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OpenXcom Extended / [DONE] [Suggestion] Random Operation Names
« on: July 14, 2018, 05:19:02 pm »
Just a thought: Would it be possible to get a random Operation name just like in XCom2012/XCom 2? You know like "Vigilant Eagle" or "Careful Butterfly" Displayed in the Briefing screen somewhere? It maybe could use the soldier.nam file structure, making it easier for you to copy lines of code  ;D

Atm it is possible to get a random name for your operation by adding an unused soldier type with the according names and hire/fire him/her before each op, but that's hardly an elegant solution...  :D

(talking of silly mods: I made a new soldier class called "Redshirt" with totally crappy stats and low cost, i use them to clear mines or open doors   ;)  )

Resources / [Resource] Sectoid as soldier pck
« on: October 03, 2017, 02:34:46 pm »
The standard sectoid PCK file is not usable to make a purchasable soldier unit as it misses some tiles. I made this here to correct that as I wanted sectoid soldiers. I thought someone might want it.
The sectosoldier can also kneel, i simply added the missing leg tiles as well with the other missing upper body parts.

No screenshot, i think you all know the sectoids  ;)

Released Mods / [Mega-Mod TFTD] My_TFTD_Mod v.1.02
« on: September 15, 2016, 11:48:24 am »
Well, the decision to release this mod came rather abruptly so It does not even have a real name yet. Niculinux and davide forced  ;) me to release my personal TFTD mod, which was never intended to be shown to the public. BUT as I did not want to release anything (even unofficially) without giving people their deserved credits, I opted to make it a public release. Especially after I invested over a hour trying to track back all the makers of the mods I used....

About the credits: I know/feel that thy are not entirely complete despite my best efforts and I know I did not ask anyone for permission beforehand, so if you think I forgot anything and or you don't want me to release something from you, tell me so please. I will honor your rights, no matter what.

That said, here the readme, it also can be downloaded below:

"My_TFTD_Mod" v.1.02 16th September 2016

This is a complete rework of TFTD, be aware of that and don't expect to play it like you would normally play TFTD.
READ the NEW Ufopaedia entries. This goes for ALL entries, they all have been redone. Some more, some less.
READ THEM or you will maybe wonder what is happening.
Only US-English fwiw.

This mod is meant to be a starting point for other modders to make their own TFTD mods, just use what you like and delete the things you don't like.
There are some cross-references in the files and the folder structure is not fully optimized, but It works rather well.
It was originally a personal mod and was not meant to be released, but I had to find some way to host all my dozens of TFTD resources in a way that beginner modders could use.
Davide and Niculinux then gave me the required push to do so.

Recommended Options:
Use the nightly exes ( and newer), no Extended exe or 1.0 release.
Do not use ufoextender accuracy unless you are completely masochistic.
Use the fixed starting base layout, it is optimal, really. That and I made some changes which that option disables (no containment etc).
Everything else is optional.


Ok, here a brief overview, a detailed list is impossible to do. The mod is mostly done now, except for bug-fixes.
Feel free to snoop through the RUL files, it saves me from describing every change.


New weapons, new aliens, new USOs, new crafts, new graphics, new sounds, new equipment, new buildings, new terrains, new maps and a complete rework of the core game.
I still tried to stay as close to the original TFTD feeling as much as possible, but also tried to make it more flexible and interesting. Of course not all that was done by myself.
See CREDITS section below the long text-block.


More details:


All weapons+tanks work on land and underwater.

Alien bases and artifact sites (both level 2) are smaller.

The TFTD combo-patch has been applied.

I added a new shader (dot-n-bloom-sharpened), i use it, but it might not be your taste.

All skills are capped at 100 or lower, no more e.g. stupid 120% accuracy. All weapons have adjusted accordingly, i made this to ease balancing.

Most things (aliens, weapons, crafts etc) have been renamed, their role changed and or have been rebalanced. And I mean that. READ THE UFOPAEDIA ENTRIES. Dart pistols have 5 auto-shots, gauss 4, sonic 3 btw.

Most item graphics have been redone. Many other graphics, too (UI, terrains, aliens, weapons). And sounds.

Aliens do have a more logical weapon load-out now. I especially made e.g. the Disruptor Launcher and Stun Launcher one-handed to allow the aliens to use them along with drills (so they get no accuracy penalty). Things like that. They all have inventory screens (when controllable)

All Aliens now have a melee attack, some stun, some zombify, some poison. (not usable by the player )

The PSI system has been COMPLETELY redone, Aliens have better defenses, some are immune, so PSI is not all you need.
Your soldier Psi skills now have lower caps. Psi is still good.

I added a lot of new aliens, alien variants and alien colors. They will however (with the Exception of the shark-like carchorodons) not appear as full races, but they will appear in rare cases ALONG the normal races. Some will appear only in the final mission or special locations.

I added a human enemy race, the SORESO corporation (see official XCom time-line). They have the same armor the player has, which can be hard if you play on superhuman as the AI gets an armor bonus then. No researches here, though, just sell the soldiers you capture (if!)

The zombies and tentaculats have been reworked. Zombies do not spawn tentaculats anymore. They can zombify you and civilians. They appear (rare!) as a surface terror race.

I added A LOT of new weapons and equipment. Again: Read the Ufopaedia entries. Some rare alien weapons can not be recovered and used. On purpose.

I added new tanks, a new walker unit and some drones. The drones can be freely equipped!

I added new armors, changed the existing ones. Some have different colors to choose from (ion + Mag Ion)

Some new civilians. Female soldiers and civilians now have female death-sounds.

All (most?) new available TFTD terrains and maps have been added.

Crafts and their weapons have been completely reworked. Some added. They all have item limits. All can carry troops. Within limits of course.

You can recycle some sonic ammo types and stuff from USOs into Zrbite and some corpses into Aqua-Plastics (where mentioned in the Ufopaedia or where it made sense). You will need these additional resources.

The inventory has been redone along with its TU system. Hands swapped, less TU-Usage, different space, style.

Some sell-able loot-resources have been added. (Gold, Iridium, Elerium) They are found randomly on some maps.

Some new facilities have been added, the original ones completely redone. -> Ufopaedia!

Game difficulty is now more balanced, resources are VERY rare, especially ZRBITE, you can not build Aqua-Plastics.

Gauss is better and now really works well as a mid-game weapon. And you get a lot of new other things to experiment with and level the playing field.

I added all available new USOs and then some.

There are new soldier types available. The sectoid-soldiers come with own unit graphics. The Enforcer-soldiers have a custom inventory.

Research has been completely redone, now there is/are a more logical order and an actual tech-tree. No more dead-ends. No more rare aliens required for early and essential research.

All underwater missions are now dark or very dark, just like it should be in a real deep sea setting. the flares are stronger (and lighter) to compensate a bit for that.

All stuff you find in USOs/bases now has a purpose and is required in the tech-tree, some (Psioline devices) are required to build things.

Alien supply ship missions have a timer (to make base-milking less valid)

XCom base defenses end after 30 turns to your favor. I did this to avoid boring and endless alien hunts.

A few other missions have timers, too. Beware. Simply don't dilly-dally too much and you should be fine.

The aliens do not have the cheat-like ability anymore to know where you are automatically after turn 20 (was original game behavior).
They still get a PSI-Cheat when you killed all but 2 of them, allowing them to use their MC attacks w/o seeing you.

Notes: (contains spoilers)

Get Psi as early as possible, it will take a lot of time to get those psi units combat-ready. In the beginning you can only use panic attacks. (the sectoid-soldiers)
The first PSI-Amp needs line-of-sight, the second one doesn't, but comes much later. And is slower. They are both VERY EXPENSIVE to build.
Collect the Mind-Probes. Do NOT sell them. You will need them to build Psi-Amps (MC_Disruptors). And Psioline devices. And you will need them to scan aliens.
Early psi-tree:
Live Terror-Unit->MC-Lab->sectoid-soldiers with built in psi-panic attack (no LOS)-> later: mc-reader->mc_disruptor mk 1-> much much later mc_disruptor mk 2 (After Hammerhead)
For the final research you can now capture either a Tasoth Commander, a Carcharodon Comander or a Lobsterman Commander, making it a bit easier to find one (originally only the Lobsterman Commander was able to unlock it). Commanders can be found in Alien bases and Dreadnought USOs.
If you do not have a mind-probe to identify them, take a very close look at them, I gave them all a custom skin. They will not stand out a lot, so you will have to look really good...

You will most likely NOT have enough resources for everything. Choose and skip things you do not absolutely need. You can use different tech/tactic/strategy ways to win the game now.
Use only 2 or so PSI-Units, they are no longer all you need.

Enforcer (Cyborg) Aquanauts are too heavy to fly/float, but they have very good physical stats to compensate and are immune to mind-control attacks.
Sectoid Aquanauts are capable (within limits) to fight both as regular soldiers AND as psi-units. Later, better and more specialized troops appear, but they are worth their money.
Psyker Aquanauts can not wear armor (Sectoids, too) and are terrible soldiers. However, they can psi-attack more often than other soldier types (including sectoids) AND are the psi-strongest units.

-My new "muddy sea" terrain is not as good as I want it to be... let's call it  a low priority W.I.P.
-bugfixes if found, see UPDATES section below

Known default exe bugs:
A minor research glitch: Comes from the default exe, not my fault. It will not cause any problems and you will probably never see it (One alien corpse appears in the "You can now research:"-text even though it is already researched. It will however never appear in the real research list again, only in this text...)
Another default exe-glitch: You can overfill your alien containment sometimes, even if you use the limit-containment-option.
I reported both bugs a long time ago, but nothing happened yet. Oh well.



Here the main ones i know of for sure:

-Warboy1982, hellrazor, Caleb13 -> combopatch and MANY other things
-Illamasquas -> Many Files from his TFTD Rework mod
-Orbz, Xenowiper -> MANY Files from their TFTD mods
-TFTD Extended facilities by Blank
-Files from Blank's More USO mod an Teeming USO's mod
-Parts of Blanks TFTD Terrain Expansion
-Xops' Carcharodons mod + ideas from his inventory screen look
-Files/ideas from Roxis231's Enhanced reskin of TFTD craft mod and TFTD Research mod
-Files/Ideas from Mackus' Mixed Crew and Tasoth Commander mod
-Files/Ideas from Jukebox's sound mods
-Ideas from trollworkout's TFTD-UFO Equipment mod
-Files/Ideas from bulletdesigner's UN mod
-Files from tyran_nick's Disruptor mod
-Files/ideas from Emong's Hybrid-Soldier mod
-Cooper's smoke mod
-Files/Ideas from Liberation's NoTritonInBaseDefense mod
-Files/Ideas from Simon's Better TFTD Aliens mod
-Files/ideas from Simon's X2ResearchPatch mod
-Files/ideas fromjackstraw2323's War of Shadows mod
-Files/ideas from Trollworkout's Stealth Armor mod
-Ideas from redv's psi-war mod
-Ideas from ReaverOfDarkness' psi investigations
-Ideas from niculinux's TFTD suggestion threads
-Ideas from Surrealistik's TFTD suggestion threads
-Ideas from KiethSomataw99's TFTD suggestion threads
-Ideas from Orz's TFTD threads
-USO maps from strategycore (Luchian Deurell, Sam Jeffreys, Gizamaluke) for every possible and impossible information about everything XCom-related
-Ideas from Morgan525's TFTD Extender

and many many more. I do not seriously think I can find/post/remember them all.

I sadly did not keep track of every mod I used. as I never intended to release this mega-mod.
Still, I spent one hour trying to find and credit everyone here as i felt kinda shabby not doing that.
Yes. One hour for the credits above. o.o
Can't blame me for not trying.

Anyway, hf!

All my files are free to take. Credits are always nice to get, but I can still live w/o.
Remember that many files in this mod are NOT my files, though.
civilian aka new_civilian sep 2016
At the moment I am working on an offline PC system and only have access to the Internet 3 or 4 times a week,
so do not expect posts, updates and answers to arrive right away. I am working on a solution, though.

version 1.0:
original "public" release
update 1.01:
Changed the new Enforcer graphics due to a bug.
update v1.02:
corrected odd Enforcer armor appearance. (missing arm and see-through belt anyone?)
moved a rmp-file to correct folder.
corrected Psiodrone move-sound.

Interestingly all bugs so far were from things that I added short before/after the public release of the mod,
initially intending to make the mod more complete. I (hopefully) learned from my mistake and will not rush shortly tested things
into my mods anymore. Especially as the unreleased older version of the mod ran w/o the slightest problem for many months.

Download here:
Screenshots here:,4157.0.html


Sidenote: I am not able to update/maintain this mod properly due to a lack of a constant internet connection and a lack of time. However, I consider it done and complete, so that's not a major problem. Feel free to post addons here, thank you.

Released Mods / [MISC] BIGOBS/Terrains
« on: September 10, 2016, 11:48:00 am »
Some minor things, not sure where to post them.

I made them for myself to replace the stun launcher and blaster launcher.

Troubleshooting / [TFTD] South Pacific = Auto-Loss
« on: September 01, 2016, 11:21:03 am »
After trying several times in a row to win a game with a starting base in the SouthPacific  I give up. You simply can not do anything there, I had 4 months with not one USO. North pacific? Fine. Atlantic? Fine. Mediterrenean? Very fine. South Pacific? Forget it.

Not sure what can be done about that as the area sems to be simply lacking enought points-of-interest for the aliens. Sooner or later in an otherwise flawless campaign you will run into a lack of resourses/research/rating points and the game is over.

Any thoughts?

Troubleshooting / TFTD base defence
« on: August 31, 2016, 12:12:22 pm »
The AI in TFTD seems to be VERY shy during XCom base defense missions. There is an inital burst of enemies at the start of the mission, but after that the remaining aliens are to lazy to leave the hangars. This makes those missions way too easy.

Troubleshooting / How do I open/use the DMP files?
« on: August 31, 2016, 12:09:48 pm »
What do I need the DMP files for that appear after a crash?
Could we make their appearance an option?

Suggestions / [Suggestion] AI cheating toggle-able
« on: August 31, 2016, 11:38:25 am »
After playing a game with cheatTurn set to 200 I realized how much less artificial and more realistic the game has become. I really liked it much more than the default setting. However, enabling this for EVERY AlienDeployment entry is a real burden, especially if you use a lot of new terrains/missions/uf/usos. So here my suggestion:

Could we make the cheating AI an option?

Resources / Unfinished/Abandonded terrain.....
« on: August 29, 2016, 11:39:44 am »
Some days ago I tried to make a quick-and-dirty moon terrain, but somehow it didn't work out to my satisfaction.

Anyway, here the file, it includes a terrain, maps and an example ruleset and screenies, maybe someone wants it.....

The initial plan was to make alien bases (along with base controls) that you would destroy just like regular alien bases.

bla.bla.bla.  :P

Released Mods / Recolored Snakeman sprite
« on: August 26, 2016, 03:57:59 pm »
Tried to make the snakeman a bit more interesting, it's just a recoloring, but i think it looks nice enough to post...  :)

Released Mods / [Map] Just another City mapblock
« on: August 18, 2016, 11:45:06 am »
As I hadn't made any new mapblocks recently, I thought I restart with something easy.
It's just one 10x10 mapblock. But I took great care to place the nodes correctly and use correct node settings. And I kinda like the house...  :)

It's convieniently called Urban14f so it should be super-easy to add to existing city terrains.


Released Mods / (Shader) dot_n_bloom sharpened
« on: August 13, 2016, 01:52:07 pm »
Just a brighter and less blurry version of the default dot_n_bloom shader

Released Mods / (UI) Swap hands in tac UI (TFTD+XCOM)
« on: August 13, 2016, 01:47:08 pm »
Just a minimod/option. The original idea is from falco.

It makes weapons appear in the same slot in both the inventory and the TAC UI. The true unit graphics remain unchanged.

Offtopic / Good site for those interested in sci-fi
« on: May 06, 2016, 02:53:20 pm »
Found this site some years ago and recently revisited it, it's a good place for correct and realistic (hard-science) information about anything space/sci-fi/story-related:

Most of you will probably know it already.

There's also a special page about Space Piracy, could be useful for Dioxine...

Troubleshooting / Sneaky AI - a cheat?
« on: May 04, 2016, 10:47:00 am »
The Sneaky AI setting.... Is it a cheat, is it broken, is it important or what is it? Or does it work at all? I am totally clueless about this feature.

It is ok that SOME vulnerable AI units try to hide, but doesn't that option break all melee units? Their sole purpose is to go TO the player units and attack them.
Not to hide.
When I started with OXC i always enabled it, as I thought it would improve the AI behaviour, but now I generally turn it off.

and now the next problem:

I wish I could say that it makes a big difference, but I have to admit it doesn't.  I actually wonder if it works at all.

Tried it in several mods and if there is a difference, then it is marginal.

So what is going on with this option, do you guys use it? Any experiences, tips, suggestions, observations?

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