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Recently I've been reading several bits of X-com background fluff (X-com, TFTD, Intercepter, Apocalypse Ect).

In this I found a bit of fluff saying that they managed to make more powefull Lasers by using a peace of Elerium-115  as a focusing crystal. (The ability of an elerium crystal to focus a laser beam in that way comes from X-COM: Interceptor, I think)

I've come up with a mod for it - but it causes the game to crash when you research it. (Code is under Spoiler - Also as download) (Fixed)

Now inculudes second rule set alowing tanks (see this reply)

Warning : Version 0.93 onward now uses a single ruleset - If you have a older version, You will need to delete all the older resoures and rulesets - they are NOT compatable with any newer versions. (V0.93 or newer)

Current Version Now on the Mod Site
Due to the shutdown of the old modsite ( and other matters, this mod (and All my UFO mods) have been temporarly shifted to Google Drive - Link HERE

Update change log: 13/06/15 V0.94

- V0.94 is now compatable with the May 7th nightly or newer


- Not compatable with any versions before V0.93-3b

Edit 27/07/14 Updated to V0.7
Edit 3/08/14 Updated to V0.8 (Including tanks)

Edit 12/08/14 Added V0.83 beta rulesets for anyone who wishes to test them - feedback will be honestly accepted.
Edit: 26/08/14 Updated to V0.9
EDIT: Damm - Missed problem with E.Laser Cannon Manufacture, Ruleset update 02/09/14 V0.91
Edit: 18/09/14 Update to V0.92
Edit 4/12/14 Update to V0.93-3b
Edit 17/02/15 Update to V0.93-4b (I will leave this up for those who still use OpenXcom 1.0)
Edit 13/06/15 Update to V0.94
Edit 25/08/15 Update to V0.94b

Work In Progress / [Weapon] Medical Gas Grenade
« on: June 27, 2014, 11:04:37 am »
Over the last little while I've been thinking about early game ways of catching live Aliens.

As far as I know the only 3 ways you can catch them before gaining the stun launcher are:

- Stun Rod
- Tazer Pistol (mod by Ryskeliini)
- or just shear luck

Given that 2 of these are close range (and often deadly), I came up with the Idea of a researchable grenade that spewed knockout gas.

This is the result - the MediGas grenade.
(I've based the sprite off the games Smoke Grenade, but I'm no artist, so if any one has a better one feel free to let me know please)

The research topic unlocks when you research at least one of the Alien Autopsy's - Once researched it can be manufactured fast and cheaply from smoke grenades at a cost of $75 a unit .

For those interested in its power - It has an attack power of 35 with a blast radius of 3

This mod is usable but still not complete because I haven't got any translations other than English (since that's the only lanuage I speak) so if anyone wants to add a translation (or has a problem with a translation), please let me know and I'll see about adding them.

Edit - Current Translations : English, Polish,

The text to translate is
      STR_MEDGAS_GRENADE: Medi-Gas Grenade
      STR_MEDGAS_GRENADE_UFOPEDIA: Combining the trigger mechanism from a smoke grenade with a small pressurized canister of Anesthetic Gas, these grenades are an ideal (if low strength) way to capture live Aliens

I'll add more translations as people send them to me - this will probably go to the mod site when I have 12 -15 translations.

Not Compatable with May 7th+ nightly (will fix when I Can)

Work In Progress / [BETA] Recycled Elerium
« on: June 22, 2014, 08:25:36 am »
Recently I've been using Shadow's Terran Plasma Mod, and I started to think - is there a way to salvige Elerium 115  from the (now useless) Alien weapons.

I tried to write a mod to do this - but I'm having trouble with the codeing

After a while (and several false starts) I came up with a second idea - turn old (plasma) ammo into new rifle ammo.  I even made new sprites for the clips.

Both are avallible for people to give them a shot - but like the subject line says - their BETA versons.

Any comments about this would be appreciated.

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