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XPiratez / [Map Change] Smaller Mansion
« on: May 03, 2016, 03:32:36 am »
Here something quick and dirty I made as my low-end computer is not really able to digest the huge Mansion Missions.
I will leave it here in case somebody else wants it, too.  :)

This is a mod for people like me who don't have powerful-enough computers and/or not enough time and patience to go through the enormous Mansion Missions.
It simply reduces the size of the terrain from 60x60 to 40x40 and halves the number of enemies. Of course you will get less loot as well, but that's just fair enough.

Important: Make sure that you enable this mod in the list AFTER all other XPiratez mods and the main game.

I quicktested the mod in the Battle Generator and it worked fine.
Make sure you load it after the main XPiratez entry.


XPiratez / Star-Gods in tactical...
« on: May 01, 2016, 01:38:14 pm »
Well, do I need to say more than the topic title already does?

I managed to shoot down a small Star-God ship that was on a sway government mission with my new Kraken (equipped with 3 naval guns, harhar). So far so good.
Then I made the mistake of actually sending troops there....


Opened the door, saw one facing away, threw some smokes first. then mowed him down with my Vulcan RFG gunner standing just in the right position (Deliverator craft btw) and I swear I saw nothing else. Closed the door. SAVED. Ended the turn.


Can you imagine an PSI-attack-blizzard? Well that's exactly what happened. I don't know precisely how many gals panicked, went berzerk and were under an evil spell, but it was enough to make me reload the save from above and take off. And those were my strongest VooDoo gals!

For a test I did something else, reloaded the tac mission from the beginning and left the craft.... Or should I say TRIED to leave the craft....?

Well. I have only ONE tip when facing Star Gods: DON'T.

Sadly they established a base close-by some days ago.... I can not even imagine what kind of an hell a mission there would be.....

So. Any tips?

(fwiw I think the difficulty is ABSOLUTELY right, this really is how a fight against a superior alien enemy should be, good work Dioxine)

Suggestions / Mod idea/Unit - Thing from another world
« on: April 30, 2016, 12:22:11 pm »
Just something that crossed my mind: Why not use a slightly modified Silacoid graphic (make it flesh-colored and stick some eyes and arms/limbs in it) and give the new unit invulnerability to AP/melee weapons and make it highly vulnerable to incendiary....

The alien also should convert XCom-units to a clone of themselves when they touch it.....  :)

Just like in the 1982 Thing movie with Russell.....

Work In Progress / [Observation] loftemp 1 , 78 and 85
« on: April 29, 2016, 02:36:30 pm »
I just discovered that units with the loftemp 1 can not be hit with melee weapons from diagonally behind. They can be hit from all other sides, even from diagonally frontal (with decreased chances? have to test more). Not sure if this is of use for someone, but it is a curious thing.

It reminded me of the loftemp 85 thing (used for some stealth armor mods) that can't be hit/seen at certain angles.

Also: Loftemp 78 is in that way the opposite of loftemp 85, you can't be hit from the other angles

Work In Progress / [Unit] Xcomorph. Now with Tail and Ufopedia
« on: April 29, 2016, 02:24:12 pm »
Just something small I am working on It changes the Chryssalid into something slightly more Xenomorph looking. The magic word being slightly.
Here the first version. I will keep on updating this as I make progress.

I made this difficulty-rule-file for my own personal use:

Code: [Select]
difficultyCoefficient: [0, 1, 2, 4, 6]
aimAndArmorMultipliers: [0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2]
  tu: 8
  stamina: 8
  health: 0
  bravery: 0
  reactions: 6
  firing: 6
  throwing: 0
  strength: 4
  psiStrength: 3
  psiSkill: 3
  melee: 8
turnAIUseGrenade: 0
turnAIUseBlaster: 0
  - damageRange: 100
  - explosiveDamageRange: 50
  - fireDamageRange: [10, 20]

As you can see I did nothing dramatic, I increased the flame damage, made the AI more aggressive etc, that all works fine. No problem. I checked and double checked.


Every time the AI now tries to use grenades the game CTD's. I also changed some unit-rul-file stats (increased them basically) so I guess the strength somehow goes bananas and causes a CTD because of strange flightpathes due to super-powered aliens.

Right?  :-\

As soon as I remove the stats changes the game works fine. (Have to restart tac missions of course).

So, what EXACTLY causes the CTD? Is it the strength?

I just realized that TFTD has ZRBITE entries in the ufo.rul whereas XCOM doesn't. If I want to change the Elerium placement in an XCOM ufo, do I actually need to change any rul-files or is it enough to change the map only?

There can never be enough UFO layouts, can there?

The idea behind this layout was to surprise the player, who from the first look suspects nothing, and then realizes he gets attacked from above. And there is no central lift!
Feel free to use these files in any way you see fit.

The nodes should be working, I took great care when editing them, however the BB map has ~90 nodes so....  ;)

the coordinates for the elerium are

13, 13 0
13, 15, 0
15, 15, 0
15, 13, 0

XPiratez / [Aux] OCP mod (Update May, 6th)
« on: April 20, 2016, 10:42:53 pm »
Well I was watching an Universal Soldier movie today and remembered an old mod for the original XCom I had made for myself some months ago and I slightly changed and updated it. This is not meant as a very serious mod, more like a proof-of-concept for myself, but I thought someone might like to see/test it.


This is a tiny addon-mod for Dioxine's XPiratez Total Conversion v. 0.98E

It adds two units, one that can be bought after you have researched plastasteel, the other appears later in the game as an upgrade to the first one. They do have low/average stats, a very limited inventory, are rather expensive, BUT:

The first unit can be revived!
The second unit is invisible!

That means if you can collect the body of the first unit (either by dragging it into your craft before aborting or by winning the mission) you can, with the help of a special kit, and 1 plastasteel, revive it in your workshops. The body can be easily destroyed by explosives and other weaponry, so beware.

The upgraded unit can not be revived, though. The invisibility comes at a price....

Feel free to use these files in any way you see fit, but check the credits, as the Stealth Armor files are not from me.

civilian 2016

thanks to Dioxine, Meridian and everyone else involved in making XPiratez. And legionof1 for his upgrade idea.

special credits:

The Stealth Gal files are based on the excellent Stealth Armor mod (for default XCom) from tollworkout.
I merely edited those files slightly.
The original mod can be found here:
The forum thread here:,3471.0.html

Note: The stealth gal has good resistance against lasers (laser=photons=light)

have fun with the old crow project, ahem old crew  project  ;D

XPiratez / [Equipment] Pacifier (UPDATED, ver 98e)
« on: April 18, 2016, 06:47:38 pm »
Just an old mod that I updated for XPiratez.

This is a small addon-mod for Dioxine's XPiratez Total Conversion. It adds a device called Pacifier, it is meant to keep stunned units from waking up again. It needs 85% of the unit's Time-Units to be applied and can be used 2 times. It is a rework of my UFO and TFTD Tranquilizer versions. This one has been tested wit 0.98E

Technical stuff: This is basically a negative Stimulant. The receiving unit gets a -28 stun recovery dosage, which keeps it down and unconscious for a very long time. It can not be used against tanks, needs to  be applied directly (stand over or a stunned unit or next to a soon-to-be-stunned one) and needs a lot of TUs, all that to keep it balanced.

It can only be used in XPiratez as this version has certain features that do not work with the original OpenXcom exe.
Those features are:
-The annoying Medi-kit screen no longer shows up when you use it
-It makes a nice Bling sound.
-Changed the name to avoid confusion with the "basic tranquilizer" research and made the Pacifier now usable in Mansion Missions.


civilian 2016, feel free to use these files in any way you want.

Big thanks to Dioxine, Meridian and anyone else involved  in the XPiratez TC.

edit: Updated thanks to Dioxine's input
edit: Updated again to avoid collision with poison grenade sound
edit: Changed name and made it usable in Mansion Missions
edit: Slightly buffed the pacifier and increased weight.

Released Mods / [MAPS] 20x20 ALT/Farm +Map fixes +Terrain
« on: April 17, 2016, 11:53:57 am »
Just what the topic title says- I wanted a bit more variety in that terrain and the maps already available were no longer enough, so...

Suggestions / Try this (works now!)
« on: April 11, 2016, 10:37:31 am »
In the recent nightly you can adjust the number of waypoints a waypoint-weapon uses: Here something really nice: Make a small grenade-like weapon with just 2 waypoints, you will not believe how much fun that simple thing is!  :)

Thanks to all the developers for that!  :)

Released Mods / [GAMEPLAY] Lifts in XCOM 1 behave like in TFTD
« on: April 07, 2016, 11:13:35 am »
Something quick and dirty

An experimental mod that makes UFO lift tiles behave like the ones in TFTD: You can now not see and shoot through lift tiles. This makes the game easier as you can simply block a lift by standing on it. But it also allows blocking by enemies, so....

Feel free to use these files in any way you see fit.

civilian 2016

Work In Progress / (Map change) Alien Containment
« on: March 31, 2016, 11:59:59 am »
Just something quick-and-dirty. If you use this file, Aliens will spawn in the Alien Containment during an Base Defense mission, making it look a bit like a Prison Outbreak....  :)

just something I tested...

Skyranger Windows mod

This mod adds tiny round viewing windows/slits to the sides of the Skyranger hull. While they allow your troops excellent scouting while still on-board, they also allow the aliens to see you, so you might get PSI attacked right away. It was inspired by XComUtil which has a similar option.

Important note: Don't worry, the windows do not allow any side to fire through them.

In the zip are some preview pics and the reference BMP file usable in PCKview. As you can see I merely added 4 tiny slits.

Civilian 2016. Feel free to use these files in any way you see fit.

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