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OpenXcom Extended / [DONE][Suggestion] "Stunning improves morale" mod option
« on: September 25, 2019, 01:27:59 am »
I don't remember who asked for this, but here goes, it's just a global variable:

Code: [Select]
stunningImprovesMorale: true     # default false

Basically when someone stuns an enemy, they get a similar morale bonus as for killing them.
Only once though, to prevent abuse of repeatedly reviving and stunning an enemy.
The winning team also gets (a smaller) morale bonus.
The losing team does not get any morale penalty.

Works for both xcom and aliens.

If someone wants to know exact numbers, here's the code, it's short and should be relatively easy to read:

Code: [Select]
// morale change when an enemy is stunned (only for the first time!)
if (getMod()->getStunningImprovesMorale() && murderer && !victim->getStatistics()->wasUnconcious)
if ((victim->getOriginalFaction() == FACTION_PLAYER && murderer->getFaction() == FACTION_HOSTILE) ||
            (victim->getOriginalFaction() == FACTION_HOSTILE && murderer->getFaction() == FACTION_PLAYER))
// the murderer gets a morale bonus if he is of a different faction (excluding neutrals)

for (auto winner : *_save->getUnits())
if (!winner->isOut() && winner->getArmor()->getSize() == 1 && winner->getOriginalFaction() == murderer->getOriginalFaction())
// the winning squad gets a morale increase (the losing squad is NOT affected)

ohartenstein23Today at 2:27 PM
@Meridian The problem Solarius was having with transformations was that he wanted to use them to represent a number of advanced trainings unlocked by research to provide bonus stats; since they didn't change the soldier type and therefore the stat caps, if a player used them before a soldier reached the caps, they would have lower total stats than if they waited until the caps to use the training transformations. Using a new soldier type for each one was rejected since these trainings weren't mutually exclusive or to be done in a fixed order - Solarius had hoped that these would act like stat bonuses on an armor, but permanently attached to the soldier.

One possible solution we thought of would be to create a new ruleset data structure for bonuses added by transformations and commendations: these bonuses would be named by a unique type and define a set of parameters similar to an armor ruleset, then transformations and commendations could refer to them by that type. On creation of a battle unit from a soldier, these stats would be added to to what the unit's armor adds to the unit's stats, including trainable stats like TUs, firing, etc., as well as NV and recoveries.

A ruleset example might look like:
    stats: # gives stats that don't count toward stat caps
      reactions: 5
      melee: 10
    recovery: # adds to recovery from armor
        tuMax: 0.05 # extra energy recovery in all armors

    soldierBonusType: STR_KARATE_TRAINING

OpenXcom Extended / [DONE] [Suggestion] Zombie pets
« on: September 15, 2019, 01:14:11 pm »
Solarius ScorchToday at 11:43 AM
The only sane way to implement this would be expanding the weapon zombifying flag (I forgot what it was, let's say zombieUnit) to include non-standard unit types
Solarius ScorchToday at 11:45 AM
  zombieUnit: STR_ZOMBIE

You can now zombify your dearest cannon fodder into cute little zombie cannon fodder.
Still can't zombify 2x2 units.


Code: [Select]
    zombieUnitByType: { STR_ALIEN_AI: STR_SECTOID_COMMANDER, STR_DOG: STR_ZOMDOG }   # exceptions
    zombieUnit: STR_ZOMBIE    # default

Test build:

Playthroughs / Retaliation heat map
« on: September 15, 2019, 09:23:37 am »
red > orange > yellow > blue > green > transparent

averaged from 100 full retaliation missions

data around the poles is less reliable

40k / Warcraft 3 unit response sounds mod
« on: September 03, 2019, 03:25:49 pm »
As an example of how can it be done in 40k.

First, there is a global switch:

Code: [Select]
enableUnitResponseSounds: true     # set back to false once you get tired of the sounds :)

Then there are 8 attributes on soldier types (4 actions x 2 genders):

Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_SOLDIER
    femaleFrequency: 50
    selectUnitMale:     [200, 201, 202, 203, 204]
    selectUnitFemale:   [300, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305]
    startMovingMale:    [210, 211, 212, 213]
    startMovingFemale:  [310, 311, 312, 313]
    selectWeaponMale:   [220, 221, 222, 223]
    selectWeaponFemale: [320, 321, 322, 323]
    annoyedMale:        [230, 231, 232, 233]
    annoyedFemale:      [330, 331, 332, 333, 334, 335]

Lastly, extraSounds are needed, but that's not new:

Code: [Select]
  - type: BATTLE.CAT
      200: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/Ready1.wav
      201: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/What1.wav
      202: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/What2.wav
      203: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/What3.wav
      204: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/What4.wav

      210: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/Yes1.wav
      211: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/Yes2.wav
      212: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/Yes3.wav
      213: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/Yes4.wav

      220: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/Warcry1.wav
      221: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/YesAttack1.wav
      222: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/YesAttack2.wav
      223: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/YesAttack3.wav

      230: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/Pissed1.wav
      231: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/Pissed2.wav
      232: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/Pissed3.wav
      233: Resources/Audio/Human/Footman/Pissed4.wav
      300: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/Ready1.wav
      301: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/What1.wav
      302: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/What2.wav
      303: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/What3.wav
      304: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/What4.wav
      305: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/What5.wav

      310: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/Yes1.wav
      311: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/Yes2.wav
      312: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/Yes3.wav
      313: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/Yes4.wav

      320: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/Warcry1.wav
      321: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/YesAttack1.wav
      322: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/YesAttack2.wav
      323: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/YesAttack3.wav

      330: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/Pissed1.wav
      331: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/Pissed2.wav
      332: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/Pissed3.wav
      333: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/Pissed4.wav
      334: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/Pissed5.wav
      335: Resources/Audio/Human/Sorceress/Pissed6.wav

Attached full mod for testing/inspiration.
Attached battle.cfg for testing.

Youtube video as preview:

Needs OXCE 5.6.3 (to be released later), for testing you can use this build:

PS: the players can mute/unmute the sounds using the ctrl+X hotkey (or by editing options.cfg, entry "oxceEnableUnitResponseSounds")

OpenXcom Extended / New features request for OXCE
« on: August 26, 2019, 01:40:39 pm »
requested by wcho035

Hi Meridian

I want to thank you for the wonderful features you have included in OCXE. This game engine really made me play UFO the way I really dream it should have been played!

I have a few new features in mind that could help enrich the game.

1). UFO intercept XCom craft and they shoot it down. You have to play defensive against the enemy while you are the crash site.

2). Allow enemy terror weapons to have turrets. So Enemy can use turret tank you purchase back at you.

3) Allow Genetic engineering of soldiers.

Allow a new base building that you can genetically enhance your soldiers.

Like training room, you have option like Genetic lab= yes and how many soldier you wish to manufacture in the manufacturing section of the base

This is a lot different than cloning. You have to extract genetic samples from two of your best soldiers and create a merge template with stats having a +- 5% difference from the average start stats between the two soldier.

You can keep breeding / manufacturing these soldiers and with each successive generation having better stats.

The cost to this is each soldier that is breed this way have a limit life span, determine by the modder.

This is the instability from the genetic engineering process. For each successive generation, the lifespan of the soldier have a degradation option, like -1 day from the original copy total lifespan. Unless you use fresh stocks to reset the lifespan.  If you breed a soldier from two engineered template, his lifespan is the average of the two template.

If a genetic enhance soldier dies of natural causes, all his equipment will be reverted to the base inventory.

I hope you can implement these features to make the game more fun to play.


OpenXcom Extended / Mod help
« on: July 25, 2019, 05:47:52 pm »
very happy when I read that you agree to fix the old mods so that they work for a new oxce
Here megamodes that after version 3.10 do not work
thank you in advance!
also want to suggest two functions for oxce
playing, I noticed that the flare glows even in the hand of a soldier, an idea came here! and that if it also glows on the belt (that is, if we put the flare in the slot of the belt), it is understood that the soldier attached the flare to the belt, in my opinion it is logical.
and second, there is an option in the game that includes damage spread 50% ~ 150%
So, I think it's worth adding an option that completely disables the damage spread, that is, 100% ~ 100%
the idea is that when hit, the game takes into account only the armor and special characteristics of the enemy, if the enemy is naked and without special characteristics that increase his defense, the shot causes him damage as much as written in the weapon description, in my opinion it will be fair.

OpenXcom Extended / [Documentation] Mana
« on: July 18, 2019, 03:27:53 pm »
1. Introduction
Mana is a new consumable resource (similar to time units, energy, health, stun and morale).

Each soldier/unit type can have a "mana pool" (attribute), which is the maximum amount of mana it can have.
Each soldier/unit on a battlefield has "mana" (resource), which is the resource itself.

By default, the mana does not regenerate during the battle.
And by default, the mana fully replenishes after the battle.
Both of these features are however configurable and the modder can change them.

The mana (and also the mana pool) can be used in various formulas
(e.g. use cost, damage bonus, accuracy, regen, etc.), same as other resources and other attributes.

Mana pool is constant by default, but can be configured to be trainable.
The training can be primary (same as firing accuracy for example) or secondary (same as strength for example); or even both.

2. Global variables

Code: [Select]
  enabled: false
  battleUI: false
  unlockResearch: STR_SORCERY     # empty by default
  trainingPrimary: false
  trainingSecondary: false
  replenishAfterMission: true

2.1 Enabling/disabling GUI stuff

First 3 settings define if the mana as a feature is enabled at all.
By default, it is turned off (on the GUI) and you won't see it anywhere.
Note that these settings are mostly GUI-related, most of the mana game mechanics work regardless of that.

"enabled" setting:
- a global switch, turns most of the GUI display on/off
- affects: Soldier Info screen, Unit Info screen, Debriefing screen, Battlescape UI, Soldier Transform screen and others

"battleUI" setting:
- affects only the Battlescape UI (gives you the option to turn the display off just on this GUI, and keep it everywhere else)

"unlockResearch" setting:
- works similar to "psiUnlockResearch" setting used for Psi strength/skill
- until the research is discovered, the value of the mana pool is unknown to the player (and weapons that require mana cannot be used by XCOM, aliens/civilians are not affected by this)
- by default it's empty, which means it's available from the start of the game

2.2 Tweaking global mana mechanics

The other 3 attributes define the mana mechanics.

"trainingPrimary" setting:
- if turned on, mana pool can be increased by gaining direct mana experience during the mission
- the weapons can give mana experience using the "manaExperience" attribute
- formula for converting experience points to stat increase is the same as for firing accuracy

Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_PISTOL
    manaExperience: 250    # this means 2 mana experience points + 50% chance for a 3rd exp point (on every hit on hostile unit)

"trainingSecondary" setting:
- if turned on, mana pool can be increased by gaining any experience during the mission
- formula for stat increase is the same as for strength

"replenishAfterMission" setting:
- if turned on (default), mana fully replenishes after the battle
- if turned off, mana does not replenish automatically and needs to be regained in specialized base facilities
- soldier with missing mana can still go into a battle, but will start only with his current amount of mana (i.e. not full)

Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_MAGE_GUILD
    manaRecoveryPerDay: 3

This setting would mean that any base which has a mage guild regenerates 3 points of mana for every (not wounded) soldier in the base per day.
The facility setting is NOT cumulative, more facilities don't provide more regen.
If there are multiple facilities of different type with different regen rate, the best (highest) regen rate is used.

3. Local variables

3.1 Mana recovery per turn (armor based)

Code: [Select]
        mana: 0.1           # 10% of total mana pool
        manaCurrent: 0      #  0% of current mana
        manaNormalized: 0   #

On armor level, the modder can define mana recovery each turn (similar to tu/energy/hp/stun/morale recovery).
By default, there is no recovery.
The example above replenishes 10% of total mana pool as mana each turn.

3.2 Mana usage (item based)

Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_PISTOL
    manaRequired: true  # default false
      time: 18          # 18% of TU
      mana: 10          # 10 mana points
      time: false       # % cost
      mana: true        # flat cost

The example above shows how to configure mana cost requirements.
"manaRequired" means that the weapon cannot be used until the mana unlock research is discovered.
The cost attributes now support also the "mana" attribute.
The example above means firing a snap shot from a pistol costs 18% of TU and 10 mana points.

3.3 Using mana in other formulas

You can use mana in other formulas in OXCE; basically in all formulas which already support usage of let's say energy and stamina.
For example on armors: psiDefense, meleeDodge, resource recovery (tu, energy, hp, stun, morale, mana)
Or on items: damageBonus, meleeBonus, accuracyMultiplier, meleeMultiplier, throwMultiplier, closeQuartersMultiplier

Code: [Select]
      mana: 0.0
      manaCurrent: 1.0         # 100% of current mana
      manaNormalized: 0.0

Example above shows how to increase of power of the pistol by the current amount of soldier's mana.

3.4 Damage done to mana (mana burn)

As you probably know damage doesn't affect only victim's HP, it can affect many other things as well, including mana.

Code: [Select]
      ToHealth: 0.5        # 50% damage goes to health loss
      ToMana: 0.5          # 50% damage goes to mana loss
      RandomMana: false    # mana loss is not randomized

4. Defining starting mana pool, and training caps

4.1 Soldiers

Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_SOLDIER
      tu: 50
      stamina: 40
      mana: 25           # minimum starting mana pool 25
      mana: 50           # maximum starting mana pool 50
      mana: 150          # maximum possible mana pool up to 150

4.2 Other units

Code: [Select]
      tu: 54
      stamina: 90
      mana: 100          # mana pool = 100 (+/- global difficulty-based stat adjustment, see below)

Code: [Select]
  tu: 4
  stamina: 4
  mana: 6                # mana pool on Superhuman (4) would be 124 = 100 + 4*6

Note that non-soldier units always start with full mana!
This is obvious for aliens/civilians, but keep in mind it also applies to xcom HWPs (regardless of the "replenishAfterMission" setting).

5. Yankes-scripts

The mana pool of (geoscape/battlescape) soldiers and other units is exposed to scripts.

The current mana of (battlescape) soldiers and other units is exposed to scripts.

The missing mana of (geoscape) soldiers is exposed to scripts.

The "to_mana" damage distribution variable is exposed to DamageUnit script.

6. Other

Try not to misuse this feature for completely unrelated stuff... or I will not have much motivation to continue with other features.

If you see improvement potential, speak up.

Code: [Select]
  STR_NOT_ENOUGH_MANA: "Not Enough Mana!"
  STR_COST_MANA: "mana"
  manaExperience: "Mana experience"
  manaRequired: "Mana required?"
  ToMana: "Mana dmg multiplier"
  RandomMana: "Mana dmg RNG?"
  mana: "Mana"
  manaRecoveryPerDay: "Mana per day"

OpenXcom Extended / [DONE] [Suggestion] Arc Script
« on: April 27, 2019, 12:37:58 pm »
--requested by Hobbes

Hello everyone,

here's a new script that should allow you to orchestrate your arcs and missions a bit better (if you want).

The idea is that you can script when should certain events occur and in which order and use those events to affect mission scripts.
Or, you can just use it to display "a tip of the month", I don't judge :)

The arc script runs just before the mission script, i.e. February arc script does already affect February mission script.

Here's the syntax:

Code: [Select]
  - type: earlyGame                     # the type/name is used for overwriting or deleting purposes
    sequentialArcs:                     # the type of research topics to be "discovered", each month 0 or 1, processed sequentially
    randomArcs:                         # the type of research topics to be "discovered", each month 0 or 1, chosen randomly considering weights
    firstMonth: 0                       # months this command runs on, 0 runs on startup of a new game (default 0)
    lastMonth: 12                       # don't run after this month. -1 denotes no limit (default -1)
    executionOdds: 75                   # % chances of this command executing (default 100)
    maxArcs: 4                          # maximum number of arcs this command can generate (together during the whole game), -1 for infinite (default -1)
    minDifficulty: 0                    # this command only applies to difficulty levels of this or above (default 0)
    maxDifficulty: 4                    # this command only applies to difficulty levels of this or below (default 4)
    researchTriggers:                   # a list of research topics that can influence the execution of this command (default empty)
      STR_THE_MARTIAN_SOLUTION: true    # in this case, the command would only run if the player has the Martian Solution
      STR_CYDONIA_OR_BUST: false        # and does NOT have Cydonia or Bust

firstMonth, lastMonth, minDifficulty, maxDifficulty and researchTriggers should be self-explanatory.

sequentialArcs and randomArcs are meant to be either-or, but it is possible to use both at the same time if you really want.
If you use both:
 - executionOdds are done only once, same result is used for both types
 - sequential arc is generated first, random arc second
 - maxArcs always applies, e.g. if maxArcs=1 and sequential arc was generated, random arc will not be generated even if everything else was satisfied

maxArcs counts any discovered topics, even from other arc scripts or normal game; and if you have any duplicate topics within a command it will count all duplicates as separate topics too

The "discovered" research topics behave almost identically to normal research:
+ lookups, unlocking, disabling and other features affecting normal research will apply (as if this research was finished in your HQ)
+ score will be awarded
+ ufopedia article will pop up (if available)
- getOneFree DOES NOT work (intentionally, no need to report as bug)

Test download:

Feedback welcome...

OpenXcom Extended / [4] Compiling and cross-compiling OXCE
« on: March 24, 2019, 07:56:15 pm »
Applies to all builds and all platforms:
- don't use yaml-cpp 0.7.x, it's broken
- if you can, use yaml-cpp 0.6.3

1. Building on Windows using Visual Studio 2019 (Win32 build only)

1. Download, install and update Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition:
2. Clone OXCE repo:
3. Download and extract the pre-compiled dependencies (into repo's root):
4. Open solution "src/OpenXcom.2010.sln"
5. Click "Build" from menu or toolbar

OpenXcom Extended / OXCE v7.5.3 for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
« on: March 24, 2019, 04:17:00 pm »
OXCE is now available also for iOS.

You need to build it yourself though, no AppStore.

Source code and build instructions:

OpenXcom Extended / OXCE version check
« on: March 04, 2019, 11:57:17 am »
Hi all,

since OXC 1.0 nightly (
OXCE v5.3 (coming out soon)

there will be a check for required OXCE version.

The check will be done when:
1. enabling a mod
2. selecting a master mod

OXC will only check if OXCE is required or not;
OXCE will also check the minimum required version of OXCE.

The definition of minimum required OXCE version is done via metadata.yml, for example:

Code: [Select]
name: "My OXCE mod"
version: 1.3.1a
author: Meridian
description: "Something clever."
id: "my-oxce-mod"
master: "xcom1"
requiredExtendedVersion: "5.3"

OXCE will additionally make a check during the game startup... this is useful when a player upgrades a mod in-place (i.e. doesn't have to enable it in the options). If a problem is found, a message like this will appear in the log file:

Code: [Select]
[03-03-2019_22-46-17] [ERROR] Mod 'X-Com Files' requires at least OXCE v5.3

PS: the checks only inform the player about the OXCE requirement... it will still be possible to enable any mod if the player chooses to ignore the requirement

OpenXcom Extended / [DONE] [Suggestion] Custom panic/berserk sounds
« on: February 22, 2019, 12:14:01 pm »
Requested by Dioxine.

Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_SOLDIER
    panicMale: [41, 42, 43]
    panicFemale: [44, 45, 46]
    berserkMale: [41, 42, 43]
    berserkFemale: [44, 45, 46]
    panicSound: [8, 10]
    berserkSound: [8, 10]


Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_SOLDIER
    panicMale: 41
    panicFemale: 44
    berserkMale: 42
    berserkFemale: 45
    panicSound: 8
    berserkSound: 10

both variants work

OpenXcom Extended / [DONE] [Suggestion] Prison types
« on: February 19, 2019, 03:37:46 pm »
Split from here:,4830.msg69933.html#msg69933

And here it is... the stupidest-est feature I've ever implemented!
(At least I was not bored while traveling.)

Anyway, facilities can now have "prisonType".
0 is default and is reserved for alien containment... only these facilities will show up in "Alien Containment" bar in Base Info GUI.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... can be used for all your pervert needs.

Code: [Select]
    aliens: 15
    prisonType: 0 # default
  - type: STR_PRISON
    aliens: 30
    prisonType: 1
    aliens: 100
    prisonType: 2
  - type: STR_HAREM
    aliens: 10
    prisonType: 3

Items also have "prisonType".
0 is default.

Code: [Select]
    liveAlien: true
    prisonType: 0 # default
    liveAlien: true
    prisonType: 1
    liveAlien: true
    prisonType: 2
    liveAlien: true
    prisonType: 3

Translations (the ones without a suffix are for prisonType = 0):

# 0 = alien containment
# 1 = prison
# 2 = animal cages
# 3 = harem

      STR_CONTAINMENT_EXCEEDED: "ALIEN CONTAINMENT LIMITS EXCEEDED!{SMALLLINE}Insufficient containment space at {0}. You must remove excess aliens from containment (who will then die)."
      STR_CONTAINMENT_EXCEEDED_1: "NO MORE ROOM IN PRISON!{SMALLLINE}Ran out of cells in {0}. We must throw excess prisoners out!"
      STR_CONTAINMENT_EXCEEDED_2: "NO MORE SPACE IN THE CAGES!{SMALLLINE}If you don't tidy up in {0}, the animals will start killing each other!"
      STR_CONTAINMENT_EXCEEDED_3: "HAREM IS FULL!{SMALLLINE}Not enough space at {0}. What are you waiting for?"

      STR_NO_ALIEN_CONTAINMENT_FOR_TRANSFER: "NO ALIEN CONTAINMENT FOR TRANSFER!{SMALLLINE}Live aliens need an alien containment facility in order to survive."
      STR_NO_ALIEN_CONTAINMENT_FOR_TRANSFER_1: "THIS IS MADNESS!{SMALLLINE}There are no prison cells at that hideout, Cap'n!"
      STR_NO_ALIEN_CONTAINMENT_FOR_TRANSFER_3: "WHAT?!{SMALLLINE}My virgins are going nowhere!"

#No Containment
      STR_ALIEN_DIES_NO_ALIEN_CONTAINMENT_FACILITY: "Alien dies as there is no alien containment facility"
      STR_ALIEN_DIES_NO_ALIEN_CONTAINMENT_FACILITY_1: "No free prison cells. Hostages were looted and kicked out!"
      STR_ALIEN_DIES_NO_ALIEN_CONTAINMENT_FACILITY_2: "There's no animal cages, we have let them free"
      STR_ALIEN_DIES_NO_ALIEN_CONTAINMENT_FACILITY_3: "The virgins have been deflowered prematurely"

#Manage Containment
      STR_REMOVE_SELECTED: "Remove Selected"
      STR_REMOVE_SELECTED_1: "Ransom!"
      STR_REMOVE_SELECTED_2: "Put to sleep"
      STR_REMOVE_SELECTED_3: "Not a virgin? Sell at slave market!"

      STR_MANAGE_CONTAINMENT: "Manage Alien Containment"
      STR_MANAGE_CONTAINMENT_1: "Manage Prison"
      STR_MANAGE_CONTAINMENT_2: "Manage Animal Cages"
      STR_MANAGE_CONTAINMENT_3: "Manage Harem"

      STR_ALIEN: "Alien"
      STR_ALIEN_1: "Hostage"
      STR_ALIEN_2: "Animal"
      STR_ALIEN_3: "Virgin"

      STR_LIVE_ALIENS: "Live{NEWLINE}Specimens"
      STR_LIVE_ALIENS_1: "Keep"
      STR_LIVE_ALIENS_2: "How{NEWLINE}cute!"
      STR_LIVE_ALIENS_3: "Keep{NEWLINE}for later"

      STR_DEAD_ALIENS: "Rejected{NEWLINE}Specimens"
      STR_DEAD_ALIENS_1: "Ransom"
      STR_DEAD_ALIENS_2: "Ugh,{NEWLINE}ugly!"
      STR_DEAD_ALIENS_3: "Deflower{NEWLINE}now!"

      STR_UNDER_INTERROGATION_1: "Being{NEWLINE}interrogated"
      STR_UNDER_INTERROGATION_3: "Being{NEWLINE}deflowered"

OpenXcom Extended / [DONE] [Suggestion] Highlight color in ufopedia
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requested by Kato

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