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Just keep re-uploading until one sticks. Also, nice to see the Expanded Gauss weapons are already finding use. I'll have some new armors and a new craft down the road. The armors are 90% finished. I'm just too lazy to add the last few remaining art assets and then tie everything together with code.  :P

Work In Progress / Re: [BETA][WIP][BUNCHOFSTUFF] Xeno Operations Mod
« on: October 09, 2015, 10:58:22 pm »
Getting closer. Real close.
The mod is now playable from start to finish again as most of the tech tree is up. I am playtesting and tweaking values now.
The crafting system is now reworked. Alien Items Self Destruct seems to be the key to keeping micro management to a minimum. Values need to be tweaked, but so far the proof of concept holds. I'll have to get further along in the tech tree to be sure.

Other Odds and Ends
Reworked the Skywarden. The Battlescape map has been replaced. It looks much better. Stills needs a UFOPaedia article

Added another fighter/transport. It's an endgame craft. Better than the Avenger with more cargo space as well. Stupid expensive though and if the player loses it, it will take a long time to gather enough resources to replace it. Don't lose it as it is required to go to mars. No images. Sorry. Don't want to spoil this one. :)

I've implemented a custom mission too. The player will need the items in this mission to win the game. Occurs in place of a terror mission every once in a while (low spawning odds). Here is a snippet of the arctic version.

I have a jungle version as well since this is basically the Mujungle tiles rearranged into a labyrinth map. I hope to have a desert version eventually. The mission is literally a smash and grab and mission. I suppose the grabbing part is optional, but highly recommended.

Reworked the starting armors.

These no longer require a purchase at the store and can be selected from the start (no weight). Also there are no more coveralls as they replace them. I never liked the coveralls. At least now your rookies can look cool when they die in one shot. (I am considering releasing this as a separate mod since it is basically cosmetic)

There is a ton more stuff I've tweaked and added.
Now for the big question. When?
I still don't know exactly. It all hinges of if the crafting and tech tree is fun. I need to playtest more to find out. If it does turn out to be fun (early tests seem positive), it needs very precise value adjustments to keep the pacing. This needs to at least be in the ballpark before a beta release. Assuming that is accomplished and the tech tree and crafting system don't suck the last biggest task is the UFOpaedia which needs a lot of work.

Suggestions / Re: List Order for Armor Selection
« on: September 03, 2015, 03:47:09 am »
There is a place in the soldiers.rul to define their default armor, but it doesn't seem to work.

Work In Progress / Re: [BETA][WIP][BUNCHOFSTUFF] Xeno Operations Mod
« on: September 03, 2015, 03:25:47 am »
To be honest, I really don't know. It depends on a lot of different things and how they turn out during testing. Is there a specific resource you need Hobbes?
The mod as it stands is still not really playable from start to finish. The early game is working fine, but I still need to tie up the end game stuff for it to be playable.

Right now I am working on this mod between breaks in my book editing. I can only murder so many darlings an hour before I need a short rest. But this mod is secondary to getting my book done since I am trying to have it ready for a con in November. Still I am making progress on the mod.

I'll just share my current laundry list of stuff I still have to do.

[Secondary]: Things marked as secondary are things I may save for another release. Basically they are not essential and I will probably release a beta before these are implemented.

Research Tree: 70% finished. Needs a few more techs fleshed out. However it really needs research times balanced in accordance with game pacing. This will take a few test playthroughs before I get this right. There are a number of smaller items though that need to be tied into the research tree
   Integrate Codex Key item into research tree
   Add a few research items into completed codex tech list [Secondary]
   Final melee weapon  [Secondary]
   Final weapon tier [Secondary]
   Unlock alien weapons for completed Codex  [Secondary]
   Finish Complete Codex Archive Tech for completed Codex list
   Tie in stun weapons into tech tree
   Tie in final Avenger craft into tech tree
   Tie in new aliens into tech tree
   Tie in new plasma weapons into tech tree
   Redo alien weapons in tech tree
   Take a second look at the interrogation tech tree that opens up the final mission. Cut techs where needed. This is one of the only survivors of my tech tree purge so its still a bit bloated. Also it needs to be tied into codex research properly as well as the final Avenger.
Manufacturing: 10% done. Needs a big overhaul. I may do away with the crafting system entirely. I still haven't done much to fix this yet.
   Ditch old crafting components
   Redo crafting components to use only 4 key items: Tech Cells, Elerium-115, Alien Alloys, and Antimatter
   Redo nearly every item's material cost in accordance with these new items
   Balance material costs so that they accomplish the following things
      Costs are not so large or complex that the player cannot calculate in their head the amount of components needed to build multiples of an item.
      This can be done by sticking to multiples of 5 and 10 at most
      Exception: Upgrading a Codex should be very costly since this done only every once in a while.
   Costs are high enough that component scarcity is an issue. I don't want the player to have large stockpiles of components. Every UFO assault needs to be a desperate struggle for resources.
Scarcity is compounded by tech upgrading costs. To advance the tech tree requires a significant amount of resources that could be spent on weapons. However, waiting too long to upgrade could mean the player is outpaced by the escalating Alien Threat.
   Test new system with the option to make alien items self destruct upon death.
      If this still results in too much micro management then ditch the entire system and start over.
   Add stun weapons to manufacturing list
   Add new plasma weapons to manufacturing list
   Add new UFO items to disassembly list
   Add Codex Key items to manufacturing list
   Add remaining Codex Items to list
   Add end game component manufacturing to list
   Add Hurricane transport to list
   Add Final Avenger to list
New Aliens: 90% done. All of the artwork is done along with most of the coding.
   Needs to be integrated with the research tree properly.
   Polish roacher graphic for UFOpaedia
   Playtest appearance ratios
UFOPaedia: 50% done.
   Needs a lot more artwork for the various entries  [Secondary]
   Do a crap ton of writing for the various entries. This is mostly fluff, but some of it gives the player critical information
   A lot of existing artwork needs to be integrated
   Needs entries for the new stun weapons and plasma weapons
   Will need an entry for the final avenger as well
New Craft: 40% done. I want to redo the Skywarden maps and I want to add one more transport to the game. I need a few more tiles to do so.
   Skywarden replacement: I have a good prototype done. I need a few extra tiles and to recolor the tiles I have.  [Secondary]
   Lightning: I have an idea on how to make the Lightning an interesting and viable transport. It needs a proof of concept first before I get into making new tiles for it.  [Secondary]
   Make a final Avenger. This is a tricked out avenger with all new tiles, more armor, faster speed, and more troop capacity made solely for the final mission to mars. There is a catch though in that the player will probably only be able to build one and by the time they can build it, the final mission will be available. Also, building it cripples your tech progression.
Armor: 80% done.
   Redo Xeno Operations Armor paperdolls
   Finish redo of kevlar and beret paper doll
      I have redone the base armor. No more coveralls. Too bad they look cool enough to make the Xeno Ops armor paperdolls look lame so now I have to redo those too. :(
   Touch up kevlar and beret battlescape sprites
   Double check inventory and ground corpses as well if needed
   Ditch any of the default kevlar vests that don't look that good.
   Keep camo vest
   Keep tan vest (new default)
   Keep black vest
   Ditch blue vest?
   Keep either gray vest or white vest (ditch one)
   Consider using a camo pattern on gray or white
   Lighten gray vest if I keep it
  Keep tan beret or red beret (ditch one)
   Ditch black with red beret
   Ditch camo beret
Weapons and Items 75% done
   Redo plasma weapons to account for new weapon types that were added
   Add Codex Key back in and make graphics for it
   Redo Alien Grenade graphic [Secondary]
   Redo Alien Blaster Launcher graphic  [Secondary]
   Remove starting armor items since they are all default now
   Add in more elite Alien weapons [Secondary]
   Final melee weapon [Secondary]
   Final weapon tier [Secondary]
Maps and Missions 70% done
   Fix Codex Recovery missions to include Codex Key item
      Also make a special tile to count as the objective
         Ideally, the player should smash the objective, steal the Codex Key from the rubble, and then abort mission after returning to the exit.
   Finish Jungle Codex Recovery map
   Add in side rails for upper teirs of map
   Add in exit tiles for abort mission recovery
   Add in small detail tiles like extra vines and rubble piles to spice up the map
   Finish Arctic Codex Recovery map
   This is pretty easy as I can use the Jungle Codex map for the layout and routes
   Change detail tiles to an ice theme recolor
   Do tiles for a Desert Codex Recovery map [Secondary]
   Consider plundering Hobbes's Terrain Pack since the next update will make Xeno Ops incompatible with it [Secondary]
New Alien UFOs 90% done
   Needs balance testing. That's about it.
   During beta, pay close attention to player feedback regarding breaching difficulty. If too many players complain about breaching troubles, then consider adding more breaching points into all UFOs.
   Note UFO type distribution amongst missions when playtesting.
   Initial tests are now fairly positive. The game has an excellent variety of UFO missions.
   Note UFO assault mission length.
   So far, testing suggests these new UFOs are faster to clear than the older ones.
   Pay attention to critiques regarding the artwork.
   See if people complain about the overabundance of animated tiles.
   See if people complain about the contrast of floor tiles making it hard to spot units
   Contrast on floor tiles has been reduced. Wait for more feedback before making further changes.
New Alien Base 90% done
   Keep a close eye on feedback over layout.
   If base is too maze like or large, then consider a redesign to remove two levels and simplify the design.
   Touch up some artwork. Some of the wall seams don't line up right.
   Do a full playtest to measure mission length
Craft Weapons and Interception 10% done [Secondary]
   Add in more craft weapons [Secondary]
   Rebalance craft weapons to make most of them useful [Secondary]
   Steal robin's smoke since I'm too lazy to make my own and honestly, I don't think I could do a better job. [Secondary]
   Make some nice new explosion sprites for the various energy and stun weapons [Secondary]
   Readjust Hyper Velocity accuracies and bump them up a bit [Secondary]
       Consider changing laser damage to explosive for alternate ammo, but keep explosion radius small
   Readjust laser weapons to increase accuracy, but slow rate of fire [Secondary]
   Fix Muton Armored Commander pck from being listed twice in ExtraSprites [Secondary]
   Add a Muton Guard live alien item for modders [Secondary]
   Fix assorted Alien gear to be Geoscape only items so researching them can reveal their names in the battlescape [Secondary]
   Bug devs to unhardcode cutscenes to end the game that way I can add multiple endings [Secondary]
  Clean up unused strings in extrastrings [Secondary]

Suggestions / Re: List Order for Armor Selection
« on: September 02, 2015, 04:47:19 pm »
 :) Yep. That's why this came up (see attached image. Note that there is no number next to the armor). I am moving all of my kevlar vests and beret uniforms into the default armor list since I have never used them as items. All a modder has to do is to set up the armor like a normal armor and just use storeItem: STR_NONE and it appears in armor selection list without any item needed in your base. However, don't delete the original armor STR_NONE_UC or it crashes the game. The game is hardcoded to equip that armor by default.

Work In Progress / Re: [GLOBE] Desert world / DUNE total conversion 0.9
« on: September 02, 2015, 01:46:17 am »
Original battlescape unit sprites are the worst. Well except for trying to make a complicated craft map based on a 3D model. That was much harder than an original battlescape sprite. I don't mind spriting all that much though. I love that moment with adding or taking away one or two pixels suddenly makes the sprite shine. Got some nice sprites in this mod too. Hope you keep working on it.  :)

Work In Progress / Re: [BETA][WIP][BUNCHOFSTUFF] Xeno Operations Mod
« on: September 02, 2015, 01:33:48 am »
Indeed I meant a backup of resorces of new version ... :-[

I have a drop box backup as well as another on a thumbdrive that I back up often. In case of a hard drive crash, I'm mostly covered.

Suggestions / Re: List Order for Armor Selection
« on: September 02, 2015, 01:26:53 am »
I have. The thing is that I want to add several default armors to the list that are not dependent on items (basically like the default coveralls) by using storeItem: STR_NONE. The problem is that any armor with storeItem: STR_NONE is automatically moved to the top of the list above armors with item requirements regardless of their order in the ruleset.

Work In Progress / Re: [Question] How to make a craft map?
« on: August 31, 2015, 06:19:43 am »
There is a nice video on mapview here
Kind of old though. mapview can be a rather cantankerous beast. Setting it up is the hard part.

Suggestions / List Order for Armor Selection
« on: August 30, 2015, 10:30:34 pm »
I've noticed that a list order cannot be applied when selecting an armor for a soldier in both the craft screen and the soldier screen. It also moves any armor with storeItem: STR_NONE to the top of the list by default. It would be awesome for us modders (ie probably only me ;D) if we could apply a list order to our armor sets for the equip screen.

Work In Progress / Re: [BETA][WIP][BUNCHOFSTUFF] Xeno Operations Mod
« on: August 30, 2015, 10:11:58 pm »
Still tinkering.

Got some nice stun weapons. I made a really awesome hit animation for them before I realized that shooting weapons with stun explode. :( Maybe I can make a cool electrical style explosion for them. Still not really sure where I stand on releasing this beast. I am working on the final edits for my book, so that is going to monopolize my time and it gets priority since it might make me some money.

1) Are we gonna het some sort one handed auto weapon like a terran smg (some guy wrote it in one of early post)

The UZI is already in the mod as is the machine pistol. Both are one handed autofire weapons.

2) Since xeno operation is incompatible with most mods, final relase will, be labelled as "total conversion"?
I don't know about calling it a total conversion. It's close to one, but it still uses a lot of the original artwork. It's more like an overhaul. Regardless I will mention compatibility in the readme. It's not my fault no one reads the readme  ;).

3) Since i intend to give a shot in linux - but atm oly with wine - what is the nightly that works best with the mod right now? Please X-Ops, would you add that imfo in the first post, along the mod progress?
I have no idea what nightly this works best with. I think someone attached a nightly earlier in this thread that works well. To be honest, I would rather spend my time trying to get the next release out the door rather than trying to fix compatibility with the old version. I'll update the front page when I finally get something I'm content with releasing.

4) Some "less exotic" names for weapons, eg. "portable missile launcher" instead of "advanced launcher", and so on
I am not really sure what you are talking about here. I don't have an advanced launcher. I have an X-9 Rocket Launcher and an Anti Matter Launcher though I would hardly call those exotic names.

as for the 1.0 compatibility, it may be achieved by enabling only certain rulesets and not all of them? Please may someone test it out, since i'm "far from the game" now?

Edit: Otherwise relasing a 1.0 compatible verwion may be a fine idea, of course without some features that would make it incompatible.

I have no intention of releasing a 1.0 version. Too much work for very little payoff.

Edkt2: I wonder if compativility with hobbes' terrain mod will be achieved in the end..otherwise a final addiction may be to add new terrain from scratch, so that it may be considered properly more of a total, conversion. Sry for typos!!

I am planning on integrating most of the terrain pack down the road. This will be a necessity seeing as how I am adding terrains for the next version.

I don't know why, but my UAV/Rockets drone enters combat without any weapons

HWPs are broken in the older versions. They should be fixed (I hope) for the next release.

This mod is wonderful! :P

Do you have a secure and recent backup of your hardisk ?

Mod site is back up. I'll repost an old dropbox link in case it goes down.

Work In Progress / Re: [BETA][WIP][BUNCHOFSTUFF] Xeno Operations Mod
« on: August 17, 2015, 03:50:50 am »
Looks fantastic! just joining up to say I'm really enjoying playing with this mod, the sheer amount of stuff to make is slightly intimidating but I love the sequential upgrades of ammo types and stuff.

Just a quick question btw, do enemies have various protection against certain damage types? I fought against the energy enemies (Overlords I think) and they would not die to laser, but a burst from a machinegun put it down easily enough. Was this a fluke, or is that intentional? I hope it was since it means that there's still a reason to keep older equipment - I also like how each armour has a different kind of stat boost (like the xeno armour giving extra accuracy) keep up the great work!

Glad you like it. :) And yes, the Overlord's resistances is is a design choice. I do intend to keep that feature as I like diversification of weapons.

That new craft is looking neat, really like that double ramp, and those protrusions on the side will provide good cover.
And is it, like, hovering above the ground on some kind of antigravity device? Thats pretty cool.

It doesn't actually hover (though some of the new UFOs do). It's just really hard to see the landing gear.

The two bright blue squares are elevators too, so it has some nice sniper positions as well. It's going to be either late or mid game transport.

Released Mods / [TFTD][WEAPONS] Expanded Gauss Arsenal
« on: August 17, 2015, 12:08:05 am »
I know it's only been a week in beta, but I think its safe to move it on out to final.

This mod expands the Gauss weapons for Terror from the Deep to include more gauss weapons and clips. This mod should increase the viability of Gauss weapons without altering any alien stats.

New Weapons Added
Small Gauss Pistol
Heavy Gauss Pistol
Gauss Assaulter (short range automatic weapon)
Gauss Shard Rifle (fires a spread effect like a shotgun)
Gauss Sniper Rifle
Gauss Suppressor (Rapid fire suppression weapon)
Gauss Grenade

New Clips for all Gauss Guns
Aqua Plastic Tipped (APT) clips for all Gauss weapons
Zrbite Core (ZC) clips for all Gauss weapons

Installation instructions: Place in the OpenXCom mods folder just like a normal XCom mod. Change gametype to Terror from the Deep.

Future Plans: None except fixing bugs and adjusting stats if enough people feel they need to be adjusted.

Modders may borrow any part of this mod they wish so long as I am credited.

Updated mod. Added Russian translation. Thanks vwtrotsky. Also added in en-GB strings which I forgot for some reason.

Modsite Link:
Download Link:

Work In Progress / Re: Terror mission behaviour
« on: August 16, 2015, 11:03:06 pm »
For what it's worth

Globe Code: Defines texture id for deployment
Code: [Select]
    - id: 0
        - name: FOREST
          area: [0, 360, -90, 0]
        - name: JUNGLE
          area: [0, 360, 0, 90]
    - id: 1
        - name: CULTA
    - id: 2
        - name: CULTA
    - id: 3
        - name: CULTA
    - id: 4
        - name: CULTA
    - id: 5
        - name: MOUNT
    - id: 6
        - name: FOREST
          area: [0, 360, -90, 0]
        - name: JUNGLE
          area: [0, 360, 0, 90]
    - id: 7
        - name: DESERT
    - id: 8
        - name: DESERT
    - id: 9
        - name: POLAR
    - id: 10
        - name: FOREST
          area: [0, 360, -90, 0]
        - name: JUNGLE
          area: [0, 360, 0, 90]
    - id: 11
        - name: FOREST
          area: [0, 360, -90, 0]
        - name: JUNGLE
          area: [0, 360, 0, 90]
    - id: 12
        - name: POLAR
    - id: -1
    - id: -2
        STR_CODEX_JUNGLE: 100

Regions Code: Places points on the map for mission site to spawn
Code: [Select]
    cost: 600000
      - [270, 315, -10, 0]
      - [275, 330, 0, 15]
      - [275, 325, 15, 60]
    regionWeight: 10
      STR_ALIEN_BASE: 22
        - [280.375, 297.625, -11.875, -4.125]
        - [279.125, 301.375, -1, 7.75]
        - [305.5, 323.75, 0.875, 11]
        - [281.625, 292.25, 10.75, 26.625]
        - [302, 314.375, 22.75, 31.875]
        - [289.125, 297.75, 38.5, 49.5]
        - [281.375, 303.75, 48, 56.125]
        - [312.875, 320.25, 6.25, 11.5]
        - [290.75, 293.75, -8.625, -6.125]
        - [290.5, 294.375, 28.875, 31.5]
        - [303, 312.75, 21.75, 24.5]
        - [284.25, 289.75, -8.375, -6.5]
        - [305.375, 312, 13.25, 16.125]
        - [289.875, 294.625, 34.625, 37.625]
        - [287.875, 292.25, 47.25, 49.25]
        - [299.5, 301.125, 51.375, 51.875]
        - [312.125, 312.125, 15.75, 15.75, -1, STR_BRASILIA]
        - [285.875, 285.875, -4.5, -4.5, -1, STR_BOGOTA]
        - [302.5, 302.5, 34.5, 34.5, -1, STR_BUENOS_AIRES]
        - [289.375, 289.375, 33.375, 33.375, -1, STR_SANTIAGO]
        - [316.875, 316.875, 22.875, 22.875, -1, STR_RIO_DE_JANEIRO]
        - [283, 283, 12, 12, -1, STR_LIMA]
        - [293.125, 293.125, -10.5, -10.5, -1, STR_CARACAS]
        - [290.125, 305.5, 1.5, 7.625]
        - [285.875, 289.5, 13.625, 15.625]
        - [290, 294.125, 41.25, 44.875]
        - [289.375, 294.125, 22.875, 27.125]
        - [0, 359.875, -90, -80]
        - [0, 359.875, 80, 90]
        - [180, 200, 0, 10]
        - [355, 365, -5, 5]
        - [170, 190, -60, -40]
        - [21.5, 51.75, -31.875, -15.875]
        - [238.625, 258.625, -53.375, -33.375]
        - [4.75, 27.625, -52, -44.375]
        - [75, 89, -39, -34.375]
        - [115, 132.5, 21, 25.5]
      - #Codex Sites
        - [294.182, 294.182, 6.914, 6.914, -2]
        - [306.06, 306.06, 0.315, 0.315, -2]
        - [298.142, 298.142, -3.643, -3.643, -2]
        - [298.911, 298.911, 18.022, 18.022, -2]
        - [307.160, 307.160, 8.344, 8.344, -2]
        - [285.824, 285.824, 2.515, 2.515, -2]
        - [298.802, 298.802, 24.180, 24.180, -2]
    cost: 550000
      - [5, 55, 0, 40]
    regionWeight: 8
        - [7.125, 27, -0.375, 7.625]
        - [40.875, 56.625, 12, 30.625]
        - [11.25, 37, 21.75, 35.875]
        - [27, 45.375, -3.875, 11]
        - [19.875, 24.25, 28.5, 31.25]
        - [44.75, 48.75, 16.875, 21.375]
        - [14.125, 20.625, 6.125, 10.875]
        - [13.375, 21.375, 16.625, 20.5]
        - [12.375, 23.25, -1.5, 4.625]
        - [30.5, 38.375, 11.625, 16.75]
        - [17.75, 29.75, 26.25, 29.875]
        - [45, 48.75, 16.25, 18.75]
        - [28.125, 28.125, 26.25, 26.25, -1, STR_PRETORIA]
        - [36.75, 36.75, 1.25, 1.25, -1, STR_NAIROBI]
        - [18.5, 18.5, 34, 34, -1, STR_CAPE_TOWN]
        - [15.375, 15.375, 4.375, 4.375, -1, STR_KINSHASA]
        - [17.125, 23.25, 22.75, 27.125]
        - [12, 26.875, -2.625, 4]
        - [48.5, 49.875, 15.25, 17]
        - [31.25, 36.75, 12.25, 15.625]
        - [0, 359.875, -90, -80]
        - [0, 359.875, 80, 90]
        - [180, 200, 0, 10]
        - [282.25, 322.875, 9.375, 38.375]
        - [66, 102, 2.625, 39.375]
        - [354.5, 393.375, -56.625, -46.375]
        - [238.625, 258.625, -53.375, -33.375]
        - [64.5, 125.5, -55.5, -44]
        - [72.875, 105.25, -25, -11.75]
        - [115, 132.5, 21, 25.5]
      - #Codex Sites
        - [24.197, 24.197, 10.433, 10.433, -2]
        - [19.26, 19.26, -1.389, -1.398, -2]
        - [30.212, 30.212, 4.471, 4.471, -2]
        - [33.759, 33.759, 13.57, 13.57, -2]
        - [12.399, 12.399, -1.235, -1.235, -2]
        - [26.665, 26.665, 15.653, 15.653, -2]
Alien Missions Code
Code: [Select]
    points: 10
    objective: 3
    spawnZone: 6
          STR_SECTOID: 10
          STR_FLOATER: 70
          STR_SNAKEMAN: 0
          STR_ETHEREAL: 0
          STR_MUTON_ELITE: 0
          STR_MUTON: 0
          STR_OVERLORD: 0
          STR_ROACHER: 20
          STR_ARMORED_MUTON: 0
          STR_SECTOID: 20
          STR_FLOATER: 20
          STR_OVERLORD: 0
          STR_ROACHER: 60
          STR_ARMORED_MUTON: 0
          STR_SECTOID: 50
          STR_FLOATER: 25
          STR_ROACHER: 25
          STR_SECTOID: 30
          STR_FLOATER: 30
          STR_SNAKEMAN: 10
          STR_ROACHER: 30
          STR_SECTOID: 10
          STR_SNAKEMAN: 50
          STR_FLOATER: 20
          STR_ROACHER: 10
          STR_SECTOID: 10
          STR_SNAKEMAN: 20
          STR_ETHEREAL: 0
          STR_MUTON: 40
          STR_FLOATER: 10
          STR_OVERLORD: 0
          STR_ROACHER: 10
          STR_ARMORED_MUTON: 0
          STR_SECTOID: 10
          STR_SNAKEMAN: 10
          STR_ETHEREAL: 10
          STR_MUTON_ELITE: 10
          STR_MUTON: 10
          STR_FLOATER: 10
          STR_OVERLORD: 10
          STR_ROACHER: 10
          STR_ARMORED_MUTON: 10
      - ufo: STR_SCANNER
        count: 1
        trajectory: P1
        timer: 15000
      - ufo: STR_MEDIUM_SCOUT
        count: 1
        trajectory: P1
        timer: 9600
      - ufo: STR_TERROR_SHIP
        count: 1
        trajectory: P0
        timer: 12000
      - ufo: STR_CODEX_JUNGLE
        count: 1
        trajectory: P12
        timer: 9000
        objective: true

Trajectories Code
Code: [Select]
  - id: P12
    groundTimer: 9000
      - [5, 4, 100]
      - [0, 3, 60]
      - [0, 2, 30]
      - [6, 1, 20]
      - [5, 0, 100]

Basic explanation of code
Unlike the TFTD code, I found that adding a new section to the regions code makes another mission zone. This allows you to add points to existing regions. For the alien mission itself, it will target zone 6 to spawn a mission site which it will do instantly like artifact sites (I could never get a terror ship to land and then spawn a site like a terror mission). Finally the trajectory P12 targets zone 6. This so far has worked for me.

Work In Progress / Re: [BETA][WIP][BUNCHOFSTUFF] Xeno Operations Mod
« on: August 16, 2015, 10:51:16 pm »
Any news on progress?

It's still in development. I'm just at a messy point in the mod. Right now I am trying to finish up the alien base tiles while trying to address a some of the feedback others have given me based on screen shots. Not to mention trying to tie like a 100 different little parts together.
It doesn't help that recent updates to the game's modabilty have finally opened up custom site missions. Now with custom missions at my finger tips, I can't help but want to use them. :)

--- posts merge ---

The best thing about having a crapton of new alien ufo tiles, is that I can lazily recycle them into new xcom craft  ;D

I think I'll redo the Skywarden as well, though probably in a different color. I was never able to fix those stupid holes in the old craft.

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