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Yes it will work.

Builds are made for:
- latest long time support release (LTS) which is Trusty Tahr (14.04)
- currently supported Ubuntu release which is Wily Werewolf (15.10) and Vivid Vervet (15.04)

On PPA page at the bottom you will find a filter button to show only packages for specific Ubutnu release. Trusty is on the list.

Trusty LTS release is also used by Linux Mint.

Hey guys,

After few sleepless nights I have finally finished automated daily build scripts for Ubuntu.
In order not to collide with stable release the nightly builds are in a separate PPA repository named simply openxcom-beta

Both PPA, (openxcom and openxcom-beta, can be active at the same time. Nightlies will take priority when installing which is of course expected. Translations are also updated daily.

Big thanks to you @winterheart because by looking at your PPA i was able to improve my own pakage specification files and use cmake for building. You learn something every day :]

Hey @niculinux,

I was thinking of making a secondary repository named "openxcom-nightlies" with daily packages but in the end I've just dropped the idea because it would be a little problematic to setup and maintain this on automatic build server and Launchpad.
Now when I think of it I'll create an 'openxcom-beta' package so anyone interested can test TFTD more easily :]

I like the idea of adding some more things to the repo like music or mods. I'll send you my email address in private message so you can suggest me which mods are worth adding.

Also I've found out that OpenXcom uses cmake now and there is a task to create a DEB file. This could be used on build server to create DEB and RPM packages for nightlies. It requires a little work though an what is more I'm not sure if the DEB packages will work everywhere as they don't have some runtime library dependencies that are different between Debian releases and other Debian based distributions...

To check it out you can do
Code: [Select]
cmake -DCPACK_GENERATOR="DEB;RPM"now when you run
Code: [Select]
make packageDEB and RPM package will be created

Hi there!

I've updated  PPA repository to include binaries for Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf).

Because libyaml-cpp package in latest Debian distributions contains only the broken version 0.5.2 of the library I had to also make a libyaml-cpp package that includes the latest patches from their git repo. It's also in the OpenXcom PPA.

There was also a small fix for bug in my build scripts that could result in not adding translations or menu entry.


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