the map size, since you're saying that it will be pretty big: like the original game, OpenXcom is hardcoded so that after turn 20 the AI knows the location of all your soldiers. And the bigger the map size the higher the chances that a mission will last longer than 20 turns. And if there are still a lot of aliens around, all of them now always know where your soldiers are.
Well, another way around this is to make it a multi part map. The first map would be the entrance, and the second part would be the main base with the power plant, or have a third level as a seperate power plant level.

Another idea is to say that the aliens/enemies will have complete coverage over the mission area via satellites in 20 turns in the mission briefing. They do have that technology after all. If I do that, I'll have to edit all mission briefings to state that though, since it's hardcoded.

Work In Progress / Re: [ALPHA][WIP] Rise of the New Order
« on: December 28, 2015, 12:58:59 am »
Not sure if someone mentioned it before, but some resources/ideas from the Syndicate game series would fit well in your TC, especially the style is similar to what you seem to work on.  :) :)

Hmm, I might have to take a look at that game then.

Alright then, here's the story structure planning, but I'm thinking of a different way to do this, since I'm pretty sure that you can't lock certain groups to appear until x event shows up. Also, most of these names are temporary, because I believe I can do better.
Code: [Select]
Part 1:
    BlackAngel PMC
    Joint Strike Operatives
!==Milestone 1==!
Part 2:
    Scientology Syndicate
    Forced Evolution Brotherhood
    Mixed Tier 1
!==Milestone 2==!
Part 3:
    The Blessed
    Cybernetic Collective
    Mixed Tier 1
    Mixed Tier 2
!==Final Mission==!

Part 1 on the story:
Short version (More optional objectives will be added soon:
Code: [Select]
Start game > Investigate/Freeform
    | (Terror Mission)
    Capture Secondary Leader * > - - - - Interrogate * > - - - - * Raid Primary Base * > - - - END Part 1

Long version:
Spoilerstory: part 1:
Tensions are high between all countries, as civil unrest is becoming more common in this era of uncertainty and the looming threat of war. A couple of days ago, a mysterious group of well-equipped soldiers attacked a city (???) and left no survivors. All nations quickly prepared for war, not knowing who or what was the enemy. An emergency summit meeting was already underway, and all world leaders demanded the perpetrator who lead the attacks to show himself. Every World leader was pointing fingers at each other at the meeting, behaving like little children. The summit meeting didn't resolve anything, instead made tensions worse. World War III is becoming a reality.

The game starts out with a message from the Council of Twelve (how original), stating that there is evidence that a new global terrorist group, that if left unchecked, will tear the world asunder. Your mission is to find these terrorist and eliminate them, for the humanity sake.

You start out by placing a base and so forth, or the investigate/freeform part. To advance the story, you have to capture the secondary leader (???) and interrogate him. In the first month, he shows up only in the terror missions. His uniform will be different than the other soldiers. The secondary leader (???) will reveal information about the primary base of operations.
However, he will only reveal this information if your research in interrogation is high enough, otherwise, he will partially reveal this information, or not at all. Side note: I'm not sure if I'm able to implement this. If I can't, then I'll just make it a requirement to research interrogation techniques beforehand.

After you get this information, you'll have the option to raid this base. The base is pretty big, so it'll just be a one part mission. The mission's objective is to destroy the 4 reactors in the base. The location is randomized. You don't need to kill everyone in the base. After that, you get aboard the ship to escape before the entire base blows up.

The personnel in the base celebrates their victory against the terror cell, but then... a image on the screen appears; a face that's covered with traces of circuits. It begins to speak with a deep, distorted, menacing voice, "Do not be fooled that destroying those puppets marks the end, as I still have other plans to cleanse this planet of this... filth, you call humanity. Your premature celebration will become your permanent undoing." The screen returns to normal, and the base personnel begins their work once more. Several countries begins to ease their tensions and opens talks of peace, while the superpowers stays on high alert and their military on the ready.

This is the end of part 1.

It's rough around the edges right now, but I would like to hear suggestions on how to improve this.

I'll try to improve on the campaign flow map in the meantime.

Work In Progress / Re: [ALPHA][WIP] Rise of the New Order
« on: December 27, 2015, 09:26:40 am »
Hello everyone,

Sorry that I disappeared without a trace for about 9 months. I had to put this mod on hiatus, since my real life took over, and there wasn't much free time for me to do anything for this mod, plus I lost interest for a while too. I worked at my new job for about 4 months until I decided what I want to do next. I decided to go to college, so I left my new job to go to college in August. I completed my first semester in college, and now I'm on holiday break until the second week of January. In my freetime during those 9 months, I slowly brainstormed ideas and the plot for this mod, Rise of the New Order. I also played and replayed several games such as MGSV, XCOM EU and EW (2012), Deus Ex, Fallout, Metroid, etc. and gained some insight and inspiration for my mod. Sadly, I still can't draw art, and I missed a lot of updates for OXC and the several total conversions for it since March, so it will take some time for me to relearn some of this stuff, but hopefully I can continue making this mod.

I'll write my ideas and plot when I have time, but it's 1 am in my timezone, so I need to get some sleep first.

Work In Progress / Re: [ALPHA][WIP] Rise of the New Order
« on: March 28, 2015, 05:41:17 am »
It's been a long two weeks for me since I got a new job, but I have been brainstorming new ideas for my mod and making progress very slow.
I was thinking about adding some kind of augmentation system like Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. For example, you can upgrade some of your soldiers to have a mechanical arm that can pack a punch, or have a blade on the end of it, but the disadvantage would be that the soldier cannot use two handed weapons accurately, and the upgrade would be permanent. Obviously, this wasn't the case in DX or DX:HR, but I'm trying to balance the augs, so that it wouldn't be OP near the end. Any suggestions?

Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to make some of the missions, but there are some things I cannot do, such as remove the hardcoded missions such as Alien Research and replace it with another mission, without OXC CTDing, so I might have to replan those missions, or find a new way around.

I'm also finding music that matches the theme of this mod. Currently, I'm thinking about using Deus Ex: Nihilum's music, since it is licensed as CC BY-NC-SA:
Plus, it matches the tone of the mod very closely. I'm looking for other music though.

Suggestions / Re: Define the kind of Music that plays in each menu?
« on: March 25, 2015, 11:42:05 pm »
Having music change between menus and stuff is jarring to players.  Music is supposed to add atmosphere and background, not really supposed to switch up on you when not expected.  Especially for something like menus where you won't spend much time.
I should of been more clearer. That's what I get for rushing to post my suggestion before I left.  ::) What I wanted was to define what music plays in the main menu, Geoscape, UFO interception, and what tactical music plays on certain missions. I can change the briefing music though.

Suggestions / Define the kind of Music that plays in each menu?
« on: March 18, 2015, 03:09:27 pm »
I'm trying to add/change music, so that it does not replace the current music in the SOUND directory, but I ran into a problem. I cannot change specific music without replacing it, which I don't want to do. The game crashes if I delete GMSTORY from the ruleset, which I figured was hardcoded.

What I want is to define what music will play in the rulesets, instead of it being hardcoded. Is it possible to add this kind of thing into OXC?

Work In Progress / Re: [ALPHA][WIP] Rise of the New Order
« on: March 14, 2015, 07:50:00 pm »
Next thing I want to plan, is the mission structure. I plan to have 2 milestone missions, and a final mission. After each final mission, you meet 2 new races, each with its own set of missions. So it looks like this:

Tier 1 Races:
    BlackAngel PMC
    Joint Strike Operatives
!==Milestone 1==!
Tier 2 Races:
    Scientology Syndicate
    Forced Evolution Brotherhood
    Mixed Tier 1
!==Milestone 2==!
Tier 3 Races:
    The Blessed
    Cybernetic Collective
    Mixed Tier 1
    Mixed Tier 2
!==Final Mission==!

Each Milestone mission will have some sort of boss and/or objective. The final mission definitely will have a final boss to fight.

Work In Progress / Re: [ALPHA][WIP] Rise of the New Order
« on: March 14, 2015, 01:13:07 am »
i think is looking good no need to worry too much about map stucture you can change it later or at any time. in the game you might find it harder or easier to do certain things in a certain way. use this tool to make your own world also i think volutar made and program as well. the online one you can view mission zones as well (or change them not sure)

Yeah, I'm aware of that. I'll try to make the map whenever I can.
That said, I wouldn't stress it too much. I never let annoying things like facts get in the way of creativity :) Also, I wouldn't try to make a timeline/setting based on what would make everyone happy. Mostly because that in itself is impossible. In short, do what you wish.

Thanks for the advice. I think I happy with the map now.

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