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Builds & Ports / Re: Android Port
« on: September 23, 2011, 01:56:30 am »
When I had made a simple viewer to look at the map, I treated the datafile as a description of a 3d object, and then used 3d camera matrices to view it from different angles. I cheated and just drew 2d polygons (no z-value) from the rotated earth though.

For ocean, you can use the tftd data file.

Offtopic / Re: Maps and city scapes
« on: September 23, 2011, 01:42:52 am »
In the beginning I was the end user because I had ambitions to do what openxcom is doing now - write my own xcom engine. So yeah, the modding community of openxcom is the target audience for my tools =)

Alright so since there are users, how would you like to be notified of new changes and what is your preferred method of getting a new version? svn up and rebuilding? Downloading a zip file and extracting to a new folder? One of the things I was working on there at the end was an auto-updator (I think this is the way to go).

Offtopic / Re: Maps and city scapes
« on: September 22, 2011, 10:11:58 pm »
Since your still active in the community , does that mean that development on this awesome tool may start again?

Anything's possible. The tool would need active users however.

Im hoping someone knows the existing file systems as i have a question...

 I was just looking at the X-com base models and they appear to be kept in the .pck file. IF i want to add a new building type can i add a new one to the existing PCK file OR is it better to make a copy of the xcom units and modify pre existing templates? Also if i do the second method Can we mix and match between PCK methods if we need to ( Basically currently i only want to modify 1 building and i don't want it to replace any existing one)?

If you want to see your changes immediately, I would modify existing buildings and not add new images to the pck file.

Offtopic / Re: Maps and city scapes
« on: September 15, 2011, 06:19:41 pm »
Hello DaiShiva , thank you for your help. To your answer to my first question , Why? Is the a link you can provide to find out what is and is not possible when modding for the original game ? Although i plan to use my mods in OpenX not the original Dos version i have i would still like to keep things compatible if i can.

There is a hardcoded list of images that make up the list of tiles that a map can utilize. In the original version, this list is compiled into the executable somewhere. There is a text file that the map editor generates that contains this list list of images, so technically you can hand modify it, but then your maps will only be good for viewing.

I have also been modding some units and In your program  i can select EDIT on a image, i can select my new colour out of the colour pallet but i cant Draw the new pixel onto the image, Am i doing something wrong OR did development stop prior to that?

Also the "SHOW BYTES" option when modding units. I tried to change the code for some colours via a find and replace option but i cant see any way to Save this BYTE information back to your program. Is this type of modding possible?

Really looking forward to your answers :)

Yup, that was the work on a rudimentary pixel editor so you wouldnt have to export and re-import your images for minor edits. That part is not done

the bytes window was primarily for debugging. Making sure that what I drew onscreen matched up with what the original encoding said it should look like. That window is read-only. How did you do a find and replace? Paste into notepad?

Offtopic / Re: Maps and city scapes
« on: September 13, 2011, 08:32:26 pm »
New questions, does anyone know HOW to use images from other items EG: add alien base items to UFOs ?

If you are modifying them to be in the original game, you cant. Do you only want to see the new tiles in the map editor?

Also . can anyone else get  XCsuit to work i cant see how to start it, im not sure if i downloaded the correct file?

All the 'suite' executable does is provide a launchpad for all the other programs. There is no difference in running it vs the editor executable directly.

Programming / Re: Battlescape performance
« on: August 23, 2011, 09:05:47 pm »
Yankes : that's exactly what I did yesterday. I wrote my own blit function with the shading done on the fly - it simplifies the whole problem a lot.

But there is still a problem with it. When running in debug mode, the handwritten blit function is also compiled with debug info, making the whole thing soooo sloooow :)
I'm no specialist on compilers and stuff like that, so I don't know how you can have parts of the code normally build while still being able to debug build the rest...

That is what a RelWDebugInfo (Release with debug info) build does for you. Visual Studio at least will tell you if you have any conflicting flags set.

Offtopic / Re: Ufo: Enemy Uknown source code !!
« on: April 01, 2011, 06:26:31 pm »
Oh wow, nice work!

Fan-Stuff / Re: Hi-Resolution Interface & Sprites...
« on: March 22, 2011, 02:16:04 am »
Nothing currently. The one thing I'm looking into is how does its sticky tool windows. I'd like to make the interface like that.

Fan-Stuff / Re: Hi-Resolution Interface & Sprites...
« on: February 17, 2011, 04:57:26 am »
Oh well... i just tried PCKView to loadup some SCR (etc) using the "Uncompressed Routine" and it does - except the files are off-shoot by 75% to the left-side corner, making any of them completely unusable. I suspect most others will react the same.
So, i'll stick with the very old XCView i have and perform a few edits afterward should i need to -- unless, the man wants to compile a new version.

Btw, speaking of compiling new stuff;
Would it be tooooooo much work to try integrating *all* APOC related PCKs, MAPs (etc) as well while you'd be considering it?

The REST; Cuz, lemme tell you - if it were just me... there would be a highly complex new code_program which certainly could mix-match all three major core titles into a single hell_of_a_ride of absolute Ground_Oceanic_Inter-Dimensional X-Com gameplay fest with all Alien races at once in any five Mega-Primus city-maps, T'leth (Mexican Gulf) and_or Cydonia (On Mars) through options or by default.

I'd even risk a reference to the absolute master of squad_level TBS style... Laser_Squad_Nemesis (to be fair to Gollop genius consistant work). But this might have to wait for a Gaming Industry revolution that excludes the likes of EA, Activision or whomever else has been tracking the X-Com license for quick profits.

Now, *THAT'S* a project worth killing for.

ah yeah, the SCR loading is not intuitive. I just tried it out and was thinking 'wtf, this is awful'

If you save the profile, give it a description, then it will show up in the open file dialog and the SCR's will open up fine. they DO NOT look fine in the preview window. I shall have to fix that

I have APOC somewhere around here. Not sure if i can find my cd after all these years. I will have to look

Fan-Stuff / Re: Hi-Resolution Interface & Sprites...
« on: February 17, 2011, 01:36:50 am »
XCView (as an indirect "Background Viewer" for some tricky versions) can load all of these files;
X-Com (SCR) + X-Com Large (PCK)...from UFOGRAPH folder + UFO (SPK),
8bit (BMP),
The PCKview version on Sourceforge can open all those formats (maybe it should have a different name :P), although not as intuitively as XCView. To open SCR/DAT image files you need to open the file with *.*, then on the window that pops up select Uncompressed Image and specify the size (SCR images are 320x200).

There are a bunch of issues with the program, but now knowing it's open-source, I feel guilty about reporting them instead of just fixing them myself. :P

Please do report them! not saying anything gives the impression that:
a) everything is working fine
b) noone uses it

Fan-Stuff / Re: Hi-Resolution Interface & Sprites...
« on: February 16, 2011, 08:26:32 am »
So far, the actual brand new stuff you gave above is perfectly fine. I'd enjoy having XCView too but again, you decide.

Does it do anything differently than what your have in that archive? I believe XCView is just a renamed version of pckview (I wasnt using source control way back then, /shame on me)

Fan-Stuff / Re: Hi-Resolution Interface & Sprites...
« on: February 16, 2011, 12:39:32 am »
EDIT (Back with some comments after a swift run);

-- PckView is now compatible with Win7Aero, smoothly operating as expected. The palettes are still acting weirdly with the usual Greens, but there's a very simple workaround once these files are extracted; Load any valid *.PAL(s) as necessary and re-save in PSPro-X3.

-- 76 DPI is working as well. I've seen 72's everywhere in other progs, but i think it doesn't matter that much for file EXIFs of BMP copies. Except for the proper saves formatting, of course.

-- I was pleasantly surprised by a few new options (Compare, Save to Directory, HQ2x..) which have potential for some later iterations, i'm guessing. Up to you, but might as well consider adding HQ3 & 4 (maybe Lanczos & Bi_Linear) while you're there, no?

-- Saw you've also included a newest copy of MapView. Note that someone at StrategyCore (Zombie) altered v1.1 to fix the extra AlienShips back in '08.

-- The only remaining fact would be that a more recent XCView is "missing" and could be fixed (DLL, pal references) if you want.

The complete package would become absolutely essential for anyone willing to tackle a complete graphics re-editing.

I suspect the binaries that are downloaded off of sourceforge are some old version that is not the latest. I will have to update those.
the dpi value I dont know what its supposed to be. If you want it to be 72 I can make it that way. I entered '3000' instead of '0' and it comes out to 76. As long as the file works i dont think it matters much more than that.

The options have been in the sources for years. I found my .net wrapper for the hq2x code thats something like five years old. adding more hqx options would be trivial.

Everything needs to be updated, sure, but at the same time there is no motivation to work on it if noone is using it =)

Fan-Stuff / Re: Hi-Resolution Interface & Sprites...
« on: February 15, 2011, 07:16:34 am »
I filled in the dpi fields, hopefully that will fix the issues with your other programs

the basebits does show up green on my computer. Looks exactly the same on my pckview as the bmp you put in the zip file.

The blue artifacts that you see may be a palette entry that I hardcoded wrong, it doesnt read the palettes from the ufo data folder (maybe it should!)

Let me know how it goes

Fan-Stuff / Re: Hi-Resolution Interface & Sprites...
« on: February 14, 2011, 09:14:40 pm »
PS; Can anyone here contact Daishiva so that his MapView, PCKView & XCView tiny (but essential) editing programs are uploaded as working Win-7 executables at the usual SourceForge spot? Cuz, i still get the darn Green palette + the header bytes (PPI) flaws on saves and i don't own a 1500$+ MS_VB compiler to use what he has done since - it seems - forever!

I lurk here, so getting in contact is easy!

Yeah, I haven't done anything with that codebase for a long time. I also dont have windows7, but if you know what the problem is, we should be able to fix it, even if I have to send you executables to test out. Send me a PM or something

Open Feedback / Re: How is my code?
« on: January 11, 2011, 12:44:57 am »
Code: [Select]

would be:

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