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« on: October 31, 2021, 02:47:58 pm »
Legionnaire to Guard, Guard to Arbiter and then Arbiter to Judge

yes a Legionnaire to Arbiter would be a too big of a jump.

« on: October 31, 2021, 12:45:50 am »
'So my playing ROSIGMA as the Arbiters,

after a bumpy start it is now OK but the final flaw is not a difficulty but a logic flaw

the action "Promote to Arbitrator" is DEAD....I cannot promote any Arbiter to the Judge lvl

I can indoctrinate  IG to arbiters....what is nice but almost dead when playing the Arbiters

also what is missing here is the promotion of Penal Legion IG ???? or Arbiters????

if these changes where to be added to the next batch then the Arbiters....are semi playable (give them the heavy bolter, hand flamer  and then they are money)

« on: October 26, 2021, 11:09:58 pm »
checked out the changes you made,

I think the cost of material is now more fair (example a quad lascannon or autocannon 50 instead of 100 adamantium or Advanced sentinels 40 adamantium etc)

with the Arbiters it did cut down the price of the Heavy Armor and the Heavy armor + Shield
(20 and 30 per set is still a lot when compared to the IG Storm trooper armors, but its fair..I think in vanilla it was the double)

personally I think what should be considered to be changed, the price of 100 adamantium for the Arbitor armor and 200 (!) for the Marshal armor is too much (same price as a Centurion Warsuit)...apply here the same pricing as for the Soronitas or SM to pay for them with imperial tokens (Honor guard armor: 300 Tokens + 1 Adamantium...)

« on: October 23, 2021, 04:48:27 pm »
question for weapons with "Recoil" what is the key factor for hit percentage? accuracy and strength? or?

as I have two guys almost identical stats one can shoot the Heavy bolter from the hip the other has 0 percent hit change...

and I use light bolt pistols with the guys using the shields...get like 95 percent for snap shots for a decent distance (accuracy above 90, strength like 50), given the same guy a Tigrus boltpistol...same distance he gets 70 percent for a aimed shot and snap shot is like 10...

When I played as SM I could shoot across the whole map with the Tigrus bolt pistol or the Spectre one...when I play as IG or now the Arbiters, my commissars, Judges who have high accuracy and also strength cannot do this a limitation that only Astartes can use bolters without penalty?
(and the same with Stalker bolters...I got them from the Loyalist Marines and my Judges can do Aim shot for a decent distance...but nowhere the distance when I played as SM)  also the setting for the Arbiters/IG works fine

« on: October 18, 2021, 08:19:02 pm »
Dear Leflair,

great news, the Arbiters getting for example the Lucius Heavy Stubber or the IG Heavy bolter is a game changer playing that fraction (don't gonna lie, I added 2x IG heavy bolters, 2x Longlasses , 1x Lucius Heavy bolters and 2x Hand flamers and 2x Inferno pistols to my squad playing ROSIGMA with the arbiters - recently as with the weapons available it was HARD).

What should be also analyzed is the cost of Arbiter armor, example: Arbiter signal armor (1x Airstrike) cost 200 Adamantine while being weaker then a veteran Carapace armor, and same for the Arbitor armor (has a energy shield) which is same level as the Commisar Carapace (also with energy shield but one can buy it cheap)....maybe add the possibility to pay for these armors with Tokens (all Arbiters armors are weak but supper costly on maybe if one can by by tokens then it is more OK) I am with the Arbiters in year one and have barely 200 adamantine pieces...get mostly ORK and Space hulk missions

40k / Re: 40k
« on: October 17, 2021, 10:06:57 pm »
Playing as Arbiters,

the defense munitorum is a mission impossible, look here took my 3x turns yet lost 4x weapon/ammo stacks and for that minus 630
practically all got lost after turn 1...whoever created these missions must have a balance issue as these missions are impossible to get a positive score

40k / Re: 40k
« on: October 17, 2021, 02:23:30 pm »
a question in regards of the Above ground Bases,

I see that there are multiple types - each type taking up soo much space that there is no possibility of combining them
(one has a Trade place or a outpost or a training facility) what is somehow unpractical as one has in total a very limited
nr. of Bases.

So I always end up building a Trade place (without it finishing the games is very hard, the possibility to buy raw material is key)
BUT with that I have a base that has no Radar and no it gets never attacked (not once in like 10x playthroughs)
would it not be more logical to make every above ground base a "Outpost" (with a runway and a radar) and one can additionally
build a 2x2 Trade place or a 2x2 Training facility into it? (beside the Turrets, mine fields, etc.) - so the possibility to have one outpost that
can hold every above ground extra facility.

also then maybe add a Hidra Turret...if the base gets attacked (Let me quest...if I would build the above ground base with the radar then it could get attacked? or my trade place...if Orks would find it then it could get attacked?)

« on: October 12, 2021, 09:19:19 pm »
thanks for the swift reply,

yes I agree Astartes and Sororitas don't need a Bipod but for the Arbiters it would be fair, to have

so I found the Heavy stubber, Krieg heavy stubber, IG Heavy bolter and IG heavy Lascannon...did I miss any? (Grenade launcher?)

« on: October 12, 2021, 07:41:35 pm »
a question between the split of the IG strategies,

so the Guardsmen get the Abhumans, the Advanced sentinels and some heavy weapons (exclusively for them)
and the Scion get the Scion and Veteran guardsmen with the Hellgun, Volley gun, etc and what else?

the Ogryn, Priest, Vindicare, Drop troops remain available for both or how is the split?

and regarding the changes in the Krieg weapons and the new Krieg weapons, now it is more legit,
this now makes the Master crafted Lasgun valuable (as they can use hot shot ammo) and its more accurate that the Lucius lasguns are without Auto fire.
Is there a calculation how much stronger is the 4x ammo shot and the 10x ammo shot?

Also will the new heavy lasgun and Lucius Heavy stubber  beavailable only for the IG? I think they should be available
at the trading post...would help the Arbiters a lot (also if they could buy there some Soronitas stuff like the hand flamer, etc because during my current game play I rely a lot on the Soronitas Melta and Lascannon as the Arbiters lack even a a heavy bolter, Lascannon)

and final question, is there a overview which weapons have a bipod and only the IG can get them? (I think I given the lascannon and the Heavy stubber a bad name as I did try only the versions without a Bipod)

« on: October 04, 2021, 11:42:02 pm »
well for starters the Sentinel sees across the whole field and can do nice long range hits, and has unlimited ammo.

when I played IG and I did buy the Lascannon HWP the only option I got was a single round ammo and I could carry like 5x ammo with me, somehow the backpack ammo box was not available

the price is almost identical to the Sentinel but lacks the mobility, etc.

but the Heavy bolter HWP was my MVP (Maybe because the Heavy bolter sentinel is not available to the IG)

Later when I got the Autocannon the Autocannon HWP is similarly good as the Heavy bolter, and the Advanced Sentinel is the best sentinel in the game.
the handheld lascannon, well the IG and also the SM have the heavy bolter much more effective, and I had situation when enemies needed like 3x hits with the handheld lascannon...same enemy was slain with one heavy bolter AP shot

Well I use the Shield get it for "free" after each riot mission, maybe just allow the Shield ogryn to use the Ripper without penalty as a single hand weapon and add the hand flamer to make more options, and yes after lot of Drills my shield ogryn with the Inferno gun was a beast (when he had a ac of 55, also with Ultra Bolterpistol + AP ammo he could take down a whole squad of Chaos marines...but that could be also done with the Ripper)

« on: October 02, 2021, 07:56:50 pm »
yes adding a one hand Shotgun, or have the IG or Arbiters also get the hand flamer would be good...because I really had an issue what to give to my Shield wielding Ogryn...I had to train him to accuracy 50 (I think the max for Ogryns) and then he was using a boltpistol and for tough fights I given him the Inferno gun...but yes more one hand options are beside the bolter, Inferno gun we have only the Laspistol, Autopistol or the Stubber gun (giving a plasma gun to a Ogryn is a no go as it is too complicated LOL) and same for the Shield wielding arbiter...I think if in the Future there is a Shield for Astartes...well we all know that there is a power sword to be used.

« on: October 02, 2021, 12:19:31 am »
so the little short and Fat Ogryn and the Garden Gnome are "Squads" OK I have no clue what it should be the 40K wiki has no entries for "Garden gnomes"

so my playing ROSIGMA with the arbiters...first mission: a church...with Servitors, Panzer Garden gnomes, Hereteks, Ogryns, Sistas with Rocket launchers had to restart 3x because some starting locations where unplayable...but I had 1x Lascannon Sentinel, and a mastiff + Judge with Lawbringer and some penitents with Rocket launchers...can be done....second mission a ship with 12x !!!! Tzen Marines in January :) I already got 1x Meltagun so the Sentinel + light chimera turrets, Rocket launchers + the mastiff!!! (I killed fuken chaos marines with the dogge) and the third mission: Munitorum sabotage was even more difficult but I somehow survived....

so there are no Ratlings and Catachans yet in the game...

I think playing ROSIGMA with IG is much much more easy then the Arbiters...Long las + Hotshot ammo and the Turrets will clean house again most enemies...the Heavy bolters (both handheld and HWP) + Kriegers + Commisars and later the advanced guardsmen are more them one can develop and use the Airstrike...but the best weapon is the Missile launcher with Krak missiles...I had too many Base defence missions, and yes I had good experienced soldiers only in two...but I got attacked also in places where I had shite did I manage...every Guardsmen had a rocket launcher + a Lascannon Sentinel + a Heavy bolter HWP...and I wiped the floor even with Terminators

and what I dont like in the whole 40k mod + Rosigma: the handheld lascannon is shite, and so is the mounted one...the Sentinel is working like a dream...but all other versions are "crap"

and what could be taken over to the IG from the Arbiters...well the sisters have a special Shotgun, so maybe ad a IG special Shotgun (Krieger Lucius Shotgun that can use also special ammo) or is the Ripper the IG special shotgun? (never equipped a human with one...will try) and also a SM shotgun? Deathwatch special space hulk cleaning shottie?  also a silly idea...a Mastiff that the Commissar will use to deal with Deserters?

« on: October 01, 2021, 10:26:01 am »
personally I think playing as the IG is OK using this mod playing as the Arbiters is a torture but still manageable
but when we speak unbalanced, then this MOD is very far behind the shit show called Xcom Files now that is unbalanced and unplayable IMHO.

and a question, I am playing now as the Arbiters and I see enemy Ratlings? and Traitor Catachans?

will they be available for the player when playing IG?

Also when the enemy can have Tech priest and/or Battle Servitors will they be available for the player?

and the SM have dreadnoughts, the Sisters have Penitent Engines...maybe add a "Compact" Imperial Knight for the IG (something that would be a reward like the Lord Commissar after a special achievement) to make the IG more capable...cannot thing of anything that could be added to the Arbiters...

and maybe add more "Special" loot that can only be found in Munitorum depos and/or on slayed "Bosses"  (like the Tigrus Bolter, etc) I mentioned the Inferno Gun earlier that should be a compact multi melta with 25 percent range and should be not available for production...maybe Digi weapons? (one shot insta kill close range weapons with 2-3 shots per mission) or rare combi bolters, necromunda combi weapons? and divide them into early-mid-late tier (or even maybe not...)

never less the mod is great and continue with the great work (I could not imagine myself going back to playing vanilla 40k mod)

« on: September 09, 2021, 10:50:26 pm »
I think you have the Inferno pistol completely wrong, yes it has a limited range, 25 percent to a melta gun but its power should not be decreased but increased! it should be an insta kill weapon, also impossible to build only to buy or get by conquer, what you have in the game is not good

40k / Re: 40k
« on: July 06, 2021, 08:32:13 pm »
Question in regards of the option to create a random battle...I can select the craft, the mission, weapons, I missing something or how do I define the Crew???? wanted to do a Armageddon homage battle and there is one Astartes....

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