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@VodkaBear - everything @interrogations is explained in the Pedia, and completing them brings up special articles, THAT SPECIFICALLY SAY "THERE IS NO NEED TO INTERROGATE ANY MORE BROKEN NAME_HERE". I did that for you, dude :) . I know it is confusing but I did what I could. I think it's better overall - I mean, complex research system over a simplistic one. You're unlikely to miss out any important stuff even if you interrogate just specialists and only once each, though. Maybe some hidden stuff, but you won't miss any important tech.
I'm not quite sure about your other question? What? So 23 enemies is a lot? Every terror on Jack Sparrow has around 33 enemies, and Gunships in excess of 20 :) Nah this was pretty much unchanged for a long time. Except for Cruiser/Hideout Defence

Just right now I finished another V.large battle with same kind of mission and there were only 13 guys, wondering why. Also, I've got an idea. While attacking any kind of ship enemies just walking around without any seeming point, okay it's original poor AI, it's hardcoded, you cannot change it, I understand. Here a few solutions I thought about:
1. Is it possible to place tiles which blocks movement but allows firing? It's quiet stupid that there no single embrasure on assault kinds of ships.
2. Make few new types of enemies = turrets, they can have ~3 ap(so they cant move and stays at place) and 33%-50% ap to shoot.

Also, even with Luke's extra UFO i still having 1 kind of V.large ship is it okay or I messed up something again?

Uh, now I struck strange bug, if ship was pretending to land at dark side of planet, but you waited for bright = game crash. If you landing while it's dark = everything okay. Here the save: current xcom version is git 2015-03-31 05:10

Uh, hate to ask same things, but I hope "one resultative research per one member" works for "broken %factionmember%" too? Has something changed to bases and ships personal? It's great, from poor pirate, that cannot afford spare mortar shell I've became treasure lord, but I've never meet such quantities of member at early game stages(3-4 month from beginning) in other versions. And one more thing - after destroying base 2 large and 1 very large ship landed at same place (between my and their bases), so I easily farmed them.

If there is absolutely nothing more to be gained from an enemy, the research topic won't come up anymore (I think).
If you researched anyone once, his/her entry appears under the Factions section in the Pedia, usually with hints about further researches. Read the Pedia! :)

I'm not quiet sure, but when I played some of previous versions I researched trader GO or security 20-30 times. And I just researched "interrogation", what made things even more confusing to remember who and when I researched or not, without full understanding how it all works and if I missed something and will new interrogation option appears to previously interrogated enemies but without "interrogation" research... Yeah it's all cool and interesting but confusing a lot too. Still thanks that you keep working on mod, it's great.

Okay, I've got, thanks. Still  big problem to remember if I already researched/interrogated this kind of enemies or not, but notepad helps a little.

Thanks for answers, but in common I already knew that all and just expected a bit detailed info, like is it difference between researching grunts or some top-personal, if I'll get very special info from leaders(except merc you mentioned before) after numerous of researches or better sell/make them slaves and repeat research low-tier soldiers of every faction.

Always forgetting to ask, what about same research for prisioners do, for example, after reasearching GO I have another GO research, but as I playing with "destroy item after research" it's quiet tough task to research few times different "bosses" like humanist leader, etc. How many of this kind research for every kind of soldier and are they necessary and gives real advantage?

Okay, thanks, probably that is, I start to remember I already faced this problem before in very earlier versions of piratez and similar answer was given, stupid me.

Sorry for stupid question but I can't find out, what problem in. I've downloaded openXcom, installed original eng version(yes correctly maps overwriting maps, etc) over in data folder of openXcom, renamed soldiername to soldiername,1 installed unpacked piratez with replacing. Then when I trying activate piratezPlanet xcom restarts and throws error like "blah-blah error reading blah-blah at line 0", sorry I cannot give it full and correctly right now. Any guess what I've messed up?

Work In Progress / Re: Mod Translation Project
« on: October 10, 2014, 08:39:22 am »
Easiest solution will be adding STR_+NAMEMODE+_ETC and somehow checking for unique modname, nor for unique str at all. But still they must somehow get list of modnames.

What different symbols for slaves manufacture means?(three numbers like 0/1/0) and ($, S, s+, etc). Bows still have strength modifier or not? How actually dmg for str mod calculates, (roll plain 25*0-200% + str, or (str+25)*0-200%? Where difference between cutting and conclusive(hammers) damage at melee, almost all enemies seems have no modifiers for this types of damage or they just work different ways(ignoring armor?)

Tried reinstall another time, now I opened large quarters without crash, and think there will be no crash at battle, have no idea what changed, comparing to previous times. Can it be Luke's UFO's?

Yep, I've done everything you described, actually I'm coder(c#, java) myself, so it no big chance I've made really stupid mistake, ofcourse I've tried completly clear install. Game crash after first battle, without building\bying\researching\changing ship setup\etc. Just start new game - choose base location - increase time - shotdown first ufo - win battle - crash or go to the base, open market - crash. That the story. Tried few different original x-com versions - no result.

Nope, same crash after battle end again. Tried completly clear, last nightly, last patched original, only piratez, no advanced settings - still same crash after battle. I know that sort of against the rules, but cant anyone make build original+piratez(x64) and upload somewhere?

Wow,  nice to hear, hope my crash problem will go away. And where can I read about soldiers stat progression, not sure but I don't remember my members have 15-20 str, always been higher, so should I dump them(when choosing mid-armor+medium-weight weapon, so 15-20 str not enough) or how can make them progress(if possible) faster? Give them overweight and make run around or what? And what about different map for same types UFO(Like LUKE's) it really boring when you same planned fuel-trading shuttle after 2-3 similar missions at row. Also, last time I hoped re-install will help me I've make it through battle, then successfully opened market, then Large Barraks became researched, I've opened rsrch info - hello mr. Crash.

Well, hello. First I want to say thanks for all work you done, I'm really enjoyed playing your mode since first versions. Its obviously best x-com mod, and one of the best mods at all I've ever played for any game. But now I have problem with it. After correct installation(tried few times) and adding only LUK UFO's(no any others map mods), I've got a crash after sucessfully defeating crashed small ufo with that black guys(not mercenaries, forgot their naming) with small floating drones. Actually I got crash after UFO returned to base when I'm pressing "market" button. First time it crashed immediatly after battle finish, then I set storage limitations off, game go further without crash, but as I said it crash on market. What have I done wrong? And few concept notes:
1. Weak weapons like smg, early pistols, etc. They are useless for me, from the start we have access to much better weaponary, and it make me sick, while on later stages I have to sell all that garbage manually. Isnt it possible to somehow set to collect one Item(garbage weapon details?) for quicksale?
2. I love idea of special ammo types for few weapons(like acid and stun shells) and I'm think that better way to make different purposes weapons instead of adding more and more weapons which differ with few ap or dmg parameters.
3. Crazy idea, but isnt it possible somehow make ufo battles on battlescape? You can draw map UFO structure as usual, but instead of humans/enemies PC/NPC will be gunning\controling systems, always wanted UFO battles being more detailed.

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