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Work In Progress / Re: Dumb questions from a would-be modder
« on: June 27, 2017, 05:54:23 pm »

Work In Progress / Re: Mini-terrors - debugging help needed
« on: December 23, 2015, 08:26:41 pm »

Work In Progress / Re: Mini-terrors - debugging help needed
« on: December 23, 2015, 08:08:14 pm »
Yep. Currently, though, there's a different issue - the raid launches normally. However, when an actual terror mission comes up {as soon as the battleship lands}, the game crashes again.

I'm assuming there's some sort of conflict between the two, but for the life of me, I don't know what.

Work In Progress / Re: Mini-terrors - debugging help needed
« on: December 23, 2015, 04:36:25 am »
Oh. So can I have them happen on different locations, or do I need to define different missionScripts for that, i.e. coastalRaid1stweek, etc.?

Work In Progress / Re: Mini-terrors - debugging help needed
« on: December 23, 2015, 03:20:48 am »
Adjustments made;

        - [285.067, 285.067, -36.592, -36.592, -5]
        - [303.819, 303.819, -46.465, -46.465, -5]
        - [262.632, 262.632, -26.764, -26.764, -5]
        - [279.239, 279.239, -28.000, -28.000, -5]
        - [282.329, 282.329, -33.704, -33.704, -5]
{yeah, I screwed up the coordinate layout. I am hoping to avoid having location names, though}

    useTable: false

    spawnZone: 0

Still crashes tho.

Also, what is the table, exactly? I'm kind of fuzzy on that.

Work In Progress / Re: Mini-terrors - debugging help needed
« on: December 23, 2015, 02:42:49 am »
Oh, one more thing - those missions aren't targeting cities, but rather random {well, pre-defined} locations along the coast.

Work In Progress / Mini-terrors - debugging help needed
« on: December 23, 2015, 12:47:28 am »
Hey everyone - I was wondering if I could pick the brains of more knowledgeable folks to help me figure this out.

Short version, I want to have mini-terrors about once a week, with the premise of "an alien force wades out of the ocean". Gameplay-wise, a hybrid of ocean liners {no UFOs} and regular terrors.

But, the game crashes whenever it {presumably} tries to spawn. Having it as a new battle loads the battlescape normally, so presumably it's the missionsite spawning that makes things go bonk. Also, this is just proof-of-concept, I'll do actual gameplay balancing once things actually work.

So, without further ado, the code.

Code: [Select]
  - type: coastalRaid
    conditionals: [-1]
    label: 8
    avoidRepeats: 5
    varName: coastalRaids
    useTable: true
    firstMonth: 1
    executionOdds: 100
    startDelay: 0

        - [285.067, -36.592, 285.067, -36.592, -5, STR_A]
        - [303.819, -46.465, 303.819, -46.465, -5, STR_B]

    points: 0
    objective: 3
    spawnZone: 3 #Mission zone for terror missions
        STR_AQUATOID: 20
        STR_GILLMAN: 20
        STR_MIXED_CREW: 20
        STR_LOBSTERMAN: 20
        STR_TASOTH: 20
      - ufo: dummy #don't spawn a ufo, we only want the site
        count: 4
        trajectory: P10
        timer: 43200
        objective: true

      - alienRank: 5
        lowQty: 4
        highQty: 6
        dQty: 1
        percentageOutsideUfo: 70
            - STR_SONIC_PISTOL
            - STR_SONIC_PULSER
            - STR_SONIC_CANNON
            - STR_SONIC_PULSER
      - alienRank: 4
        lowQty: 1
        highQty: 2
        dQty: 0
        percentageOutsideUfo: 20
            - STR_SONIC_PISTOL
            - STR_SONIC_PULSER
            - STR_SONIC_CANNON
            - STR_SONIC_PULSER
            - STR_MC_READER
    width: 50
    length: 50
    height: 4
    civilians: 16
      - PORT
    script: PORT_TERROR
      palette: 4
      music: GMISPOSH
    alertBackground: BACK03.SCR
    markerName: STR_TERROR_SITE
    duration: [4, 10]
    despawnPenalty: 1000
    - id: -5

Sorry, I haven't had much time to work on it lately. I've also been doing a lot of back and forth on how I want the gameplay to work. I have the background/plot pretty much hammered out, but delivering that through gameplay and research is proving to be pretty tricky.

Pretty much all the way through. In all honesty, the background writeups for TFTD are like a bad fanfic.

This isn't to say mine is guaranteed to be that much better, but I do hope I can be a little unpredictable.

This sounds like an absolutely awesome mod! I wish you the best of luck with it.

Do you have any plans to add new alien races or ranks?

Working on diversified ranks now, no new races until someone introduces some. None of the UFO races really fit the theme.

Basically, I split the aliens into combat races and science races. Gill and Lobster Men tend to be more frontline, Aquatoids and Tasoths are squishier, but can psi attack, even the rank-and-file, though with varying degrees of power. Psi LOS is strongly encouraged, though.

Mines have a detection radius which covers all 8 adjacent tiles. If someone steps inside, the thing goes boom. I guess you could make them less than ideal by limiting blast radius to 1, so if someone steps next to the mine diagonally, the blast will not touch him.

I'll probably set the radius to 2. I do need to address explosives in the early game, though - grenades are pretty overpowered against gill men and aquatoids, so it's fairly easy to spam them. I might have to nerf throwing accuracy for starting soldiers or, once different soldier types get implemented {or documented?}, I'll probably implement hiring of specialized troops.

Yeah, I get the idea, but how are you going to implement it?
Just limit the explosion radius to 1 {or 2?} and playtest.

@Point-blank shots:
Yeah, for a well-trained soldiers indeed "odds are pretty good". But then, so is hitting an enemy 1 tile away with vanilla mechanics.
Frankly, I am very wary of changing such basic mechanics. Are you sure this'll work right? Sorry about doubting your idea, but it completely throws part of the TFTD feel out the window - underwater combat is "supposed" to be slow. What do we get in return?
Again, playtesting. I do have a big variety of weapons, so I want to give each of them a situation where they can excel in.

@Alpha Centauri:
University is very good, maybe the best indeed. But my preferred faction are Gaians, because of their mindworm spam. Or maybe I just like playing hypocritical ecoterrorists. (Or maybe it's the titties.)
If you like mindworm spam, go for the planet cult. +2 to planet rating, though it depends on how much native lifeforms you set at world creation.

@Sonic weapons:
Good solution, not too extreme. And yeah, I have played the best tactical game ever next to X-Com. :) (I recommend the ACM mod by Okim, it improves the game a lot, though it also makes it harder with those invincible Cultists you have to beat early.)
I only ever played vanilla. I'll have to dig around a bit for good mods and play it again. It's also one of the few strategy games with a plot that wasn't predictable - I'm hoping to do the same with SAW.

I'm not sure if manufacturing fuel is logical, after all your subs are not unique - there are others, no? And even if they are, I can't believe they use such a unique chemical mix that was invented specifically for the Barracuda.
I understand the problem you're addressing though, and I think much of the buyable technology could be manufactured - like weapons and torpedoes.
Intermediate subs - Baracuda and Triton don't need anything special, but the Moray and other pre-Manta craft would rely on a Zrbite {aka Uridium}-derived fuel cells.


Mines just detonate. I don't know what system you had in mind, but I don't believe we can do anything close to what you described.
I'm not committed to it, but the idea is that the proxy mines are semi-shaped, trying to focus the damage on the immediate vicinity. It's also a gameplay concern, because with weapon range nerfs, there's even more pressure to rely on explosives early in the game.

Can you set a weapon to surface only? I'm a total n00b when it comes to OpenTFTD.
Doesn't seem like it. Yet.

Oh Great Dreamer, no. That's a crazy solution to a nonexistent problem.

Just... try shooting an enemy which is 1 metre from you and actively trying to kill you, and we'll see if you hit. :P And that's even before reminding that even though X-Com is a turn-based ame, it represents real-time action, so there's always a lot of moving around, especially at clase quarters.
Well, for a trained soldier, odds are pretty good. I did crank down the accuracy, but also TU cost.

As Quinch mentioned Alpha Centauri, it's a name of a scientist from the same game.
Heh, I wasn't the one who mentioned it, but I'm familiar with the reference. University is my favorite faction to play - less focus on expansion, more focus in vertical development and defense.

Finally, may I ask if you plan to move sonic weapons further down the research tree? They're almost as easy to obtain as plasmas in X-Com 1...

They will be locked behind some capture-based research, but not much. What will happen {eventually} is that they will be usable, but cannot be manufactured. What can {maybe, if I can get some sprite resources} be manufactured would be knockoff weapons - if you've ever played UFO Aftershock, along similar lines.

Also, I plan to increase reliance on manufacture for everyday supplies, including manufacturing fuel for intermediate fighter craft. I've noticed that, once weapons and tanks are manufactured, technicians go into money farm mode. If I can keep them occupied, it creates incentives for the player to assault crashed subs.

The Historical section of X-COM origins doesn't match with any canon material that I know of (not counting XCOM2012) beyond the basics, and why move the timeline of UFO up to 2017?

There's going to be a lot of historical revisionism - the main reason for moving the date, though, is simply because I think it makes more sense for UFO to take place in the future.

Small update.

Version 0.21 (2015-10-10)
- Swapped all armor resistances between type 1 {AP} and 4 {Gauss}
- Renamed Aqua Plastics to Tritonium, Zrbite to Uridium, Learning Arrays to Neural Interface
- Added ufopedia entry for neural interface
- Added an actual changelog

Upload failed  8)

Yeah, can't figure out what the problem is - I might have to hassle the portal admin to see why it won't show.

Since tftd is set in the future, futuristic weapin design would fit better, hence i suggest to plunder sprites from dioxine's piratex extended (only "fancy" stuff). Another example may be this post of the dioxine's airlight garage and gifty' garage

Yeah, I wish I could make the text scrollable - word has it it can be done, but I have no idea how.

Anyway, in lieu of the mod page, the current description;
Currently implemented:

X-COM historical and background UFOpedia entries {incomplete}

OXC's expanded gauss arsenal resources

To Do:

Balance, balance, balance!

Adjust alien armors to account for Gauss' switch to AP category.

Rename Aqua Plastics, Zrbite, Learning Arrays.

Implement tyran_nick's Moray Sub mod.

Expand alien ranks in preparation for research tree rework.

Early access flying suits.

Advanced to-do stuff

Implement MiBs and electric weapons {that's going to take some doing}

Switch alien subs to archetype system - multiple subs with identical outlines but different weapons, interiors and crew loadouts.

Storyline and alien background rewrite.

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