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Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: June 28, 2018, 06:02:56 pm »
The topic only comes up once in a while, but would it actually be possible for anyone but sfalexrog to implement "Force Fire" any way by now? It's incredible that this port exists and works as well as it does, especially "now" that thankfully OXCE+ is supported, but it would be just that much better with that feature intact :)

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: October 17, 2015, 07:39:05 pm »
It actually fits very well! As the original resolution of the game is so low, the buttons are really nicely sized for use with a smartphone :D I've played through it once on my Xperia ZL (5" display, S5 has 5,1", so it's only slightly larger) and thought the touch controls fit the game like a glove!
It'd only be problematic if you intended to use higher resolution, as then the buttons are equally smaller, but I found that unsuitable on the phone. So, go for it, it's worth it :)

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: July 01, 2015, 05:12:10 am »
Which version of OpenXcom are you using? I've found that apparently the latest versions of the android port are incompatible with the 1.0 milestone of OpenXcom because of the changed folder structure in the newer nightlys. I guess the opening post should be updated to reflect that change.

So, it's better to first install an OXC nightly on your pc and then copy the files from that to your smartphone/tablet.

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: June 25, 2015, 06:23:20 pm »
I did the "install" and it seemed to work (it said "Version 1.0? (without sound"), now the app won't start at all :( It switches to a black screen upon opening and then instantly closes.

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: June 25, 2015, 12:35:42 pm »
Well, I've now got a different problem. I've updated to your most recent version, which first wants me to specify the game folders, but it doesn't recognise them. They are as follows:

Status: Not found (Incomplete installation)

Path to game data files: /storage/emulated/0/openxcom
Path to save game folder: /storage/emulated/0/openxcom
Path to configuration files: /storage/emulated/0/openxcom

That's the main folder, everything is in there and that's worked for the last year. I've tried using "/storage/emulated/0/openxcom/data" but that didn't work either.

As for the log file, I haven't been able to use logcat properly. I tried the catlog app on my phone as well as the adb tools on PC, but they didn't record anything. Guess I didn't do it right.

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: June 24, 2015, 10:28:03 pm »
On my Xperia ZL with Android 4.4.4 it is, although I haven't tried your most recent release, yet. Also, if that helps, I'm using OXC 1.0, no nightlies.

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: June 24, 2015, 01:09:22 pm »
Welcome back! :)

I have another little feature request: Can you make it so ordering your soldiers in a craft works by drag&sropping as well? Especially with the sticky button bug it can be quite time-consuming to bring soldiers in the right order tap by tap.

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: May 24, 2015, 08:54:45 pm »
After nearly a year of playing on and off, I have now finished my first game of (Open)Xcom, always using version 1.0 and the latest available version of the android port. As I said before, the only bigger issue I faced is the "sticky button" bug, which can even cause unwanted movement orders to happen with just one tap. But, I noticed it is related to general lag on my Xperia ZL. By closing all unnecessary apps before playing the problem is far less grave.
Next up is an Experienced Ironman run :)

I really hope sfalexrog will continue working on this port, especially one the next major OpenXcom release is out. Although he hasn't been on these forums for half a year :/

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: April 09, 2015, 08:44:52 pm »
It's indeed perfectly playable. I'm rather inexperienced with XCom and am far into my first real playthrough (now fiddling around with mind control and hover tanks), playing on my Xperia ZL (Android 4.4.4) and haven't encountered any real problems so far in many hours of playing time. Especially the controls are nearly perfect, fitting the touchscreen like a glove. My only gripes at the moment are:
  • Lack of force firing when there's no line of fire
  • The "sticky button" bug in menus like the craft inventory screen, where sometimes accidently every piece of an item is put in or out. Can be annoying but won't break anything
Otherwise I'm most happy with the android port and eager to finish my first XCom game with it :) I hope this version will see a bright future and hopefully gain greater popularity!

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: July 26, 2014, 12:03:32 am »
This all sounds like your units move as soon as you tap somewhere. Is that the case? Because on my phone, by default, they only move when you've tapped a tile twice.
It really sounds like it doesn't work as intended on your S4.

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: July 23, 2014, 10:42:38 am »
About opening doors: I'm still two builds behind, but this is already possible. When a player-controlled unit with enough TUs is standing in range of a door and facing directly towards it, whether directly in front or diagonal, swipe towards the door as if you are trying to turn the seleted unit. In otherwords, if a unit is already facing a door, telling it to "turn" towards the door will cause the unit to open the door.
Oh, oops, I didn't even try that. In that case, my silly "suggestion" is already in the game, as long-pressing the door does the same as swiping on the unit in front of it :)

I already had path showing on.  I just tried again and still have the same problem exactly half the time.  Every other time I try turning a soldier they move.  Like clockwork.
How do you try turning them? It can be done by swiping away from a unit or by long-pressing on any tile you want it to look at. Does it happen with both methods?

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: July 17, 2014, 09:03:30 pm »
Thanks for all your work and the quick fixes! As aceshigh said this is a fully, and surprisingly comfortably, playable port :) I'm loving it!

I guess what this port could use the most now would be even more touch-focused controls. Like I said, I don't like the "swipe to turn" function, whereas I think switching levels by swiping with two fingers works well and makes gameplay a bit more fluid, especially when embarking from the Skyranger. I just sometimes find that you switch levels too quickly, making you sometimes "overshoot" and switch several levels at ones. Maybe the range for swiping until the view changes 1 level should be higher, or maybe it would even be a bit more comfortable if you could only switch 1 level at a time, but I'm not sure.

Concerning opening doors, a natural way could be that they are opened by long pressing on them, but only when the selected unit already stands next to it and faces it. This way, if a soldier walks up to the door, the first long press on it might still make him only look at the door, if that's what you want him to do. If you want to open it, another long press would do that.

Regarding "force firing": When I started playing OpenXcom, I hoped it would be automatically triggered if you tried to shoot an enemy again when no line of sight is available. I don't know how hard that is to program, but it would again be a rather natural way of doing it without the need for an extra button. You would just aim and tap on the unit, which triggers the "No line of sight" warning sign, and if you still do it again, the unit would just "force fire".

Finally, I've read that in OpenXcom on PC you can cancel a unit's movement by right clicking. I understand that this means you can stop a unit while it is already walking? If so, that would be another great addition to your port. Since you can't really do anything else while a unit walks, anyway, why not make it so just tapping (or double-tapping so it doesn't happen accidently) anywhere during movement would stop it? This would also reduce the severity of mis-tapping.

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: July 15, 2014, 08:28:35 am »
I can confirm that the controls seem much more precise now :)

Playing this version is actually the very first time that I play X-Com seriously, getting further than only the first terror mission :D It plays just about flawlessly on my phone and I haven't encountered a single bug on it.
I've also tried it on my Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, on which plays very comfortably due to the increased screen size. Though, only on the Tab I get the "stuck key" bug when for example purchasing stuff. I consecutively tap on for example the upper arrow to increase the amount of scientists I want to buy, and at some point the button gets stuck and the number increases ludicrously fast. Tapping the button again frees it, so it's not a major problem, but rather annoying. Also only on the Tab, it's sometimes nearly impossible to center the view on an enemy in sight. The little red "1" is shown in the corner of the screen, but when I tap it, it only sets a path for my unit to move. It even shows the description of the button, but it doesn't work. I haven't figured out where or how to tap it to make it work, it just sometimes does.
Finally, I really don't like the "swipe unit to turn view" function. When I mean to use it, I rarely make it work, whereas I often trigger it accidently while dragging the view around, wasting precious time units. I find that "long press tile to turn" works very well already, so if possible it should at least be an option :)

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: July 14, 2014, 09:20:31 am »
The modsite didn't work for me either. Use the Dropbox link sfalexrog posted on the previous page (post #12) :)

Builds & Ports / Re: OpenXcom for Android - new official thread
« on: July 12, 2014, 03:37:01 am »
Solved my problem, sort of! I've exchaned the midi files in the SOUND folder with ogg music from this page, and now the app runs flawlessly :D I'd still like to use the midi files at some point, but I'm happy it works now.

I've played for an hour and I must say I am really surprised just how well the game works. Especially how well the controls work in geoscape and the menu! Apart from all being a little bit small it feels very natural and well ported. Alas, I have to agree with aceshigh concerning the movement controls in battlescape. It's not as bad as I thought it would be, but just like he describes it just feels "off". Especially since often times when tapping on a tile, it will show a movement path to that point, whereas the "cursor box" will be placed at a different tile next to that spot. I guess one problem is that the cursor in the PC version is never directly placed on the tile itself, but as aceshigh said you still always know exactly what you are pointing at because of the box.

Still, it's awesome to have such a high quality version of X-Com on a mobile phone, thanks a lot!

I've disabled "drag scrolling" in the options, which enables you to just move the cursor by dragging on the screen. This shows that indeed the cursor works exactly as on the PC, but since you can actually see and move the cursor box, making precise inputs is much easier. I think it would greatly improve the controls if normal dragging with one finger would only move the cursor like that, whereas dragging with two fingers would move the camera. This way I think you could easily combine precise with quick controls without the need for additional buttons or functions :)
The only problem would be the "long press tile to turn soldier" function, since it often triggers accidentally when dragging the cursor.

Played a lot longer than intended now. With the knowledge that you have to tap slightly above (not to the side, just above) the ground tile you wish to select, the controls are much less of an issue. They're not ideal, but I've only rarely made mistakes now, while ordering the squad around is still quick.
I'm pretty fascinated, playing Xcom on a mobile phone this way is so much more fun than I imagined. I'm really surprised I haven't heard of your android port before, this is pretty big news!

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