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Holy shit I just thought of a huge logical flaw.

We can transfer a person or any equipment in like 18 hours or less. however getting a 2 guys anywhere with a plane and renting a car can be like 3 days. we should be hiring the shipping manager to plan transportation. if he can find a way to ship tons of explosives, dead bodies, and entire fucking armored vehicles around the planet like it was another day at DHL; fuck we need that guy.

oh hell what a mess.

Aha! I encountered this bug too!

Tazed a ganger and suddenly the world exploded.

Sol! We're gonna need a shit load of ductape :)

Nah, the money is not an issue. It's not X-Piratez, the differences aren't that great, and you don't have that many people in the beginning.

Why must we give them 40k upfront? Why not 10K to match their starting salary?

Considering I've gone through 6 agents in the first 8 in game days of this play through... I think this one is going to be fucking rough.

Aliens are showing up way earlier this go around as well, and through luck my first two kills have been Sectoids. With no armor, rookies, and meh equipment, a light pistol and a plasma subrifle are basically equivalent.

Just remember to eat  ;)

Sleep deprivation is a bitch.

Unless I have direct control over the salaries of my troops via promotion and there is an obvious and real benefit to promoting a soldier this is not a good idea in my opinion.

I want to redo them completely, as they don't suit agents at all - they are for army soldiers (US Army soldiers, to be precise).

I think that you should. It could be a real treat to reward some of my soldiers :)

I finally managed to get some "The Men In Black" comic scans. Yeah, I mean that old black&white comic from the mid-90th. I wanted to get it when I was a teenager but it became possible only right now. And I found an image on the one of first pages that almost perfectly describes what early monster hunts look like:

This is fucking awesome.

The X-Com Files / Re: Field reports
« on: March 06, 2017, 07:51:47 pm »
Yeah, you know well how to pleasure a man! :)

I do indeed, and I can cook.  ;)

As in Walter White or Waffles.... I'm pretty versatile.

The X-Com Files / Re: Field reports
« on: March 06, 2017, 09:52:58 am »
He was bleeding out...

The gaping hole just under his vest was large and angled up exiting above a kidney. He could feel wetness running down his back and knew his number was finally up. He'd gotten the Slavic son of a bitch but not before being mortally wounded. He was isolated and his fireteam was dead or dying and he knew if he rendered aid he was still going die and then they'd just execute the wounded.

He sprayed some of the healing junk into the gaping maw to try to staunch the bleeding and cinched his belt tighter while pulling his fatigues up over his navel like an old man. He had to keep his guts in to do what he needed to do and didn't want them falling out.

The gushing slowed to a mere free flow of dark red.

Not arterial then, probably a liver hit he mused.

He walked over to the trenchcoated sunglass wearing gargoyle of a man he'd killed. He rummaged around and found what he wanted...A memory card which held vital data that was what the overall mission needed. He weighted it in his hand a moment and threw it on to an overhang where he knew the second team was at and would sparkle through its arc in the light of the skyraider. Hopefully they'd find it on their way back to Evac.

Mission Accomplished, now for some payback

He focused his attention on the door to the Slavic asshole had surprised him from and walked calmly to it. He opened the door and was peppered by SMG fire, all of it stopped cold by his vest by a Red Beret.

He calmly let a burst vaporize the beret to mix with blood and brains in an abstract painting all over the wall behind the slumping corpse. He pivoted and saw a female soldier raising an LMG, but he was quicker and dropped her revealing another man he didn't see pulling the trigger with a wry smile.

He prepared for death, hearing two shots whose muted booms would have killed him. Well, they would have if the smug bastard hadn't missed...twice.

shooting from the hip? Way to go there Rambo.

He snatched a grenade off his shoulder and thumped the stripes of Rambo's ugly shirt. Fragments tore at him but Rambo was a smear.

He coughed up a little blood and clumped past the bits of Rambo and into a corridor through smoke smelling like cordite and burning hair. One of his legs wasn't working quite right as blood squished into his boots; if it was his or someone else's he didn't know. He leaned against the wall and tried to catch his breath.

He pulled an autoinjector of combat stimulants out of his belt and jabbed it into his thigh. He felt his pulse quicken as his body responded to the cocktail. He heard gunfire and explosions and a felt a wave of heat as a man ran in front of him and down another corridor hauling serious ass.

He rounded the corner and was confronted with the backs of three enemy soldiers. He dropped one with a burst and the action locked open...out of ammo. He dropped his rifle

This was it.

Time to die

He felt himself grin like death's head and drew his sword. This one was made out of some kind of incredible advanced alloy and was a meter of polished nigh unbreakable razor. It seemed to float into his hand.

He slashed the first hard in an arc from the nape of thick neck clear through the spine. He did not even look at the almost decapitated foe as he stepped and flashed up and drove the point to the hilt into the second's heart and he rotated the blade. The second groaned and fell limply.

He scooped up the second soldiers AK-47 and dusted the rest of the magazine at a few soldiers flailing toward him their clothing and skin ablaze from sticky incendiary. He probably shouldn't have done them the favor of shortening their misery, but fuck it.

He dropped the now empty rifle ;hanging on the ragged edge of conciousness as he stumbled forward.

He moved into a room with a stairwell and was almost shot by a grim but familiar face.

Arms reached for him as he fell into darkness...

He awoke in a bed groggy and in pain. His mouth was dry and he had not one but two IV trees pumping various colored fluids into him. There was a figure standing over him.

The Commissar smiled.


Reminds me of a book called Princess of Wands where like dragoncon is attacked by a demon and a necromancer...hilarious.


A scene in one of the monster hunter novels with orcs rocking out at a Heavy metal concert. do it. I'm so game.

not exactly... but let's consider the following as it exists now.

We use vans as convenient containers for holding 4 guys in limbo in the air to patrol or move all over the globe to fight monsters. XCF canon says their rented vans, but let's place that aside for just a minute.

I personally like the feeling of having my men being on call at all hours to try to kill monsters and save lives, but 4 people is not enough to truly tackle some situations... especially early on. Air craft reduce the logistical pains and eliminate the need for more than one interception base or craft so you only use that because it is easy.

I suspect you are both going to neuter the ranges on craft and increase the mission frequency soon to keep pressure on the player.

so hypothetically
early to mid game, multiple bases, teams and aircraft will be harder to manage due to their expense which the trade off is more control of engagement conditions like daylight.

while a mobile operations center is would be cheaper and give almost as rapid response with the caveat of more preparation and the inability to swap equipment easily but the upside to operate with fewer physical bases.

so we look at ubiquitous things that carry a lot of crap and are shipped all around the world using rail, planes, shipa, trucks etc... shipping containers. Hell, the Seals use them to move shit around sneakily and so do many other nations and organizations  even to move people.

I think xcom would totally be on board...hell they obviously have some great logistics as I can transfer material from Central African to North America in like 18 hours.

any clearer? or should I stop drinking paint thinner?

The X-Com Files / Re: Field reports
« on: March 05, 2017, 02:56:55 am »
no. only if you can't see them. you can't forcefully or knowingly move into a square occupied by another unit. it was a complete fluke.

With the changes to some features within the XCF could we get a "mobile operations base" that is a semi tractor trailer or a cargo container. they fly, float and drive those things all over the world everyday.

the reason why should be obvious... so we can have more than 4 dudes on long term patrols. Like 8 or 10 men with HWP capacity and a very limited radar range. I'd love to post them around the planet for rapid response without making the mudranger obsolete.


The X-Com Files / Re: Field reports
« on: March 05, 2017, 02:39:36 am »
Equipment requisition:

1 pair boots

Sectoids brains stains rendering boots "smelly" after agent landed on a an enemy hiding in a cave and agent moving above fell through a sink hole rendering the Alien combat ineffective.

The X-Com Files / Field reports
« on: March 05, 2017, 01:41:20 am »
Field report for UFO 117:

Commissar Toshido Matsuda

Rough landing in desert terrain at twilight. Heavy resistance from sectoids attempting to pin us. 3 kills outside of the small ufo with accurate rifle fire in the first few seconds of the engagement. Upon entry to the Alien craft Sergeant Uzay Dursun was critically wounded and agents Douglas Cooper and Darren Astrid were killed instantly.

Knowing the Aliens were simply using our wounded man as bait an enterprising rookie Melvin Mathews, used his grav pack and fusion torch simply cut a hole over the aliens head and  drop stun grenades to neutralize the aliens covering the entry hatch.

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