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Work In Progress / Re: (Updated) Mod resources MOSTLY from me
« on: May 30, 2014, 12:44:28 pm »
Thanks, you are very kind!  :) I will make more mods soon, but not atm.

Sorry for the late reply. The problem with the PORT Terrain are the black/empty tiles that some mapblocks have, Units behave oddlyon them and the game crashes if you kill a unit on them.

The problem with the Dawn City terrain is that if you step on the roofs of the smaller row houses the game grashes. maybe because of a missing sound entry in the MCDs?

Can't be online too often atm, but I will be fully back in some weeks.

Released Mods / [OPTION] Less Psi-weak soldiers
« on: May 30, 2014, 12:40:15 pm »
Something lazy I made, it reduces the chance of new Soldiers being complete PSI weaklings, by simply raising the minimum PSI strength to 50, so now they spawn between 50 to 100 instead of 0 to 100.  :)
Code: [Select]
  - type: XCOM
      tu: 50
      stamina: 40
      health: 25
      bravery: 10
      reactions: 30
      firing: 40
      throwing: 50
      strength: 20
      psiStrength: 50
      psiSkill: 0
      melee: 20
      tu: 60
      stamina: 70
      health: 40
      bravery: 60
      reactions: 60
      firing: 70
      throwing: 80
      strength: 40
      psiStrength: 100
      psiSkill: 16
      melee: 40
      tu: 80
      stamina: 100
      health: 60
      bravery: 100
      reactions: 100
      firing: 120
      throwing: 120
      strength: 70
      psiStrength: 0
      psiSkill: 100
      melee: 120
    armor: STR_NONE_UC
    standHeight: 22
    kneelHeight: 14
    genderRatio: [3, 1]

Released Mods / Re: [HWP] Some "new" tanks (ruleset only)
« on: May 30, 2014, 12:37:11 pm »
A "recycled" one, torn out of my discontinued Kiryu-Kai mod.

Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_TANK_SNOOP
    size: 6
    costBuy: 200000
    costSell: 100000
    transferTime: 48
    weight: 1
    bigSprite: 40
    floorSprite: 0
    handSprite: 0
    bulletSprite: 3
    fireSound: 4
    hitSound: 13
    power: 60
    blastRadius: 5
    damageType: 9
    hitAnimation: 26
    accuracyAimed: 100
    tuAimed: 55
    battleType: 1
    fixedWeapon: true
    invWidth: 2
    invHeight: 3
    turretType: 3
    arcingShot: true
    clipSize: -1
    listOrder: 1068
  - type: STR_TANK_SNOOP
    race: STR_TANK_SNOOP
      tu: 90
      stamina: 110
      health: 110
      bravery: 110
      reactions: 0
      firing: 80
      throwing: 0
      strength: 80
      psiStrength: 100
      psiSkill: 0
      melee: 80
    standHeight: 16
    kneelHeight: 16
    value: 10
    deathSound: 23
    moveSound: 14
    energyRecovery: 50
    spriteSheet: TANKS.PCK
      - TANK_CORPSE_1
      - TANK_CORPSE_2
      - TANK_CORPSE_3
      - TANK_CORPSE_4
    frontArmor: 120
    sideArmor: 90
    rearArmor: 60
    underArmor: 60
    drawingRoutine: 2
    size: 2
      - 1.0
      - 1.0
      - 0.4
      - 0.75
      - 1.0
      - 1.0
      - 0.0
      - 0.9
      - 0.4
      - 0.0
    loftempsSet: [ 92, 89, 90, 91 ]
    type_id: 3
  - type: en-US
      STR_TANK_SNOOP: Tank/Scout
      STR_TANK_SNOOP_UFOPEDIA: This tank allows you to scout unknown areas without risking the lives of your soldiers.
      STR_TANK_SNOOP_WEAPON: Smoke Shells
  - type: en-GB
      STR_TANK_SNOOP: Tank/Scout
      STR_TANK_SNOOP_UFOPEDIA: This tank allows you to scout unknown areas without risking the lives of your soldiers.
      STR_TANK_SNOOP_WEAPON: Smoke Shells

Released Mods / [UI] new TU-Reserve Icon
« on: May 30, 2014, 12:34:28 pm »
An older mod from me. Atm I can not make anything new as I am not in good shape, but in some weeks I will return for good :)

Released Mods / [Weapon] Naymore Mine
« on: May 30, 2014, 12:31:35 pm »
Just something older from me.  :)

Released Mods / [RACES] TFTD and others.
« on: May 30, 2014, 12:29:44 pm »
Just something I had on my HD for a long time. I could not do more as my health ain't too good atm, sry.

What does this mod do?

-Adds most TFTD races/units
-Adds some more custom races, like Human traitors, Elite Mutons, Elite Sectoids with new graphics
-Adds some custom enemy units, e.g. a new Sectopod


-The mod is an old (and initially private-use only) "skeleton" mod which could use some more work. It will/should work correctly, though. Atm I am in no state to go any further with this mod, feel free to take it and complete/finish it.
-Adding the races was done in a simplified way, so most races will not have a medic/engineer/leader. I had to cut corners here, because it would have been too much work for me alone, especially with my current low health status.
-The races are stronger/better than the default X-Com races with the Sectoid Elders maybe being the strongest X-Com enemies you ever encountered. Feel free to lower their stats if you feel that they are too strong. The TFTD races stats are modeled mostly after the original stats but I took some liberties here.
-There are no new corpses and/or ufopaedia screens, I added some basic generic researches, though. (the mod was done before it became possible to add live units without researches.)
-Sorry about the mess with the many sub-folders and their names, initially the mod was a private one and never meant to be released, it shows here.
-The new add-on-Sectopod is fielded by the Sectoid Elders. (see side-note*)
-The Chryssalid Commander uses weapons, but they do not show up properly.
-Use the Line-of-sight option for PSI attacks found in the default mods/options if the Sectoid Elders feel too strong.
-I used this mod for quite a while and could not find any major bugs, but nobody is perfect. If you find a bug, please report it in the corresponding thread. I am not sure If I myself can correct them right now (this readme was hard enough to write for me atm), but maybe someone else will take over for me?
-The mod should be compatible with all other mods and replaces nothing. It maybe overwrites one inventory screen if you have the alieninventory mod installed, but don't fear, the files are identical. I merely added it in case you do not have that mod.
-The Tentaculats do NOT turn their victims into zombies/tentaculats, they "only" kill them.


IMHO the original game idea was (initially) clearly the same (Sectopod fielded with Sectoids, the names, the colors AND the weapon stats of the units clearly indicate that) so I added it this way. If you don't believe me take a look at the mechtoid found in the 2012 X-Com game and draw your own conclusions. The Cyberdisc was surely meant to be the Ethereal's terror unit. I guess Microprose changed that before the first release because they realized that a race without flying units would be very weak against soldiers with flying armor. Just take a look at the Snakeman and the Chryssalid, they have big problems if your troops have flying suits. This also explains why the Cyberdisc is WAY too strong at the (original) game start right now, it simply was never meant to be fielded by the aliens that early.


Several mods and resources were used for this mod, basically I only made the ruleset, added some sounds and graphics and other things.
Mods used (I thank the original mod makers and all credits belong to them):
-TFTD_to_UFO mod for the original X-Com found on Strategycore. I don't know atm who made it, there is no name to be found in the source file.
-AlienInventoryMod. Again, there was no name to be found in the source file.
-Recolored Battle-Sprites Resource file. Again, no name in the source file.
-The MixedRaces-Mod provided the basic ruleset and I simply added the new stuff to it. Thanks to whoever made it (can't look at I am offline)

Civilian 2014

Released Mods / Re: [MAPS] Solar's new UFOs
« on: May 30, 2014, 12:23:22 pm »
Some nice UFOs there, solariusScorch! Could test them as I am a bit healthier atm, excellent work and surprising attacks  :)

Released Mods / Re: [UI] Amiga/PSX Fonts
« on: May 30, 2014, 12:21:55 pm »
A thanks from me, too.  :)

Fire damage works different, some of the damage is dealt during the following turns. About the other idea: If you want you can take over this mod, i will not be around for a while.

Released Mods / Re: [MAPS] (Release v.1.0) Terrain Addons
« on: May 22, 2014, 03:16:12 pm »
Updated, see post no.1. This will be my last upload for a while.

Damn fine work with the graphics, robin!  :o

Tanto-Dagger, actually. They are rather common and are in fact only a certain style of knife with a certain blade edge tip. And the way I implemented them makes pefect sense in a japanese/tradition based mod. About the "lack" of weapons: The mod is a prequel to XCom, it wouldn't make sense to add better/stronger weapons than the original game has. That and I wanted to make a mod where you fight the aliens with earth-weapons oonly.

Anyway, I updated the mod! I added and changed quite a lot of things, it's almost a complete overhaul, see post 1 for more info (once i updated it)  ;D

Amongst other things I added a special tank and a custom Skyranger with Japanese markings. I also changed the Tanto/Knife's damage, edited the handobjects a bit for easier identification and and and

I think the mod is almost complete now, but i want to finish my campaign with it first to see how the end-game behaves.

Work In Progress / Re: [Request] Extra facilities for human base
« on: May 20, 2014, 12:09:01 pm »
fwiw, I tried to make a simple corridor but could not get it to show up in the base defense missions, it worked in the base layout screens (using the Access lift icon) but not in the tactical game. Maybe it had to do wit the fact that I made it have only 1 level. Atm I am pretty much occupied by my work on another mod, so don't expect anything from me.

No update today, but some questions:

Any feedback about the lack of tanks? I myself feel that the cover they provide seems to miss somehow, not their firepower, though. Maybe I should add a heavy armour (with actual weight and some other limits) for "tank" troops, basically heavy front line troops that can't move fast or carry much, but are strong enough to survive a shot from the plasma rifle?

I also was thinking of changing the alien stats to those of X-Com 2012 (or at least as close as possible), turning this into some kind of Mini-Conversion...

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