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OpenXcom Extended / Re: OpenXcom Extended
« on: October 07, 2014, 07:17:54 pm »
Hello! Thanks for the excellent work of giving more options to Open X-Com players and modders!

One question: Which version of the "official" Open X-Com executable is the OXC Extended .exe based on? Is it based always on the last nightly build (I see that both versions are not being updated in synchronicity)

Some requests that I would like you to consider:

1) The possibility to add Accuracy, time units and arcingShot values to ammo clips, which when loaded in the weapon, will override the same values present in the weapon ruleset... Example: To mod a rifle with an underbarrel grenade launcher, it would be good to use the TU and Acc from the weapon if using it with its regular bullet ammo magazine, but when replacing that magazine and loading a grenade(s) clip, the weapon should "use" the TU and Acc from the grenade clip ruleset (which, may be it can have less accuracy, less range, but a high angle trajectory and more HE power than the bullet magazine).

2) Add  a system of weapon types (similar to the excellent system added to craft in OpenXcom Extended) for armor suits... This way we can mod heavy infantry weapons that would be only possible to carry and fire when the soldier is using a specific armor suit type. An example: it's not possible for a regular soldier to hold and fire a minigun type machine gun, because of its eneormous recoil forces, but if the soldier is wearing a power suit, this suit can handle such a weapon.

Example: a)  Add to armors a "weapon hardpoint" stat, this would have a numerical value...

                b) This hardpoint value will be checked against a new "weapon type" stat, or even without needing to add any new stats, to the weapon weight value. If the weapon weight (or type)
                    value is lower or equal to the armor suit hardpoint value, this weapon is compatible, if the weight/type number of the weapon is higher, that weapon would not be able to be used by
                    troops wearing that armor suit.

I think such additions will give more flexibility and tactical options, and will not invalidate any current options available to the modders and gamers.

Thanks for your attention!

Or... Just add a smoke grenade launcher to the tank as a secondary weapon! It is now possible! :-)

Well, at least you cared to choose a good image of a craft wich resembles what the player sees in the battlescape map or, may be you designed the craft map after finding the "right looking" background image for the Ufopedia! 8)

I forgot... Here I attach the crfts only section of the ruleset including the deployment strings. To implement the craft in the game, it is also necessary to add the Reserach, manufacture, and ufopaedia sections (which I have made, and would gladly upload if someone asks).
Also, a screenshot of the Ufopedia entry for this craft. Dioxine is also crdited for this fine image.


I finally managed to code a deployment list in the ruleset for the Brig assault craft (I give it the new name of "Marauder"). I included it in my personal mod, which is based on the FMP mod. The deployment gives positioning and facing for up to 38 troops including 4 HWPs (16 troops and 4 HWP in the lower deck, the rest in the front upper deck), all are arranged with "customized" facings in order to be able to exit the craft in a fast way. I topped the max troops carrying capacity to 32 (including 4 HWPs) but it can be currently expanded to the said 38 places, and I could add some deplyment strings for up to 54 troops I think...

If someone is interested in adding a big, heavy assault craft to his/her game, just ask and I will upload a mini-mod for adding the Brig (Aka "Marauder") super-heavy assault craft to any game with complete instructions about how to do it.

Credits to Dioxine who designed such a well thought craft!
Thanks also to him who gave me advise and help on how to do it! 8)

About the garbled Ironfist map, I did not knew what the problem was, may be some mistake made by myself, but a re-install of the FMP v0.9.5 files on top of my Open Xcom directory ended that problem!

Work In Progress / Re: [HWP]Tanks, Drones, Sectopods? Oh my! Version 0.6
« on: October 06, 2014, 06:25:21 pm »
And then, I plan to develop the ultimate anti-alien HWP: The Hoverpod! I want to test if it is possible to mod a "jumping" Sectopod, which would give that unit much better mobility on the battlefield, that would be the "High End" HWP units. It will have less armor because it needs to be lighter that the walking-only siblings.

By the way, it would be excellent if the developers add a new movement type: something "jump capable" --> with the ability to hover just like a hovertank, but it has to land again on the floor in the same turn, it cannot stay hovering till the following turn... Useful to hop over walls and fences, but you can't fly over all the map. It would be great also for some new "xenomorph" type alien with very high TU and the ability to sneak to and from everywhere!

Work In Progress / Re: [MAPS] YetMoreUFOs!
« on: October 06, 2014, 06:17:28 pm »
Thanks for your answer, man! I will do so, because I want to add more variations on the theme of Ufo maps... Besides, I will upload the ruleset here, with complete instructions for anyone who wants to do the same, and may be saving you some time and work...

Work In Progress / Re: [MAPS] YetMoreUFOs!
« on: October 06, 2014, 02:00:20 am »
Hello grzegorj!

   As I really want to see all those new ufos in action... I was thinking about a way to implemenmt them in a Final Mod pack modded game... Those steps are the ones I think should be done to replace luke's ufos present in the FMP and replace them with yours:

1) Copy all your mod files present in the MAPS, TERRAIN and ROUTES folders to the equally named folders present in the Data folder of the game installation (previously having made a backup)
2) make a new ruleset (.rul file) where the following types in the ufos section are deleted, refering to the ones present in the FMP ruleset: "- type: STR_SMALL_SCOUT", "- type: STR_MEDIUM_SCOUT", "- type: STR_LARGE_SCOUT", then in the same ruleset, copy the information from your ruleset...

Do you think this will be enough to enable the use of your new ufos, or is there something I am missing, for example if there is any other ruleset section(s) affected by changing some types in the ufos section?

I hope I could explain myself in a clear way...

Also I want to say a big "Thank you!" for sharing such a wonderful and thorough piece of work! 8)

Work In Progress / Re: [HWP]Tanks, Drones, Sectopods? Oh my! Version 0.6
« on: October 05, 2014, 10:13:16 pm »
Well, my thinking about this unit design was for a rear line support unit (not front line scouting), because of that, it is not as very well protected as the Sectopod/laser and Sectopod/Plasma, so its main weapon is the Blaster launcher which should provide heavy fire support to the front troops, while this unit is being kept safely at the rearguard, the Heavy machine Gun is added as a self-protection weapon just to have something to fire at that enemy which appears "out of the blue". Besides, the ammo fired by this weapon is made from Alien Alloys! (Damage = 70 AP). I think that even in a alien invaded world, full of very high tech weapons, a good old .50 Cal machine gun will still be one of a hell of a "man stopper" or, in this case "alien stopper" with the plus that you will never need fancy, hard to find Elerium-115 to manufacture the ammunition for it! 8). Indeed I first thought about installing a Smoke launcher as a secondary weapon, but then I decided to change it for something with more offensive punch.

Now that I think about it, the "rich man" equivalent unit to this one would be a combo of a fast firing gattling laser + fusion launcher... I would like to be able to find/make a distinct unit sprite to be able to visually identfy each one of the variants.

Work In Progress / Re: [HWP]Tanks, Drones, Sectopods? Oh my! Version 0.6
« on: October 05, 2014, 08:16:58 am »
Hello XComFan!

If you feel like, here I attach a ruleset which includes a fully working Sectopod / Fusion Launcher unit. It comes equipped with a Fusion Launcher with "waypoints" guidance system and a Heavy Machine Gun, which uses the same ammo as the Infantry HMG as modded in the Final Mod pack. This secondary weapon can only fire in auto mode (four shots). I hope you can use the code! I think there is a little bug with dual weapons HWP, and that is the HMG gets its ammo replenished, but the stock of ammo boxes that are stored in the base never gets depleted, so I think the program should reload the HWP with ammo, but it don't substract the ammo it loads in the unit from the base stores... 8)

Well, I am positive that I am not using any deployment numbers in the ruleset, I attach here the parts of my ruleset that are related to the ship (I only changed its name to "Marauder" and modified some stats, but that's all).

About the deployment coordinates system, now I am starting to form some idea about how its works... Two questions:

1) In the Brig assault craft map, what would be the coordinates for the first soldier, counting from the northwesternmost available position?
2) And how is the program told that the HWP are ALWAYS stored in the lower rearmost cargo hold? They never appear in the lower forward hold (the one with the four place elevator)... Is this because in such cargo hold there are no four places blocks defined by such coordinates?

Thanks for your time and help! 8)


This crash is consistent with ship's layout, that much I can tell. There are 28 spaces on the lower floor, and you're getting a crash when trying to put 29th soldier... The thing is, on my machine, the 29th and next soldiers are getting deployed on the second floor without any problems, I've even tried 50 soldiers... I have no idea what could be causing the problem for you. Try using my AVENGER and LIGHTNIN tilesets provided in the TERRAIN_FIX directory?
As for the ruleset deployment, it is a very unruly beast. You don't *need* it since it's just an override: normally the game simply deploys units on xcom craft floor tiles, starting with the NW corner of the lowest floor. When there is no more space in the nortmost row, it starts deploy in the next row. If there is no space left on the lowest floor, it goes (or should I say, it SHOULD go) to the next floor.
You can try overriding this with ruleset to see what happens. Just remember that 1st, 5th, 9th (and so on, as many iterations as you have tanks) soldiers need to be deployed in a NW corner of a 4x4 floor space else the game will go haywire when trying to deploy 2x2 units.

Oh yeah and here's question for cjones and other people: do you want custom deployment in Bonaventura instead of how currently the soldiers are just haphazardly thrown there (which sometimes makes planning hard)? And if, what the deployment should look like, who should be facing where? The 2nd floor is also useable, and the Bonaventura could fit even 24 or so soldiers, the 18 cap is there for balance reasons.

  Thanks for the answer to my request... I made more tests and found that it is not relevant how many HWP you load in the ship, the 15th soldier cause the game to crash, with 3, 2, 1 or none HWP loaded with them in the ship... If you load only fourteen soldiers, everything is OK no matter hoe many HWP go with them (I tested with uo to three of them). Copying to my game folder the files present in the Piratez mod "TERRAIN_FIX" subfolder made no difference (and possibly garbled the map for the Ironfist assault craft present in the FMP mod, but this I have to test, to make clear if this was really the cause for this new problem).
Any more ideas? And if i try the ruleset deplyment way... where can I find references about how the numbers in the deployment work?

Thanks for the help! 8)

Hello Dioxine! I just want to report what it looks like a map prblem with the Brig assault craft... I ported the craft to my FMP modded game without a problem. I gave this craft a cargo capacity of 32 troops (including 4 HWP), with the idea of transporting 4 HWP and a max of 16 troops to any mission... Everything is Ok if I load 14 troops and 3 HWP (my current testing loadout), but the game crashes in the exact moment when the battlescape map is about to be shown in the screen at the start of a ufo recovery mission if I load one more troop, i.e. 15 troops and 3 HWPs. Any idea what can be the cause of this? I hope is will be easy to fix, because I like this craft very much!
I noticed that the BRIG ruleset section has no deployment numbers included in it... May be this has something to do with this problem?

I would really appreciate some ideas about how to fix this...

Thanks very much!! 8)

Work In Progress / Re: [MAPS] YetMoreUFOs!
« on: October 02, 2014, 09:27:23 pm »
 grzegorj: Thanks for the answer! I hope your excellent work will be sometime included in the FMP mod...
Thanks for sharing your work!

Thanks, man! Again, great job with the craft weapons icons! 8)

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