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Awesome mod! Thank you for your work, Dioxine, I am really enjoying Piratez. Sheer amount of content and consistency is just beyond praise (well, may be except Dark ones. I dont like those. I like Blood Axes though.)

It`s april 2604 and I`m out of research topics, but a Star Gods base just appeared, so I guess I have to capture Coordinator and go Cydonia.
Sadly, I havent met any Deep Ones yet, all the probes (there were only 2) were detected after landing and flew away to much of my frustation.

Some questions and misc thoughts:

- are there manufacturable Gauss weapons? I`m stuck with Assault Railguns and Craft Railguns and cannot advance further through neither interrogations (cleared all of them really, and no more topics appear from engineers, leaders and commanders) nor data discs. I can diassemble Gauss weapons just fine though. Are they meant to be unique in a way you have to salvege them, or may be tied to deep ones (underwater weapons?). I have a suspicion I locked myself out of that research tree branch.

- are there "bulky" power armours better than Harbringer? Same suspicion as before (lobsterman research required?).

- why is Fusion explosives tied to Boomgun and why are those so rare? I got one by a chance from Academy Provost during base assault, but most Merc captains (who, I assume, should be armed with those) are running around with plasma/laser pistols.

- got this annoying armor bug just like Geneoce. Gals in Revenant, Brute and Annihilator suits can be stuck as unassignable to any transport AND do not participate in base defence.
Way to fix it ingame is to remove armor (or assign some other armor without STR bonus (Synthmuscle suit is fine though. It`s weird like that.) and run some mission. Even if you do a mission with another crew they get unstuck and ready for action again. I think you can even just make battlescape appearance and abort mission.

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