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Programming / Re: Compiling with Netbeans?
« on: July 13, 2014, 01:52:18 am »
I have to raise my hands and give up with Netbeans and VC-2013. Wasted over 10 hours trying to get them working.

Finally I decided to try with VC2010 and no problems at all :)

Work In Progress / Re: [ARMOR] Gas-mask equipment
« on: July 12, 2014, 09:04:59 pm »
You could make it so it does little bit of stun damage to the soldier wearing it every turn ;)

And yeah, I have not tried gas mask, but even paintball mask makes it hard to breath or see well.

Programming / Re: Compiling with Netbeans?
« on: July 12, 2014, 12:47:23 am »
Yes, it was linux madness.

I removed Cygwin and installed MinGW. It is no longer crying about the SDL.

But now I have problem with Makefile. It does not compile the code. And every time I open the project it takes a loooong time "parsing openxcom-master".



I installed cmake and made some progress (hopefully).

Now I get this when trying to run the program:

[31mLinking CXX executable ../bin/openxcom.exe
D:/C/OpenXcom-master/OpenXcom-master/deps/lib/Win32\SDLmain.lib(./Release/SDL_win32_main.obj):(.text[_main]+0x0): multiple definition of `main'
c:/mingw/bin/../lib/gcc/mingw32/4.8.1/../../../../mingw32/lib\libmingw32.a(main.o):e:\p\giaw\src\pkg\mingwrt-4.0.3-1-mingw32-src\bld/../mingwrt-4.0.3-1-mingw32-src/src/libcrt/crt/main.c:42: first defined here
Warning: corrupt .drectve at end of def file
CMakeFiles/openxcom.dir/objects.a(AlienBAIState.cpp.obj): In function `ZN4YAML6detail13memory_holder11create_nodeEv':
D:/C/OpenXcom-master/OpenXcom-master/deps/include/yaml-cpp/node/detail/memory.h:32: undefined reference to `YAML::detail::memory::create_node()'
CMakeFiles/openxcom.dir/objects.a(AlienBAIState.cpp.obj): In function `ZN4YAML6detail8node_ref12mark_definedEv':
D:/C/OpenXcom-master/OpenXcom-master/deps/include/yaml-cpp/node/detail/node_ref.h:29: undefined reference to `YAML::detail::node_data::mark_defined()'
CMakeFiles/openxcom.dir/objects.a(AlienBAIState.cpp.obj): In function `ZN4YAML6detail8node_ref8set_nullEv':
D:/C/OpenXcom-master/OpenXcom-master/deps/include/yaml-cpp/node/detail/node_ref.h:34: undefined reference to `YAML::detail::node_data::set_null()'
CMakeFiles/openxcom.dir/objects.a(AlienBAIState.cpp.obj): In function `ZN4YAML6detail8node_ref10set_scalarERKSs':
D:/C/OpenXcom-master/OpenXcom-master/deps/include/yaml-cpp/node/detail/node_ref.h:35: undefined reference to `YAML::detail::node_data::set_scalar(std::string const&)'
CMakeFiles/openxcom.dir/objects.a(AlienBAIState.cpp.obj): In function `ZN4YAML4Node10AssignDataERKS0_':
D:/C/OpenXcom-master/OpenXcom-master/deps/include/yaml-cpp/node/impl.h:254: undefined reference to `YAML::detail::memory_holder::merge(YAML::detail::memory_holder&)'
CMakeFiles/openxcom.dir/objects.a(AlienBAIState.cpp.obj): In function `ZNK4YAML5as_ifIbbEclERKb':

...and it continues like that for a long.

Programming / Re: Compiling with Netbeans?
« on: July 11, 2014, 09:56:40 pm »
I think I set up the Cygwin. I googled c++ and Netbeans and the tutorials said that you either install Cygwin or that MinGW. It was strange, but I got the c++ hello world working.

And on Windows 7 64-bit.


I noticed all the tips and tutorials were for VS so I installed it. Though I accidentally selected newer version, express 2013.

Now I have a problem when trying to debug, it says yaml is missing on my computer.

I have made some simple games, tetris and space invaders, but "setting up all the libraries" (not even sure what words I should use) has always been absolute hell for me.

Programming / Compiling with Netbeans?
« on: July 11, 2014, 07:40:25 pm »
Does anyone here use Netbeans to compile Openxcom?

I tried to wrestle 3 hours last night with it, but could not get it to work. I think it could not find the SDL files.

Work In Progress / Re: [Request][UI] Open door button
« on: July 11, 2014, 07:26:39 pm »
I would love to have hand icon that would work as a use button.

Open and close doors. It would also pick up or place items on the tile ahead.

Offtopic / Re: X-com Apocalypse
« on: July 11, 2014, 06:45:04 pm »
More teasing

I'll try and keep most OpenApoc stuff over on the other forum now :)

Please post some news here, for us too, who are too lazy or busy to follow many forums.

Programming / Re: Option for autofire recoil
« on: July 11, 2014, 04:01:10 pm »
That could be the flipside of laser weapons. With laser weapons, you won't see the shot fly.  It'll just be 'there' just like how lights there on the wall when you turn on the flashlight.

I'd more see it with lower ROF plasma weapons, that would be a lot like paintball.

Yes. Ofcourse it depends on the laser. At least I can see very well the laser beams that X-Com use :)

But that was just an idea, so if you change the code, you could make it in a way so modders have this option too.

Offtopic / Re: Steam and the UFO trilogy
« on: July 11, 2014, 03:16:58 pm »
I can recommend

It is not perfect either, but at least less annoying than steam.

I bought X-Com games from Steam and it was ok, though the dos box was old version that they had adjusted the games to work with. After that I bought Civ 5 from my local store and it requires Steam to play, and it requires Steam to update every time you want to play, and it requires the whole Civ 5 to update when you want to play... it was enough for me, trying to avoid it now as much as I can.

Programming / Re: Option for autofire recoil
« on: July 11, 2014, 02:58:48 pm »

You could make it in a way that with laser weapons the accuracy slightly increases the longer you fire.

We used to play paintball, and they have so big "bullets" that you can see them when they fly. And you can have like 200 of them in your clip / loader. When you keep shooting fast enough it looks almost like a laser. And you can aim by just looking where that "laser beam" goes, if you just keep shooting :)

Work In Progress / Re: Viper Assault Cannon
« on: July 11, 2014, 03:02:59 am »
Honestly, the immense weight and tiny magazine capacity prevents it from being even remotely practical to field, at this point. I tweaked the stats and it's working pretty well in two-man teams, though.

Complements plasma-tier tech nicely once you have strong, skilled troopers with flying suits who can actually handle it.

You tweaked more strength and still need two men to carry it?  ;) "This new Viper is a real bastard to carry around..."

Well, I should maybe had added on the info that it is designed to take out armoured vehicles and fortified positions. You can't have a small gun for that.


Oh, and one last question: where do they get weapons from? :P

Mind controlling the unlucky scientist on the night sift. "Be a good scientist and bring me a blaster launcher and couple of missiles from the general stores."

+ chryssalids or lobstermen don't need weapons. And when the escape mission happens, at least half of your engineers and scientists should be zombified if you had live chryssalid in alien containment.  Do you want to take the risk and really interrogate them? 8)

I changed MAX_VIEW_DISTANCE and MAX_DARKNESS_TO_SEE_UNITS in TileEngine.h and changed distance(currentUnit->getPosition(), tile->getPosition()) > 9 from 9 to desired number in TileEngine.cpp and recompiled the game.
Though the problem is that with such an increase of range of view there's a lag when units are walking. Still, I'm not going back to the 20m range of sight.
I don't know where it's regulated, though.
Yes. And I use 100 square areas for most of missions.

This popped somehow back to my head today.

I started to think how did they do it with Laser Squad and on C-64. Then I realised that it has open non-hidden map. So it needs to calculate los only between the moving unit and opponent units. You could use this on daytime, you could say they have scanners, satellites and they just flew over the area with the skyranger so it is not so important to have hidden map on daytime. Remove the "shroud" and increase map size probably to many times bigger without lag.

And I still thought about, the thing that computers are very fast now and why does it lag. I have never coded los on any game, but when I think about it, the easiest solution is to just calculate all the tiles that are on the range of selected unit. And that is very inefficient way to code it, but would probably work with short vision range. Have you examined the code if it can be optimized?

All the aliens could have a value / strength on how good they are on this and how likely they will try it.

For example mind controlling aliens could have a much higher value than simple soldiers or terrorists.

+1 Yes!

I was actually just thinking about some Post Nuclear wasteland Fallout style setting where you could capture and lose cities, villages and bases. Brotherhood Of Steel, Raiders, Mutants, Villagers... damn it would be good.

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