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Released Mods / [TFTD] [MODPACK] UFOnizing TFTD
« on: September 25, 2015, 12:19:43 am »

The idea here was to try to make TFTD less tedious, weird and turn it more fun to play and consistent.

So why not get some inspiration from UFO gameplay elements?

Below are the principles of what I thought that could make this a better game, clearing out (or at least minimizing) the irritating and/or nonsense aspects of it (that certainly irritated many of the UFO fans back in the day).

Note:  As a matter of coherency, it's recommended to activate these on your game:

(OPTIONS) -> ADVANCED -> Enhanced soldier sprites
(MODS)    -> StrategyCore Swap Small USOs


1) Fly me to the moon...

Hint:  Believe it or not , now you can fly.

2) Different armors, different colors.

Hint: 2 armors recolored. 1 fixed.

3) Different items, different colors & shapes.

Hint: Items color/image fixes.

4) Spicing up amphibious operations.

Hint: A decent SWS at the beginning.

5) Make a scout happy!

Hint: A powered up auto-pistol...

6) Some familiar names...


- What's your name?
- My name is Carlos Carlos.


Hint: All nationalities/races/whatever joined the effort to stop the alien menace!

8 ) More land, less water. OK, accordingly to Warboy

Hint: Me no like artifacts.

9) Making a better user experience

Hint: Changes to the interface.

10) Know your enemy / investigate the locals

Hint: Use M.C. and you'll see... 8)

11) Crafting wonders (all craft related stuff)


- Troop deployments edited (Triton, Leviathan).

- More ppl on board for the final assault!

- A more sinister interception-only craft than Manta.

- Let's play "USO Destroyer"?

LATEST version download link HERE, on .zip file attached to this post.


Original changes (v. 1.0)

1) Magnetic ion armor now flies on land.

2) Plastic aqua armor got a non-aqua color & Mag ion armor got a non-yellow color.
    Diving Suit now has the same colors as its spritesheet (inventory/bigobs)

3) Hidrojet Cannon phosphorous rounds go yellowish (bigobs/ufopaedia).
     Torpedo Launcher Small torpedo becomes SMALL (bigobs/handobs/floorobs/ufopaedia).
     Torpedo Launcher Phosphorous torpedo becomes...yellow! (bigobs/handobs/floorobs/ufopaedia)

4) Coelacanth/Aqua Jet now works ON LAND!

5) Sonic pistols now have auto-fire mode.

6) TFTD original names are back!

7) Asians are back (inventory dolls and battlescape)!

8 ) Mission weights edited: Port/island attack > Cruise/cargo > artifacts.

Released Mods / [CRAFT] Ultimate interception pack
« on: November 19, 2014, 01:36:16 am »

The idea for this mod came up from watching the incredibly long Jadestar OpenXCom 1.0 Superhuman marathon some time
ago (That was a Pyrrhic victory...). In the later part, Jade was anxious to reach Cydonia but ships and more ships
were getting in his way (" I want to go to Cydonia, FFS!1!1!!11!!!1!").

So, here's where it comes my mod: to let you choose, in a simple way, which ships you want to assault with your
troops, without turning the geoscape into a treasure map with all those untouched X's.

It has two components:

- An advanced craft, way better than the Firestorm, specialized in interceptions (short/medium/long distances).

- An advanced craft weapon, with a very high firepower, capable of destroying even more ships, specially those that
are not that useful/interesting/challenging/rewarding/etc. later on.

Note: The range was set like this by default (It's really an ultimate weapon). You can adjust it if you don't
like/feel OP.   

Note 02: I've tried to balance it to be a useful late game weapon but not a
super-hyper-mega-blaster-powerful-weapon-that-can-explode-the-planet-30-times. Probably it can still be fine-tuned
(excluding damage and range, specially damage).

Note 03: The craft mod has a pending Spanish translation. Feel free to contribute if you want a Spanish translation.

Note 04: Small graphic edit. Most of the graphic part is from the original mods.


tyran_nick = Mass Accelerator Weapons (Railguns)

Shadow = Retaliator

Work In Progress / [CRAFT] Avenger old deployment
« on: October 04, 2014, 08:17:56 am »
Just a small piece of code for those who want default Avenger deployment (back to the "old 0.9 days")  :P

Note: It's optimized for a 3-tank layout. Contains some unit placement hints. A soldier can throw a smoke grenade on +90% cases, except for occasional herp derp. ;D

Released Mods / [ARMOR] [GRAPHICS] Colored Moriarty Armors
« on: October 03, 2014, 04:56:05 am »
If you thought Moriarty Armors couldn't get any cooler... here's something special...

Colored Moriarty Armors

Not all colors are present. Some I took off:

- For being too similar/conflicting with existing armors.

- Not working well (Due to color errors on OpenXCom hair/skin recoloring script)

- To see if there's enough demand (Reservoir Dogs comes to mind...)  :P

Note: Helm/helm-off versions.

Note 2: Special bonus on a certain color...

First mod, made to put some lights back on a very cool mod that changed the original armors to a way better design.


Forgot to actually make helm version usable, at least in a simple way.  Reorganized all the files together so as to make a more user-friendly mod. 

Edit 02:

Changed description a little bit. More user-friendly stuff (extract -> copy&paste -> play).  Published on mod portal.


Base armor: Moriarty

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