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Work In Progress / Re: 'Equal Terms' 1.0 Mod Discussion.
« on: September 18, 2014, 07:05:26 am »
I do have a feature request... just a few things that I think would be great. grain of salt of course :)

1. A street sweeper shotgun like a Saiga 12 or a Pancor Jackhammer. Offers burst fire mode and has a 20 round magazine. Burst is three shots no option for aimed or snap, and it costs 40% TUs to shoot, and weighs a ton.

2. Incendiary shells for shotgun. These exist and they use them to start backfires fighting forest fires and I've shot a few myself and they would be SUPER useful on those night missions where you need light.

3.Backblast on the SSRL. like 1 square at 35 dmg, and another directly behind it at 17 and then nothing more. destroys terrain and has a little smoke.

4. A 5 shot pump action grenade launcher that could shoot smoke, HE, Phosphorus, and Buckshot. Look up China Lake launcher if you haven't seen it. It wouldn't have to be super powerful. 30 HE would be plenty and have it cost 45-50% to use. Buckshot would shoot 12-20 pellets at 7-15 dmg of AP.

More ideas... but I'm tired.


Dude, I remember a mission where I had a guy in Powersuit Armor fighting one single alien, but on the Alien's turn, two more aliens flanked the powersuit guy from either side and fired at him, but he soaked the damage. He was down to 4 health and had 5 fatal wounds (!), so I decided that he should go out with a bang, and the only explosive on him was a High Explosive.

...You can guess the rest of the story.  ;D

I laughed WAY harder at this than I should have. I was imagining a squadie all burnt to hell saying "ALLUH AKBAR" and blowing himself up... Terrible.

I had a few operatives that were total characters. Armand Jackson... How can I remember his name so well but forget my birthday??? Armand was a grunt who seemingly had a knack for causing explosive havoc. He was from the the uncanny valley of having max starting strength and max throwing accuracy. I would quite regularly use him to relay grenades or throw them in crazy positions to bust cover or flush an alien. Before long I was loading him down like a mule and he got hulk strong. Once he hit like 65 strength he would just He-Man an HE into where ever. Once he threw 3 in a turn and brought a building down and racked up 6 (yes 6 )kills in a turn.

I had an operative who was death incarnate. Wounded a dozen times, and was my aliennapper. She would run up and poke the Xenobear with a stick until it quick twitching... hilarious.

But to answer your question, by some strange twist of fate I had a guy autoshot and kill three sectoids. I was aiming at one, missed and hit another killing it. Second shot hit killed intended target and last shot sped off into the dark... striking a third and dropping him. I dubbed him "Tailor" for the brave little tailor doing SEVEN IN ONE STROKE!!!

I used to regularly shoot across the map with a rocket sniper I had groomed, until he rounded Pi to 3 and went 'Splode.

Playing TFTD I had a sub that had a one tile hole in the rood and was next to some scaffolding rock bullshit so I used that as the entry point. This was before I had Mag Ion armor so I spent two turns crawling these guys up there and had them jump in. I thought " HA! I got 'em" and the first guy landed face to face with a Xarquid. DOH! yeah he died... But his BUDDY! well he landed and gutted that squid with his vibroblade.

I once forgot to put more men on my sky ranger after a particularly nasty mission full of kills and wounds and had ONE guy on the ship when I dispatched it to a terror site. Through sheer fucking luck and a few wise decisions and patience I managed to clear a terror site with one guy. It took me like 85 turns to do it, so much collateral damage but HOLY SHIT I did it. That guy eventually made Captain through attrition.

I shot a cyberdisk out of the air and landed on the gas pumps on a terror site killing two sectoids and revealing a third who just panicked.

Work In Progress / Re: 'Equal Terms' 1.0 Mod Discussion.
« on: September 17, 2014, 05:04:44 am »
I love this mod, but have 1 and ONLY 1 beef with it.

the SAW... When doing a burst from it, you should get MORE accurate as you fire. In reality you "walk in" a long burst which means you see where you miss and compensate. It wouldn't have to be a huge bonus, but something like 1% a shot and make a long burst be 7 shots.

But other than that... it is frickin' cool.


Work In Progress / Re: New Base facilities/ soldier stuff
« on: September 16, 2014, 04:31:54 am »
Great ideas!

Work In Progress / New Base facilities/ soldier stuff
« on: September 15, 2014, 05:39:57 am »
Hello all!

Huge fan of OXC and played the original TO DEATH and even modded it for my entertainment when I was a teenager. However, there were always a few things that bugged me and even as an adult it still kind of eats at me.

1. Why in the HELL could I not set minimum stats for recruits? I mean COME ON... 10 bravery? I could drop my coffee and he'd head for the hills.

2. Why could I not pay for more stringent testing criteria? I mean some of these guys they found behind 7-11  obviously.

3. Alright so why can I not train up recruits to better suit my purpose? I mean if little Tommy Toughnuts can't shoot to save his life, can't I send him to learn?

4. Ok, so I have a troop who basically got blown in half and is in recovery for 80+ days... I Think it may be time for a little six million dollar man....

I did all of these things manually to make my game more  fun for me.
I charged myself obscene money for decent soldiers.
I Paid monthly to pay for "tutoring" of my soldiers.
When one of my soldiers got REALLY screwed up I charged myself money and resources and made them cyborgs with great stats.

Now... What does that have to do with you ladies and men?

I think it would be a great mod to have. Where you have a hospital, cybernetic prosthetics lab, and training centers and all can work in conjunction.

So you spend more to get a better soldier, or roll the dice and can enroll them in various training courses to improve their skills which you get a report of once a month like psi training. If they get blown up or you want to augment them, you pay money and resources to do so and they are super soldiers.

Ideas, thoughts?

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